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July 18, 2017

Hooked On Tronix

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I can’t exactly put my finger on it but Trey’s response to Other Guy cracks me up. Also cracking me up? Trey’s hair. We’ll have to see how it’s rendered in the ensuing strips but there is definite potential there.


January 4, 2018

Hoops Analysis This Soon? Why Bother?


Every now and then an astute TWIM commenter brings up the notion that Neal Rubin’s Milford, in which high school kids go out for, make, and play regularly on teams in multiple sports, isn’t necessarily an accurate reflection of the current state of youth sports in the US. We occasionally get a glimpse into that world – the summer 2015 arc being a prime example – but by and large it’s a phenomenon that gets overlooked in the Thorpiverse. Given that the deepest drink of success juice Gil’s had in along time came by way of a kid whose sole focus up to that point had been a single sport, you’d think he’d be more amenable to the idea. It might even make for a more intriguing story line than we’re used to seeing. (Me, I was wondering if there’d be some ramifications from Jaquan Case walking around Milford in a hoodie in summertime, but Rubin spit that bit.)

But the Gil Thorp model of team-building probably plays well in places where they still read GRIT Gil Thorp in print. It keeps Gil in a coaching monopoly and Marty in a spiffy crate. So maybe we’ll get treated to a quintet of lunky hoopers dishing out elbows and concussions whilst setting picks for A.A.Ron Aagard (whose splintered home life will hopefully get picked up on as the arc progresses) and another wispy guy in the Max Bacon/Lini Verde mold.

July 27, 2017

Cavalier with the Facts


“We are here at the Milford Country Club, where we’ve secretly replaced the lemonade they usually serve with a urine sample. Let’s see if anyone can tell the difference!”  At least I imagine that’s what the server who’s breaking the fourth wall here is thinking.

Another day of exposition on Jaquan Case, in which we learn that he spent three years at Mr. Jefferson’s University. Would Jaquan have been a contemporary of Sean Singletary? I’m grateful to have the archives* available to connect the dots on Jaquan and Trey’s backstories. (I can also see that Rubin name-dropped a couple of high schools local to me back then, too, which might’ve made me think Milford is in Pennsylvania, which it is, or at least one of them.)  Tronix may still have its fingers in Jaquan, or he may just have all that leftover swag from when his career fizzled out. We’ll learn soon.

Stick around; after that clinker of a spring arc this might be entertaining.  Who knows? Maybe Hadley V. Baxendale or Uncle Rudy will show up. Marty Moon may start wearing mascara again.

*metapost: If you have the time, I recommend visiting the archives. The TWIM hive mind contains some really long-time readers of the strip and their memories are great to have, especially if you went long years not seeing the strip as I did.  Going through the archives helps me appreciate the sense of continuity (such as it is) in the strip, as well as the vastly improved artwork – not only in terms of style but also in terms of accuracy. The sports uniforms, for example, aren’t just monogrammed shirts without numbers. Look at the Milford – Bishop Tardy game from 2005: Milford’s wearing Michigan cheerleader’s tops while Tardy’s jerseys look like something you’d punish a student with by making them wear, like a dunce cap.

August 17, 2015

Ft Worth Has Some Great Unofficial Barbecue

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Well, the Tronix Camp is finally coming to a close. We were out there for nearly two weeks, contemplating the distorted world of college recruiting, lifting weights, shorting sheets and shooting the crap with True and his new friends Rodney Curtis, Rey Lujan and don’t forget Sedrick.

True and Rodney now contemplate a strategy of following another recruit in order hitch their wagon to a can’t miss receiver’s star. Well, that’s dumb. It suggests you’ll just go anywhere to be “a star”. Hasn’t True evolved beyond that thinking? Isn’t that the essence of his whole character? As for Rodney, who knows where his head is at? Maybe we can slip in one more camp before we have to get back to school and get further clarity on this issue. Ugh.

August 6, 2015

Quarterback of Sorts (Prepscoop)

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There’s Rodney Curtis, and his pal,
True Standish, a quarterback of sorts.
Tronix Camp, Clemson shirt, Power Blast.
Four-star prospects don’t wear jorts.

Get a load of Coach Thorp, “What’cha gonna do?” Get a load of Coach Thorp,
Prepscoop (is coming) into town. Prepscoop (is coming) into town.
Prepscoop (is coming) into town.

(repeat 1st verse and chorus)

Not about, not about, not about a school.
All about, all about, all about my brand.

(repeat chorus)

There’s another, unnamed, recruiting site.
Worth, somehow, sixty million bucks.
Tronix Camp, Passing Camp, extra zing.
True Standish, Curtis.

(repeat chorus)

(apologies Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe)

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