This Week in Milford

March 18, 2015

Bacon Goes Cold (Turkey)


Panel One: Yep, Max is doubling down on the mono-focus deal… and it’s working about as well as could be expected.

Panel Two: Not sure just how shocking this is supposed to be. I’m going to guess ‘not very shocking’ and assume that Leisl’s eyeball is exploding because she can’t believe Bobby is still talking to her about it. Further to this point, I went back into the archives just to make sure and it was never established that Bobby is Leisl’s lab partner (good thing too as she’s the only one ever depicted doing labwork).

Panel Three: And, in a special edition of Max Bacon: The Junkie Jock’s Journey, the education of Max continues as he learns that it might not be the swiftest of ideas to casually insult your sole supply of illicit prescription drugs. Also, to borrow a joke from one of our commenters, we see Max sporting the ‘table saw accident’ look with his left ring finger. You don’t suppose he got mouthy with his bookie too?



  1. Unlike some of you Nattering Nabobs, I refuse to throw in the towel on this story arc. While I will confess to being quite confused, there *has* to be (something) underlying this scattershot plot(?) Not since House of Leaves has this reader been so befuddled. When wracked with doubt, Haiku is always a comfort:

    Panel 2 Lysol
    and I share a common bond:

    Comment by g2design — March 18, 2015 @ 8:31 am

  2. It’s time for the Milford cagers to go waltzing-a-Tliden?

    Comment by Dood — March 18, 2015 @ 8:39 am

  3. Standing in the middle of the high school hallway saying “What do you mean, you don’t have a pill for me?” isn’t the swiftest way to carry on an illicit transaction. What’s next, Max chasing Bobby down the hall shouting “Give me my damn pill, you freak!”

    Comment by John S. Walters — March 18, 2015 @ 9:03 am

  4. Will he dazzle her,
    While Max submarines himself?
    (The pills have been fake.)

    Comment by vaganova — March 18, 2015 @ 2:34 pm

  5. Limping haiku aside, crime in Mfnrd tends to consist of selling simulated bootleg dvds (other than weed sales by the football captain and the “professional criminal” who stole the Nutboys.) I estimate the odds that Bobby has been illegally supplying Max with a prescription drug at no better than 5%. Those are about the same odds that Lysol will end up blowing him on the bus ride back from Tilden.

    Comment by vaganova — March 18, 2015 @ 2:41 pm

  6. vaganova…I agree w/ statement (a)… regarding (b) “the same odds that Lysol will end up blowing him on the bus ride back from Tilden” I’d guess these odds as infinitesimal…..

    Comment by Rowdyman — March 18, 2015 @ 6:53 pm

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