This Week in Milford

April 28, 2017

Holy crap its yesterdays strip!

Filed under: Bad Jokes, general nonsense, lame jokes — robmize2013 @ 8:21 pm

I finally get around to doing this after a busy day and what do I see but one panel reviewing yesterdays strip, one panel making a lame one-liner I learned from a co-worker 20 years ago, and one panel making 3 (three!) more lame weak remarks effecting blowing a day in the life of the strip without advancing the plot ONE FREAKIN BIT!!!!

Just when I was getting a wee bit excited about the new plot; we get stuck in the mud after 1 lap. And none of the lines was the least bit funny.  If I talked to girls like that in high school I’d get stuffed in a locker for 4 years and not released until graduation day.  ( Hey, that was better then anything they said)

Boy if we have to put up with panels about track and field jokes til July I may have to go on strike again, but at least this time I’ll have a supply of these magazines to keep me busy …



  1. Well, no wonder our love-struck softball pitcher is so into the hurdler — just look at him in panel 3, he looks like British aristocracy (perhaps as portrayed by a foppish, ascot-wearing David Niven?).

    Here’s a better liner for you next time, girl — try to impress him by properly enunciating “the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.”

    Comment by Moon Mullins — April 29, 2017 @ 2:12 pm

  2. That’s right, Thorpiverse. When our heroine, Dafne Duck, isn’t working as a part-time cub reporter for the Milford Enquirer, unearthing the worms for the community to see and isn’t dissing Track AND FIELD(although you DO run to warm up before the game, I’m assuming?), a sport she obviously rated before she, by her own admission, didn’t or doesn’t attend(in character with her stature at the Enquirer), she’s Ms. October…in April.
    Oh, sure, Dafne Duck, let Sonny and Duane and David Niven rubber stamp what you just said. Three athletes who should be honing their skills instead of letting somebody walk all over them in the name of girl-chasing are people I will ALWAYS consult when I need advice on how our cross-country team is going to fare at the City meet. Must be good karma.
    And Sonny and Duane are always good for the lowdown on the town, given all the girl-chasing and general hijinx they relentlessly pursue so who better to have the inside track on all the dirt that swirls around Anarene, er, Milford. Yeah, keep ’em happy while tossing an occasional zinger, you’ll get a story and still be Dafne Duck. Smart strategy.

    Comment by T. Drew Hardin — April 30, 2017 @ 8:42 am

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