This Week in Milford

July 4, 2017

You Go Girl!

Filed under: Milford Idiots, Milford Weirdos — robmize2013 @ 7:18 pm

Well–  here I was considering going on strike again cuz of this no-good boring -who-the hell knows whos who and when the hell is school gonna end — plot, —- and I wind up working on a holiday. Should get combat pay for this post I tell- ya. Guess everyone else is blowing their fingers off so they wont have to write about this hoo- ha anymore. I say Bully!

So we finally have an ass-kicking from somebody. God, if Gil ever showed that fire and brimstone, he’d be morphed into Knute Rockne overnight. Nice to see one of the dufus guys get his desserts. Shove his sorry ass into a locker and leave him there til school starts again in the fall! Oh yeah, we havent started summer yet. So old Gary would only have to stay in the clink for about 3 days. Maybe he’ll lose that paunch while he’s at it. But any punishment for his luny tunes behavior is worth it, as long as he gets off my computer screen.

Cant believe this whole plot is gonna be about these clowns arguing back and forth all summer til even Dafne has had enough. Who resolves this, Dafne, Gil, or Ms. (Low) Risk? When is school finally out? When can Dafne graduate? When am I going on strike?? Tune in tomorrow- same Gil-Time, same Gil-Channel!







  1. If you had told me that two high school boys would be home alone with two horny high school girls and all they had to do is close the deal, but both would fail spectacularly, I wouldn’t have believed you…

    Granted, it doesn’t help if the second boy is gay or because reasons decides to be the worst cockblocking wingman in recorded history, but still…

    Comment by hitorque — July 5, 2017 @ 6:26 am

  2. Not jumping ahead to the Wednesday strip (I know I’ve seen that rule written down somewhere) but suddenly there is a chance this plot will make sense after all.

    Comment by vaganova — July 5, 2017 @ 7:12 am

  3. He needs to tell Dafne to “Ease up.” That would be the most appropriate response.

    Comment by J.D. Springer — July 5, 2017 @ 9:26 am

  4. Oh, brother. P3 just makes me want to vomit, especially because Daffy Duck has a lot of room to talk about being in any kind of league. She quits the newspaper and did it in a “take my ball and go home” manner even when it was clear that Ms. Rizk’s logic on the Van Auken history was valid and accurate. She just got into a hissy fit and pouted when she needed to back off and cut her losses. And who knows? Maybe Ms. Rizk might have met her halfway if Daffy wasn’t behaving like an ignorant spoiled brat which is what I’m seeing in front of me now. Then she walks out of softball practice to pursue a story on a whim from an informer who shows up from the Land of Oz for all we know(or care).
    Daffy, do us a favor. Take your attitude and jump over to Dennis the Menace. It would make more sense. You should be able to make it to the Mitchell household by dinner time.

    Comment by T. Drew Hardin — July 8, 2017 @ 3:37 am

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