This Week in Milford

April 22, 2019

A Hat On A Hat

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Molly Hatcher’s hat decree is in effect. Game days are hat days. There’s no problem with a dress code and the team has no issues with “hat head” cramping their style. What a harmonious group!

The Conference Season begins and that’s good news. There are no more trips to Nebraska, Joycelynn has gone back to Jocelynn and the team racked up two wins in one narration box.

During the wins, someone hits a gapper and we get one of those classic partial views of a sign on the outfield fence. This one is extra ambiguous: “EY” is all we see. EY? Is it an advertisement for WHEY? Is whey poised to make a comeback in the youth market? Maybe whey is the new quinoa. Who handles the outdoor advertising at these school facilities?

Oops, it looks like we have an actual action, happening presently in our narrative, situation at Tilden. The Mudhats Mudlarks are trailing 2-1 and somebody is squaring up to bunt. Drama and suspense jammed into a single, ambiguous panel. What a week we have in store.


  1. EY!

    Comment by Prof. Anthrax — April 22, 2019 @ 4:46 am

  2. It’s Joey! The musical story of Joey Heatherton, starring Zooey Deschanel, Matt LeBlanc, & a kangaroo!

    Comment by Downpuppy (@Downpuppy) — April 22, 2019 @ 6:07 am

  3. Maybe the sign is for “that new Mexican place” that Moon was talking about a few seasons ago. Tacos by Joey, or Mikey, or whatever. Doesn’t look like the excitement over the hats is going away anytime soon.

    Comment by franku2016 — April 22, 2019 @ 7:00 am

  4. I wonder which Valley Conference team the outfielder in panel 2 plays for. Busy uniforms seems like a Central or Jefferson thing, maybe?

    Comment by billytheskink — April 22, 2019 @ 7:05 am

  5. I think the “ey” is just that, an “ey” as frequently used in Bob Marley and the Wailers’ lyrics. Somebody was inspired by the hats and, feeling irie, took out the ad space.

    Comment by teenchy — April 22, 2019 @ 7:44 am

  6. The girls shot put team isn’t making fun of the girls in the funny hats? And yes, at Milford there is more than one female shot putter. Whatshername can’t make hats for the batting helmets? Quite bush league. Now can we stop clamoring for a story arc involving the girls? Rubin has proved he can write wonderfully inane topics about both sexes.

    Comment by Jive Turkey — April 22, 2019 @ 8:26 am

  7. The outfielder in P2 looks pretty slow too

    Comment by franku2016 — April 22, 2019 @ 9:34 am

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