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October 9, 2015


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As the intrusion of Milford football continues, we have the cameraman and mike man position themselves farther away at Gils request, and they pick up Gils determination that his team cant beat Bastrop, a school from Texas. At the moment theyre losing to Reagan, just like Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale did many years ago. SUBTITLE:  WE SUCK.

Love how they have helmets on with t-shirts for the walk-through. Why the hell they need the helmets is beyond me. Unless they fear they’ll hear Gil better with them off. SUBTITLE: GET YOUR G_DAMN CAMERAS OUTTA HERE!!

October 8, 2015

Better “Ripped By” Than “Ripped With,” IYKWIMAITYD

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Gil stonewalls Tricky Dick Travolta* then does his best Steve Boone impression as he works it for the camera. Tricky hates to see him go but loves to watch him leave.

Did I miss the strip where Holly told Tricky that she used to date Gil? I don’t think she said anything about dating Marty either, beyond alluding that he’d be like so much PR-related putty in her hands. No matter; a few edits later and we’ve got sound bites aplenty to manufacture controversy where none really exists.

I imagine Gil will eventually make peace with the idea that all this foolishness is just business. Holly’s gotta eat just like Marty’s gotta drink.

*Hey, I don’t care if Neal’s name checking some trucking industry exec, I’m sticking with our home-grown moniker, at least for now.

October 7, 2015


October 7, 2015


Sorry, folks, but if Gil can’t be bothered, I’m afraid I can’t get too worked up about this one.

Bonus point: Where are they filming this exactly. Presuming that those are Milford’s stands in the back, I may have to reassess my previous estimation of what a Michigan (Connecticut?) tank town school district can afford in terms of stadia.

October 6, 2015

Either He Has A Half Dozen Of Those Suit Combos Or…

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October 6, 2015


Not much we haven’t seen before in panels one and two, but does anyone remember when Gil was complaining to Kaz about how steamed Mimi was about the return of Holly Dobbs?  Maybe there’s a reason Gil wanted the cameras off yesterday is what I’m getting from this…

October 5, 2015

Hey, What Are All These Cameras For Again?

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Looks like Marty barely finished calling the game before they sealed him into the crate! There was no time for post game coverage, or even a Tod Andrews handshake. Because we’ve got to go where the action is, back at school

where Gil lingers around Holly’s classroom AND then gets pissy about the camera. See that poster on the wall promoting reading, Gil? That’s your first clue that you should stay away. Oh, and also, Holly is always gonna have that camera on her because she’s on a reality show! Why don’t you go bitch to Dr. Pearl again if you don’t like the cameras. It’s never too early in the season to recycle a plot element.

October 3, 2015

Night Owls

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Well someone forgot to tell the defense to show up – all the worrying about 7 on 7’s made everyone forget about the other side of the ball, and its a free-for-all, albeit more exciting then a 7-6 taffy pull. Great Panel 1, but Panel 2 makes no sense as the defender is at least 5 yards offsides at the snap. Starting in the opponents backfield and still giving up 34 points is something nobody can help you with, let alone real coaches. Dont know where the fans all dissappeared to – maybe they saw Marty’s whiskey in his cabin and are lined up for a sip. All televised too! Hey, who’s # 44? Nice catch and score – looks like that locks up the game and we can show Gil shaking hands with the Oakwood coach who was last seen in 2013 –


and before that all the way back in 2007!

Obviously Tod Andrews either lost his hair, his color, or both. I almost lost my mind researching this info! Happy Saturday!!

October 2, 2015

At this rate, the reality show will be cancelled before it hits the air due to lack of excitement.

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And away we go in Game 1, with a long touchdown followed by a bored Max tossing the ball to the ref as if to say, ‘Its gonna be Halloween before this game ends, man.” Great shot of the fans in the stands, including Holly, and already the director wants her to move to another location so she can?? Cheer in from of some other bozos with signs? I love the big D on the directors headset. The director will also tell Max to act more excited next time he scores. Yawwwwn.

October 1, 2015

Why Don’t You Look Where You’re Throwing?

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Finally a nothing but action strip, filled with all the little touches that make this strip great: generic footwear, plays that spill across multiple panels, oddly proportioned equipment, unsettlingly foreshortened and angled limbs (prompting me to trot out the Kaiser Wilhelm trope once again).

I’m surprised Oakwood actually kept the ball long enough to kick that low-arcing field goal; Bismo Funyuns’ monster hit looks like it popped that Pillow Pet free of the Oakwood player’s grasp. The defending State Champions find themselves in an early hole; can True pull them out of it? Maybe if he opens his eyes and moves his non-throwing hand from in front of his face. Even his teammate is embarrassed by True’s early-season form.

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