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August 2, 2021

And We’re Golfing!

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Gil and Heather are not wasting any time! They’re gonna play golf with Carter “Cart” Hendricks to get an up close and personal look at Cart’s technique. Does Gil routinely gamble on the golf course. I guess he’s going to have to to get the full picture. Maybe Gil’s mission is only to see how good Hendricks’ game actually is and we won’t see any gambling. We’ll find out soon enough. We’ll also see what Heather’s role is supposed to be. Maybe she’s been lying in the weeds waiting to drain both of these chumps of some cash. She’s got huge debts to pay off after all.

I wonder how long we’ll stay with this golf outing? Will it be like the golf sequence in Goldfinger? I love that sequence. If you think it’s long and boring, try reading Fleming’s novel. He describes pretty much the whole round of golf. At any rate, Gil Thorp is not James Bond. There is no tight pacing to disrupt here, so I say let’s watch some golf and really meet this plot head on. It’s your honor, sir.

July 26, 2021

Please, Call Me The Milford Star’s Marjie

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The chance run-in between Heather Burns and The Milford Star’s Marjie Ducey continues. Marjie seems to have some inside knowledge of Heather’s prospects of getting hired at The Star. Marjie’s always seemed like a sensible person, not likely to blow smoke up someone’s butt. Maybe the job offer is a done deal. If this is the case and Heather has a paying job waiting for her, the next question is, will she still dick around with one of Gil’s unpaid coaching gigs. The obvious answer to that question should be, fuck no. Why bother with that? If she was really serious about being involved in coaching, why not do some graduate work in the collegiate ranks and actually build a legitimate resume? I suppose the counter argument would weigh the prospects of building a career in print journalism at this precarious time for that field, but still, Gil’s compensation package is going to be wanting compared to anything else. C’mon Heather, don’t be a chump.

I don’t know if today’s mystery car is the same as yesterday’s mystery car. Of course all the colors have changed (including Heather and Marjie’s clothing) and the usual discontinuous perspective is a given. The logo might be the current Nissan logo. I won’t speculate further because I’m just not a car guy. The other mystery is whether that license plate is an actual randomly lettered/numbered plate or just the standard MST 3K in substandard definition.

July 19, 2021

Carter Presses

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Let’s get comfortable here at Milford CC. We might be here for a while and that’s fine by me. I want to find out about Carter Hendricks. Gil seems to indicate that Hendricks has been a staple on the course since last summer, so maybe he’s not a hustler if he’s a known quantity. Also, he seems to be playing in the same foursome as before, so if he’s hustling them repeatedly, it’s kind of on them. Are the the same guys? I don’t know for sure. They are just grey silhouettes today. I guess I’m just going by one guy wearing the same hat. Plus there was a bald guy in the group in the last strip. We don’t have time to get names from these guys, so who knows.

How will Heather Burns fit in? She interviewed at the Star, so she has some journalistic ambitions. Is there a story in Carter Hendricks or maybe just a personal interest? Like, where are we going with this?

Without much else to discuss, I’ll fall back on one of my favorite inane topics, the process of coloring the strip. The first item up for dissection is the white band aid Carter Hendricks has on his finger. I can’t recall ever seeing a white band aid, at least not the standard consumer band aid for tuna can injuries to digits. But if the finger is already Caucasian flesh tone, then I guess a colorist has to make a choice on the band aid. Whigham didn’t make it a Spiderman band aid to telegraph anything exotic, so we get this “unnatural” white one.

The other coloring issue that has nagged me for the last few strips is that it seems like the coloring person or persons in their usual laziness and/or inattention to the actual story seems to think Gil and Carter Hendricks are the same person. Sure, two different characters can wear the same colored clothing. This is a sports strip, often with many characters in the same team colored gear. But, as a rule, it is probably best to differentiate different characters, especially characters with similar looks, by putting them in different color clothing. When Gil and Hendricks have been in the same strips, they’ve both been in red. The colorists don’t know what’s going on, and don’t care.

July 12, 2021

Break Out Your Jorts!

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In case that mighty thud of an ending didn’t clue you in, it’s officially summer. Gil has broken out the cargo shorts and whipped up a pitcher of lemonade. Mimi’s in her summer jorts. It’s summer.

