This Week in Milford

May 7, 2019

Death Of The Cool


Musical inspiration for today’s post title:

So, the clarinet is uncool, eh? Well, let’s see what this nerd person I found via a search for clarinet solos thinks:

Also uncool? Direct democracy.

Minus point: That cafeteria table looks like it was drawn by MC Escher after downing a pint of tequila.

Edited to add the color strip to supplement commentary:

050719 - color



  1. Know what else is uncool? This group thinking that stuff like knit hats, stuffed animals, skating, comic blogs, and volleyball makes them exceptionally cool.

    Comment by franku2016 — May 7, 2019 @ 9:15 am

  2. So apparently Whigham has stage 4 brain cancer to come up with a plot this stupid. Wearing a goofy knit cap and having a stuffed hippo makes you too cool for school? And now they’re voting people into this elite club. They’ve set the bar pretty low. It’s pretty much just laying on the ground. So far the only one that hasn’t made it is the kid with the overbite that takes his accordion everywhere.

    Comment by Knoxy — May 7, 2019 @ 10:25 am

  3. Club should really be called “too douchey for school”

    Comment by franku2016 — May 7, 2019 @ 11:36 am

  4. The color version of Panel 2 is epic. A face out of Picasso, and the strangest extra finger since Joe Giella hung up his pencils.

    Comment by Downpuppy (@Downpuppy) — May 7, 2019 @ 12:51 pm

  5. Floating through spaaaace… on a cafeteria table
    I’m floating through spaaaace… on a cafeteria table
    Pondering the nature of cool
    Wondering when I became such a fool
    I’m floating through spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace… on a cafeteria table.

    It’s not a song parody, just free verse.

    Comment by jvwalt — May 7, 2019 @ 4:07 pm

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