This Week in Milford

January 4, 2019

Levee Song

I’ve been slipping in the claaaaasssroom

All the live-long daaaaay…

I’ve been slipping in the claaaasssroom

Just to pass the time awaaaaay….

Cant you hear the whistle blowing

Rise up so early in the morn

Cant you hear the Kazman shouting…

Howry blow your hoooorn!

Howry wont you blow

Howry wont you blow?

Howry wont you blow your hooooorn?

Howry wont you blow

Howry wont you blow

Howry wont you blow your horn!

Fee fi fiddly I oh

Fee fi fiddly I ohhhhhh

Fee fi FIDDLY I OH???\

Strumming on Gils old banjo.

Someones at the Bucket with Kettlehead

Someones at the Bucket I knooow

Someones in the kitchen with Marjie

Strummin on her old Tape -Oh.


And in P3 Bobby Howry is inviting the man on the other end to fart over the phone.



  1. Well, that’s that. The teacher was lying. He dumped kettlehead girlfriend and Slippery Rock has offered him an academic scholarship. Now back to the billboard with a picture of Gil guzzling rotgut that says,”SURE AM GOOD!”

    Comment by Jive Turkey — January 5, 2019 @ 10:09 am

  2. Looks like Cliff Clavin stole Marty’s sippy cup full of liquor and has an early 1970’s Washington Redskins (can we say that?) logo as a desktop background.

    Saturday post forthcoming.

    Comment by teenchy — January 5, 2019 @ 4:28 pm

  3. Dammit, Jive Turkey, stop giving me ideas for Milford Beverage Warehouse(ha ha).

    Robmize, great song and apropos for the surroundings. I’m not entirely convinced
    Filion’s back on the straight and narrow but maybe the plotline gods are saying the same thing. I’ll bet a Bucket shake that’s the case. In the meantime, Archie Andrew’s will continue to AA meetings until further notice.
    Good to know Elvis hasn’t left the gym.

    I can account for the mutant foliage and Gilcup in P3 but what does R mean? Like we’re supposed to be able to translate Kanamitese. Or maybe that’s the rating for our anti-hero’s ad.
    Does an X-rating suggest mediocrity is bad while Gil is posing with just bunch of grapes to hide the obvious? Would Thorpiverse go that far in the name of ratings?

    Comment by tdrewhardin — January 6, 2019 @ 1:28 pm

  4. […] spring because he was texting his girlfriend all night.”  Mike let Kaz know he wasn’t dipping anymore, so that’s not a factor. He gave Milford the lead at Danbury, but a deflection and an […]

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