This Week in Milford

October 25, 2019

An the editor of this strip sucks.

The way this strip is going it was only a matter of time before a literal mistake slipped past the editors. P1 Marjie says ‘And odd..’ instead of ‘an odd…’ Bing. (That was for Ned Ryerson)

So Chet Chit Chat decides to make an anonymous call to the Milford Star, describing what he saw in the files about Chance…. After at least 2 people advised him to leave everything alone and MYOB. He really listens huh? So he goes undercover so he wont be discovered as meddling, when in fact modern tracing techniques on voicemails can easily trace the call to him eventually.

So Marjie tells Gil, who then calls Chances parents ( Hey if he has a minute for Marjie, why cant they have at least 5 for him?) and visits their house to discuss the whole Chance backstory.

Now– good for Marjie for not running with a story by an anonymous source, but does she really take every goofy call she gets as a serious issue, passing the buck to someone else to do the actual investigating? At that rate, every teacher in the school would be busy de-fusing false rumors. Hey they got better things to do!

Why  doesnt Chet just come out and call Marjie himself and have her over at his house to tell the story, instead of keeping the whole thing a secret? Because everyone else told him to forget about it, and he wants to have his cake and eat it too, effectively. If the press finds out all these things about Chance, believe me even in a dopeland like Milford, they wont publish anything without knowing who leaked all the info.

I’m a little young to remember a lot about Watergate, but Chet reminds me of someone in that case.



  1. I noticed Gil doesn’t tell Hugh Beaumont to tell Babs Billingsley to refrain from baking cookies. Quite rude. So what did Gil bring? He hid some rotgut in the toilet tank I’m sure. He’ll excuse himself after wiping his hand on the couch. What an uncouth creep!

    Comment by Pee Air Delecto — October 25, 2019 @ 8:52 pm

  2. 3 different women with short, light hair and narrow glasses in the span of 3 days…

    Comment by billytheskink — October 25, 2019 @ 9:19 pm

  3. Robmize, as Seinfeld once said “Bozo the Clown? What other Bozo is out there, Bozo the Pope?”

    I think you and the readers know where I’m going with this once.
    If and when Bozo the Ballard finally learns people can add 2 + 2. Even in Thoepiverse.

    Comment by tdrewhardin — October 25, 2019 @ 11:55 pm

  4. @tdrew…everyone seems pretty dense when it comes to figuring out that douchey Chet is the mastermind. This is just a ploy to get Hadley V. Baxendale, esq. back in the story.

    Comment by Franku2016f — October 26, 2019 @ 7:09 am

  5. Franku, Wouldn’t surprise me, wouldn’t surprise me(ha). About the truth, the way things are going. You da Man.

    P3-Commissioner Gordon one day while Chief O’Hara is down at The Bucket getting lunch, taking advantage of the Buy One Bucket Large Pan Pizza, Two Toppings, Get A 2-Liter Mudlar-K-Cola Lemon-Lime Free

    “Bruce, I have racked my brains for years trying to figure out who Batman and Robin is. Some millionaire in Milford must have a lot of time on his hands to be dragging around him and some teenager in a turbo-charged Archie’s jalopy. BTW, how’s Dick Grayson doing on the Mudlark football team? Is he adapting to Gil’s play-action schemes? Of course, Bruce, his time will come when Chance and Charlie get caught up in The Rapture.
    Oh, I just learned The Joker raided the Milford High School Athletic Fund again. Better get on the Bat Phone. Oh, I’m sure Batman will answer pronto even if he’s seeing his periodontist now. Well, good-bye and tell Alfred the Butler I said ‘Hi'”.

    Comment by tdrewhardin — October 26, 2019 @ 9:09 am

  6. I don’t know if HvB will be involved or not (she is an attorney rather than a PI) but I do know that Chet will get his uppance. In Mfnrd, self-important blowhards with goatees always do. Since his Gilness has already assumed a leadership role in the matter, I suspect he will be the one to spring the trap and that Chet will quietly leave the board. There will probably be no financial consequences, as board members usually are paid only travel expenses, but the disruption to the Roh Ballard household (or is it Ballard Roh? I get confused by the memory of Michelle Forbes as Ensign Ro on Star Trek TNG) will be considerable. Since Chet has thus far shown no redeeming social value, I suspect he will be jettisoned.

    Comment by vaganova — October 26, 2019 @ 3:04 pm

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