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July 24, 2017

Continued Cameo Exposition

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The Trey Davis and Jaquan Case story continues.

I don’t know where this is going or whether any of this is important. I know that Trey looks like a baby-faced Gil in Panel 2.


July 17, 2017

Fullbacking For Dummies

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Okay. Maybe we’re done with baseball? At least, for today, we’re talking about football. At least we’re preparing for football. Somebody is preparing for football. Is it Heather Burns and The Secret Pelwecki? Heather tried to coach Pelwecki into a QB last year. Maybe he’s got different ambitions this year. Was Pelwecki bigger than 220? Maybe it’s a new project for Heather. Maybe these are two other people with hair of similar configuration.

All those questions may or may not be answered in the coming days. But who are these two tall men? Is one of the crushing on maybe Heather Burns? If we’re repeating Heather coaching Kevin from last Fall, why not revisit the stupid who’s crushing on who from Spring (liberally defined to include July)? “Crushing on”….ick.

ETA: Observant commenter Downpuppy just pointed out that the Pelwecki at fullback scheme was revealed at the conclusion of last years fall plot. Thanks Downpuppy.

July 10, 2017

Shaken And Half Baked

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Like some of our readers, I thought the last few strips were going to bring us to a Dafne penned piece about “What It’s Like To Be Seen As An Abuser Based On Rumor And Innuendo”. But that’s not the piece Dafne wrote. She wrote a piece about “What It’s Like To Want To Clock A Guy”. Ms. Rizk thinks it’s excellent, but what relevance does it have?

On second reading, it gets even more muddy. She didn’t truly want to punch him, but she understood the impulse? How did she arrive at this understanding?


July 3, 2017

Pretending To Be Interested

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So, Gary, Carrie, Jimmy and Dafne were at Jimmy’s and Carrie put a move on Gary which Gary rebuffed. Carrie, upset by the abrupt rejection, ran off in tears. Jimmy then puts a move on Dafne, but Dafne’s having none of it because her concern is with her “bestie”, Carrie. Then Jimmy comes clean with Dafne about Gary’s feigned interest in Carrie in support of Jimmy’s interest in Dafne.

Will Dafne level with Jimmy that she had no interest in Jimmy and was only hanging around because Carrie’s been crushing on Gary since the early days of this horrible plot? Will Jimmy then cry and run away (even though it’s his house) leaving Dafne and Gary to drink the rest of the Cokes? Maybe Dafne and Jimmy can just have a laugh about the awkward situation created by this sixth grade relationship fumbling. Somebody should get a laugh.

Haven’t these kids been hanging around enough to exchange phone numbers and text back and force enough to figure out where things stand vis a vis hook-up potential? Kids do stuff like this I presume.

June 26, 2017

The Shallow Besties

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Check it out. Dafne’s friend, whose name has totally been forgotten, is going to get Dafne out of her post journalism funk. They’re going to get milkshakes and fries with The Boys! The boys are probably the shot putter and the hurdler, whose names have also been forgotten. By all means, what this plot needs is another trip to The Bucket with the Bob, Dafne, Ted and Alice.

All right, I couldn’t stand to review this lameness but I did it for you, readers. The rest of the grouping is Carrie Hobson (The Bestie), Gary Meola and Jimmy Caruso (The Boys). That was painful to look back at, but weren’t some seeds sown earlier that the crushing going on between these pairs was somewhat unrequited? Ha. Forget about it. It’s Milford.

June 19, 2017

Detective Work?

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What does Mimi’s question in Panel 1 mean? Is she asking if Gil can hold Ryan out of a game without letting anyone know that they know what the protest was all about? Ryan knows that Thorp knows but who else will know if Ryan doesn’t make the trip to Central? Shouldn’t Gil discuss that with Ryan and his parents? Gil should swing by again so they know what the heck he is doing. Ugh, this plot.

How long is Mimi’s right arm? Is Gil a little peeved at the hand on his shoulder? (Maybe he’s confused about who this lady with the long arm and the face like a clenched fist is. Panel 2: phew, it’s Mimi with a levitating lemonade. )

Okay, Skip Farrow is a totally new name here, as far as I know. Who is he and why does Gil need him to do detective work? Is he an actual detective or just a friend of Gil’s who enjoys wearing fake moustaches, hanging around hotel lobbies and peeking in windows?

Skip Farrow is the best name for a detective since Richie Brockelman.


June 12, 2017

Guess What I Heard, Dr. Pearl?

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Gil wraps up his visit to the candid Van Aukens, then runs to Dr. Pearl to share all the hot gossip with her. I’m not sure why Dr. Pearl needs to know all this. Nothing really happened at the game that Ryan had to answer for. Maybe that look on Dr. Pearl’s face is saying, “why are you bothering me with this? what happened?”

I have that look on my face now, too.

June 5, 2017

Oh Well. Wanna Grab A Milkshake?

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We’re really drawing this out now. Maybe Dafne can put a missed connection ad in the Trumpet. “You: Three unusual fun girls with a sign at the Milford baseball game…”

I wonder if Mimi even made a sound of protest or if she’s saving it for later. Maybe she doesn’t care at all. Almost no one does.

Also, Dafne’s jersey sprouted sleeves since the previous strip. Weird

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