This Week in Milford

October 10, 2020


Time for everybody’s favorite game, Monday Morning Saturday Night Quarterback.

Previously on TWIM, the consensus was that Gil was completely in the right for punishing Rapson for ignoring his play calls not once, but twice. In fact, many TWIMers thought that this punishment is too light – that Rapson should see the bench permanently if not be kicked off the team altogether. Instead, Gil’s just giving him a bit more in the way of conditioning.

Gil’s laid out his reasons and they’re sound ones, but let’s play Marty Moon for a minute, though, and poke some holes in that Thorpian logic.

Going back to Tuesday, there was 2:49 left (very precise of Rubin, no?) in the fourth quarter after Rapp’s TD pass put the Mudlarks up 28-13. Thursday before last they were up 21-6 when Thayer muffed the exchange. The Ballard Bruins marched right down the field to make it an eight-point game, 21-13, sometime in the fourth. How much time was left in the game when Ballard scored? There must have been enough for them to believe they’d get the ball back at least once, hence not going for two.

The Milford offense goes back on the field with Rapson under center and directions to get “a couple of first downs, and then… head to The Bucket.” Why did Gil yank his starting QB with his team only up by one score? Nice vote of confidence there, Gildeaux; one miscue and you’re on the bench. As for the “ball security” angle, if you’ve been doing nothing but running the ball all night, doesn’t that make your offense extremely predictable? The Bruins could load up the box, stuff the run, get the ball back and march down the field on the Mudlark defense once again. We didn’t hear anything about that sieve.

First play, Rapson calls his audible and Dallas George’s number on an end-around (which is NOT the same thing as a reverse, Gil!). If Gil’s so quick on the trigger with his signal callers, why didn’t he bench Rapp right then and there? I get that you want to keep things vanilla in the non-conference part of your schedule, but does Gil really have only one trick play? The excuse that you’re saving your trick play for a conference game makes about as much sense as not putting miles on your car so you’ll get more money when it comes time to trade it in, or as not having sex with your wife so that there aren’t as many miles on her for her next husband. Did it ever dawn on him that he could still use that play as a decoy later in the season, for example faking the end-around and running a draw or play-action pass?

Let’s move on to the next play. The Mudlarks picked up a first down and ran some time off the clock. We only know in hindsight that there were probably more than three minutes left in the game. We have no idea where the line of scrimmage was when Rapson threw the pass, nor do we know how many timeouts each team had. Giving Gil a little credit for restating the obvious, Curtis Charles scores the touchdown because the Bruin defender slipped (and Curtis danced a little jig over his body). Why does Gil assume that the pass would’ve been incomplete or picked off if the defender hadn’t slipped? Look at P1 in that last linked strip. Charles is bigger and taller than the Ballard player and has gotten inside of him. Who’s to say Charles doesn’t make the catch and bull over the Bruin into the end zone? Even if he makes the catch and gets tackled immediately, it’s still another first down and time to start taking knees. Who’s to say if Charlie Roh had run it up the gut again, he wouldn’t have gotten stuffed or stripped of the ball? The play worked, but it might not have, and if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.

So have at it in the comments, TWIMers. Let’s enjoy the pissiest of pissy Gil faces we’ve seen in some time and hope that smug look on his face doesn’t cause him to trip over that coffee mug he set down behind himself. Gil has made it clear he calls the shots, but what he doesn’t do is instill confidence in his players.


  1. Great analysis teenchy. Great they have it on film. So as you stated, run a different play off that formation. Fake end around, pass etc. So many possibilities for a real offensive coach with an imagination. And you ran this play in practice and didn’t tell not just the QB but the entire offense that we are saving for conference? That’s on you Gil. So many things Gil did wrong and you nailed it, teenchy. Great job as always.

    Comment by Jive Turkey — October 10, 2020 @ 8:24 pm

  2. What a moron. You can easily run a couple reverses EVERY GAME. Saving it my ass.Like nobodys ever seen one and this is some mysterious play that’ll work 100 percent. A reverse is basically set up from other plays earlier in the game, where the defense (specifically the defensive end) is influenced to the side where the play is run several times, so theyre out of position when the reverse is called and the runner theoretically has an open field with all the defenders chasing the wrong side. But a good defensive end will ‘stay home’ every play so he is always in his area to make the tackle if need be. Its called ‘containing’ the play. Got all that Gil? Didnt think so..

