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June 19, 2017

Detective Work?

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What does Mimi’s question in Panel 1 mean? Is she asking if Gil can hold Ryan out of a game without letting anyone know that they know what the protest was all about? Ryan knows that Thorp knows but who else will know if Ryan doesn’t make the trip to Central? Shouldn’t Gil discuss that with Ryan and his parents? Gil should swing by again so they know what the heck he is doing. Ugh, this plot.

How long is Mimi’s right arm? Is Gil a little peeved at the hand on his shoulder? (Maybe he’s confused about who this lady with the long arm and the face like a clenched fist is. Panel 2: phew, it’s Mimi with a levitating lemonade. )

Okay, Skip Farrow is a totally new name here, as far as I know. Who is he and why does Gil need him to do detective work? Is he an actual detective or just a friend of Gil’s who enjoys wearing fake moustaches, hanging around hotel lobbies and peeking in windows?

Skip Farrow is the best name for a detective since Richie Brockelman.


June 12, 2017

Guess What I Heard, Dr. Pearl?

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Gil wraps up his visit to the candid Van Aukens, then runs to Dr. Pearl to share all the hot gossip with her. I’m not sure why Dr. Pearl needs to know all this. Nothing really happened at the game that Ryan had to answer for. Maybe that look on Dr. Pearl’s face is saying, “why are you bothering me with this? what happened?”

I have that look on my face now, too.

June 5, 2017

Oh Well. Wanna Grab A Milkshake?

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We’re really drawing this out now. Maybe Dafne can put a missed connection ad in the Trumpet. “You: Three unusual fun girls with a sign at the Milford baseball game…”

I wonder if Mimi even made a sound of protest or if she’s saving it for later. Maybe she doesn’t care at all. Almost no one does.

Also, Dafne’s jersey sprouted sleeves since the previous strip. Weird

May 29, 2017

We’re Not Supposed To Talk About This

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There’s really only one thing to talk about. Those earrings. There’s just that one kind of earring and Dafne, her BFF and the sign maker are all wearing it. Once I noticed it, I can’t look at anything else.

There are other things, but they are all being cycled through for the third or fourth time. There’s Dafne’s reporting on Ryan’s past. We get it. Dafne, emboldened by her breaking the Heenan story, thinks she’s got another huge scoop on her hands with the rumors about Ryan. Ms. Rizk has advised her to back off because there is no hard evidence and because Ryan is sixteen. It seems like Dafne still needs some help in learning a lesson.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think this situation should have been resolved weeks ago. There’s no place in a school paper to write about anything like this.  A student may or may not have committed a crime. Another student wants to dig into the incident and potentially publish it for other students (or anybody accessing the Trumpet website) to read. No. Just no. Like the dumb reality show in the classroom plot, this is another one that should be a cut and dried “No, we can’t do that here.” Milford is clearly in a heightened reality. I guess that’s for dramatic purposes, even though you’d never know because all the drama leaches out while the plot gets boiled and boiled and boiled….

Also, we’ve got our fun girls. They are still planning their stunt. This is their whole spring. They will probably need to go to summer school as they forgot to go to any classes while they hung out and planned this sign.



May 22, 2017

Journalism Fail

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Dafuck, Dafonte? I thought you had this journalism racket down pat. Sourcing a story from social media? This is the Milford Trumpet, not TMZ! Ms. Rizk and her mechanical pencil are so disappointed.


May 15, 2017

Stop The Presses! I Mean, We Have Presses, Right?

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This Milford High Trumpet is a snazzy operation. FOIA requests, prairie style windows and a dedicated land line for anonymous tipsters. That’s big-time journalism right there!

Who is our caller? Is it that one Fun Girl with the straight hair, the one from Central High? Or are there just multiple parties out there with dirt on the New Star Pitcher? The Fun Girls are still coming, right? They’re still planning to watch something go down with Cane Van Auken, right? We’ve gotta pay that one off! Please say we’re paying that one off!

Dafne Dafoe is a real wisecracker. I wonder if she pulls off her clip-on earring before grabbing the phone and snaps her chewing gum while delivering that snappy patter.


May 8, 2017

Trust Me… I Know

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Ryan “Cane” Van Auken has a reputation as a hot head. He has famously lost his cool, establishing a reputation known as far away as Central City.

Gil Thorp has been doing this for awhile. He’s coached a wide assortment of socially maladapted athletes. He specializes in (eventually) addressing seething, young adult rage.

These two characters come together now to finally get this plot going. If Dafne and “Fake News” Heenan get any more play this Spring, I’ll be shocked.

May 1, 2017

Gloating Monday

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So ends the Casper Heenan tale. Dafne’s story exposed Heenan’s transgressions and he is going to square things up with the school district. We’re not going to have another Hobart story after all and we’ve freed up more space for minimal softball and a foray into track (and field).

There is enough space for Milford High’s fourth estate to gloat a bit about their triumphant take down.


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