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November 21, 2020

Boys will be boys

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As the tension mounts between the 2 erstwhile signalcallers solely due to hoping a chick who doesnt give a hoot about football likes each of them more, Marty notices whats going on and says its a first for the Milford program to have 2 players not getting along. He’s sure developing Alzeimers if he thinks its never happened before in 50 years of this dreck.

Hey a guy who fought a time or 2 in his day is trying to break them up. Kaz surely remembers his referee appearance in 2013 with Gil vs Herk the Mauler:

…or his boxing academy in 2007…


So at any rate he’s got the experience if the 2 QB’s wanna settle it in the ring.

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!

November 13, 2020

Rainy Day Mudlarks

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Doing this post on my birthday– so why not sing a song?

Rainy day mudlarks

Rainy day mudlarks always seem to know when it’s time to fall

Rainy day Marty don’t talk
He just sits in his wooden stall

Rainy day Gildo don’t lie when he tells you
He cant coach at all
Rainy day fans in the stands don’t mind if you’re cryin’ a tear or two

Jefferson players just slide as they tackle

Theyve been down there too.

Gil hasnt had a QB since he had a dude named True.

Martys crate leaks like a boat thats sinking in the blue

Rainy days call for an annual Mudlark losing crew.

November 6, 2020

Yes I was named after Tiger Woods

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And on we go with the volleyball/football games attended by football players/nobody.

And I thought watching people count votes was boring.

Even Corrinna is tired of the routine, telling Terry/Will she already heard what they had to say. Hey gang, I heard election analysis for 4 hours Tuesday and goshdarnit I turned on the telly Wednesday morning expecting a result, only to see the same talking head on NBC telling me how many counties in Pennsylvania needed to vote for Trump/Biden so he/he could win that state and solidify his path to 270. I mean, really? I swear he had the same suit on all night. He was actually a good listen and engaged the audience, but — my god– how long does it take to count votes??? Arent we in the computer age now? I knew the mail-in ballots were gonna open a whole new can of worms on Day 1. I WORK for the post office. (thank you for your compliments on a job well done for the most part by us) But mail is fickle; every so often something gets lost, and we’re dealing with a shitload of ballots here. Are you really gonna trust us to get ALL the ballots where theyre supposed to go on time? We cant help it if Joe Procrastinator doesnt mail his in early enough right? They’ll get this done eventually, but if there’s ever a case for 2 men in 1 White House, this may be the time. It’ll take a helleva push to get Donald J. Trump out of his house. If they go to court over anything who knows how long that will take? January 20 will be here soon enough gang. This election sure exposed our ludicrous system of voting. How many rules in how many states? We have more cans of worms here then a biology classroom.

October 30, 2020

Dumb and Dumber (questions)

So the final damages were 57-13. Folks, I’ve been to many high school football games. And a game like this, where you know who’s gonna win 5 minutes into the game, and almost all the fans leave after the halftime show, is not a good show. 1 game I saw 2 people leaving in the First quarter after the home team was ahead 28-0. Joliet Catholic once beat St. Joseph 84-0, after leading 52-0 at halftime. They finally put in a running clock in my state after a team is ahead by more then 35 points in the second half. A QB who played for both Illinois and Iowa named Jon Beutcher had a running clock almost every game his senior year for Wheaton- Warrenville South. But he was worth the price of admission he was so good.

A good show is a 13-12 nailbiter or a 45-42 shootout, close to the end. Not a steamroller annihilating the downtrodden opposition, who usually barely have enough players to keep 11 bodies on the field, and who are just trying to get out of there in 1 piece.

Yet Gil calls passes for the 3rd stringer after calling only runs for the 2nd guy. Hmmmm. Yeah Marty its a dumb question – who the hell cares how you finish a game like this, but you needed to ask Gil where those calls were last week when your backup disobeyed you. And if you’re so good, you should be able to get through the season with 2 qb’s. Again, I watched high school football for decades, and can barely remember any injuries to the qb during the game. They generally played the whole game, lifted only to let the backup hand off a few times. I dont recall a single 3rd stringer playing a down. So Gils logic is pretty weak. If anything the SECOND stringer should get the reps here.

Finally we have the sulking Corinna in the hallways – why the fuck should she explain why she wasnt at that yawner? Kick his ass CK and stuff him in a locker to boot.

