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September 18, 2017

A Tent Behind The Elks Club? What Is It?

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Rick Soto had such a good day at practice. He stood up and shoved number 30 in a blocking drill or maybe a scrimmage. That’s quality practice. I think Uncle Gary is onto something. Rick Soto has star quality.

Rick Soto is a reluctant star though, as we’ve already seen. He’s also not into the hype and the hysteria surrounding the gridiron. Mike “The Scrapper” Filion (maybe, unless we have another Mike?) can’t seem to get Rick to “fire up” about the “big night”. Who can blame him? What I’m curious about is what happens in the tent behind the Elks Club. Surely that’s not the pep rally/bonfire. There’s never been any indication that the annual bonfire takes place at the Elks Club. Plus, a bonfire in a tent is a bad idea. Are bonfires no longer socially acceptable?

We’ve frequently seen this usage of “fire up” in Gil Thorp:


Isn’t it odd? Instead of inspiring another person or group to get fired up you just issue a command. It probably has the opposite effect. Like when you tell somebody to “calm down” it usually makes them more irritated. When someone says “fire up”, you just go to sleep.



September 4, 2017

Master’s In Inanity

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Great! We get to find out about those calls Heather and Jaquan have been making! Heather’s calls have been finding schools where Jaquan can get a Master’s degree while he continues to play basketball. Sheesh, that’s pretty presumptuous on Heather’s part. Seriously, graduate school is not likely to help anybody through an existential crisis.

So, we’ll see what Jaquan’s calls have been about. Is he about to unleash his own unsolicited plan for Heather’s future? He found a college where she can pursue a double major of journalism and coaching football, but she’ll have to pretend to be a guy! Or maybe Jaquan was just making calls on his own behalf, like a believable person would.


August 28, 2017

A Passable Amount

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Heather Burns knows a passable amount of coaching football, particularly in coaching the fundamentals at various positions. This is Heather Burns, who just finished high school and whose dad QBed in college to no acclaim thirty years ago.

Jaquan Case needs Heather Burns help in quickly learning the fundamental skills of playing wide receiver in football. Jaquan is a ten year veteran of pro basketball. He’s bored with basketball, so maybe he’ll just give pro football a try.

It was fate that brought Jaquan to Milford to rehab his knee. He found a coaching savant with a passing amount of knowledge in how to make a thirty plus year old burnt out basketball player into a wide receiver with the skills to compete as wide receiver in pro football.

As story lines go, this is one of them. The artwork is good. I’ve begun to appreciate how Whigham creates a flow of movement across one strip of panels.


August 21, 2017

The Jaquan Delusion

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The wait is over. True was not going to disappoint Jaquan and tell him his dream was farfetched. The disappointment was Trey’s! Jaquan’s got the goods! He’s like Randy Moss, Antonio Brown and Fred Biletnikoff all rolled into one! Yes, the delusion can continue based on the dubious judgement of True Standish, alleged D1 QB.

What happened to Gil and Mimi? Weren’t they watching this “session”? Is Gil standing somewhere just out of frame waiting to say something sensible? Help us Gil! You’re our only hope!


August 14, 2017

Radical Grilling

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Oh boy! So now Jaquan and Trey are hanging out in the backyard grilling and enjoying a brew? I think these two are just looking to settle down together in Milford. C’mon guys, it’s 2017! You don’t need to construct an elaborate personal trainer/injury rehabbing NBA player scenario as cover. Milford may be a tank town, but it is a diverse and accepting environment for all.

Now, let’s talk about that giant chunk of steak and the grilling implement Trey is using to flip it over. How is he lifting the meat with that thing? It looks like a metal spatula that is just jammed into the meat. Does that instrument have sharpened tines on the end? Perhaps it’s a barbeque spatulork*?

Also, it looks like Jaquan is now interested in trying to break into PRO FOOTBALL. This notion was inspired by how well he caught footballs from Art Burns while working out with Heather Burns and The Secret Pelwecki. Also, Heather’s inspirational ad hoc coaching of 7-on-7 summer league football played a role.

*I thought I invented the notion of the spatulork as I was writing this post. Given the propensity for my mind to wander while creating posts for this blog, I felt compelled to google spatulork to see if the concept was already in existence. Not only is the spatulork a preexisting thing, it was also the subject of a short film. I stopped short of embedding the clip. It’s not that great. Heck, the spatulork is merely a McGuffin in the narrative. (If you make it to the end of the video, you can watch Spatulork II. I couldn’t stick with it. I was emotionally drained from watching the first one.)

August 7, 2017

Too Valuable To Too Many People

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Today, we’re digging into the Jaquan Case’s backstory. His basketball talents were so considerable that he was recognized as a commodity and  playing football became a liability. A decision was made for him by whoever was pegging him as a big earner even in high school. It’s possible that the powers at Bishop Tardy  just wanted him healthy for basketball and they made the decision, but that sounds a little implausible. More likely, family members or other “handlers” were looking to cash in on Jaquan’s talent.

Being that Jaquan’s story was just a blip on the radar of Gil Thorp back in the day, I guess now we have nothing better to do than get the details.

I briefly looked into the archives, starting on that momentous basketball game between Bishop Tardy and Milford. There’s one strip that appears right after that game that is just wildly out of context. Jaquan is on a plane with some guy asking him if he’s interesting in skipping college to go straight to the NBA. Was that the last we heard from Jaquan before this current appearance?

July 31, 2017

Ingrain It

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Looks like we’re back around to showing the track/football field workouts of Davis, Case, Pelwecki and Burns. I’m glad that Milford keeps its fields open and available for any randos that need a place to work out during the summer. There’s probably a couple of old guys too cheap to pay a driving range fee working on their golf swings off panel. Maybe a guy who wants to train his dog in frisbee catching is nearby. Several drone pilots are working on their craft as well. Hot damn, summer in a tank town. Badminton, anyone?

July 24, 2017

Continued Cameo Exposition

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The Trey Davis and Jaquan Case story continues.

I don’t know where this is going or whether any of this is important. I know that Trey looks like a baby-faced Gil in Panel 2.


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