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June 25, 2021


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Thankfully this storyline is winding down (OMG what if it isnt and we’re stuck with these bozos all summer?) and like it or not, Corinna is headed to Oh My God College for 2 years, then transferring to Le Moyne where she will have roomates that need roomates. How Mimi knows all this is beyond belief.

Really, did Mimi discuss CC’s plans for the future with her, or is it all about playing softball? There’s more to going to college then athletics, and most of these kids will wind up doing something other then sports when all is said and done. There are a LOT of terrific schools; again, this stuff all should have been done at least a year ago, Everyone isnt the college type. My class had 80% go to college in some capacity, but that leaves 20 percent who didnt, and its gotta come from within in regards to ones future, and parents can be a good guiding force, but what we have here is like signing up your kid for summer camp when they dont want to go, in hopes they will learn to like it once theyre there. College is way more then that. Its main purpose is to build a foundation for the career of ones choice. Plus of course going away to school is invaluable to growing up into adulthood. I recommend going away to college for at least 2 years to everyone if they have the means; the experience for me was so dramatic everyone said what a different person I was when I came home. You learn so many life skills like money management, time management, housekeeping, eating and sleeping properly, all on your own. Nobody tells you to go to class when youre in college. Its all up to you; and life afterward for many is shaped by how they handled all these things in college. Many jobs are very competitive and the good ones require a resume starting with a college degree. Even for those who fail to graduate, the life experiences gained are worth way more then the paper a diploma is printed on.

And CC has to decide what she wants to do, because you can only play softball so long (and all the other sports). Eventually the fun ends and you need to earn a living somewhere doing something.

What we Have gathered is her mom has decided that she can fend for herself without CC. Thats fine and dandy, but why spring all this on CC after she made it clear she didnt want to go? And another thing– once she’s 18, its her call on this stuff and everything else. I doubt we have time left in this storyline to explain how Mimi and her mom enrolled CC in college without her permission, but I wanna see how this turns out before CC disappears into the comic strip black hole along with the rest of the ex-players.


  1. Excellent commentary.

    I can’t help thinking about how when CK was first introduced, she made it clear that she hated authority and team sports. And then all that just disappeared as she ended up paying THREE sports her Senior year. And now apparently will play softball in college, where it is even more authoritative! Well, I shouldn’t expect consistency in the characters, I should know better by now.

    Comment by MopMan — June 25, 2021 @ 8:10 pm

  2. So Gil doesn’t know some former lady Mudlarks went to Le Moyne?! What a dumb ass. I like that you brought up summer camp Rob. A much better comic strip is Peanuts. The current story in Peanuts is some of the gang is sending applications NOT to go to summer camp. Sally and Linus’s application to NOT go were accepted. Of course Charlie’s was not. He must go to summer camp. PLEASE, golf on Monday.

    Comment by Jive Turkey — June 25, 2021 @ 8:11 pm


    Also Patty: “All my smug, smartass lone wolf bravado is just a self-delusional shield to hide the reality that deep down I’m an insecure little turtle who’s really scared of the outside world and would much rather stay in the safety of this pond filled with my own pity and self-doubt…”

    2. Patty: “I’m not going to Onandaga or Le Moyne!!

    Mom: “Okay, so tell me exactly where the fuck you WERE planning on going, you little entitled brat?! Do tell, I’m all ears!”

    3. I’ll just file this under: “Patty had and entire fucking school year to decide her destiny but since she pissed it away her destiny has been decided for her…” She should just feel relieved that she’s going to college instead of basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

    4. Although I’m very curious to know why mom didn’t intervene a few months sooner when there were more options available?

    5. I’m sorry, exactly why does Patty have to start out at a JuCo? And why does she *have* to transfer to Le Moyne instead of some other school? Hell, a student-athlete with Patty’s resume could get a free ride to Notre Dame, if the whole Catholic thing is that important to mom…

    6. This is the most Peppermint Patty outcome I could have ever wished for… THE ENTIRE WORLD WAS OPEN TO HER! Girl was all-district in two sports and probably all-state in the third, is about to graduate with a 3.7+ GPA and should have had a couple dozen Power 5 schools flooding her mailbox and kicking her door down (and I haven’t even gotten to the purely academic scholarship offers that would be coming her way) and she could have been starring on ESPN next year yet she ends up at some tiny Catholic D-II college? EPIC FAIL

    7. “Le Moyne is perfect!” and how exactly did you come to that conclusion, Gilberto?? Unless by “Perfect” you mean “Perfect punishment”?

    8. I was going to say something about Patty’s mullet, but a quick web search tells me they’re all the rage now among women again….

    9. I still want to know what Patty’s post-graduation plan was since she clearly didn’t give a shit about college… And don’t tell me that she was unwilling or unable to at least contemplate her future since she’s smart enough to earn a 3.7+ GPA… I also want to know *WHY* Patty felt she was obligated to stay at home and look after mom (who appears well, mentally lucid, emotionally balanced and has no probation restrictions about leaving her house) and exactly *WHAT* she was going to do to help her after graduation.

    10. Syracuse, New York!? I guess it’s too much to ask that Rubin create some fictitious Power 5 university within a 100-mile radius of Milford, unless of course Milford is in upstate New York. FWIW, in my personal headcanon I’ve always seen Milford as existing somewhere in the area of if you drew a 50-mile wide swath from say, Harrisburg, Pa. to Springfield, Ill.

    Comment by Hitorque — June 26, 2021 @ 4:37 am

  4. Yeah, PP has been a strange character for sure, but I doubt she’s out of the strip for good. I can see her coming back in a few years like they did with another strange character, HvB, or like they did with the one arm guy who Gil had shooting par on a golf course within three weeks of figuring out what a golf club was.

    Comment by franku2016 — June 26, 2021 @ 8:01 am

  5. It would still be funny to see PP burst into the room and throw a roundhouse at Mimi while yelling “…. YOU FUCKIN BITCH….YOU JUST WOULDN’T LEAVE IT ALONE, WOULD YA?… NOW MY MOM THREW ME OUT…. I’VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF THOSE PODUNK SCHOOLS…. I FUCKIN HATE YOU….” And Gil ends up with a broken nose tryin to hold PP back

    Comment by franku2016 — June 26, 2021 @ 8:45 am

  6. I wish Patty would, because that would be breaking and entering, aggravated assault, and God knows what else… Then Patty won’t even get to attend her “participation prize” school of Le Moyne…

    And I’m loving it because despite having one of the biggest chips on her shoulder and persecution complexes ever seen, Patty needs to look in the mirror because she’s 100% at fault for this less-than-desired outcome, and she definitely needs some soul searching or psychiatric help to find out why… Believe me, “self-sabotage” and “imposter syndrome” are very very real things and it’s a shame that Rubin didn’t add more depth to Patty’s character given how much she’s dominated the plot for the last 16 months or whatever…

    Comment by Hitorque — June 26, 2021 @ 9:31 am

  7. All the comments have been excellent today but Frank and Hitorque, LMAO City!!!!!! You both bring out excellent points on this fly-by-night plot.

    P3- Is that Reggie Mantle and Betty Grable discussing Corina’s future? Sink this Titanic already.

    Comment by tdrewhardin — June 26, 2021 @ 3:39 pm

  8. […] #gottabetrue campaign attempted to set the college recruiting machine on its ear? Why yes, I think we have. Just like Little Miss Fire Hydrant this past spring, Chance will have his future decided for him by […]

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