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July 28, 2015

Be Done With It

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All further commentary is hereby suspended until somebody can confirm that the freakiest of all freak hands, as featured in panel one, has been confirmed as captured. That is all.

Bonus Point: True is sure going to be in for one heck of a shock when he gets out of insurance salesman school only to learn it’s all about being rated – by adults no less! Fortunately for him, I’m sure with his State Championship, he’ll do just fine in either this tank town or another one nearby.

Any Way For An Adult To Earn A Living

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July 28, 2015


Panel One: Nope, not gonna google it, you can’t make me. Probably Not Safe For Sanity (NSFS) anyway.

Panel Two: No, that’s an orange. Try to keep up, True. I think you may have knocked the State Championship trophy into the tapioca.

Panel Three: Yep, just the usual chatter you’d hear around the lunch table at Potentially Past Pro football throwing camp.

July 27, 2015

Watch The Lettermen!

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7-on-7 camp finds Jarroo reestablishing his leadership role. At least he’s open to answering rookies’ questions. The number one question: Who put you in charge, jerkwad?

Meanwhile, at Pro Potential Passing Camp…

So this is just a cover for underhanded recruiting? This is a surprise to absolutely nobody.

I’m just going to watch the Lettermen:

July 25, 2015

Every day I dont write this blog is a waste

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Oh yeah, they’d fly you from Lansing to Milford in a heartbeat. Rodneys got the right attitude; he’s never satisfied with being #1 in the country, in high school. He knows college and the pros are a different animal, and he’s also aware this camp is not about impressing college scouts, its about honing his skills, no matter how good they are.  How come all the non-Milford people get it better then our local heroes? Everyone in Milford is dumber then a box of rocks.

Hard to believe the athletes have to Pay for drinks, considering how much they pay for this camp. You’d think drinks were on the house. Cant make out the word below Power, however. And in P3 back at the ranch, we have the dummies declaring that looks are more important then ability. Duh. Nice that everyone else is getting their work in with each other and True is off at camp; when he comes back he’ll be out of sync with His receivers. Little things.

July 24, 2015

Who’s got the remote?

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Ah, the summer storyline we’ve been waiting for, True completing passes and friending a future star in Rodney Curtis, and the gang of 7 gathering around the dorm TV at the end of a hard dyas work to watch – whaaa? Looks like a large football in the background and a guy with a W on his shirt talking about football. Really gonna learn a lot watching this channel. No idea what the other items on the screen are; TWIM posters to the rescue here. I think Rodneys answer to True’s question is “How did you not know me at all yesterday and now you know I was recruited by Catawba College at age 13? I may yet play on Mars if I dont like any of these funny looking people on this couch. Hey, where’s the chips?”

And P1 has a coach/prospect wearing gardening gloves in the summer heat. I know Jim McMahon wore gloves in cold weather in the playoffs in 1986, and did so well he said he might wear em all the time. (Never did btw)

July 23, 2015

Rodney Gives True No Respect

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At Pro Potential Passing Camp, we’ll give you a lift but we won’t lift your bags. We figure if you tear your rotator cuff schlepping luggage, that’s one fewer guy we have to teach. (You did sign those release forms, didn’t you?) Funky van they’ve got there, too: a rear lift-gate with no visible means of support and a sliding door with the handle at the wrong end. All that’s missing is a “free candy” sign spray painted on it.

True hoists himself in to meet Rodney Curtis, who could be anybody but given the Michigan angle Rubin often gives this strip, is probably a shout-out to the author/photographer/leukemia patient. Then again, with the creepy van it could be a shout-out to the Zanesville, Ohio Rodney Curtis. In any event True’s heard of this Rodney Curtis but the recognition isn’t mutual. That’s what happens when you move from the Coast to flyover country: even with a state title under your belt the mainstream media doesn’t come to Milford.

Between Rodney’s lack of recognition and his gargantuan paw that dwarfs True’s already massive mitt, young Standish is quickly realizing  he’s becoming a smaller fish in a bigger pond. Good thing he’s already aiming low.

metapost: I’m traveling this coming Saturday and posting this open request to my fellow TWIM bloggers to cover for me if they can. I’ll gladly pick up one of your days next week. Okay? Okay!

July 21, 2015

The Pros Of Potentially Taking A Pass

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July 22, 2015


I’ll have to take a pass – get it? – on panels one and two as there is nothing I could say about them that would be funnier than them on their own terms. Mohawk teddy bear? Sure, that’s probably a thing. Wide body jet with overhead bin doors that open like that? I may be a triple-super-duper-platinum-coated-diamond-primus-inter-pares-elite frequent flier, but I haven’t come across that cabin configuration yet.

Panel three? The font on that guy’s sign would have me, and I would hope any other person with some sense of self preservation, walking right on by towards an officer of the law. Creepy!

Milford Malarkey

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July 21, 2015


Panel One: Gil distracts Brady Syndrome Patient Zero with inane puffery while deftly swiping the tip that True left for diner waitress.

Panel Two: The melange of metaphors gets kinda abstract as the silhouettes push through the closed door of opportunity that is Milford High School athletics.

Panel Three: Tom Brady won the Super Bowl? Four times you say? Huh, I guess I must have missed that. I pretty much stopped following the Patriots after Tony Eason washed out and I just never imagined there would ever be any news out of what has always been one of the sleepier NFL teams out there. Goes to show you learn something new every day I suppose.

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