Nothing says summer like cutting away to the Milford Star where random newspaper man is offering Heather a beverage. Heather seems okay without a beverage. Is that Heather Burns, soccer player who joined the football team? Maybe we could be sure given a little more exposition….

D’oh! Now we’re at Milford CC and the first round’s on Hendricks! WTF is Hendricks? Is the standing figure in the third panel Gil? This is going to be a wonderful summer.

July 5, 2021

Like A Tragedy

Katy and Zane are still riffing on this Romeo and Juliet nonsense? Sheathe your weapon Katy, Chief Lind expressly hath forbidden bandying in Milford streets. Did we really have to check in with these star crossed idiots again for a single panel accounting for half the tags on this post. Katy has all the chunky accoutrements and is posing in front of a prairie style window. It’s enough to make you plotz.

There’s more baseball to be played. Oh joy. Marty has to drag the crate out in the summer heat and document Zane Romeo Clark’s exploits on the mound. He’s probably sitting on a cooler full of iced cold Schlitz.

Round about the time Marty is cracking open his tenth beer, Valley Tech gets on the board and we watch a relay throw coming in from the outfield. Yawn. Is there any of that pie left?

Scott Kempner of The Dictators and The Del Lords, take it away:

June 28, 2021

Lukewarm? All The Heat Has Escaped By Now

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There was another baseball game against Oakwood. All we are shown is victorious fist bumping after a win. That’s actual action…of a sort.

There isn’t time or space to give us a glimpse at the post game festivities at The Bucket. The narration box suggests that Zane Clark attended the festivities at The Bucket before heading to the library for more studying. I wonder if Mr. Brito drives by to see how late the library stays open and counts cars in the parking lot.

Well, look who’s bringing Zane some of that (tepid) Coffee Cantina brew. It’s Katie Brito! So things are good between these two. Zane references his coffee idea for the library*. Ha ha ha. Can we freeze and roll credits on these lamoids now.

*Yeah, the library should be operating and staffing a coffee stand that will be open just in case Zane (or the homeless guy who sleeps behind the unplugged microfiche reader) needs a caffeine fix. That’s a great use of community resources.

June 21, 2021

Cupcake Monday

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Gil ushers Mimi out to pursue her Get Corina Karenna To Go To College plan. I think that’s Gil’s arm making an ushering gesture. The arm has hair on it even though it doesn’t look like it should be attached to his shoulder there. Mimi is keeping the details of her plan to herself, just like she probably didn’t fill Gil in on what her class is. Gil will have to ask the students. They’ll tell him it the class is Hitting the Vape Pen While Looking at TikTok and that he’ll probably buy it.

Mimi’s secret plan is to talk to Ms. Karenna. I don’t think anybody has done that. I think you have to schedule that through Maureen at the diner. Mimi is going in armed with cupcakes. Cupcakes open doors, especially when you buy them from Saul Bass(?).

Corina’s mom invites Mimi in and makes them some tea to wash down those door opening cupcakes and they get down to business.

Since we’ve never seen Ms. Karenna before, we’ve only heard about her indirectly through Corina. Is Ms. Karenna as troubled as Corina has let on? I’m not even aware if Mimi has any awareness of Corina’s assessment. Ms. Karenna knows that Corina is worried about her, but does she know what Corina has said about her. Maybe Corina isn’t being straight or maybe she is and Mimi’s going to find out first hand about Ms. K’s troubles. Hold on to your cupcakes.

June 14, 2021

Hello Rollie

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Mimi came to this meeting for a show. So far, there’s no show. Mimi is sad. Poor Mimi.

Gil knows a guy who is maybe on the Library Board or maybe just some Milford functionary who is wrapped up in this ridiculous business so Gil is gonna go say hello (and see why this damned show hasn’t started already). So let’s meet Rollie Conlan.

Well ain’t that something? Rollie’s grandson played on one of Gil’s teams. Funny, I don’t remember any kids named Conlan. Did he ever even get listed on a roster or anything? I’m coming up blank. Ah, but Rollie remembers his grandson’s tenure and is still miffed that his grandson rode the pines so much. Gil issues a smug retort. Your grandson didn’t play much because he was mediocre…say when is this clown show supposed to start anyway?

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