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February 8, 2016

The Coffee Cantina Is Hiring

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Kenzie and Maxwell enjoy a hot cup o’ joe at the Coffee Cantina (“Hey you, with the shopping bag, we’re hiring! Wanna pour coffee for money?”) and Kenzie is laying her after school special narrative, non-dating life.

February 6, 2016



Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you

Okay, everyone who thought Kenzie blew Maxwell off earlier because she wasn’t interested in going out with guys, raise your hands. Now put them down – you look silly. Turns out Kenzie’s formidable size and feats of muscularity have been intimidating not only her rugby and basketball opponents but also potential dates. I expect we’ll hear more about this next week, so let’s get cozy at the Coffee Cantina and order another round.

From the Tiny Details Dept.: chunky-braceleted person with that ’70’s hair toasts the awkward couple while tablet reader in plaid needs to get his eyes checked. Not sure what the poster above Kenzie’s right hand in P3 is about: the CC getting into the branded beverages biz perhaps?

Musical selection inspired by today’s strip:

(bet y’all thought I’d post the R.E.M. cover, dint’ja?)


February 5, 2016

Foul on number Z!

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And now we’re back to the non-action analysis of behavior by poeple that have only known each other for a week or 2. Hanley looks pretty good in black.  I dont know what bump she’s referring to, any help? He was holding a bag to his head in the game but I dont see anything obvious today. Where’d the 7-footers come from on Oakwood, much less TWO of them?? Making a Maxwell sandwich while waiting for Rick Pitino to sign them for the Kentucky Wildcats. We’ll see them in the Final Four in 2018.

Max really looks shifty-eyed in P3 as he asks what the concern is – I think she’s playing hard to get. We’ll see how far this gets without Gil’s intervention. But so far the male looks like the idiot in the relationship – wasnt that the case the last few times?

Our song today honors the late Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire – a nice listen for those of us who grew up at roller rinks listening to these songs -RIP.

February 4, 2016

Maxwell Bacon, Qu’est-ce que c’est?


Whatever Max was futilely leaping for yesterday, it’s implied to be the direct cause of Milford’s defeat. Was he injured, or did Gil bench him for being out of control? No matter, Max will shrug it off by rubbing a ciabatta roll on his head.

A little Bacon, a little coffee – sounds like the beginning of a trip to the Waffle House (which I doubt Milford has, probably being too far north). Nah, more like Kenzie wants to drag Max to the Coffee Cantina then back to her cave for a bit of snu-snu. Interesting that she’s gotten over her fright of Max asking her out. I imagine she’ll explain why soon, but for now it’s nice to think that Max’s emulation of her on-court behavior showed her he cares.

metapost: A moment of silence for Jack Elrod, who featured balls of another kind and who, depsite generating years of snark fodder, was a sincere supporter of wildlife conservation and outdoor safety.

February 3, 2016

A Futile Leap


What is even happening in panel three?

Bonus point: Gil in a jacket and tie is looking pretty slick. Perhaps he picked up a few tips from that Hollywood crew…

February 2, 2016

Still Undetermined


Wait, is that actually ersatz illicit pill pusher Bobby Howry?

What happened to Maxwell’s t-shirt in panel two?

When Maxwell taught Kenzie the forgotten art of underhand freethrow shooting, did she in turn unwittingly teach him to commit fouls?


February 1, 2016

Hope You Like Your Bacon Crispy!

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In case you needed to be reminded, Maxwell Bacon had proffered an invitation to Kenzie Hanley to go out on a date. The first time around, it was witnessed by a rack of basketballs. Now, the second time around, we know for sure that it happened because it caused Kenzie’s eyeball to explode, whereupon she dropped the basketball and made an awkward exit. Ouch! I like to pretend that Kenzie also did one of those awkward exits where she tried to pull on the door instead of push or pushed furiously on the top of the door and not down where you need to push to unlatch it, all the while muttering and nervously smiling at dumbfounded Bacon.

The simplest explanation is that Kenzie was caught off guard and not comfortable with dating and/or just not that into Bacon. We don’t actually have time for anything more complicated, do we?


January 30, 2016

Silly Is Never a Concern. Scrawny Might Be.


Great historical clip of Wilt Chamberlain’s free throw woes from Rob yesterday. Loved seeing those old Phila Warriors and early Sixers uniforms and the shots of Convention Hall.

Looks like Max Bacon wants to find out if Kenzie will emulate Wilt in other ways. You didn’t think he was showing her those YouTube clips for nothing, didja? When it comes to getting coached at Milford High, you get what you pay for – and you don’t pay the Coaches Thorp. Max’s silhouette in P3? Not too phallic, Whigham. [insert obligatory “tie a board to your butt” joke here]


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