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June 30, 2014

Lemonade a trois

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Hot damn, summer in a tank town, partaking in libations out on the deck, sweeping all the crumbs of spring under the rug.

What? Okay narration box, I’ll play your game.  Vacation arrives and nothing says summer like lemonade and….Fireball cinnamon whisky?….a scorching case of prickly heat? 7-on-7 football?

That’s right Mimi, 7-on-7 football! But don’t worry about what it is or anything, because we really don’t have time to get into it and besides, Bob, bless his pointy little sideburns, has agreed to take care of it while Gil hangs out down at the country club all summer, “coaching” Milford’s junior duffers.  (“Speaking of 7 and 7, mine’s getting a little low and Kaz looks like he could use some more lemonade!”)

Why can’t this summer be about Kaz, waking up with a wicked, spiked lemonade hangover and trying to fake his way through running a 7-on-7 football camp?  It could be like the 1987 Mark Harmon classic
Summer School. Kaz can bring along a dog (with a pair of sunglasses) and there could even be a player nicknamed Chainsaw.

June 24, 2014


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June 24, 2014


Contrary to my expressed hopes in the comments yesterday, it looks like we’re sticking with the boys team for the week. Luckey seems pretty confident, but then again, the authors seem to have gone out of their way to lower the stakes even more here. That notwithstanding, I would find it plenty amusing if, in keeping with the formulation grimness=reality, they keep it real by having Conrad ground into a double play when all he needed was to pull a flyball to right field to tie the game.

Tune in tomorrow when there is a 50-50 chance of the plot creeping ever so slowly forward and we draw ever closer to learning some inscrutable lessons.

Bonus point: the parallel rows of hair in Kaz’s sideburn are weirding me out…..

June 18, 2014

Tell Me What I’d Say

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June 18, 2014


Hey, check it out – the boys appear not to be practicing in their uniforms! The verisimilitude of this strip is amazing.

Panel two – wait, I did the commentary on Gil’s little chat with Lucky just yesterday. Please tell us, what’d Gil say about groveling to Amy during that chat? I’m pretty sure that all we were shown of Gil giving Lucky advice was telling him the gist of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff and, based on Gil’s rendition, I think we can safely infer that Gil only picked that morsel of advice up while glancing at the cover on his way through the self-help section to the free public restrooms at Barnes & Noble.*

I’m not sure what’d I say to Lucky in his situation but I guess the groveling tactic worked. It’s hard to be sure as we only have his version of the story so far and the notion that there might not be some lingering repercussions for their relationship due to his having ruined her prom by breaking up with her for the flimsiest of reasons may weigh against my statement about the strip’s realism above.

* That’s the one that still exists, right? I can’t be bothered to do the research on that…

On that note, and apropos of nothing other than it was an early inspiration for the title of this post that I never got around to revising, here’s some Ray Charles to start your day (if you’re reading this in the morning):

June 14, 2014

Clubber Lang(e)

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June 14, 2014


The conservation of luck theory proceeds apace, at least in the mind of he who adheres to it.

I pity the fool who has to pitch to Amy the rest of the season. Luck(e)y might do better at the plate if he wasn’t trying to hit with a bowling pin.

Any idea who those two in P3 might be? Where is this fog they speak of? Does it have anything to do with that giant spider web Lucky’s swinging through? What fate awaits young Haskins next week?

Prediction? Pain.

May 21, 2014


May 21, 2014


Hey y’all, I’m back!  Didja miss me? Doesn’t look like I missed too much, as Paul Dillon works on a perfect game. Did I mention it’s been a perfect game? This is the most excitement Marty’s had in the booth in ages! Can you see the light in his eyes? Or is that just the reflection of the Domino’s Pizza box he’s had delivered to his cage?


Gil and Kaz know it’s been a perfect game. Look at them jinxing their pitcher by talking about it. What’s that? Jinxing a no-hitter is an ancient fallacy, one which players, managers, announcers, and journalists denounced decades ago ( Well, where’s the fun in that?

Now how will Lucky Haskins screw this one up? With only five strikeouts in six innings Paul Dillon must be a pitch-to-contact kind of guy. Pitch-to-contact pitchers must rely on the prowess of their fielders more so than pitchers who can throw more strikeouts, either with guile or heat.  My guess is Lucky makes multiple bonehead fielding/throwing errors that allow the tying runs on base; Paul loses his cool then dishes up a tater to some Goshenite, losing not only his cool but his perfect game, no-hitter, and the game outright in the process.

I expect TWIM historians will fill us in on the efforts of Mudlark hurlers Ernie Peters and Joey Webb.

edit, Pantheon of Hair edition: Nice forelock on Kaz there.

edit 2: Emphasis on Marty’s dice-like irises for effect, Dean’s Comic Booth-style.

April 17, 2014

Triple Double Flop

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April 17, 2014


Let’s just focus on panel two for today. How that ends up with Lucky belly flopping is beyond me. I guess he’s ‘lucky’ that he didn’t shatter his ankle doing whatever it is he did to fall in the first place.

Aw, heck. Let’s take a look at panel three as well. I must say that Coach Kaz’s mullet is particularly resplendent today. Regarding what Kaz is saying, it sure would help if we had any sort of context – we know Lucky drove in two with that first double depicted yesterday – for lauding Lucky’s actions.

Did he get thrown out after that last belly flop? Was it a blowout and Lucky was teeing off against the mop up squad for Central? In what ways was what happened to Lucky the result of his ‘luck’ (i.e., was each ‘good’ thing preceded by something ‘bad’)?

Inquiring minds and all of that…

April 2, 2014

Proud Flesh

April 2, 2014


It was just a couple of days ago when Rob commented “Whats he gonna do at bat on an inside pitch? You cant live on HBPs like Ron Hunt.” Well, it looks like Lucky’s gonna give it the old Milford try.

Where the hell is he standing, anyway? In fair territory, up the first base line?  Of course he’s gonna get drilled!

Nice double entendre from Lucky in P3, as his hip is not only self-congratulatory but also already developing new connective tissue and blood vessels as it heals.


March 22, 2014

Pak! Bink! Yowtch?

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March 22, 2014


As Kaz hits fungoes with the world’s Milford’s longest bong – c’mon, Kaz that’s not a fungo bat, this is a fungo bat – we are treated to some amusing, though by no means all-time great, sound effects. Meanwhile, we do learn that Lucky indeed does throw right, which will be exceedingly relevant in the weeks to come because there is for sure no way that Lucky will in any way somehow be grievously injured. I mean, look at the guy! He already ducked out of the way from Kaz’s vicious backswing and the trajectory of that grounder ricocheting off of a stone in the poorly kept Milford infield clearly appears to be over Lucky’s head. Yes, even though he has one eye swollen shut, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to think that anything untoward will happen to him.

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