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November 23, 2020

CK One, Acqua Di Gio Zero

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Rapson, bathed in cologne, is dropping by CK’s place ready to pitch some serious woo when…

Uh oh, CK has cooked up a zany plot by inviting another guest to this little get together. The mystery guest is most likely Will Thayer and CK’s scheme is like a sitcom trope of the precocious kids arranging their separated parents to meet somewhere to orchestrate a reconciliation. Oh that darned CK. What a scamp!

Is this plan going to work? Will these two idiots pull their heads out of their butts? At least they’ll probably stop fixating on getting into CK’s pants since it would appear that this gesture is taking that possibility off the board. Unless…

Maybe CK has something freaky in mind. Yuck. Forget I said that. Maybe CK needed a fourth for bridge and the mystery guest is Tom Muench (who is quite the card sharp…or might be for all we know).

November 16, 2020

So You’re Saying There’s A Chance?

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Today we have a conversation between Corina and some of her volleyball teammates. I assumes these are her volleyball teammates. There hasn’t been much done to establish these bit players. There’s one named Becca, I think. But that’s entirely the point of this fall plot. CK is the object of fascination for our two rival QBs and then the volleyball team became a stupid bargaining chip in their game to crack through the CK barrier. So it’s no surprise that the two teammates are sulking about the state of Mudlark football.

Milford has two losses in the Valley Conference. But one of our disposable volleyball players is aware of a scenario for Milford to get the conference title. It’s probably one of those scenarios where two other teams have to tie or something. Now I remember that volleyball player’s name! It’s Becca Exposition!

So CK greets this information with an “Okay.” Is that a drawn out “ooookaay” as in and what am I supposed to do with this or is it really a spark of concern (undercut by the casual application of lipstick). My instincts say CK don’t give a toss because Friday nights are for Crazy Eights with mom.

November 9, 2020

Hip Dysplasia, Something Terrible

Today we get just a tiny glimpse at Mimi’s approach to coaching volleyball. She’s very focused on the arrangement of spectators and prefers all twelve people at the game to sit in a tight group. Beyond that, we’re all still in the dark.

It’s a good thing Gil has sway over everything that everyone at Milford High does and that Mimi can feed him chocolate ice cream and engage him in her seating arrangement dilemma. Of course ol’ Gil’s gonna do something about it. Umm, what the hell is up with Gil and Mimi’s legs in panel one? Their position relative to their respective torsos is insane.

I don’t know who the students in panel 3 are. I don’t know what gender they are. A day in Milford doesn’t go by without somebody doing something terrible. This is probably about seating in the gym, but what do these randos have to do with it?

November 2, 2020

Advantage, Dallas?

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Rapson is rounding up a volleyball posse so CK will talk to him. That sounds like another hairbrained scheme. Why bring other guys? Is Rap afraid of being seen by himself at a volleyball game?

What’s the story with Dallas? Is he part of the Rapson crew or was he already a volleyball stalwart? Maybe Dallas has been stalking CK at the volleyball games all along after he clocked her in her catching gear after he delivered pizza to that famous baseball game. I’ll definitely root for Dallas to win the CK sweepstakes, even if the prize is ambiguous at this point. Maybe if someone plays their cards right, they will get an invite to a Friday night game of canasta. Oh, but what about those pesky football games? Score one for Dallas (if he’s not on the football team.)

October 26, 2020

Knees Like Torgo

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It appears as though Terry “You can call me Rapp” Rapson has decided validation from Corina is one of the spoils that the starting QB can expect. Maybe he should have asked Will Thayer how that’s been working out. Corina’s body language, icy stares and skull jewelry, not to mention her snappy comebacks, send a pretty clear message to would be QB suitors. Corina don’t care, so get it through your thick skulls jockos.

What is wrong with these losers? Why is Corina the big prize? Look at these bit players on the volleyball squad. QB attention seems to have major capital in their community. Wise up, Rapp and troll through volleyball practice and one of these girls will probably dry hump you in the Bucket parking lot just for the story!

Let’s talk about Corina’s body in panel 3. Even with the inconsistent approach to drawing in this strip, it’s been established that Corina is “thicc” in that she’s of average build but with Johnny Bench-like proportions in the lower half. I think panel 3 tries to stick with that routine, but something went wrong in the knees. Perhaps Corina should consider wearing the black kneepads favored by her teammates. Those striped numbers are not doing her any favor. Nobody wants a chick with big, meaty knees.

Torgo supposedly has goat legs. What’s Corina’s story?

October 19, 2020

The Surprise Factor

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The thrust of today’s strip is that cagey Gil is employing multiple formations to keep the Madison defense guessing. We aren’t shown the results of Madison’s defense getting wise to the I-formation. We just have Marty’s commentary from inside his little packing crate, spinning everything to sound suspicious of Gil’s game plan.

Was Madison surprised by the I-formation or did Milford just execute it well enough to grab a two touchdown lead?

We also haven’t seen the Air Jimmy spread offense employed by Madison. Milford held Madison once and then Madison struck quickly. Sometimes I wonder why we crave the actual action strips. The storytelling in them is even worse than the overheated team drama in the other 70%* of the strips.

*ballpark estimate with Moon level credibility.

October 12, 2020

Delaware Wing-T Time!

OMG! Gil has been toying with the Wing-T again, and not just any Wing-T, but the Delaware Wing-T! That’s a four back formation! But wait Gil, how could Terry improvise a radically different formation? The point is, he isn’t going to have the chance! Rapson is emergency-only, like that bottle of Rebel Yell Gil keeps in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet.

Terry seems determined to push the limit with Gil. Will Thayer’s star will rise and he’ll make everyone go to volleyball games.

October 5, 2020

Monday Morning Unloading

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It’s too bad we don’t get any sense of what kind of route Flanker Curtis Charles ran. I guess it’s a sideline pattern based on the proximity of the chain link fence. It looks like Flanker Curtis Charles has inside position on the Ballard defender. It’s all up to the accuracy of Terry “Rap” Rapson’s throw. Of course panels 2 and 3 muddle everything and, as usual, we can’t really establish a firm grasp of what this play looked like.

What we are left with is an anticipation of Gil blowing his stack over a QB changing plays in the huddle, substituting razzle dazzle for the garbage time vanilla options coming from Gil on the sidelines. Does this mean Rap will be benched so that Will Thayer can grab the spotlight and try to parlay starting QB status into making time with Corina? It has to, right? We’ve got nothing else.

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