This Week in Milford

October 8, 2019

“…Charlie The Roh Down To The 15!!!!!! The 10!!!!! The 5!!!!! Touchdown…”


You old-timers will remember the Happy Days episode, (I mean this one was OLD because the intro was “Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley & The Comets, not the “These days are ourrrrrrsssss, those Happy Days” opening”), where Richie Cunningham is working as an errand boy at this radio station and this hot shot DJ is in a dispute with the station manager over his pay. Eventually the DJ walks out, even after putting on a ridiculous showboating exhibition to prove he’s worth more money. The station manager, the same guy who played The Maytag Man in the Maytag commercials, yanks Richie from his sweeping job around the studio and puts him on the air. Of course, he’s stumbling at first, but then develops more confidence as he settles into the job. This eventually leads to his new identity, Richie the C. And, boy, he just goes to town with it. Had to have been there.
Therefore, as long as we’re going to get ridiculous and have Chance on crutches after snuffing out Godzilla when the Japanese film company should have sent Godzilla back in the ocean, cave, polar ice cap, the boys toilet at Milford Elementary, etc., we might as well introduce Charlie the Roh and display his bag of tricks. What have we got to lose? The plot’s stalling anyway.

“Oh nooooooooooo, Chance is defecting and heading over to Tod Andrews’ team!!!!!!!”
“Shit!!!!!!!!!!!! He’ll be stuck in that time warp like Tod was 30 years ago!!!!!!
Can you get the scriptwriter on the headset?”
“No, he took a personal day and is at The Bucket celebrating his grandkids’ birthday, Gil.”
“You don’t take a personal day on a coaching staff”
“Comic strip union rules, Coach.”
“DAMN. Where’s Charlie?????????”

In Gil’s personal water closet at his office
SHEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEE, What did Coach have for lunch at the cafeteria??????? No wonder why there’s no roaches. That stench works better than Raid!!!!!! Oh, well, this mop oughta get rid of some of the residue in the commode-”
ROH!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET YOUR HELMET AND BE READY TO CHECK IN!!!!!!!!!!!! ON THE DOUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Late one night, after Grandma Macy reads Chance a bedtime story (“Rumpelstiltsken”)

“Now go to sleep. It was just a nightmare yesterday. I don’t know why Marty would be walking the streets of Milford, carrying an open casket of Dr.Pearl’s great-grandmother. I’m sure the way you describe it, she looked like a California Raisin that had suntanned too long but let’s close ours eyes and think happpy thoughts. Like when you body-slammed #53 on USWA Wrestling Saturday morning and won the Southern Tag Title from him and Freezer Thompson. Your tag partner, Jerry Lawler, bear-hugging you should send you right back to La La Land…”

Grandma Macy turns off the light

Suddenly, by the poster of Dominique Wilkins flushing on Hank Finkel in the 1987 Playoffs


Ok, so Charlie the Roh and Richie the C will not have to clean out Coach Shaw’s garage. Good thing, cuz there were a lot of National Geographic’s and Penthouse’s to sort through. Charlie the Roh can concentrate on nabbing Discovery One before it heads off to Jupiter. Richie the the C can call the game whenever Marty the Moon has to take a leak behind the booth. I just hope nobody’s down below.

And Chet will enter the discussion before too long. After all, when Richie the C was bombing out because he got Coach Thorp’s hair mixed up with Waylon Jennings’ pompadour, Richie the C needed reassuring

“Ladies and gentlemen, Gil is bombing out singing ‘Luekenback, Texas. That’s WAYLON??????? Oh my goodness, I better cut to a commercial break and slash my throat. Then have a heart-to-heart talk tonight with my dad like I have for 500 episodes. You’re listening to WDIG and this is Richie the C…”

Mr. C. will be there to console Richie in his room and make sure no razor-sharp spheres will fly out of the closet.

“Honey, he’s bombing out!!!!!!!! That’s the 3rd time they’ve cut him off at the line of scrimmage!!!!!!!”
“Oh, Chet. Not to worry. Gil has the situation well in hand. Gil’s the coach, you know.”
“Oh, Mr.Vendor, gimme a foot-long!!!!!!!!! And he’s bombing out!!!!!!!!!!!!”

If ya shoot at Dis-kuv-eree One, thinkin’ it’s a Royal Canadian Snow Goose that got sidetracked on its way to Hudson Bay and it plops in your motorboat but ya still take ‘er to the taxee-dermist anyhoo cuz ya like how it looks on yore wall in the den, mountin’ the lite bulb of Hal 9400 next ta thet jaguar ya shot with only two shells in Bolivia, ya might be a redneck.

