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January 22, 2018

Easing In Slowly

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Here’s a new twist. Gil and Mimi offer expository dialogue while spending an afternoon skating down at Milford’s frozen lake. It’s just lovely. They even hold hands. Maybe eventually Gil will execute some lifts. He may be over 80, but I’m sure he can still hold Mimi over his head.

So what we’re getting here is that Mimi’s squad was desperately in need of some talent. Maybe the real story of the season will be Paloma. We shall see.

I’m still catching up after a week away from all things internet, so I haven’t much more to contribute. Also, I can’t concentrate now that I have this timeless tune in my head:

P.S. Thanks to T. Drew for helping out last week.



January 8, 2018

The Ellipses Of Jordy

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Jordy Castillo is an apprentice in the electrical trade. That is awesome. The skilled trades are really where it’s at these days. You might even say skilled trades are “the place to be”, what with all the baby boomers retiring. I mean, Gen Xers and millennials want nothing to do with the skilled trades. They want to be in some other place, I guess. They want to do things like practice law or have viral videos. I don’t know, really. As a commenter pointed out, maybe we will have Mike Rowe make a cameo and explain it to us.

Jordy has his union swag, so he must be committed to this trade. However, he needs something from Gil, something related to “place to be”. Does he need a place to stay? Stay tuned…

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year to all you Thorpsters!

It looks like Gil and Kaz are ready to turn the page and start fresh with basketball. We are all looking forward to another journey on the hardwood and the exploits of the youthful Mudlark cagers. 2018 is going to be a great year. I’ve got a feeling about this.

Oh, but first there’s one more turd left over from 2017 and it’s today’s insufferable, self-congratulatory stinker! The previous strip told us there were two more football games and a talent show. We learn via post season hive fiving that Milford won the final game at Valley Tech by 20. That’s it. The record book entry for the 2017 football season will be brief and sketchy.

As far as the Sotos go, all we need to know is that Gil helped solve their problem. Yeah, whatever. He waited until the last minute, got Kaz to ask Kelly to google Uncle Gary and then apparently reminded Richard Soto Sr. that he needed to participate in raising his son because Connie was basically useless.

Oh, how proud we are of Gil!


By the way, Gil, is that an ANUS brand laptop on your desk? Seems fitting considering where most of your coaching and mentoring wisdom originates from.


December 25, 2017

Time Out


Here we go. Rick Soto is walking in to this improbable confrontation to put the final nail in Uncle Gary’s coffin. The only way this would be interesting is if it’s not Rick, but the guy whose couch Gary slept on rent free for months. That couch was expensive and Gary’s gonna pay!

That’s all neither here nor there. It’s time for the Christmas greeting. It looks like Kelly and Bob get to participate this year. It’s only fitting as it was Kelly’s internet ninja skills that finally nudged this stupid plot from it’s endless torpor. As far as the Thorp kids go, just forget about them. They’re never coming back.

Merry Christmas everyone.


December 18, 2017

All Wet


Goshen won the slugfest in the rain. We had one panel of action in said slugfest, so it wasn’t exactly clear who wore what unis, but I believe Goshen was in the dark jerseys. So that would be the Goshen guys standing miserably in the rain waiting until the coach finishes up his handshake before they can get to the visitors locker room and get out of their waterlogged gear. (I was pondering that situation last night watching the conclusion of the Patriots vs. Steelers game and wondering about the logistics of dealing with tons of soaking wet uniforms, pads, shoes, etc. In the NFL and even big time college football, of course there’s considerable staff and resources for such things, but it can’t be too pleasant in high school.)

If you look even deeper into the first panel, you’ll also see some very devoted fans who are still parked in the stands. One has a comically small umbrella and another appears to be holding a folded piece of paper or cardboard over his head. They certainly got soaked. Maybe they have to wait to ride back to Goshen with the team.

Marjie Ducey looks like she got pretty soaked. That might be an early Christmas present for robmize, at least in concept.

What’s left to chew on here? Puddles on Steve Luhm’s shiny floors, more shiny floors, and more Ricky Soto/UG drama.

December 11, 2017

Step Off, Uncle Gary

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We’re on the road, at Jefferson for a no action game with an unknown outcome. This paves the way for more time for gaslighting Uncle Gary to further his agenda.

The unseen Dr. Gerstner’s pronouncement seems to have an edge on annoyance in it, in a “stop wasting my time kind” kind of way. How can one read that much into one statement? Because Uncle Gary is in the mix, probably posing all of his own unfounded theories and just generally being Uncle Gary. (“Yes, Uncle Gary, I’m familiar with the Boston University Study. It’s interesting but somewhat limited for drawing conclusions. There’s no control group and there is a selection bias in the brain collection itself.”)

Of course there is a real Joanne Gerstner. But this Rubin name check has a little more depth to it than the usual one’s involving Neal Rubin’s friends. Joanne Gerstner is a journalist and author. She has recently co-authored the book, Back In the Game: Why Concussion Doesn’t Have To End Your Athletic Career, along with concussion neurologist, Jeffrey S. Kutcher. Maybe Uncle Gary should take a look at this book.

December 4, 2017

Such A Fine Head


Prince Valiant stops by to fill in for Connie Soto in the first panel. Rick doesn’t notice. Is this a concussion symptom, when a comic strip character pretends to be your mom and you don’t notice? I tried calling the Mayo Clinic to see if their neurology department would weigh in, but they keep hanging up on me.

There’s a semi-mysterious object on top of the Soto refrigerator. It reminds me of the folded towels that can sometimes be spotted on the top of the lockers in the Milford locker room. Maybe it’s a sad cookie jar. When I was a kid, our refrigerator was out in the open like that and all sorts of stuff got stowed up there, e.g. the phone book. I guess it made sense because the phone was in the kitchen. I digress because I don’t really want to address…

the second panel. Okay, so Connie is back and now she’s giving Ricky a mysterious look. It’s not really a mother concerned about son’s concussion look, but I’m not sure what it is. As to what Connie means by second opinion, well, that’s not clear either. No doubt, UG is standing just outside of frame waiting to give his opinion, which is no doubt medically sound and unbiased. Thankfully, we were spared from UG tipping down his glasses again.

The subtext of the last panel is Gil’s pissiness because he thought he and Kaz were both going to dress up today, but Kaz  just went with the traditional black t-shirt. “No, you know I can’t wear dress shirts, Gil. My arms are too big and my waist in so narrow, but purple is a great color on you.”

December 1, 2017

Get On The Bus!

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Wow, that first panel is really something. Rick and his teammates are watching their QB(?) as he retreats from at least two defenders who are likely to induct him into the Milford Pantheon of Head Injuries. The cozy confines of the playing field and sidelines are also rather remarkable.

The second panel has some interesting sights, as well. Is #7 draping his arm around a reporter conducting an interview? Is that a reporter with long, dark hair? Who could that be?

Rick’s statement is really one of the funniest things I’ve read in this strip in a while. It’s funny because of its naked sincerity. Who wouldn’t want to ride on a bus with friends, cracking wise rather than sit in the car listening to Uncle Gary?

Speaking of Uncle Gary:

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