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July 18, 2017

Hooked On Tronix

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I can’t exactly put my finger on it but Trey’s response to Other Guy cracks me up. Also cracking me up? Trey’s hair. We’ll have to see how it’s rendered in the ensuing strips but there is definite potential there.



  1. 1. I thought Quarterback Princess graduated last year??

    2. Once again out of nowhere Heather displays advanced insider knowledge that no daughter of a middling college QB would ever know.

    3. Palwecki really doesn’t like girls, does he? Hasn’t even shown the first bit of interest in crushing Heather’s know it all holes…

    4. Why are they so hell-bent on playing this slow, uncoordinated ogre out of position again? Kevin is a lineman or linebacker, end of story. I mean FFS almost a year later they’re still practicing fuckin’ handoffs…

    5. Who needs Gilberto when everyone else is always doing his work for him?

    Comment by Hitorque — July 18, 2017 @ 8:57 am

  2. The “slow, uncoordinated ogre” Kevin Pelwecki is reminding me of Bill Spunska. What’s that? You don’t recognize that name? Character in an early fifties boys novel, Scrubs on Skates. Star center moves to a new school in Winnipeg and finds his teammates are all novices. Naturally, in the postwar world, the players are all ethnic stereotypes– serious, intent Benny Wong, and the clumsy, oafish Spunska. Naturally, Spunska improves rapidly, even attacking on defense, and the star player learns that “courage and determination are all that matter…” No need to thank me now; I’ll be here all week.

    Comment by vaganova — July 18, 2017 @ 9:22 am

  3. Heather did graduate, but she promised to help out with both the 7-on-7 team and summer drills.

    Credit to Rubin for keeping continuity. I’m used to the continuity in Funky Winkerbean though, so maybe not that much credit…

    Comment by billytheskink — July 18, 2017 @ 10:17 am

  4. The gocomics crew seems to think this is Trey Davis & Jaquan Case – who billy remembered last year.

    Why either of them would be in the stands is not clear.

    Comment by Downpuppy (@Downpuppy) — July 18, 2017 @ 10:46 am

  5. Davis and “The Don” are a possibility, but the link takes us to Aaaron Aaagaaard and Ken Brown, from last year.

    Comment by vaganova — July 18, 2017 @ 11:46 am

  6. I don’t know a way to link directly to comments, but Billytheskink, comment #6, gave a summary of that whole season.

    Fixed! – TimP

    Comment by Downpuppy (@Downpuppy) — July 18, 2017 @ 11:57 am

  7. vaganova, like we used to say in softball, “ain’t no thing but a chicken wing.” I’m always learning myself.
    Jive Turkey, I liked your comparison. THAT’S what’s sad, when certain things in Thorpiverse seep into reality. Again, pretty darn accurate.

    Okay, so I’m relieved it’s not the Sopranos and I don’t think Powell College is going to turn the hat trick with Gil or bypass Gil(considering their stance on ethics) and size up an ex-burnt-out-soccer-player-ex-football-player-part-time-assistant-coach-not-on-the-payroll. Not to say that PC won’t come to call in the near future but for now their sleazy tactics are being applied on another planet.
    SO WHO ARE THESE GUYS?? And what does he mean “communicating, not barking?” Well, I think it’s safe to say that we’re staying within the realm of football. I’m willing to bet the lottery they’re not employees of The Barnum & Bailey Circus looking for someone who can get tigers to jump through hoops or elephants to hump on each other in a row because the other trainer is sidelined with food poisoning. I don’t know, maybe Heather can get a lion to square up its shoulders with its knees. It can happen.

    Comment by T. Drew Hardin — July 18, 2017 @ 12:04 pm

  8. The Tronix shirts would make a compelling case for these two being Jaquan Case and Trey Davis. Steven Graus’ Tronix shoe company and Case’s proto-Lavar Ball uncle Rudy were grooming Jaquan to turn pro and sell shoes when he decided to play college basketball instead, though he promised to come back to Tronix in 4 years.

    Of course, neither Case nor Davis ever played football in this strip, though Davis spent some time as a terrible baseball player. Plus, Case presumably started a successful pro basketball career in 2009 that would make him an unlikely summer football trainer (even if it is basketball offseason).

    Comment by billytheskink — July 18, 2017 @ 12:57 pm

  9. It’s been a while since we’ve seen The Don, but he did play for Bishop Tardy., which may explain the passage of time It had been even longer since Gil had seen Herk the Mauler (just pointing out that there is precedent for characters from way back reappearing. Wally Lamb is another. It was Wally who burst onto the field to announce that Jeff Ponczak– who was 6-7– had a heart condition and should not be playing football.)

    Comment by vaganova — July 18, 2017 @ 1:41 pm

  10. “Man, I don’t know about you, Trey, but I think we found the perfect person to communicate to the grunts down at Parris Island how to dig those latrines properly when she’s not working with the fullbacks on the base. I’ll never understand the new military but I’m just followin’ orders and I don’t wanna get my ass chewed out again by the colonel.”

    Comment by T. Drew Hardin — July 18, 2017 @ 8:25 pm

  11. […] an accurate reflection of the current state of youth sports in the US. We occasionally get a glimpse into that world – the summer 2015 arc being a prime example – but by and large […]

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