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April 19, 2019

Hats Off!

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As Harry Carey would say– Holy cow! Its a rarity for there to be a real happy moment in the middle of a storyline, but this is it. Hats for everyone. And theyre all red, to go along with the red pants and red jerseys. How heartwarming. Oh yeah, hearts are red too!

Thats really gonna be a statement when they all walk into a room with their new fedoras on.. I think its just a rare feel-good moment in a strip that rarely has any until the end of a story, and even then its usually contrived. This is really different in that regard. Team unity should be over the top now.

Of course its possible that there are storm clouds ahead and Whigrub is merely teasing us with good feelings before the inevitable jealousy of some sort creeps in, but I tell ya, I’m gonna enjoy this while it lasts.


April 12, 2019

Stretching the field

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Lets start with P3 first– the first sackers foot is way too far on the bag; it should be on the corner so as to shorten the throw as much as possible. That IS the correct foot however for a lefty. Rightys use their right foot. And the baserunner is running way inside the baseline and is in position to run smack dab into the 1st baseman. Thats why the baseline is in foul territory. Also, in high school, they use safety bases at first, which are placed in foul territory to mimimize collisions such as what is coming in P3.

P2 the toss from short should be underhanded and I never saw such an arm angle as that one. Try throwing underhand with your elbow pointed that way and you’ll flip the ball either way to the right of the target or straight up in the air. She must be double jointed.  Also the 2nd baseman needs to stretch her arm out to get the ball instead of again waiting for the ball to come to her.  Plus that mitt looks more like a catchers mitt.

Not much wrong with P1. Nice win but god did it take a while.


April 5, 2019

Oh Lord. Kumbaya.

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Back at it after 2 weeks off and .. are we Still on the ‘Reasons Why Individuals Couldnt Make a Meaningless Scrimmage That Is Tearing The Team Apart’..?

This strip has been a lot like the Cubs season so far, of which I witnessed the opening series in Texas.  They were completely dominant in the opener, so much so that almost everyone was predicting a sweep; writers, fans of both sides, even the mascot. And it has gone extremely downhill since then, a plethora of Ranger home runs and assorted extra base hits leading to a series win for the home side, (who knew the Cub bullpen would turn into the Nationals’?) and continuing in Atlanta and Milwaukee with even more horrid baseball;  the day after I got home they played perhaps their worst game in my lifetime, committing 6 errors while also getting shut out, which hadnt happened since the summer of ’65, pre-Rob.  (The Rennie Stennett 7-for-7 22-0 Pirate drubbing in 1975 would be the runner-up).

Hey, theyre giving up more runs then the Bears gave up points last season, or it seems like it.

Well we always start off with a promising new storyline every season (wow we have a girls story!), and then it quickly turns into a suckfest, and here we go again with the endless whining by all the girls (3 more panels of this??) about why they couldnt play in a scrimmage that we never saw, and over analysis of the various girls other lives outside of softball, until a month goes by and we havent played a game yet. P2 has a player with an exclamation point on her jersey, bringing to mind the Riddler in Batman with his question mark

Image result for Riddler in Batman

And finally the dopey male in the story falls for Mollys assertion that they all sang Kumbaya. At least someone looks dumb besides Rubin/Whigham.

March 22, 2019

Even better news– we may play this scrimmage before April

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Well its wonderful that Mimi is (taking up 3 panels needlessly) announcing to the team that they have a scrimmage. Why not just play the scrimmage?

And dont they play volleyball in spring? I dunno. I actually have experience with a player who is so good at sports theyre on another team at the same time and thus cant make all of the first teams activities. In 1998 I coached 12-13 year old baseball and my best pitcher was also on a traveling team; his dad was my assistant and gave me heads up when his son wasnt able to play for my team. He missed 6 games; we went 3-3 in his absence and 10-4 with him, winning the league title with my star ace still collecting 100 strikeouts and impressing me as much as any other ballplayer I coached with his level-headedness and maturity. I thought we handled the matter as well as we could and the team came together as a unit without any friction that could have developed. Nothing like a happy ending as well.

I guess Lindas  teammate needs to chime in about her decision to play a tourney instead of a scrimmage. Myself, I play the tournament first. But the other girl should really stay out of it. Its up to Linda and her parents, who should talk to Mimi about it that evening. But the way this strip goes, we’ll be dicking around for another week before anything gets resolved.

Speaking of another week– I will need a sub next Friday, as I’m going to Texas on Wednesday for the Cubs opening series and wont be back til Monday. Hopefully Mimi will handle this situation as well as I did 20 years ago, but I seriously doubt it. Thanks again gang for filling in.




