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June 5, 2014

Best Prom Night Ever

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June 5, 2014


Today we learn that Lucky is indeed an adherent to the Conservation of Fortune theory of luck. We also learn he does have what I believe the clinicians refer to as depressive realism. Unfortunately, that enhanced ability to see things as they are only reinforces his depression as he admits that the things he says (and by implication does) are selfish and stupid.

But, let us ignore that and gaze upon those matching hideous scar faces in panel two. It’s not the look I would go for at prom, but then again I never went to prom so who am I to say?

While not qualified to critique high school formal dance fashion, I am a grammar pedant so I will also note the grammatically correct usages of the comma splices that bookend today’s strip. Sure, that’s pretty mundane stuff to normal people but the little spark of joy I get from spotting proper grammar error sometimes is the highlight of the day while I’m slinging the suds here at Schultz’s Polynesian.

May 26, 2014

Two Base Error?

May 26, 2014


The less said about whatever Lucky appears to be doing in panel one, the better. I will take issue with be completely wrong about this whole ‘two base error’ thing. Perhaps the umpires in the audience can weigh in, but I was under the impression you only got one base on an overthrow. Do I have that wrong? Surprise answer: Yes!

I couldn’t be any more wrong than the guy trying to catch the ‘sharp single’ in panel two. First, the trajectory of the ‘sharp single’ appears to be more of a flare than a line drive and, I can’t be sure, but it appears the fielder is trying to catch it with his mouth. Once again, I despair of whatever Gil is doing to teach the fundamentals to his team.

Finally, as if last week’s nested cliffhangers weren’t enough, we leave with yet another one as it seems that Milford is going to go into the bottom half of the inning trailing Goshen. Will Lucky have a chance to redeem himself? Tune in tomorrow (and probably the day after that and then the day after that) to find out!

May 10, 2014

Hold Up Your Hands

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May 10, 2014


Am I jealous that Rob got to cover yesterday’s handpocalypse*? Yes, yes I am.

Am I revolted by the nauseating display of affectionate nose nuzzling going on in panel three? You betchya.

Do I appreciate the drawing of Luckey’s gape mouthed visage of terror in panel two? Heck yes.

Will I keep on answering my own questions with short affirmative answers instead of writing a real post today? So it seems.

Bonus points: My favorite windows make a nice comeback in panel one!

How much time do you think Whigham spends trying to make the appearances of Amy’s freckles consistent from panel to panel? I wonder if he regrets that character design decision or if he resents Rubin for insisting that the character have freckles…

* Handstravaganza? Handemonium? Handemic?

May 7, 2014

Playa’d Out

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May 7, 2014


Oh hey, we’re doing the ‘yesterday’s panel three is today’s panel one’ thing again. Well, if they can recycle artwork and dialogue, there’s really nothing stopping me from recycling snark. Let’s see how this goes:

Panel three one: The lengths Conrad will go to put a ‘sunnyside spin’ on getting an apparently pretty bad case of mono are almost troubling. Say, what’s with the chin grab thumbs up there as he’s talking about himself as a ‘playa’? Look out, Rob! I think Luckey is hitting on Marjie!

Hmmm… that worked pretty well and it was environmentally friendly too! In the interests of conserving our dwindling snark supplies and leaving a better world for our children, I think I’ll just skip right over panel two.

And, here in panel three, we see another classic Gil Thorp plot motif: the jealous teammates. Did I say jealous? Now that I’m taking a second look, that guy in panel three (are we supposed to know who he is? I guess we can be reasonably sure he’s neither Jordy, Scott, Lucky or Amy, Amy Lange) looks positively deranged. That he’s facing ninety degrees away from the person he’s presumably addressing doesn’t help matters.

Bonus points: I so hope that the brief glimpse of Marjie’s notes reflects pretty much the entirety of what she’s getting out of the interview. “Doubles, Lucky, STD’s, blah-blah-blah…”

I know I said I was going to skip panel two, but what the heck… Do the kids these days wear a lot of Captain Marvel themed clothing? Have they perhaps recently rebooted that into a major summer blockbuster starring large explosions?

May 6, 2014

The Milford Star

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May 6, 2014


Panel one: “Can you leave your last class early?” “History? Sure, no problem! That class has been pretty awkward ever since I gave my presentation on Napoleon’s defeat at Stalingrad.” “Great. Now you’ll excuse me if I don’t look up at you towering over my desk. I have to give these four random blank sheets of paper my full attention and possibly a taste of the back of my hand!”

Panel two: Poor Marjie. I am trying to imagine a slower news day than one where chasing down a big story involves interviewing a kid who hit three doubles in a high school baseball game a few days ago, but it ain’t easy. Tough break indeed, Marjie. Here’s hoping that you hear back from the Toledo Blade about that opening at the sports desk and you can finally get out of this tank town.

Panel three: The lengths Conrad will go to put a ‘sunnyside spin’ on getting an apparently pretty bad case of mono are almost troubling. Say, what’s with the chin grab there as he’s talking about himself as a ‘playa’? Look out, Rob! I think Luckey is hitting on Marjie!

Bonus point: After two proper uses of the comma in panels one and two, the creative team blows it in panel three.

April 30, 2014

Nothing Luckey About It

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April 30, 2014


Hey remember all the way back to yesterday when we were told that Amy Lange was replacing the ejected Kasey Flanders at third? No? Well, you’re in luck because panel one has got you covered! I swear, if I keep on doing this blog I think I may have to send the creative team a copy of

On that note, remember yesterday when I said I really don’t know too much about softball? Well, that’s still true too! However, if the advice given in this article is anything to go by, then it would seem that Amy is really terrible at bunting. I assume that’s Mimi coaching at third base, so we have to give her some flack for apparently not knowing anything about her player beyond her name – Amy Lange, remember? – and also for not providing any coaching during practice.

* Some bad language and violence at that link.

April 26, 2014

We Get It. Lucky. Yes. It’s Both His Name And A More Or Less Apt Description Of Several Recent Occurrences In His Life.

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April 26, 2014


Rob asked “How many times are you gonna say Lucky?” yesterday and, much like asking how many grains of sand are on the beach or how many stars are in the sky, we may never know the answer to such a seemingly uncountable number. Certainly today’s strip throws another couple mentions while moving the plot ahead not at all. Are we supposed to know who suspenders guy is? Are we supposed to care? Maybe if we’re lucky something interesting will happen next week…

Hey, see what I did there? Didja get it? *sigh*

April 16, 2014

Coincidences and Consequences

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April 16, 2014


Yes, usually if you are starting in the field for a softball game as a direct consequence you get to hit as well. Amy seems about as unfamiliar with high school softball as I am. She does have quite the nice flip phone though. It’s good to see that the Lange family doesn’t feel the need to keep up with the latest technology I suppose.

Coincidentally, Lucky’s eyes look much better and it shows on the field as he continues to rake it. Man, there are a ton of schools named Central High. I can only wonder if the introduction of Marty Moon into the plotline forebodes him stirring things up. Not that there’s anything so terrible about this season’s plot, but it’s been a little low on dramatic tension. Then again, who am I to complain? Oh wait, that’s the whole gig of a highly paid TWIM blogger. That and something about making jokes I think… maybe next time.

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