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April 25, 2015

Our Best Story; Maybe We’ll Tell It

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April 25, 2015


Mouseketeer Roll Call usually comes a bit earlier in a story arc, but we’ve been treated to a bunch of slightly less boring football recruiting strips instead. Pretty sure we’ve seen most of these names before:

– C Mike Granger subbed for hooper Max Bacon at season’s end

– 3B Luck(e)y Haskins was last season’s baseball arc protagonist

– SS Knox Foley Esq. was the season before last’s pro/antagonist

– 1B Ken Brown makes everything happen on the basketball court

– LF Max Ortiz was called up to football varsity at True’s behest

– CF Don Stebbins plays all varsity sports well enough to get called out occasionally but is never a central character

This leaves us:

– SP Jordy Castillo who sells mortgages when he’s not cleaning up at the plate. He’s the best story; maybe we’ll get to hear that story before long

– 2B Garry Bowers, replacing Jimmy Jo-Jo Jarbo Junior Shabadoo who has departed for parts unknown (maybe joining his dad at the Speedco)

– RF Collin Lalonde who, given his talents as a headhunter, perhaps should join the starting rotation

The only other items of note today are of note only by their absence:

– the circle in P1 could be a baseball or an empty Jack Elrod ball; it lacks details to confirm

– Marjie interviews Gil while holding an invisible recording device

April 24, 2015

Purple Pride

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So John Pascoe is officially (we think) going to State U. Woo Hoo! Hey that rhymes. Anyhoo, Gil is so glad to hear this news he lets her leap into his arms, and how this doesnt cause him to fall over is beyond me, given that her girth is 3 times his. We know nothing is over till the fat lady sings, but I’m saying Hallelujah to the resolution of this brief storyline.

Back to the good stuff, ie Marjie Ducey. She and Mrs. Pascoe both decided to wear the same thing today, although she looks way better in it; and Gil is giving her the dope about True being an ace pitcher. Sounds like she put out the question about his being ace material despite neither of them ever seeing him throw a baseball, at least in competition. We all know he can throw a football, but Gil is being cautiously optimistic about the whole thing. Marjie is like a bulldog, reaching for the grist of the story; good for her but Gil isnt biting. Cant just rely on one hurler anyway, and Marjie will next ask for the lineup, to be presented sometime this weekend. So baseball is here to say, and a few days without Boo Radley are always good for the soul.

April 23, 2015

They Call Me Mister Thorp!

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April 23, 2015


Today’s strip is all about respect. Gil, with bad shaving cut and no styptic pencil to be found, tells True to respect his feelings as he threatens to turn him into Milford’s version of Stephen Strasburg (minus the chin beard and, probably, the high-90s fastball). True returns the respect with an RAF salute.

I’m not sure who this mutton dressed as lamb is in P3, but she shows her respect by calling Gil Mister Thorp. Wonder what kind of respect – or lack thereof – Silent John has left for Gil?

April 22, 2015

I Happen To Have A Jeep Compass Right Here

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April 22, 2015


My current rental ‘upgrade’ is a Chrysler 200, but back when I was traveling to Milford every week, I would occasionally get ‘upgraded’ to the equivalent of a Jeep Compass (OK, it was a Patriot…) Let’s just say that life on the road is not quite as glamorous nor are the people you meet quite as attractive as is sometimes depicted.

Now that I’ve vented that, let’s turn to panel two: the question of whether ‘Boo’ is a creepy manipulator or a lovable scamp is still open to interpretation. That’s…. that’s actually a fairly accurate, if somewhat caricatured, depiction of most adolescents. Point: Gil Thorp creative team. On the other hand, Jeep Compass.

Panel three is another one of those panels that overwhelms me with all of the things there are to say about it. I will humbly admit that I never thought I would see Gil perfecting his moonwalk technique and the mere contemplation of that precludes me from saying more for now.

April 21, 2015

Who Got Lit Up On Monday?

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April 21, 2015


Boy, yesterday’s action was really something.

In fact, it was so exciting that it’s all that Amy Lange and this other person can talk about! In fact, it could have been even more exciting if it happened on a Wednesday for some reason. In fact, nothing could be more exciting than to show us just what a force of unbridled rage Addison ‘Boo’ Radley can be on Wednesdays than to show her… buying a parking pass? for the car she wants but presumably doesn’t have yet?

I can only hope we are crossing the transom into full on Milford whackiness.

April 20, 2015

Requiem For A Little Fella

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April 20, 2015

Just so everyone is clear, Addison Radley is widely addressed by the nickname Boo, but one must not ask her why. For you see, her nickname derives from a character in a popular piece of fiction which spawned an iconic film. The book has been included in school curriculum for years as it famously explores racial intolerance from the point of view of a young protagonist whose eyes are first opened to prejudice. Addison is of the belief that everyone in her peer group should be aware of he origin of her sobriquet, and anybody who isn’t must obviously be an uncultured piece of trash.

The poor guy who got a double barrel blast of condescension from Boo is David Archibald. All his life, people have been calling him Tiny. Unfortunately, everyone just assumed it was because he’s short.

In honor of the flaming wreckage of Tiny’s self confidence, here is a rocker by some noisy little fellas:

April 18, 2015

Shame, Shame, Everybody Knows Your Name

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April 18, 2015


Challenging an already challenged teen’s manhood might not always work for Gil but it’s working for Mimi.

“You shamed in right in front of his parents – er, guardians?”


“Mmmmm. Think you can bring him over here and shame him again in front of me, honey?”

Welcome to Milford, where old school coaching tactics can win you state titles and get your wife hot.

April 17, 2015

Do we really need to know this?

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I was recently telling a co-worker about a trip to Walgreens where I had trouble finding the white vinegar to clean my coffee-maker. Seems it was in the coffee aisle instead of with the other cleaning products where I was looking and thought it should be there. Of course I needed to ask 2 people before I could find it. She turned around and said – “Why are you telling me this?”
Same question with this story about Johns college plans – why on Gods green earth do we need to know where he goes to college and at what cost? We never see these guys after they graduate unless they’re mopping floors or teaching golf with 1 arm. I suppose it makes Gil look more concerned about his players if he visits with the family about scholarships, but what about actually coaching the kids he has now once in a while?? ” Hey, once you go to State, John, you’ll have a coach who doesnt disappear for half the season and let some assistant with no experience do all the work, or better yet, one of the other players.” His transition will be a shock to his system as he deals with real coaches for a change.
I think we need more Boo Radley/softball strips. Obviously Bobby Howry has been blackballed.

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