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“This Week in Milford” is in all actuality just another pointless blog. But if you have ever read the comic “Gil Thorp” and wondered what in God’s name was going on, or needed a community in which to relentlessly mock this well-intentioned but often disturbing comic, here’s the place.

“A few ingrates and malcontents, fueled by Gil Thorp’s indifference.” Marty Moon, March 12, 2018.


Send all suggestions and complaints to Marty Moon.


  1. […] but it would be sad to watch it disappear completely. So if you think you have what it takes, send Marty Moon an email and he’ll screen out the totally drunken requests from the mentally deranged […]

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  2. […] you are interested in joining this chat, but didn’t receive a link from me, let Marty Moon know, I’ll send ya an email with the link. I promise we’ll get this ironed out within […]

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