This Week in Milford

August 13, 2019

If it were an official meeting, would they refer to him as Thomas?


Suffice to say, Cicero she ain’t, but it was a nice try by the creative team to feature a strong female lead. That said, let’s go panel by panel…

P1: Bad touch, Hadley.

P2: Way to dis Milford academics, Hadley.

P3: Ed is pissed he had to put on a suit and tie and come all the way downtown just to be a prop.

Bonus questions:

What are those tomes in P1?

What is on the framed sign in P2?

Neither of Tiki’s parents attended this thing?


  1. Good point about the no-parents-in-the-meeting thing. I would give them all the boot just because of that. “…you know what, you candy-ass, jail-house lawyer dork? until we hear from his parents, this meeting is adjourned for now and maybe forever,… our security staff will escort you to the exit…oh, and please don’t send that old boozer, Ed, back here either, until you can come up with documentation such as a tax bill, mortgage statement, lease statement, and two utility bills in the Jansen’s name…other than that, quit wasting our time….have a nice day….thanks…”………after they leave…”get goddam Thorp on the phone…I wanna’ talk to his ass…NOW!…”

    Comment by franku2016 — August 13, 2019 @ 2:58 pm

  2. Good points as usual, frank. That Tiki sure is getting tall. Must be about 6’10” if P3 has any accuracy. Looks like a post player fell into Gil’s lap. Sounds and looks like Boozy Ed is stressing NEED . I think he should stress MY. I suppose that’s neither here nor there.
    Maybe Tiki isn’t shopping for a better football team but his foster family is. I think there’s evidence! Bring in the strip from about 3 weeks ago to the next board meeting Chet. It’s an open and shut case!
    I thought Haxley was gonna break into Whitney Houston’s god awful schmaltzy I believe the children are our future. I’m glad we were spared.

    Comment by Jive Turkey — August 13, 2019 @ 4:21 pm

  3. Books may be either yearbooks or a small encyclopedia set. Framed sign may be an award of some sort for the school board president that he chose to display on the wall.

    Comment by robmize2013 — August 13, 2019 @ 6:58 pm

  4. “This week’s special on a 5 × 8 matte finish portrait of your favorite student in the gutter at Milford Photography…”

    Thanks, Tim, You da Man. Ready to flatten Gil and Tiki on Thursday.

    Comment by tdrewhardin — August 13, 2019 @ 9:18 pm

  5. You got it, T. Drew!

    Comment by timbuys — August 14, 2019 @ 8:17 am

  6. “Thanks, Dad. It helped to have you there, because you repress my ethical impulses. If I hadn’t had your racist dead eyes staring at me, I might have started feeling guilty about railroading the school board with, essentially, the ‘If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit’ bullshit defense.”

    Comment by jvwalt — August 14, 2019 @ 8:21 am

  7. That’s great R&W….don’t you think that there are kids from or any inner city HS that would rather attend some highly-rated suburban HS “for the best reasons” but are unable to do so because of that silly little residency rule that is in pretty much every school district in the country? It seems like every story involving JQ is dam dumb…..

    Comment by franku2016 — August 14, 2019 @ 9:17 am

  8. […] Hadley browbeat the school board into enrolling a kid who doesn’t live in the […]

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