This Week in Milford

June 2, 2014

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June 2, 2014


They are really bearing down on me here at Schlutz’s so I think I’ll go with a cheap gag for today’s commentary.

Panel one is brought to you by Milford House of Pants, where our exciting new line of Bunched-Up-Crotch jeans for both men and women are the bold new fashion statement that proudly lets the world know you don’t care if your jeans are extremely uncomfortable.

Panel two is brought to you by ACME Brand Mustach & Eyebrow Wax where they’re serious about making your mustache and eyebrows look serious.

Finally, panel three is courtesy of a joint effort of the Milford Advertising Council and the Greater Milford Chamber of Commerce who would like to remind you that none of this – absolutely none of it at all – makes sense so don’t even bother trying to consider whether any human beings would ever say these things or why.


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  1. I’m totally lost as to their attitude; there’s so much more to life then playing on a sports team, and they both are competent participants. Amy’s gone from benchwarmer to super-sub, and Luckey is hitting probably .400. Yes I know we only see a small portion of their day, and I’m sure its got everything to do with their performances on the field and not, as normal 24-hour people, the various other experiences of day-to-day life that we all share with each other as well as our significant others. They should be enjoying each others company regardless of how things are going on the diamond. P3 I have no idea what the hell either one of them is saying. Yes Amy is wearing blue, if you check out the color version. But she’s also wearing white, and it sounds like Luckey thinks the whole outfit is blue, wrong again. Need more conversation tomorrow, but who knows how far off the track this lunacy will get.

    I need a song at this point:

    Comment by robmize2013 — June 2, 2014 @ 7:47 pm

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