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August 13, 2018


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Who knew there was so much structure to Junior Golf in The Valley? Tournaments and qualifiers and Wilson and Tony banging up the course. Are we expected to keep track of all this? Are statistics or rankings kept somewhere? Seriously, this is most likely an abbreviated plot and yet it seems crammed full of lots of talk of a sports infrastructure that we’ve never heard about in a Gil Thorp context before. Remember when golf was just something Gil pretended to teach little kids as an excuse so he didn’t have to help Mimi around the house?

Next, Gil is going to teach the Boys Wonder about golf topography!


August 6, 2018

Fired Up

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I’m going to confess that I have put even less than my usual amount of effort into figuring out what this summer golf plot is all about.

So far I get that we’ve got two golf courses, each with a set of teens with golf clubs strapped onto their bodies. I’m not going to try to deepen my understanding. Time is short. This is nowhere, man!

Also, I’ve had an interesting week in the real world and last Monday seems like it was ages ago. I could swear that we had a Gil and Mimi moment to set the stage, but it looks like we’re having another one in the Thorps’ garden. Given the short period of time available to develop a summer plot, the fact that we’re pausing to refresh one week in is a very bad sign.

July 30, 2018

None Of This Feels Real

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So we kick off what’s left of summer with the now traditional serving of the lemonade. (We will take Gil at his word that it’s lemonade and not something stronger. Or will we?)

Do you think Gil took the time to squeeze a bunch of lemons or did he just mix up a batch of Country Time? If Gil Thorp, the comic strip in its modern incarnation, was lemonade, it would be made from an expired pouch of powdered mix found in a dumpster behind the grocery store that sells all the dented can goods.

What’s the big deal with lemonade anyway? It’s only good when it’s loaded with sugar. Maybe lemonade is an apt metaphor for Gil Thorp. It’s fondly remembered as a refreshing treat, but as a practical matter, it’s barely worth the effort.

Maybe you out there in TWIMland have a different opinion of lemonade. Please share it with us. What else are we going to talk about?

We can talk about these two characters on bicycles, in the rain, with full golf bags strapped to them?? Can you really do that? Even without the rain, I believe that would be unwise. Some sort of pull behind, mini trailer is in order. But kids will be kids*. Let’s just hope we don’t have a accident as they weave down the road spilling golf clubs everywhere.

Are you excited that we’re talking about golf? No? Lemonade is still on the table!

*Actually, to really haul something impractically and dangerously, adults are required. This weekend, I saw an SUV on the interstate with a king mattress set strapped to the roof. I’m talking a three layer job, the two separate box springs and the mattress. The mattress was on top, of course.

July 23, 2018

A Season – Sort Of

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It looks like we’re going to have to endure this game, or some facsimile of a game.

The players from Oakwood don’t want to be doing this any more than we do. They’re just closing their eyes and swinging. They still scored three runs. Let’s file this away for next spring and see if we revisit Jay Bhatia and his quest to be the staff ace.

Pelwecki’s launch angles are off a smidge. The coach from State U. has already forgotten his name.

Who are we kidding? It’s still all about Barry Bader, whose face says, “What about it, guys? All is forgiven, right? Right?”

July 20, 2018

The Reinvention Of Barry Bader (And Other Assorted Unearned Payoffs)


Remember yesterday when we were lamenting the eleventh hour assertion that Jay Bhatia somehow had a story that needed to be paid off? Also, remember how we have intermittently wondered if Kevin Pelwecki’s pursuit of Joe Sharkey’s home run record would have a conclusion? Also, remember how we’ve all wondered just how long this season was going to go and whether anything at all was going to be settled?

Oh, and there was one more thing we’ve all been wondering, what was it…? Oh yeah, Barry Bader. We wondered if, when and how exactly Barry might achieve some measure of growth in his precarious position as a well established asshole beset on all sides by people who are, at best, disinterested in helping him?

