This Week in Milford

December 19, 2018

Warriors! Come out to play-ay!


The Arapaho(e) are a Native American tribe of the Great Plains. Arapahoe High School, near Denver, unfortunately made national news almost five years ago to this day for a shooting which left one student dead and the shooter taking his own life.

Well, after that bit of cheer to start off our day, let’s dive in to the traditional Mouseketeer Roll Call of the roster.  This time it’s Marty who’s doing the roll call, as it appears that Marjie whipped out the pepper spray on Gil once he started becoming too much of a close talker.  “Sorry, Mr. Coach Thorp, mediocre may be good enough for Mrs. Coach Thorp, but it’s not good enough for me.”

Marginal Mike Filion and Nosey Parker Andre Ruffin form the backcourt. The starting forwards are seventh-year senior Paul Beaudry and – wait, what?  Is Jorge Padilla still in Milford?  How did Marty pronounce his name? (I’m guessing correctly given Moon’s chastened, pissy look on his face.)  Have the Padillas not moved back to Puerto Rico or at least Georgia?  Rubin dropped the ball bigly on the Padilla story last winter, and I doubt he’ll be picking it up again now.

Nope, my guess is that when we’re not delving into the mystery of Two Billboards Outside Milford or watching Filion having me time in his bedroom, we’ll get some minor focus on “scrawny,” “lanky” center Marcell Irby (thanks to whom I can’t stop thinking of Jerry Clower, which probably says more about me than Rubin) and his struggles in the paint.  Burly Rick Soto will probably sub for Marcell after he gets banged around and Milford will lose any height advantage it may have had.

Arapahoe’s sports teams* are called the Warriors, a perfect setup for Milford’s nerdy cutesy snarky student body.  Maybe Ernie from My Three Sons and the Milford Pirate Network can lead the fans in the chant.





*Colorado high school basketball teams participate in playoffs, not playdowns.


  1. Gil, give Han Solo his pants back.

    Comment by billytheskink — December 19, 2018 @ 8:17 am

  2. This time we at last got the (drum roll) announcement of the lineup out of the way in one panel.

    Tdrew and I had the same idea about Mike Filion and for the same reason, a story which ran thirty years or more ago, and franku2016 has now confirmed our recollections. And billy has reminded us of the character’s name, Bubba Joe Tilwell.

    Given that, and the eerie resemblance of the billboard renter to Bobby Howry, I think the arc may go something like this. Bobby, ADHD aside, was consistently a pain in the ass, second-guessing the coaches and acting as if he were one himself. Now, he may be back in Mfnrd stirring up trouble by attacking the teams’ records, and by implication, the coaching. Not too hard to picture this worsening the point guard’s mental state. All good. We haven’t had a mental health story in some time, unless you count Aaron Aagard’s mother’s addiction. No doubt we will soon find out, though, that the billboard guy is not Bobby Howry but some other dipshit.

    Comment by vaganova — December 19, 2018 @ 8:20 am

  3. I’m a little surprised Dr. Pearl is OK with Dixie Beer sponsoring the scorer’s table.

    Looks like not a whole lotta people came out for opening night. Is mystery billboard man late to the party as Milford has already determined there are better things to do on a cold Midwestern winter night?

    Comment by timbuys — December 19, 2018 @ 9:24 am

  4. and in the Bubba Joe Tilwell story, a douchey, overbearing dad (Steve Wilcox) of one of the players (Arnie) wanted to expose Bubba publicly and even Moon wouldn’t do it

    Comment by franku2016 — December 19, 2018 @ 10:17 am

  5. Where did this goofy term playdowns come from? I have never heard anybody use that phrase in 71 years except here. In the rest of the world it’s playoffs.

    Comment by Bobby Joe — December 19, 2018 @ 10:18 am

  6. WTF kiind of dumb fuckin question is that? “Still Looking forward to the opener?” Why, yes, sugar britches, I actually am…why wouldn’t I? Gil needs to go all Bobby Knight on this bimbo

    Comment by franku2016 — December 19, 2018 @ 2:56 pm

  7. I agree with Frank. Most coaches look forward to the challenge. But with Gil, the best thing about the opener is it gets you closer to the finale.

    Comment by Jive Turkey — December 19, 2018 @ 4:53 pm

  8. In honor of the Padillas, let’s hear TH en Espanol!

    Comment by Downpuppy (@Downpuppy) — December 19, 2018 @ 5:58 pm

  9. Frank, you ain’t a-kiddin’. I have sat through billions of games on the radio with Don Fischer(Indiana University Basketball’s play-by-play announcer, I believe still is, called the ’87 game-“Smart with the shot-GOOOODDDD!!!!!!!!! And the Hoosiers take the lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-my heart was pounding that day, BELIEVE ME) and Coach Knight and if Fischer DID a Marjie Ducey, be it pre-game interview, post-game interview, or call-in show, Knight was liable to tear his head off(ha). Chuck Marlowe, the play-by-play for IU’s TV games for eons. knew better. It was like “Fireside Chat” when Marlowe and Knight got together for interviews and it was really just a conversation as you more than likely to get more out of The General that way. A fledgling reporter just starting out was roadkill with Knight.
    So besides her apparel substantiating that she is just back from Equestrian tryouts for the ’20 Olympics, that IS a pretty stupid question.

    “No, Marjie, I’m so bushed with figuring out the football plot for 3 months, I lost track of the time.”

    Comment by tdrewhardin — December 19, 2018 @ 6:33 pm

  10. Nice call downpuppy. I am partial to the Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds version of that song.

    Comment by Jive Turkey — December 19, 2018 @ 8:20 pm

  11. “Lanky Soph Marcell Irby” nobody talks like that, Rubin

    Comment by John S. Walters — December 19, 2018 @ 9:22 pm

  12. Back off Marjie, Gil is a member of the Slapaho tribe!

    Comment by nedryerson — December 20, 2018 @ 5:19 am

  13. My favorite Jerry Clower line: “She had so much green eye shadow on, I thought her gall bladder had busted!” (I think he was talking about Lurleen Ledbetter.)

    To this day, it still doesn’t make sense to me, but it tickles me. When I first moved to Gainesville, Florida for college, there were only 3 tv stations (only one of them network….can you imagine!) there and one of them ran a commercial for mail order Jerry Clower records (also cassette and maybe 8 track) almost daily.

    Comment by nedryerson — December 20, 2018 @ 5:25 am

  14. […] him. Muench will play at least another season of baseball as he’s the current version of Paul Beaudry. As for Guthrie, it will be time for him to fish or cut bait between hoops and wheels. He hurts the […]

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