This Week in Milford

February 26, 2021

Tessi’s booked

Filed under: Milford Weirdos, The Bucket — robmize2013 @ 11:10 pm

Tessi’s got a friend

You know she’s got a good friend of mine.

And lately somethings changed

It aint hard to define

Tessi’s got herself a friend and I wanna make him mine.

Cause she’s watching him with those eyes

And she’s dissing him with that family I just know it.

And I’m holding a wrench in my arms late late at night.

I know she dicks my friend cause she’s a girl

He wants her to give him a whirl

Where can you find a jacket like that??

Gil plays around with my charade

That doesnt seem to be a reason to change.

You know I feel so dirty when I play with my wheels

I wanna tell him I cant play hoops but the point is I’m a fool

Vic is watching her with his eyes

And his nicknames man are just cruddy I just know it

And he’s holding that mic in his arms during the fight.

You know he wants to have that Tessi girl

He wants to have that Tessi girl

Where can he find a nickname like that?


  1. Tesssssi I got your number

    I-I-I-I-I want to make you mine

    Tesssssi don’t change your number

    Which nickname will make you my-y-ine?

    Comment by MopMan — February 27, 2021 @ 12:03 am

  2. So Vic is not gonna take the hint slapping him in the face and turn on his inner creep instead? Good plan!

    Comment by franku2016 — February 27, 2021 @ 7:34 am

  3. Does Tessi walk up to everyone in school to tell them she’s busy or did I miss Vic asking her out? I think it was downpuppy who dubbed PP with the nickname Sir. Great job as always.

    Comment by Jive Turkey — February 27, 2021 @ 9:54 am

  4. Well if we’re going to do it, let’s do this properly:

    See exclusive footage of Gilberto’s last players meeting!!

    Comment by Hitorque — February 27, 2021 @ 10:05 am

  5. As for Vic, someone needs to tell him to just go home and beat his meat already…

    Comment by Hitorque — February 27, 2021 @ 10:08 am

  6. Haha… good depiction of Gil’s players only meeting Hitorque and as far as Vic poundin one out goes, he’s probably gettin tired of doin that every day and is ready for a real girl and not one shown on a cellphone screen

    Comment by franku2016 — February 27, 2021 @ 10:42 am

  7. BRAVO, ROB!!!!!!!!! I just LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Well done, My Man.

    Mopman, not too shabby yourself. Good show.

    Hitorque, that video just about sums up Mudlark Basketball ’21(ha). Keep those coming.

    The commentary is electric today. I’m impressed!!!!!!!! Gil-slaying at its finest.

    Comment by tdrewhardin — February 27, 2021 @ 11:19 am

  8. I have been steeped in matters of character, conflict, and plot for something like sixty years now. All are essential to fiction. In this non-story, we have character, no question, and we have conflict, though most of the conflicts revealed so far are trivial. Vic’s attempts to interest the apparent bubblehead Tessi is the clearest so far, though there is also Doug’s timeless angst– should I risk jeopardizing kart racing in order to commit to Mfnrd basketball? But there is thus far ABSOLUTELY NO SIGN OF A FUCKING PLOT. As I have said before, wake me if anything happens.

    Comment by vaganova — February 27, 2021 @ 3:25 pm

  9. “I could get over Tessi if she’d get her boob out of my face in panel 2.”

    Comment by MTD — February 27, 2021 @ 5:55 pm

  10. Excellent song parody, Rob! One of the best ever.

    Comment by teenchy — February 27, 2021 @ 6:11 pm

  11. I will say that if you imagine Gilberto taking a long-ass pull off that freebase pipe before school, practice, and games, this entire strip makes a lot more sense..

    Comment by Hitorque — February 27, 2021 @ 6:45 pm

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