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November 26, 2015

Talking turkeys

Lot going on today for a holiday which I volunteered to analyze this strip  not only to earn an extra turkey leg later but because I have to actually work all day tomorrow so this nonsense will be passed on to the next turkey.

Looks like a nice revealing scoop shirt on the TV reporter; cant tell if theyre talking on or off the air, but I’d rather watch her then Welcome Back Carter at this point. She even has the requisite bling on her wrist. Yes, imagine a big star out in the middle of nowhere carving up secondarys like, yeah, turkeys.

So True is now on a website in addition to the ‘hot’ new show that nobodys watching? News to me, but at least she’s giving us more then we got from Gil or the Carter gang. P2 also reveals that P1 was on the air, and the return of Boo Radley to the strip after at least 2 holidays. Hey, its almost winter; put some clothes on!

P3 reveals that the show we we watching was indeed Prep Spotlight, so obviously local. Good thing they have a better eye for talent then the boobs running  “WBC”.  Why would Prep Spotlight care about the Big Sky Conference anyway? And apparently True has a video of the show at his fingertips to show Mimi, because isnt he in school and has a class to be in in 5 minutes? Some priorities.

Well my priorities are Prep Spotlight, Marjie Ducey, and a big feast today. Happy Thanksgiving all!

November 25, 2015

Thinking Small

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Over the course of the next few days, I recommend doing things that make you and the people around you smile. Taking the time to think up jokes about today’s strip ain’t on my list.  Have a good one, everybody!

November 24, 2015

Tuning Out


Sorry about the post.Is this a window into the darker side of True showing that he has learned the deadly art of corporate infighting and skullduggery from Art? Who cares? I don’t.

November 23, 2015

TV People Are The Worst

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So, our suspicions are confirmed. Gil Thorp’s moral outrage has been sub-contracted out to True. It’s all coming down to a Pissy Face-Off between Dory and True. True’s gonna show Dory how awful those TV people really are! (So that means minimal football, I guess.)

November 21, 2015

I didn’t know you wanted to get involved with the exposition, Mr. Helper


Astute if not clairvoyant TWIMmer Philip commented yesterday:

True: “Are you getting a sense that Rubin is becoming a little frantic, trying to wrap things up before real-world high school football is finished in all 50 states?”
Pete: “Yep! I’ll bet Saturday’s strip will end with somebody preparing to tell Coach Thorp about Dory and Alan.”

Nailed it.

What more is there to say that we all haven’t said numerous times, either as posters or commenters? True has borrowed Gil’s pissy face for the afternoon; he and Pete the guy eating lunch with him (Jarrod? someone else?) are staying well hydrated; a Trish doppelgänger saunters downstage left. (Another reason we miss Boo Radley, besides the letdown that was Go Set a Watchman: fully half of Milford High’s female population consists of lanky, long-haired brunettes, many of whom don’t even get a name.)

Strap in for next week’s climax, sure to have more dei ex machina to explain the disappointing gridiron season than a week’s worth of Luann.

metapost: The “Mr. Helper” in the post title refers to Pete the guy eating lunch with True, not Philip, so if you’re reading this, Philip, I meant no ill intent toward you.

November 20, 2015

For Pete’s Sake

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TV guys continue to make up stuff thats untrue and this time its harmless as Trish has broken up with her boyfriend and is now available for real mayhem with True, Pete DeWindt, or another warm body that doesnt wear high heels. I dont know how the girls havent figured out this ruse by now, as who would take what a TV producer says with more then a grain of salt when hearing about friends you’ve known for several years? By the way, Pete in P1 doesnt really look like Pete in P3; could this be 2 different people? Looks like he got more Asian overnight. The Bucket must serve Chinese on Tuesdays as well.

I found another picture of Pete De Windt, and if I was the TV guy I wouldnt mess around with him or his ex-girlfriend again..

Finally our musical selection today comes from the Monkees, the title  of this post being the same as the song:

November 19, 2015

Snitches Get… Chunky Bracelets


Well at least we now know the name of the hotel in Milford: That TV Guy’s Hotel. Big budget for that Welcome Back, Carter crew, too. Alan must be pocketing his meal money to save up for another disco suit.

About the only thing successful about this show is its crew’s ability to sow the seeds of dissent among the Milford football team. I’m guessing this is Pete De Windt confronting True in P3? And, by “spending a lot of time with,” he means “seen talking with in the hallway with twice”?  Okay, fine.

Unseen P4: Keeping his eyes on two guys talking about a girl instead of the pass coming his way, #17 gets plunked in the head with the ball.

November 18, 2015

Et Tu, Trish?

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Hey! It’s a rare Trainer Rick Scott sighting! I love that Gil was so plastered during the game that after good ol’ Rick revived him with some smelling salts (nothing clears out the cobwebs from huffing paint thinner faster!) he then has to fill him in on what happened on the bus ride home. Good stuff.

But all of that falls to the side as we get back to the highly improbable TV show and its associated hilarious hijinks. We really don’t know all that much about Trish other than that she doesn’t even rate a meeting with Alan but instead is easily induced by the show’s cameraman to help goose the action on this show. Unfortunately for her, True is typically depicted as unflappably cool and understanding. If she really wanted to set off a bombshell she would be sharing this with Art Standish. I’d pay good money to see that confrontation in Gil’s office except that we all know that Gil would somehow rhetorically demolish Art.

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