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April 23, 2018

A Soggy Start

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Baseball season is beginning…in the gym. The team is suited up and ready to get out there and start shagging flies and playing pepper, but the weather isn’t cooperating. Gil and Kaz muse about the team and the tight bonds formed between these young men. The young men, as usual, are talking smack about their own. That’s the way it works.

The first player named this spring is (dun dun DUN!) Kevin Pelwecki. Of course Kevin’s claim to fame is that he was a lineman on the football team with dreams of quarterbacking who eventually played some at fullback. I forgot all about his baseball roots. He first appeared as a backup at second for loudmouth Barry Bader. Now he’s boring his teammates talking about launch angles.

Play ball.


April 16, 2018

Gilsplaining The Padillas

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Gee, thanks Gil. Your conversation with the Padillas is pretty one sided. I’m sure they appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to tell them how they feel and how they should have reacted to everything. Geez, what a douche.

Can anybody explain what he’s talking about in relation to Jorge? He should have been more forceful how? By insisting that Marty pronounce his name correctly? Would Marty have reacted any differently? Aside from that, if Jorge wasn’t paying any attention to all this and trying to play basketball, he shouldn’t have any regrets about it.

“And you, Paloma…”

Okay, this should be a doozy.

April 9, 2018

The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Pouring Half a Pot Of Coffee On The Floor

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I’m still a little unclear on Gil’s role in brokering some sort of reproachment between Marty and the Padillas. Since Marty’s gonna be Marty and not own up to his troublesome behavior, what’s it to Gil? He was supposed to have done something before? Okay, I guess he could have paid a little more attention at what was going on at games he was coaching and flexed even the slightest administrative muscle to get the MPN to stop dicking around. But, Marty’s the one who screwed up there and at that point it had nothing to do with the Padillas. The Padillas want a sincere apology. Gil’s just flailing around here delaying the start of baseball season. Where’s Marty? I don’t want to think about this anymore.

So Panel 3 is a fun way to stop sifting through the dregs of this plot and just focus on good old fashioned giant hands and awkward pouring of coffee. Kaz has replaced his right hand with a child’s foot and is using it to kick himself in the head.

April 2, 2018

Let The Expletives Fly

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Those brave pirates of the MPN have engineered the downfall of Marty Moon. (Maybe) It was not by shining a light on Moon’s insensitivity while furthering awareness of the plight of our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico. The MPN just acted like idiots and nobody stopped them.

Are we supposed to take glee in Marty messing up? Marty’s sad face is truly special, but the manner in which we arrived at it is so unsatisfying and dumb that it diminishes my enjoyment.

Say, I don’t suppose Marty’s WDIG feed is going out with a tape delay. Maybe a producer back at the studio is ready to hit the “dump button” if something objectionable is picked up on mike. IF there is such a system and IF the producer was actually paying attention, maybe this isn’t really such a big deal.

March 29, 2018

Oh, That’s Right! It’s Nearly Over.

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In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been dropping loads of WKRP references over the course of this season’s plot. Well, here’s another dose. This Big Guy at WDIG is about as slow on the uptake as his counterpart in Cincinnati. Here we see him taking action based on some story in the Star. Or not taking action. We don’t know what he’s actually doing other than reading the paper and making noise. Maybe he just wanted to be heard before he wandered back into his office to tie some more flies and dream of landing some big salmon. Also, to address his opening salvo to Marty yesterday, as Rob pointed out in his comment, ratings don’t work that way, Big Guy. So I don’t know where you’re pulling your numbers out of.

Having said all that, the Big Guy is correct that Marty created this mess. What else is new? Marty is the heel. He was insensitive and demeaning. But then, so was this stupid plot when it planted the seeds of a story about kids speaking out against the likes of Marty and then veered off into another blind alley that seemed to suggest that kids are just dumb media whores, or something.

Hey, at least we see Jorge again and get a mention of Paloma, even if it’s Marty’s disingenuous whining. I wonder if Marty managed to pronounce Jorge’s name correctly, or if he refrained from sarcastically leaning in to his pronunciation like he had done on his broadcast.

Is Jorge’s comeback the extent of Marty’s comeuppance? We’ve got only a few days until April.

Speaking of April, if you get MeTV*, in a few days you can relive all the fun of WKRP in Cincinnati. I know I’m looking forward to it.

