This Week in Milford

July 19, 2014

Et tu, Standish?

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July 19, 2014


Gil may not bargain for prospects but Virginia Valley Tech’s coach is an easier mark for Art Standish. Sporting a Roman emperor’s ‘do, VT coach seals a deal over a pyramid (symbolizing his conquest of Egypt) to hand over his game films to Art in exchange for – what? Does this mean The Truman Show will be playing at Valley Tech this fall? Will Art, True and Octavian there form a triumverate to divide up the Valley Conference? If this isn’t a done deal Gaius Valleius Technologus will come out looking kinda dumb.

Meanwhile Jarrod Hale attempts to shame a teammate into extra 7-on-7 practice. Unstated assumption: that unidentified teammate cares as much about this as Jarrod.

“Of course it’s optional, but so is me throwing you the ball.”

“Yeah, just as optional as me throwing blocks for you in the fall. Lookout!”



  1. Oh, and $100,000 in small unmarked bills will seal the deal coach VT.

    Comment by Bobby Joe — July 19, 2014 @ 9:45 am

  2. Jarrod Hale is quite the turd. I suspect he throws ducks that will end up in DB’s hand. Would like to see True in a Mudlark jersey if for no other reason to put Hale in his place, on the bench.

    Comment by Jive Turkey — July 19, 2014 @ 10:22 am

  3. Theres no linemen in 7 on 7, so this guy isnt blocking. Course the RB’s block but whatever.

    Comment by robmize2013 — July 19, 2014 @ 3:05 pm

  4. I know, Rob, but assuming the guy Hale’s berating will be one of his Milford teammates in the fall, a lookout block in the near future is not out of the question.

    Comment by teenchy — July 19, 2014 @ 6:12 pm

  5. “Oh, and we won’t be needing your trainer. True’s got his own medical team. And he won’t be at training table; he’s got a private chef. Oh, and he won’t be riding the bus to away games; he’ll use my chauffeur and driver. And don’t bother assigning him a locker because he’ll change and shower at home. And those uniforms? Pfui. I’ll have my tailor whip up something much better. You won’t mind if he doesn’t wear school colors and has a Bedazzled ‘TRUE’ across his shoulder? He’s got to stand out for the scouts and the game films.

    “Oh, and you won’t mind, will you, that True and I are the biggest douches in the continental United States?”

    Comment by John S. Walters — July 20, 2014 @ 8:31 pm

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