    Comment by robmize2013 — October 10, 2020 @ 8:29 pm


    1a. And God fuckin’ forbid that you actually try out this grand master trick play against a noncon opponent to evaluate how well it works…

    2. But it wasn’t fuckin’ incomplete or intercepted, it went all the way to the goddamn house! So in other words, what a buzz killing asshole… Clearly Gilberto Tharpe was playing not to lose and the kid bailed his precious coaching reputation out of the frying pan.

    3. AND EVEN IF IT WAS INCOMPLETE, it’s now 2nd down and 10 to go… Just run it the next two downs and try to move the chains… Simple.

    4. As I noted earlier, if Gilberto was hellbent on running the ball, TAKE THE RECEIVERS OUT OF THE HUDDLE AND PUT BLOCKING TIGHT ENDS IN!! But no, that would mean old Gilberto would have to accept responsibility for his decisions and we can’t have that!

    5. I love how even though he’s in the right, Gilberto can’t even make a half decent argument to save his life. Nobody gives a rat’s ass who he was saving that end around for, and nobody gives two shits about what mighta woulda coulda spposedta happened if the CB didn’t trip and fall down… All he has to say is: “You listen to ME, Mister Lucas War Hero — You will either run the exact plays I call with no deviation, or you will never play another down for this team! And I will personally ensure that every practice from here on out is still a living hell just for you! Forget medieval, I’m going FULL Frank Kush on your ass! I’m bringing back all the banned golden oldies just for you: Oklahoma, Bull in the Ring, The Gauntlet, Monkey Rolls, 20s-40s-80s, Burpees, Blindside Attack and The Pit! You ain’t gonna be thinking about that hot pants new transfer student when your ballsack shrivels to the size of a raisin! Go cry to your parents, go cry to the principal, the superintendent, the mayor, the governor and see what good it does you… God may not exist, but within Milford City Limits you best believe I’m the closest thing to it and for two hours after 7th bell, from now until at least Thanksgiving, your little rotten scrawny ass will belong to me AND I WILL BREAK YOU!! Am I clear enough for you? Or am I being ‘obtuse'”?

    Comment by Hitorque — October 10, 2020 @ 9:56 pm

  4. All the comments were excellent today as usual and, that said, Teenchy, that title was hilarious. Pretty well sums up the cluelessness of the situation, particularly in P1. And Jive Turkey was right, you nailed it today, My Man.
    And Robmize, great observations. And the sad part is, to quote Magical Mystery Tour in relation to Milford, nothing is real. You da Man.
    Hitorque, LOVED the Shawshank reference. It’s about where Gil or Rapson belong, somewhere where Myron Hadley and his thugs can keep an eye on them.

    At the top of Milford High School where Gil and the rest of the chain gang are tar-pitching the roof

    “…BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!! START MAKING SENSE, THORP!!!!!!!!!!”
    “I swear, Mr. Hadley, if you save that play for later in the season, your son’s team is sure to win the conference. If you want, I can show you the rest of my playbook. All I ask in return is Bucket Shakes for all my prison mates-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by tdrewhardin — October 10, 2020 @ 11:15 pm

  5. My, we do seem to have fallen into Klingon thinking here, in which the outcome justifies whatever step is taken to reach it. We are told, for example, that Klingon officers often advance their careers by assassinating their commander.

    Backward-looking logic will not get us away from the facts of the case. With a lead and the belief that his team could hold that lead, Gil elected a cautious strategy. His backup quarterback, who has divided the team from the beginning of practice with his insistence that he should be the starter rather than that pud Thayer, took it on himself to ignore his instructions and call his own plays, which, luckily, worked out. They could easily have been disasters. I’m sticking to my original position, that the presumptuous little dickhead should be keelhauled. And here on earth, rather than in Mfnrd, he certainly would be. No coach I ever played for would have tolerated such self-centered arrogance.

    Comment by vaganova — October 11, 2020 @ 6:49 am

  6. Gil is kind of a dick. With his predictable, vanilla coaching style, I bet he would use a ‘prevent’ defense too if the opposing team was driving for a tying or winning score. Guess that’s why he’s never advanced past the HS level. He acts like a reverse is a big deal

    Comment by franku2016 — October 11, 2020 @ 7:15 am

  7. I kind of understood the limits of “super sekrit plan we din’t bother to tell you was sekrit.
    And, the 3 minutes left so run out the clock with plenty of time on it.
    but this has cleared my head
    From here, to the fall closure of Paddleboston,
    Not expecting a rerun of the year it was 85 degrees on Columbus (or whatever less evil person’s you name it after) day

    Comment by Downpuppy (I, me, mine) (@Downpuppy) — October 11, 2020 @ 6:02 pm

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