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December 2, 2019

Are You Caught Up?


The rage Mama Roh has been bottling up all fall watching Chet act like a righteous asshole is finally coming out. Having to sit still and listen clearly doesn’t agree with Chet. Look at how his hand is twisting into something a five year old would make out of Play Doh.

I think there are some issues with communication in this relationship. I wonder how these two came together and decided to marry their fortunes together. I also wonder if Chet thought his new wife (does she have a name?) would just naturally assume a subservient role and go along with whatever stupid shit Chet wanted to do. I guess things have changed. However, Chet seems like a dyed in the wool a-hole so I assume it won’t be long before this thing collapses.


November 25, 2019

Why Did Grandpa Lock Himself In His Bomb Shelter?


This is quite a strip. Three panels and six characters recapping the baffling actions of The Press in “exposing” the Chet Ballard/Chance Macy affair (without mentioning any names). We recap last week’s phone call from Marjie to Chance’s grandfather (with a rug?) and then we get a look at two Milford power couples to see how they prefer to consume their daily news. (One couple reads print and the other online, but both couples employ a “one reads to the other” technique. Ugh. Not a fan.)

So let’s talk about this story that The Star is running. There’s not much there, is there? I can’t understand why they are running the story. The School Board was made aware of Chet’s actions and they did their own investigation. Yes, Marjie (and friend) at The Star triggered the investigation by informing the Superintendent of the anonymous voicemail, but that’s not a story. If the Board takes action against Chet, then we have a story. Is there some reason that Marjie and her editors suspect that the Board will not be taking action even though the paper knows that the Board knows what Chet did? That would be a story too, but we haven’t been given any reason to suspect that this is the case.

The bottom line is that this story is sloppy and slapdash. Great, let’s print it!

November 18, 2019

Marty Uses Dr. Frazier Crane’s Catchphrase

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So this is going where we kinda thought it was going. Chet Ballard’s anonymous tip to The Milford Star went nowhere, so he’s taking his grievances down to the lower levels of the Milford media landscape. Hello, Marty Moon.

Let’s start with the best part of this development: We’re introduced to a new drinking establishment somewhere in the Milford area. It’s The Anchor Bar (or maybe it’s The Anchor Bap or even The Anchor Bop). It’s a classy place where a classy guy like Chet Ballard can drink a bottle of beer. It also has a big sign…maybe, that second panel is just confusing, geometrically speaking.

So Chet appears to be easing into his airing of grievances, mixing in his general displeasure with Gil’s coaching results (“He never wins the big games”) with a ginned up version of Sam Finn’s trip to the ER. (Sam collapsed because a virus was spreading around at home…or that’s what Gil would have us believe wink wink).

We’ll wait and see how Marty reacts to any of this. We’ll also wait to see how Chet broaches the subject of Chance Macy’s checkered past as well as how Marty reacts

Until this develops, I’ll just hang out here at The Anchor Bar and have a Negroni and a scotch egg. What’re you guys havin’?

November 11, 2019

The Education Beat

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Last week, Gil shared his suspicions about Chet Ballard with Marjie Ducey. He was just “curious” if it was Chet who called the Milford Star with an anonymous tip about Chance Macy’s record of misbehavior in school.

Now it looks like Marjie is picking up the ball and running with it. There might be a story here! So she’s conferring with a new character, Niah. She’s an education writer at The Star.

What? I’m gonna have to let that sink in. There’s an “education writer” at The Star? Does Niah cover the school board? Has she ever covered any of the other weird goings on in the school system, like reality shows filming at Milford High or assorted school board blowhards getting smacked down by Coach Thorp? Given the idiocy that has gone on in Milford, I’m going to assume that up until this point, the press has not served as a bulwark against unethical practices in the school system. So I’m going to assume that the Star’s education beat probably just involves putting bus schedules and cafeteria menus in print. Which means Marjie might be on her own in developing solid sources.

Maybe Niah will prove me wrong. If she truly has a nose for a story like this, she might just snatch it away from Marjie and run with it in the hopes of raising her profile and getting out of Tank Town. Or maybe we could have a chick fight to lift us out of the doldrums.

November 4, 2019

Is It Madison Time Already?

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Chance Macy is back and look at him go! He’s leaving everyone in the dust!

By the 3rd Quarter, Chance’s ankle is a little sore. How much did the use him up until that point? I assume Milford is leading 27-6 (if the score is shown as Visitor-Home, which is how I usually read such things). So was Chance running all over Madison for the first half and then some? He must be fast.

So now it’s time to see Charlie Roh get some reps. Maybe we’ll find out if Chet and Charlie’s mother made the drive to Madison.

What a big whoop-de doo. At least we have Madison Time (now with funky organ):

October 28, 2019

These Cookies Are So Good I Could Eat One

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Well, Grandpa, somebody knows something about Chance, but nobody heard anything from ol’ Gil.

So Gil made the trip over to Grammy and Pap-Pap’s to tell them that somebody knows something but, beyond that, Gil can’t help them figure out what to do with this knowledge. That’s fantastic. Gil is a heckuva guy.

So how has grandson Chance been? You know how he is, says Gil. Oh brother. Is Gil fishing for more information or just trying to choke down that cookie and get the heck out of there?

October 21, 2019

Colorful Chet

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Holy Cow! Chet Ballard’s head is bobbling at the shocking contents of Chance Macy’s file. This boy is a menace! (Are talking Menace To Society or Dennis the Menace, or maybe Phantom Menace?)

Now that Chet has crossed the line and violated Chance’s right to privacy, how far is he willing to go to use his ill gotten information to apply leverage to the running back depth chart?  Today, we just see him spilling the information to his wife, who responds with what I read as a sarcastic retort taking a poke at Chet’s overblown characterization of Chance Macy. But as soon as Chet goes public with this, he’ll out himself. Is Chet dumb enough to go down that road? I think we all know the answer to that.

Looking down the road a bit, I have to wonder if the Milford School Board has a compliance officer or if it’ll be left up to Gil somehow to issue a smackdown to Chet.


October 14, 2019

Raking Leaves In The Afternoon With Chet Ballard And Stepson Charlie

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We rejoin the scene at the Ballard-Roh house where Chet Ballard continues his oppo research on Chance Macy.

What’s this? Was Chance Macy held back a year at some point in elementary school? Quick, Chet! To the School Board Computer! What juicy dirt for the Macy Dossier lurks there?

Do you think Charlie is starting to sense what’s motivating all these questions about Chance Macy? I wonder, but it’s possible that the circumstances that brought him and his mother to live under Chet’s roof* are all an intractable tangle of inscrutable adult behavior, and he’s not interested in knowing what makes Chet Chet.

Let’s enjoy the dappled Autumn hues that the colorists have given us. We don’t really have Autumn in my neck of the woods. All of my leaf raking is boring, brownish oak leaves. I use a leaf rake. Chet prefers a garden rake. I don’t get it. Maybe Whigham didn’t want to draw just one kind of rake.

*It’s also possible or maybe likely that Chet moved into the Roh place. Chet does have a dumpy apartment vibe to him.


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