October 23, 2020

Keep it down – I couldnt

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So the QB battle is on as Thayer cant get it done when it counts- although gee, he did put up 37 points. What happened to that defense? Good ol Air Jimmy, thats what. Hogwash.

Football is a team game, plain and simple. Yards gained by the offense is mostly a product of field position. If your defense hands you the ball 10 yards away from the end zone, instead of 80, you dont look like you move the ball much, but bottom line is scoring and preventing scores, not yards. And many defenses play softer on the other side of the 50, then knuckle down in the red zone, and even more so inside the 10, where bodies get congested and space to throw is limited. There’s a reason why Canadian football is so wide open- the end zones are 25 yards long. Way more space in the red zone. Plus the field is wider and 10 yards longer to boot.

At any rate, Milford had plenty of other chances to win this game besides one overthrow (which may not have mattered; how do they know whether a completion there would lead to the go-ahead TD?) and Gil needs to identify and fix the several problems the team has on both sides of the ball. It appears both signal callers are competent at this point, so defuse any tension between them asap and move on to the next game which likely wont feature an air show like this one.

I’m already betting the team scores Less points next week, but wins. And someone will be bitching about the quarterback again.

October 17, 2020

Say what??

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Lets…? Apparently Will thinks if nobodys on the field Madison will lose? If there was any Exhibit A of concusssions having an effect on the brain this is it.

Yes I get his point but its weird to say the least. What he means is ‘lets control the clock and limit Madisons possessions’ since apparently they are a high powered offense. Thats how you beat a team when they can score and you cant. Even though Milford just proved they can put up points in a hurry with the BACKUP QB playing who just got disciplined for being EXACTLY the type of QB the Mudlarks need in this game!?! As Ned Ryerson would say — “Am I right or am I right?”

Yeah sure you can hold the ball with your running game but jesus, part of coaching is giving your team the BEST chance to win every game.

Air Jimmy huh? You still gotta play some D, and if the other 11 guys suck, your 12th man is of Absolutely no use to you!! 1 outa 12 aint gonna cut it people! Do you hear me Thorp??

P3 – what the hell is on Martys screen?

In a different life, Jimmy was a rock singer:

October 9, 2020

Youre out-a shape, pal.

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Yeah really. 3 freakin miles and this 18 year old dude is sweatin like a pig. Sheesh. I dont even run that much (I try to run a 5K every year but dont always get around to it) but I can knock out 3 miles in under a half hour and Im 54. I ran a bit in college, my dormmates took me running with them and I kept up for a while, then they stepped on it and pulled away at the end. I then started jogging at the high school track back home and did a mile or 2 a couple times a week. I gave it up after a couple years when I realized i wasnt running long enough to constitute a fair workout. plus I didnt want my knees to ache when I was 50.

Then in 2010 I met some friends who run a 5K on some holidays like Easter and New Years, and started up again entering a number of 5K races and improving my times so I could say I was decent. And thats my running career in a nutshell. So any high school footballer should easily handle Gils assignment. I sure wasnt looking like that when I was done. One race it was 16 degrees.

Anyhoo we’ll see where this goes since we already know Gils double negative comes off like a haughty a-hole . No wonder his teams suck- they suck wind doing 3 miles.

October 2, 2020

Who wants to have some fun??

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Down the stretch we come; the first game of the season is always like pulling teeth, 2 weeks of suspense for 3 hours of action. Then we zip through 3 games in 1 panel.

Do we have 2 qb’s here who only play until they mess up? I never saw one benched because of a poor handoff. Ive seen plenty of Bears quarterbacks, and one thing they all could do was hand off.

I understand giving both guys playing time (it IS high school) but as usual, Terry is gonna complicate things, instead of merely running out the clock. Of course, no one said anything about the defense rolling over after the turnover, but thats Gils coaching in a nutshell.

Methinks Terry is gonna unleash the bomb downfield in an effort not only to fatten his stats (see Bobby Howry for that) but perhaps to impress Corrinna Korrinna or whatever her name is. Why just run the clock out? And who is Gil for telling them where to go after the game? WTF they can go where they wanna go (see the Mamas and the Papas)

But lets see what Terry can pull out of his ass even as a psuedo-backup who probably doesnt know all the plays very well.

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