March 15, 2019

The epitimy of wimpiness

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How weak does one have to be to go see the trainer after a small cut on ones face that requires a band -aid as medical attention?

Who the fuck would take the time to see the trainer – who apparently isnt even on the premises – for that??

What baseball trainer in the world stays as far away from the field as possible??

What baseball coach lets his player find the trainer INSTEAD OF GETTING HIM HIMSELF??? and telling said player to have a seat? Its a god damn PRACTICE!!! Why the hell does Gil need to remove his player from the field anyway?  Dont they have basic first aid equipment in the dugout? Everyone else in creation does.  Hey, I’ll see you in an hour. Only in Milford does putting on a band-aid require a march off the entire field of play.

Stitches?? On a bad hop? Never saw that occurrence in my life. I’ve seen bigger cuts on an ant.

I follow Sarah Spain on Twitter; she’s a sports reporter for ESPN and also does a podcast. One of her pet phrases is “Why are men? ” to describe general male stupidity. This episode fits perfectly.


March 9, 2019

Time to stick this dude in the toilet and press Flush

Really. He hasnt even been home 5 minutes from getting canned at WDIG and he’s already orchestrated the removal of FIRE THORP from the billboard and the painting of an ad for a local pizza joint that I’m sure blows just like his basketball skills, his radio skills and his ingratiating personality.

Yeah bro you got talent all right. The next company that interviews you for your so-called skills will send you away laughing up their sleeve at the sucker who actually hires you.

I havent seen his  pizza-flipping skills yet but maybe thats what he has in mind. Pretty sad to go from the next Bobby Knight to the next Joe Aurelio, basketball-wise anyway.  Maybe he could start this business:

Image result for pizza flippers

“This town will never forget me.” Yeah right — — as a matter of fact when Milford erects a statue of you the birds will be lining up to shit on it.

March 8, 2019

This fish is rotting from the head.

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What a load of manure we have today– P1 Gil insinuates that he makes personnel decisions at Milford, when in fact most of these decisions are made by outsiders who happen to worm their way into the scene, (ie Bobby Howry 5 years ago) and Gil figures if they’ll do all the work, let them. He’ll just stand off to the side and re-appear at the end to give his sage advice.

P2– Yeah Gil you’re getting back to your Job. And that is?? (See above paragraph.) Biggest crock of crap in this strips history, that Panel 2.

P3–Finish college? Hey, I already know how to pour a glass of milk; what more life skills do I need?

For the love of Pete– you just got your ass booted out of the only fuckin place you had a chance to succeed in, and now you MAYBE will finish college?? How much of your moms money have you farted away on nonsense like billboard sign-making ( Hey maybe that can be your major!)  I guess he started college, then quit when he hit on the billboard idea. (Boy whatever college he was going to sure taught him well if thats what he learned)  Then he decides to hang out at WDIG in hopes of landing a post somewhere else after he burns all his bridges in Milford. Another brilliant idea eh?

Now he may re-start his college career sometime. Well methinks this is a good time to say adios to this character and move on with the – oh yeah, basketball season that we forgot about. Maybe down the road he can re-appear in Gils office all grown up with a beard and contact lenses, and share with Gil all he’s learned since that fateful billboard experiment. That would be nice. I  had a tough time myself in college, going to 3 different ones in 7 years before finally throwing in the towel after getting a real job with a future. If you want to work, there’s something out there for you. But Work is the key word. Not flap your gums about how great you are when you havent done a DAMN thing!

You hear me Howry? Now get lost and find your niche.

March 1, 2019

Bad Moon Rising


When I was in college I was talking to one of my dormmates about Harry Caray and Steve Stone of the Cubs broadcasts. He said he was watching a game where Harry made some off-hand remark during what Stone thought was a commercial break and Stone said -” Harry, you’re full of shit.”  not knowing they were still on the air.  My friend embellished it by paraphrasing Stone immediately saying – “..   Oops we’re on the air!! ”

I guess dopey Robby Howry is too dense to figure out that in a freakin’ radio studio he MAY be on the air with his remarks. Hey, I’m sure all of them are true and needed to be said one of these days but leave it to ol’ Marty to put Howry down a peg, and re-establish himself as the WDIG front-runner for top radio DJ. I have no idea what the bonus is, and will leave it to the commentors to figure that out.

metapost: teenchy here, dropping the March 1 panel on top of Rob’s March 2. Consider this a twofer. Never let it be said that Marty Moon can’t learn: having had his Lonesome Rhodes moment at the hands of the Milford Pirate Network, he hands B/Robby one of his own.


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