This Week in Milford

January 30, 2015

The Bacon wasnt cooking

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Gil Thorp

As the wheels on the bus go round and round on the way home from Jefferson, Max has Bobby go over his numbers, which arent impressive, and it looks like Bobby has Max under his spell of branding, as even a win which is the primary goal is tainted by his subpar performance. Basketball is the most individual sport of all the team sports, since there’s only 5 guys out there and the defense cant just guard 1 guy, as the other 4 will be wide open to do their thing. So 1 talented individual can take over a game for spells at a time, as Ken Brown does for Milford. And Bacon had stiff competition in this game, as Bobby points out, and any way he should worry more about the defensive end of the floor, as thats how games are won at a higher level. Howry should know that.



  1. Stat whore like Max should know his stats. Especially when it’s only 6pts and 4 assists. I expect more from a varsity letterman.

    Comment by Jive Turkey — January 30, 2015 @ 6:08 pm

  2. In my limited pantheon, one of the greatest basketball players of all time was Bill Russell. He rarely scored more than fifteen points, and his greatest games were the ones in which he scored perhaps six– mostly on free throws– but goaded the opponent into on-court breakdowns through intelligent passing and suffocating defense.

    Comment by vaganova — January 30, 2015 @ 8:14 pm

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