Now that the action is hot and heavy, will somebody tell Thorpiverse that Marty Moon is not Charlie Chan incarnate? Granted, this whole damn mystery wrapped inside of an enigma is getting to bea mystery but let’s let some sunlight in Marty’s eyes. Wouldn’t want him to ruin his retinas while Charlie the Roh is rippin’ long one.

Ah, but therein lies the problem and reveals Marty’s raison d’etre. A doubting Thomas wrapped in a bitchin’ booster who draws a paycheck because he embodies 5his persona in front of a microphone. Sorta like Pat Robertson railing against Satan while pretending to be Monty Hall. Let’s Make a Deal a hybrid with The 700 Club.

“Pat, I’ll give you $500 and what’s behind Door #3 if you’ll call off the deal and give me your soul.”

Ahhhhhhhhh, I went a little off the deep end but I think you grasp the concept.

One day in Gil’s office
“Tiki, it was just a bad dream. That cafeteria pepperoni pizza has been giving everybody weird dreams. No way was Tall Man toting a casket with my wife in it out of Hooverville. And Tall Man has a restraining order from the Milford Circuit while you’re staying at the Flemings. Relax.


“Tall Man, how many times have I got to tell you to flush???? If you’re going to use my toilet, I’d appreciate it if you’d use Renuzit Raspberry. Tired of hearin’ it from Home Ec class down the hallway. And that’s the 5th roll you’ve used up!!!!!!! How many burritos did you eat at lunch??????”

Today’s headline in the Milford Enquirer

“Richie The C Forced To Eat Bucket Fried Crow After Coach Kaz Gives Thumbs Down On Show!!!!!!!!!!”

sub headline

“I wouldn’t even dance to ‘Hot for Teacher and that’s my favorite song. Play it all the time during football scrimmage. Richie the C has gotten the big head.”

Okay, so you old-timers know what I’m talking about. Fonzie gave the thumbs down after Richie the C became Richie the Gil after his rising success was causing R the G to be a jerk.

But Charlie the Roh has to hit those holes if he’s ever giing to lead the Hit Parade on the dance floor at The Bucket. Nope, can’t spin “Boogie Wonderland” by Earth Wind & Fire if you can’t turn a 3-and-2 into a 70-yard sprint the way Chance does. Learn the moves of Barry Sanders, THEN be unable to fit through the janitor’s closet at The Bucket because of your enhanced ego and not even get your grandma to dance The Charleston while Eric Clapton’s “Tangled in Love” is on the turntable. First things first.

Remember when Potsie and Richie the C tried to get into this strip joint using fake ID’s? Weellllll

As Booby and Tiki step into the Milford Beverage Warehouse, nervous as Hell, the “Phantasm” theme playing mellifluosly after Hank Williams’ “Settin’ the Woods on Fire” got the Jose Cuervo buyers going in line in checkout lane #3

“You sure the Milford Printing Shoppe said they would go over with the clerk?”
“Like we just punched out of our shift at Milford Foundry.And they said the lamination was durable. They use recycled plastic from Mudlar-K-Cola 20 oz. plastic bottles.”
“Here we go. You got your Michelob Dark?”
” Yup. Got your Jack and Harley-Davidson Full-Flavored Menthols Crush-Proof 100 L-, damn, I know the Warehouse is getting desperate for new-hires and I know their Major Medical benefits package just isn’t enou-”

And if this is isn’t a set-up for the obvious. Charlie Chan virtually saying that Clark Kent should have re-entered the battle at Gettysburg because he and Daniel Sickles would have torn through Pickett’s Charge with both legs blown off while George McClellan Roh would have rested his horses. No wonder why Lincoln asked the latter “Would you tell me what this plot has done lately that has fatigued the Mudlarks or horses of ANYTHING?” Lincoln was right. Thorpiverse is an admirable engineer but it has a special talent for the stationary engine.
Chance looks pretty inert in P3.

Which affords the opportunity for Charlie the Roh to pull a Richie the C on us. That’s right, again it’s pretty obvious. Charlie the Roh will run for 2000 yards, score 30 touchdowns, then sit at the teacher’s table at the cafeteria, eat Twinkies and hamburgers and tater tots with the teachers because he thinks he’s better than his peers. The students and parents, led by The Fonz, will refuse to come to the game, won’t even dignify his arrogance with those placards written in Cyrillic (“Beat Oakwood-They’re a buncha nuts” in the Serbo-Croat cheering section, oh my) .
These last 2 panels are just expressing themselves, aren’t they?

All right, Gang. It’s all yours. I apologize, I have been on the run all day for my dad. Now I know what Chance is running, er, going through.

“Oh, Howard, he’s bombing out. Somebody needs to hold his hand and tell he’ll do better in the future. That’s no way to tell him YOU SUCK. That fan needs to pull up his britches before the Milford Police arrives.”

“Marion, Richie’s holding his own. He has the Mudlarks eating out of his hand.”

