This Week in Milford

March 7, 2016

Compared To What?

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So it looks like we’re going to go with the Milford Star running Marjie Ducey’s  story complete with personal details about Kenzie and Max. Nobody is doing these kids in Milford any favors in terms of shielding them from the media, hungry to exploit them and turn their lives into click bait.

Whatever actually ran in Marjie’s story seems to have encouraged Kenzie to swing back into Hulk mode. Assuming this strip is set in practice  (sure, we have time for some practice, why not?), Kenzie’s teammates are going to be paying the price. Never fear, for Coach Mimi Thorp knows that magic phrase to calm down that teenage rage: Ease Up!

Ease Up, Kenzie
Kenzie Ease Up,
it’s gonna be alright.



  1. The real problem with Marjie’s article is what happens when USA Rugby sees it. “What? We give our star player a semester off to heal up, and now she’s playing high school basketball?” Next step: immediate withdrawal from Milford High and semester-long internment at an IMG Sports Camp.

    Comment by John S. Walters — March 7, 2016 @ 7:18 am

  2. “Nice story in the Star today.”
    “Compared to what?”

    Well, for starters there’s Gil Th… nah, too easy. Crankshaft is too easy as well, but it deserves it more.

    Comment by billytheskink — March 7, 2016 @ 8:41 am

  3. John S raises an interesting point. Has there been any mention of Kenzie’s participation being covert? My impression was that she was at first reluctant (interview the good players, not me) but that she got truly annoyed only when Max entered the story. I admit I’m not totally clear what she’s thinking. Ned’s right, though– the degree to which the school lets outsiders use kids is breathtaking. This is hardly in it with that insane “reality show” plot, but it’s definitely another situation no school today would allow– a reporter getting unsupervised interview time with a kid.

    Comment by vaganova — March 7, 2016 @ 10:34 am

  4. After hearing “Ease Up”, I hope that leads Kenzie to become a part-time private eye and take us on a wonderful summertime adventure. Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened in these parts.

    Comment by Moon Mullins — March 7, 2016 @ 7:47 pm

  5. I’m still trying to parse the ‘Compared to what’ line from Kenzie… On one hand, I’m imagining her reaction is due to her having unfortunately already confronted the terrible things people who snark/blog/use-whatever-social-media-platform-the-kids-use-these-days community of folks who have really agitated against her continued inclusion on the USA U-20 Rugby Team in just the most internetedly despicable fashion. On the other hand, I have to wonder who broke Mimi’s ring finger off panel?

    Comment by timbuys — March 7, 2016 @ 7:57 pm

  6. Compared to “Nice story babe , now go fix me a sandwich!” Seen on a t shirt. No, I’ve never been to a NASCAR race.

    Comment by Jive Turkey — March 8, 2016 @ 9:16 am

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