This Week in Milford

October 30, 2019

Look Sharp, Feel Sharp, Be… Blunt



I’m at a loss for why this visit to the Chance Macy family home is dragging out as long as it is.  I mean, we even get a beat panel for Pop-pop to bobble his head. Is it to finally fill in the blanks as to the whereabouts of Chance’s parents?

Previously I’d speculated that they went the way of Silent John Pascoe’s folks. Perhaps they met a more sinister fate. Have they been banished to the great unknown with the Thorp children? Or was it simply a Tonight Show gag gone horribly wrong?

Speaking of which, how are you fixed for blades, Chance?


  1. P 2: “WHO THE FUCK SAID THAT????…..I’M GONNA’ FUCKIN’ KILL WHOEVER SAID THAT!!!….GIVE ME THEIR NAME…NOW SO I CAN GO FUCK THEM UP!” while gramps and granny quiver in their boots…”now you’ve done it coach…once he goes blowtop, look out”

    Comment by franku2016 — October 30, 2019 @ 9:18 am

  2. I’m sure they only have plastic forks, knives, spoons in the house.

    Comment by Jive Turkey — October 30, 2019 @ 11:21 am

  3. That is some master class dickery there, Gil. “Gee, this kid has a history of violent outbursts. I think I’ll deliver some extremely upsetting news to him in a terse and vaguely misleading way.”

    Why he wouldn’t preface the revelation that the paper has this information with the very important note that Marjie is going to sit on the story is beyond me. This is just so typical of Gil: acting after the fashion of what he imagines a good coach would do.

    Comment by timbuys — October 30, 2019 @ 11:26 am

  4. Are the grandparents dead? Either that, or the inane banter between Gil & Chance have put them to sleep.

    Comment by franku2016 — October 30, 2019 @ 2:55 pm

  5. “Really, if you knew me at all, you’d know that I eschew common violence for the subtler pleasures of the garrotte or the poisoned aperitif.”

    Comment by John S. Walters — October 30, 2019 @ 6:58 pm

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