This Week in Milford

November 9, 2018

Ok now I’ve had it.

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Well this tops it all.

A student at a a high school- is being pulled out of a class he is planning to attend to ostensibly learn something in said class — by an assistant football coach–

And ordered to walk OUTSIDE— to tell said football coach —












Jesus. Oh yeah I said that yesterday.

Good thing theyre walking on Gods green earth because thats the level of bafflement I’m feeling.

Are you fuckin fuckin kiddin me?

You know what? People say there is other life out there, that we arent the only ones, that there are other solar systems, other planets, other people, other beings, other ecosystems, other whatever.. and I dont really believe that but you can believe what you want. I maintain we’re the only ones, that we must have a perfect distance between us and the sun to survive, etc., and the other planets are either too hot or too cold. Maybe there’s more out there but we’ll never have time to find it.

There exists no planet — none  — that would have this going on.

Not here, not there, not nowhere. Never before, never after. Never period.

And I know that as sure as I’m sitting here with my mouth drooling from being so wide open for 10 minutes.

History is very long, mind you. I was in Buffalo last weekend for the Bears game, and I had time to visit Niagara Falls, and there was a display showing the evolution of the falls, and it started before humans were around.  Millions of years ago.

And we could take those years and double them, and still– there would not be a single day– not only on this earth but on any earth you may feel exists, in your mind or in reality– that the above strip would ever occur– in real life.

And then— after the question is asked of said student– and student answers with not a NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS but with a real answer, a location on GPS, said football coach


Its complicated?  Thats where we’re at on November 9, 2 months after the season has started, after student (private) records have been filed in the computer system, after practices, games, more practices, more games, and now playoff football in every other stratosphere except– this one.

Gang, we’re now farther away from resolving this matter then we were when we had punter issues.

I could go on forever, but — forever would not be long enough to have this situation – in this strip above me– happen again.

Your turn folks!







  1. Like I said earlier this week, this stupid shit is gonna drag on past Christmas only to have a weak ending.

    Comment by franku2016 — November 10, 2018 @ 9:51 am

  2. I’m fine with Kaz going PI. There are at least 3 reasons why they need to verify his residence : District policy, football eligibility, & the kid is obviously juggling some impossible issues. He’s not investigating immigration status, just residence, and he’s cleared it with the The Power that Is.

    Comment by Downpuppy (@Downpuppy) — November 10, 2018 @ 12:34 pm

  3. Well done, Robmize. Usually if a coach has an issue with a player, it’s done either after school in the coach’s office, normally before practice starts or during a free period for both( even though coach can negotiate with teacher about his desire to talk with player as long as it’s not habit-forming-a teacher after all has a class to teach). But if we’re going to take a Spaziergang(“pleasure walk” for you non-Germans), can we at least get the Hell away from the campus? No skyline of Milford? No car hops skating to serve Bucket-Fried Liver to the customers in their classic cars? Nope, the background in P3 HAS TO BE the friendly confines of Milford High School. Why? Where did they go? Some Spaziergang. At the rate their “walk” was going, they really went no further than a Mudlark cinderman would have gone, running the 50-yard dash(“Okay, Tiki, Last one back to touch the Mudlark Mascot on the lawn is a rotten egg!!!!!!!!!) As long as we’re going to make this walk a “get down and dirty” insight on Tiki’s personal life, can’t we walk a little further? His revealing of his dirty laundry is just past the Science Wing? I wonder.

    Comment by tdrewhardin — November 12, 2018 @ 5:53 pm

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