“I was talking about Coach Thorp, Howard.”

“Okay, Jaime, time to go to bed. Tomorrow, I’ll teach you how to address the ball. Turn off your tape player and go to bed.”
“Let me finish this song after I get in my Underoos, Daddy. It’s overtime.”
Gil, realizing touche when he hears it, goes to the fridge for another Schlitz

“…you be daffy and I’ll be dilly,
we’ll go have 2 bowls of chili-”



  1. Put that towel over your freakin’ head Chase. You’re a disgrace to the uniform. You turd!

    Comment by Jive Turkey — October 8, 2019 @ 6:20 am

  2. Slow Charlie Roh ain’t the answer either, Chet

    Comment by franku2016 — October 8, 2019 @ 6:57 am

  3. Jesse White was the Maytag Repair Man initially. He had a gazillion appearances in movies and on tv (although I don’t have a recollection of his appearance on Happy Days, even though I can picture him in the role of a cranky, cigar chomping radio station manager). When I think of Jesse White, I often picture him in the white smock of an orderly in the movie Harvey….or on the condo board of Del Boca Vista casting his vote to oust Morty Seinfeld from his position as board president….and also as the lonely Maytag repair man.

    Gordon Jump (WKRP’s station manager) became the Maytag repair man after Jesse White. He also played Mr. Tomasullo who fired George Costanza from Play Now. Everything comes back to Seinfeld, for me anyway.

    Comment by nedryerson — October 8, 2019 @ 7:06 am

  4. So Marty saw a hole develop and close and he determined from his spot in the press box (or his travelling crate) that Chance Macy would have gotten through the hole for a big gainer. Marty is a turd. It’s not even as if he’s making a stink as a way to question a coaching decision, The substitution was made because of an injury.

    Maybe Chet records the radio broadcast and will review it later and go after Marty for throwing shade at Charlie. Wouldn’t it be fun to have two heals going at each other? Maybe not fun, but different. Gil could just fade away and check back in in January.

    Comment by nedryerson — October 8, 2019 @ 7:19 am

  5. @nedryerson…Yep…it would be fun to see someone give Marty a knuckle sandwich. It almost happened once years ago when a MHS basketball player went after him, and of course, Marty whined like a bitch about it to Gil, even though he’s been talkin’ shit about anyone that he can for the last 60 years.

    Comment by franku2016 — October 8, 2019 @ 9:18 am

  6. I’m with ned and franku in the hope that Chet and Mooty Marn will tangle. This plot is right now at a standstill and a beard-pulling interlude would be fun to watch. There’s my obligatory reference to Turgenev: next time I’ll have someone on the floor raving and biting the carpet.

    Comment by vaganova — October 8, 2019 @ 1:58 pm

  7. Ned, THANK YOU for the info on the Maytag Man. Very much appreciated and adds a lot to today’s post. Keep it coming.

    And your point’s well-taken. Here’s the skinny, one way or the other. I believe it was in the 1st year(Spring ’74) when it was a pilot and went over so well that it became permanent TV. In that 1st year, the intro was “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley & The Comets and canned laughter was used. In the second season and beyond, as I’m sure you and the TWIMers know, they switched to a live studio audience and the “Happy Days Theme” was the intro(although I think they played that song in the closing in the 1st season).
    I’m thinking it was early in the 1st season and if wasn’t Jesse White, it was a Jesse White-like actor. I’m going with my gut and say that it was since White was an excellent character actor in a lot of shows. But if I’m wrong, I’m curious who it was. If anybody can help, I’m listening.
    In the meantime, thanks for the info and bringing Mr. White to my attention. I liked your description of him because that was the kind of persona he projected. You da Man.

    Comment by tdrewhardin — October 8, 2019 @ 7:51 pm

  8. This is the episode you’re thinking of @tdrew: Richie’s Flip Side

    Yep, Jesse White

    Comment by nedryerson — October 9, 2019 @ 5:59 am

  9. Great job again, Gang!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved “Mooty Marn”, Vaganova.

    You guys keep comin’ at me with hard-hitting stuff and it is NEVER taken for granted. All of you, and damn it, I mean ALL OF YOU pack a punch with your commentary and it really adds to the TWIM concept. Keep it coming.

    Gang, give Ned a round for his contributions today. I learned a ton and I’ll bet you did too.
    And Ned, I liked the scenario a la pro wrestling where one bad guy turns on another bad guy after they were “partners”, giving the ravenous fans their money’s worth with their obnoxious behavior before and after their acrimonious split which of course gets top billing to draw even MORE fans. And you’re right, Gil will be back in January with his “What, me worry?” mindset to assess the damage. Isn’t that just like Gil(ha)?

    Keep Democracy alive, Gang.

    Comment by tdrewhardin — October 12, 2019 @ 5:24 pm

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