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April 5, 2014

22? No, (Rule) 34

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April 5, 2014


Slippery bats? Mr. Lucky? You look different now that you’re not wet? Ugh, this dialogue plays out like some really bad porn setup.

Anyone else find it odd that Clumsy Amy has gone from being so mortified over spilling the root beer on Lucky to teasing him about it? Lucky for her (pun intended) she’s behind that fence, or else Lucky might maul her with that giant left hand of his.  ‘Course maybe that’s what Clumsy Amy wants…(bow-chicka-bow-wow)

Predictions? Lucky helps Clumsy Amy become a softball star by teaching her to take balls to the face. (Softballs, that is. Get your minds out of the gutter.)

Noteworthy: Clumsy Amy is another example of a player wearing a game uniform during practice.  They got money to burn in Milford or what?


March 28, 2014

Get Clumsy

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March 28, 2014


Holy crap! Is that Sarah Morgan, precocious offspring of Rex Morgan, M.D. and his wife, ex-Patrick Nagel model June, making a cameo in Panel 1?  Did she get so rich off that book deal that she had herself declared an emancipated minor and split that scene, only to land in Milford? She might as well make the best of it at Schultz’s Polynesian Garden and slurp down some noodles using the chopsticks she holds in her giant adult hands!

Widdle Sawah breaks the fourth wall today, inviting us to witness Clumsy Amy Lange awkwardly introduce herself to Lucky, who changes back from root beer brunet to blond and back to brunet again in his excitement. He’s not even dripping in Panel 1, so maybe that’s the sweat of anticipation in Panel 2.

Could Clumsy Amy and Lucky be the Milford couple of the spring? As billytheskink put it yesterday:

Lucky and Clumsy
Milford High’s new item?
Destruction awaits

Has anybody figured out who Clumsy Amy’s face model might be?


March 27, 2014

The Sunny Side Of The Sweater (Updated)

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March 27, 2014


Over there to the right, it says “Writing about what’s going on in Gil Thorp’s world, ’cause well… You don’t want to do it, right?” It’s strips like today’s that make that question more salient than usual. Not much to say about panel one other than it’s too bad those three disembodied fingers don’t look like yesterday’s eggrolls because there might have been something funny there. Panel two shows us that not only are the Haskins jerks, but so is mystery man in the middle. Yes, jerks allright. Jerks with squinty eyes and giant dimples. Finally, in panel three, Lucky’s panglossian outlook on his life’s travails are beginning to make me think he’s been hit on the head far too many times.

Update: It has come to my attention that haiku is overtaking our comments section. This is awesome. This blog is only as great as it commenters make it and, never one to miss out on a hot new trend, I strongly encourage folks to keep them coming. If I may, I’ll take a shot at one myself:

The root beer soaks in
Better sweater safe from harm
Lucky shall not whine

March 18, 2014

Yowtch Time? I Was Specifically Told To Expect Ouch Time!

March 18, 2013


Lucky Haskins? Is that really his nickname or is that just how the coaches derisively refer to him behind his back?

We kinda sorta get a lineup strip today. I sure can’t recall if Lucky had previously been featured. A quick check of the archives shows that third had been handled by Miles Paris with Gary Bowers backing him up. So, I have to suppose Miles and Gary have moved on to that great community college in the sky and Lucky is coming in from the JV squad.

Wait, was anything I just wrote funny? No? I guess that is par for the course for me lately. We’ll just have to wait and see what antics develop with our antiquing hapless new third baseman.

March 14, 2014

A girl runs up with somethin’ to prove


To timbuys’ point what, exactly, is the point of this? If the entire idea of coming up with a “misdirection” was to take the focus off Wendy, why do it after the season is officially over? It is officially over, isn’t it? Conference runners-up usually get invited to the state playoffs playdowns regardless of whether there’s a conference tournament, don’t they?

Whatevs, Mimi gets the self-satisfaction of helping a young girl regain her self-esteem while avoiding the nasty business of having to prepare for a postseason.  Mimi can now shift her focus to getting the pool ready testing cocktail recipes working on her base tan coaching softball.

Any bets on what sort of whimper will end the Milford boys’ hoops season?

Apologies for the tardy post, as yesterday was hectic.

March 10, 2014

The Art Of Thorp

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March 10, 2014


“Give people something else to find on the internet!” Wow. That is some classic Sun-Tzu strategery right there. Much like many of Sun-Tzu’s oft quoted aphorisms, Gil’s admonition seems simple but seriously falls down in the ‘how’ department.* Regardless, Mimi seems to have come up with something – oh the suspense! – else for people to find on the internet involving her highschool girls basketball team. Frankly, given the content of Wendy’s videos, the mind boggles at the skeevy implications of how they are going to top that.

It is reassuring that the Thorps are demonstrating their typical coaching acumen in panel three as Mimi reveals that, with the season winding down and playdown implications surely hanging in the balance, she is willing to throw away several days of practice on this inanity.

Bonus point: That spoon in panel one and the way Gil is holding it as a drop of glop precariously dangles sure is something, isn’t it?

* I pulled up a couple of The Art of War quotes looking for inspiration and a great example of what I’m talking about went something like: ‘When you are strong, appear weak; when you are weak, appear strong’. I’m not even sure if that’s a real quote but I love it because it sure sounds like compelling advice but gives no clue as to how you would actually go about doing that. Maybe it’s explained in the book but, of course, I’ve never bothered to read it…

March 6, 2014

She’s… She’s… She’s Doing The Chicken Dance, Isn’t She?

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Let’s see… Panel one, Keegan defensively demonstrates that he’s dumber than a bag of hair. I get that the kid is a kid – even I have to see that – but I think if you’re old enough to drive you probably have the emotional facility necessary to figure out what you’ve done wrong here. Speaking of hair, would someone please buy Keegan a comb?

Panel two: Yep, that’s the chicken dance with an exploding eyeball thrown in for good measure. In the last two days, Wendy has gone through more eyeballs than I think we’ve previously seen. Someone send a note to Billy that we need to track this in the spreadsheet. I’d hate to let a record breaking performance like this be forgotten.

Panel three: Wendy wants you! …to know that her brother is hostile. Hostile? I’m not sure that’s the word I’d use. Maybe we ought to let her rephrase that. In any case, she should know by now that if she needs backup, the person to call is Shelby Hunter and it isn’t even close. Regardless, dumb as he is, Keegan better get with it. Wendy’s menacing left index finger resembles a one inch drill bit and Keegan is lucky his Adam’s apple is still intact after yesterday.

March 4, 2014

The Mystery Of Her Lips

March 4, 2014


OK, folks. Today’s challenge is not for the faint hearted: Take a good long look at panel one. Now, can anyone explain to me what the heck is going on with Wendy’s lips? This strip is famous for its rather suggestive and/or bizarre depictions of many different parts of the human anatomy, but I don’t think we’ve seen this triple lipped phenomenon before.

Things don’t get any better in panel two, either. I think what we’re seeing there is supposed to be her lips somewhat puckered in frustration but I really can’t be sure as the rest of the drawing makes it look like Wendy has put on twenty pounds all in her face.

Panel three is fairly unremarkable. I bet thirty TWIM credits that it gets rehashed nearly verbatim tomorrow. Well, wait, is the guy on the far right trying to cop a feel? Now that I’ve seen it, I can’t un-see it…

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