*If you have a channel that plays Gunsmoke, Petticoat Junction and Hawaii Five-0 exclusively, it’s probably MeTV. Does anybody pull in a TV signal with an antenna? If so, MeTV is probably on your NBC affiliate’s digital sub-channels.

On another note, today is opening day! Play ball!

Oops, didn’t know T Drew Hardin was gonna post. Oh well. Enjoy the double posting.

March 26, 2018

What, No Puffy Shirt?

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This strip is way off into its own weird little world now. The Milford Pirate Network is now front and center. The MPN has its own T-shirts now! Well, there’s one T-shirt, anyway.

I’ll leave it to the community to talk about the drift away from the weighty issues and just weigh in on this MPN phenomenon. Last week, I was wondering about what Duncan & Company were preparing to do and how they were going to offer an alternative to Marty Moon’s broadcast. It seemed as if they were preparing to do some type of conventional broadcast. There was talk of a transmitter, which would actually be illegal if it meant some sort of actual piracy of the “public” airwaves. So far, the transmitter doesn’t seem to be playing a role (also a lapel mike hasn’t materialized). These kids are doing what seemed like the logical move all along, using cellphones and readily available options to stream live video on social media.

Maybe there would be an audience for this. Maybe kids would watch their friends dicking around online and catch occasional updates on what the basketball team is doing at the same time. Maybe they don’t really care about delivering a meaningful “broadcast” of the game and this whole venture is just a way to keep bugging Marty with the hopes that he’ll blow up and say something really over the top that will go out on WDIG and/or MPN. Who knows.

When Comedy Central was starting up, one of the shows they ran was a locally produced Seattle sketch comedy show called Almost Live. I was reminded of one of their recurring sketches featuring High Fiving White Guys:


March 19, 2018

Got My Social Media Workin’


Those media savvy kids from Milford are putting their plan into action. They’re going to offer their own alternative to the WDIG radio broadcast of Mudlark Basketball. (In my head, I say it like the PA announcer at The Palace at Auburn Hills saying “DEEE-troit Basket-Ball!”)

We know Marty doesn’t see this coming, because he’s Marty. He’s old media and he doesn’t know what’s about to hit him. Would anybody know if the ratings drop for his broadcast? Actually, traditional listenership of specific broadcasts is probably hard to quantify for a small market radio station, but if listeners are streaming the WDIG feed, the station could keep a close watch on those numbers without having to pay for market research. The more realistic scenario is that WDIG is some type of tax shelter that isn’t supposed to turn a profit (see a late period WKRP episode where Andy Travis confronts Mama Carlson about this very situation) and nobody is watching any numbers at all. This also explains Marty’s continued employment.

Now, we get a glimpse at Duncan and technology. I am actually curious to know how students would go about creating their own broadcast. However, as soon as I saw “transmitter” I realized that I was about to get something else, i.e. seventeen year old kids eschewing the formidable media capable technology they have fully integrated into their every waking moment for conventional technology. So what is going to be “transmitted” and to where?


March 12, 2018

Is That A Grundig?


Happy Monday! We have sprung forward and it seems waaay to early to be doing this. Thankfully there is much to chew on in today’s installment, so let’s jump in!

Yes, indeed, Marty Moon just walked off the job when the kids turned up the heat. This prompts SO many questions about WDIG’s sports broadcasts as well as the nature of Marty’s job. Those kids were getting on Marty’s nerves so he just strolls out? Did the station have something ready to throw on the air? (An old episode of the Joe Morgan Show?*) Will Marty face any heat from management about walking away from an assignment? (“Well, we can’t really fire him. We don’t actually pay him to do the games.”)

So, Marty takes to the airwaves from his studio safe space to rant about “a few ingrates and malcontents, fueled by Gil Thorp’s indifference”. Oh, that is so delicious. Actually, I think that quote should probably be included on the masthead of This Week In Milford!

The icing on the cake is that Gil is actually at home, listening to Marty, live on the radio! Gil, has it come to this? This is your Saturday? If Marty finds out that you’re actually listening to him, you know you’re gonna unleash the beast! Choose your words carefully when Marty comes to see you on Monday. (Is this Monday, I forget.)

Speaking of radio, I spent more than a few minutes trying to identify Gil’s radio, or at least something close enough that might have served as Whigham’s inspiration. I’m kind of fascinated by radios and the evolution of design. I didn’t really find a good match. Do any of you other malcontents have any ideas?

*The absolute worse thing I’ve ever heard on sports radio. I actually reached out the program director of a local sports radio station and begged him to put anything else on.

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