Well folks, it looks like it’s all getting paid off right here, in three panels and in stunning Technicolor. At least it looks like it will in the near future. Can Whigrub pull this off in one more strip? Do they dare? Stay tuned.

July 16, 2018

Del’s a Witch! He Turned Me Into A Ballplayer!


Alright already with the glasses propped up on your forehead, Ma Bader. Have you had to read any print since you answered the door for Dafne, served brownies and sat down on the couch? Not that I can see. That’s just a minor gripe before moving on to the main issue…

What the hell is going on here? Why did Ma Bader invite Dafne over to have a front row seat for her Come To Jesus talk with Barry? She told Dafne she was there to “help me save my son”. How is Dafne supposed to help? Clearly Ma Bader needed to have this talk with Barry. Dafne’s article and Barry’s reaction did provide Ma with a “teachable moment”, but Dafne doesn’t have to shouldn’t be there. Boundaries, people!

It’s also clear that Ma Bader is in way over her head here. She’s calling her son damaged and attributing the damage to Del. I’d love to hear a reaction from an experienced family therapist on this line of conversation. It seems overly confrontational and judgmental. However, it is apparent that Ma Bader has suffered much too and in Del’s absence has only begun to come to terms with how to help Barry. They need professional help, not Dafne Dafonte.

July 12, 2018

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Pelwecki?

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Another strip already? I’m still mulling the meaning of the question “What about Kevin Pelwecki?” and why people will be asking it for the rest of his life. Does this mean he’ll always be the guy that gets excluded initially until the last minute when it suddenly dawns on someone that he hadn’t been given consideration?

“Well, I guess that’s it. We’re out of options. I guess we’ll just have to take the loss on this one.”
“What about Kevin Pelwecki?”
“Oh yeah, him. What have we got to lose? Send Pelwecki.”

Now on today’s episode of What About Kevin Pelwecki, where we join Kevin Pelwecki and Gil Thorp as they discuss the exciting future of Kevin Pelwecki. Gil seems to be advising Kevin to keep his options open which is code for “there’s no way you’re going to be walking on at State”. Either that or something way more racy like “it’s college, you’re supposed to experiment”.

“We need one more person for a proper Cambodian Flume Ride*, anybody game?”
“What about Kevin Pelwecki?”

The last time we saw Kevin, he was pretty pumped about going to State with an informal invite to consider the possibility of attempting to walk on to the baseball team. When did this become a problem for him?

“Oh shoot, I can’t think of anything else to put a button on this baseball season. Dafne’s going over to eat Ma Bader’s brownies. Del and Barry are still assholes, and we’ve done the requisite twenty panels of actual action. We’ve even thrown in four panels of softball but we’re still a few days short of a full season.”
“We can always just have Gil give some boilerplate advice to some kid about the future.”
“Yeah, but who should Gil be giving advice too?”
“What about Kevin Pelwecki?”
“Sure. Why not?”

*not a real thing

July 9, 2018

Done With The Baders? HA!


I’m at a total loss on what to say about this. I’ve already opined that covering this for the school newspaper is unrealistic and dumb. We all know that things are different at Milford High and trying to apply real world thinking to what goes on there is…what? futile? generally 90% of what we do here? So, the story is out and Barry is predictably upset.

Speaking of the real world, Barry’s clenched fist is actually an alarming allusion to something all too real in schools. Barry is a student in emotional distress. We could have described him this way before Del’s conviction, but now his distress in heightened by his father’s situation and its impact on home life. Is Rubin suggesting that Barry is edging towards a violent outburst of a physical nature? If we want reality, that would be a reality. The big question is do we trust Rubin to do it well, or even decently?

Setting that aside, let’s look at mystery figure in an office downtown who would appreciate… Is somebody in the Thorpiverse writing their own blog?? It’s probably Ma Bader, composing an email, asking for the story to come down. The email might not get answered because Barry is already starting to punch all the computers in the Trumpet’s “newsroom”.

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