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February 6, 2014

So Funny That I Forgot To Laugh

February 6, 2014


While Jack and what’s-his-name yuk it up in panel two, Wynn has apparently decided to marry off Wendy to Keegan of St. Fabian, presumably to cement the alliance of their ancestral territories or some other anachronistic feudal nonsense. To the extent I can truly get bothered by any of this, Wendy’s acquiescence to this malarkey is annoying. Then again, it may be the case that she recognizes her slumped shoulders and crooked neck are the first signs of her impending spinsterhood and figures she’d better get with Wynn’s program before she is shunted into a convent to live out the rest of her days cloistered from this wicked world with all of its skeevy youtube videos and inept basketball jeers.

Bonus points:

Anyone want to take a guess what’s going on with the window (I think that’s supposed to be a window anyway) in panel one? As in, it appears to have multiple inset panes…

I know that the semi-parallel lines in panel three above Wynn’s hands are supposed to suggest wrinkles in the throw pillow, but I choose to believe that they are actually motion lines representing Wynn’s hands furiously shaking as he can’t help but keep thinking about that totally dreamy Keegan. Insert your own Hershey joke here. (On second thought, no, please don’t do that.)

February 3, 2014

Exploding Eyeball Syndrome Is A Serious Medical Condition.

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If you or anyone you know suffers symptoms, contact a healthcare professional immediately.

February 3, 2014


Ah, now that’s the stuff! The E.E.S. I was looking for on Saturday has made it’s triumphant return, coating the side of the face of our would be courtier Keegan in viscous goo. When I first read this I had wondered why Keegan and Wendy seemed to be conversing while not facing each other until I noticed that he had actually turned his head to avoid getting a full frontal spray.

Mysteriously oblivious to this, Wynn calls Wendy by the extremely common diminutive ‘Wen’ while giving her the most meager of backhanded compliments.

Then, consistent with the author’s presumption that everyone reading this strip and also possibly all of its major protagonists suffers from Memento disease, we see that Wynn has trouble remembering the name of Keegan even though it was spelled out in full in the narration box in panel one and they had met a little less than a week ago.

Bonus points:

Gotta love the wild weave of the basketball net in panel one.

Wendy has to have the fluffiest gym towel I’ve ever seen in panel two. That thing looks like it’s as plush as Joe Namath’s jacket.

January 7, 2014

The Paper Chaste

January 7, 2014

Yeesh, I think we’ll just skip over panels one and two as they move us exactly nowhere further from where we were yesterday. I guess if you have Memento disease and can’t remember things from moment to moment, then it is helpful to reestablish the names of the characters.

Panel three seems like it too will be a plotline dead end. Still, it’s pretty cool to see John Houseman back from the dead and delivering his best Socratic Method zingers. You can tell pudgy guy in the lower left is very much appreciating his wry delivery.

On that note, let’s all watch the opening scene from The Paper Chase, a film that is supposed to be inspirational – I think – about attending law school.

Yeah, law school’s kinda like that. I already warned kids not to do drugs, may I also take this time to tell them not to go to law school.

December 7, 2013

I can’t believe the East German judge gave him a 3!

December 7, 2013

And Tipp sticks the landing!!

Well, the injustice of the scoring makes me want to shout! Kick my heels up and shout! Throw my hands up and shout! Throw my head back and shout!

Enjoy your weekend, everybody! (and try not to let Tipp’s ‘come hither’ gaze towards John in panel two haunt your dreams…)

October 17, 2013

No Mas

I think I’m throwing in the towel. I don’t have the time or motivation to do this anymore. Thanks to everybody for reading and commenting and being part of the fun. Thanks to Jason for starting this thing. Thanks to Neal and Rodd. Keep it up. People seem to like your comic strip.


Here’s the draft I was working on:

Oh, hi Gil Thorp! I didn’t see you over there.


Tip Nunn is my new favorite Gil Thorp weirdo. He writes really lousy cheers. He’s a gymnast, and damned proud of it. He’s developed a secret non-verbal language with John Pascoe, his tight-lipped AP Biology lab partner.


Tip Nunn not only cheers with a bizarre sense of poetry, but his game with the ladies is epically inscrutable. “We’re gonna celebrate manliness, Angie. You can celibrate your ladyness, if you have that thing that the ladies have.”




September 26, 2013

Clap Hands Say Huh?

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Isn’t this AP Biology? When do we start dissecting the fetal pigs? What about owl pellets?

No, let’s just do some kind of high school Miracle Worker thing.


Welcome to Ass Pocket Theater. Please enjoy the geometrical oddities that appear in planar butt surfaces.

Big, scary, quiet John Pascoe. Funny guy. Good lab partner. Ethnically ambiguous.


Oh, no! That jerk Koy Nash is jerkin’ it up big time, picking on poor Shimura! (Seriously though Shimmy, invest in a backpack, or at least a Trapper Keeper.)

Tip Nunn to the rescue! (Thank you for appearing, Shimura.)


Um, excuse me, but that’s gymnast/cheerleader, Mr. Male Patterned Baldness.

Uh oh, imposing fist of doom in the foreground! Find out how to order Nunn v. Nash on pay per view.

Program note: I’ll be kickin’ it in New England for a week or so, going to a wedding, seeing the Feelies and stuff. I’ll be back in the middle of next week. Given the posting schedule of late, you’ll hardly notice.

September 17, 2013

Overthinking Things

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I failed to note in yesterday’s post that it seems that Milford is really suffering from a profound lack of players. In Gil’s radio interview at WDIG, he says that “Foley and Jarbo are coming along at wide receiver, and we love Visci and Gaines at running back.” Then note that newspaper reader indicates that the defensive backfield contains “Jimmy Jarbo and corners Ric Devore and Hamani Gaines”. Sure, playing both ways is pretty common in high school, but it seems excessive here. Maybe Gil was just drunk and/or lying to Marty on the radio. Maybe Marjie got her facts wrong in the paper. The fall plot jumble is already too packed with the silent guy and the cheer squad story that it’s unlikely that these player positions will ever be clarified. We will probably be reminded repeatedly about “the Troys”.

Cut to today, with Hamani Gaines, “trying the right side.” As you recall, Gil called the right side of the line “a work in progress,” but the Troys were bulldozing yesterday. I guess that makes Gaines none too bright. Maybe just don’t try stuff and run behind the bulldozers.

So Mike Hayes goes to the air. (Did we know that Hayes was playing QB? Now we do, I suppose.) Who is his target? Foley or Jarbo? Oops! The Oakwood defender did something rather improbable (given the artwork in Panel 2) and tractor beamed himself an interception.

Football season is in full swing.

September 11, 2013

Tip. Rah.

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Tip. Rah.?? Tip. Rah. Big Silent John Pascoe, what say you? Nothing? Okay, Tip. Rah. to you then.

I’m seeing double. Too many Tip Rahs for me!


Mimi’s already bored. Hey, did Gil record this interview back when he promoting the wrestling match, because it looks just like….never mind. Tip. Rah.

Kaz is drivin’ in his car
He turns on the radio
Gil is readin’ off the roster
On the Marty Moon Show….


Oh, goody! Football’s on! Oh crap, it’s footage of practice.

A.P. Biology! Let’s dissect something, shall we? Ah, we have to start with owl pellets!?


How are ya?! Tip Nunn stole Doyle Dane’s Bobby Bittman haircut? I guess he better pair up with big silent John. (Nice foreground outreaching hand Mr. Varma.)


Koy Nash? Really?

Say, where can I get on of those escape key t-shirts that the moron is wearing?

Hey Moron, it gets better.

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