This Week in Milford

March 31, 2016

Is Anyone Still Paying Attention?


So the girl who didn’t know how to play basketball in December has quickly turned into the star who leads the team to playdown victory puts her team ahead late. Kenzie shrugs off Alfrieda E. Neuman’s flying elbow in front of Mimi and Rick Scott, who absentmindedly cops a feel (“yo Mr. Scott, that’s not where she hit me!”).

Off to the line where Kenzie then pays tribute to her ex Maxwell Bacon by making love to the ball before continuing to shoot free throws underhanded. Has she put the Lady Mudlarks ahead for keeps? Time will tell…




    Otherwise, rough week for Kenzie. She breaks up with her first boyfriend, gets a squicky cosplay invite from Gil, takes an elbow to the cheek, and gets molested by the trainer. What’s next? USA Rugby sends a cease-and-desist order benching her for the rest of the season, leading to an early playdown exit for the Lady Mudlarks?

    Comment by John S. Walters — March 31, 2016 @ 6:14 am

  2. Are you ok questions are usually followed by yes,I’m fine or no. But of course Kenzie hasn’t grown her hair long or died it blond. Yet. Air balls please.

    Comment by Jive Turkey — March 31, 2016 @ 7:02 am

  3. I very much doubt Milford is ahead for keeps, the first full week of April typically ushers in the beginning of baseball and softball season.

    We got an above average amount of Trainer Rick Scott during basketball season.

    Comment by billytheskink — March 31, 2016 @ 7:22 am

  4. Unnamed P2 player should have that mole looked at. Or, it’s a poorly rendered scope-scar from her right ACL reconstruction.

    If, by some miracle, we’re designing a Championship T-shirt for the girls, the statuesque pose in P3 will certainly be a part of it.

    Comment by g2design — March 31, 2016 @ 7:32 am

  5. Panel 3 reminds me of my college days and a drunken trip to the bowling alley whereupon my friend straddled the ball return and pantomimed a “giving birth to a bowling ball” act.

    Comment by nedryerson — March 31, 2016 @ 9:17 am

  6. Great laughs today, teenchy, thanks! Loved Alfrieda E. Neuman.

    Comment by Moon Mullins — March 31, 2016 @ 10:41 am

  7. Any bets on whether Kenzie can come through with her ‘desperation heave’? I’m with Billy and this is the end. I’m calling it hits off the rim with a ‘KLUNKK!’

    Comment by timbuys — April 1, 2016 @ 8:50 am

  8. Wouldn’t it be out of character if she tried to make such an unlikely shot? Definetly in character if she chucks it at the girl closest to her. Especially if it’s the girl who elbowed her. That’s just what rugby chicks do.

    Comment by Jive Turkey — April 1, 2016 @ 10:45 am

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