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May 13, 2022

More blind advice

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Well we got through another game with One- Eyed Jack fumbling around with balls hit to him; we have a new hero in Andy Morrison, whose name is so common I didnt bother googling him. Suffice to say he’s not Jim’s son. Although he could have been. (You figure he was born around 2005, Jim would have been 62 that year and Mick Jagger was 74 when he had his last kid 4 years ago. So its…possible…)

These guys wearing jeans — most baseball players wear athletic pants to their games. If not their uniforms. Im sure I saw our high school team on the road more then once and they wore their uniforms to the games. Damn it, they didnt retreat to a locker room after the game— they went from the bus to the dugout and back. Its not football. Baseball uniforms are very normal attire for a day. Whats with all the changing clothes anyway for a baseball game?? Where are all the uniforms? In their dinky backpacks?

And P3 we have One- Eyed Jack hoping Gil doesnt make him work on something in practice THAT HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN WORKING ON SINCE FREAKIN DAY ONE OF SPRING PRACTICE FOR AT LEAST A HALF HOUR EACH DAY. That way Gil could have figured out this dope cant see a drop of bird shit on home plate until he slips on it.

And of course Stat Boy has another brilliant idea to delay the inevitable reveal of OEJ’s vision problem. We’ll get a glimpse (no pun intended) of that tomorrow.

By then everyones uniform will have shrunk 2 sizes on the bus ride home.

May 6, 2022

A Hamm Hmph

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Im not sure who the girl is, perhaps the tennis player? Scooters girlfriend.. Anyhoo- they take the whole meal to discuss what we already have known for 2 weeks- Mr. Hamm doesnt like his picture shown. Curtis surmises he may be in the Witness Protection Program. Here’s more on exactly what that is:

I think its way simpler then that, but we dont have enough facts to make a call just yet. All we have is him finishing something on his PC and his wife commenting about it:

Which brings us to P3 and the Hamms enjoying a glass of wine on the porch. I read the Gocomics comments and someone remarked that Mrs. Hamm had changed her hairstyle the same day from ponytail to bobcut. I disagree- she merely removed the rubberband that made the ponytail and let it hang down when she got home: Many women do that..

She also had clips in her hair in the panel from April 1 as an alternative to rubberbands to hold her long hair in place. (See 2 panels above)

But this is my favorite look for her: Looking good indeed.

The artist musta forgot how hot she was in this panel and went back to her other color, to my dismay. Ponytails always make you look fun.

So she doesnt seem too keen on her hubby hiding behind the cameras, for whatever reason, and I really hope the whole baseball season doesnt take a back seat to this. We have bigger fish to fry, like their sons eyes not working.

I’m sure Mrs Hamm approves of my song choice today:

April 29, 2022

Singing the blues

Bad enough that we have a blind pitcher nobody knows about. Now we have another guy who can see just fine bitching about the umps calls. Nomar is blaming the ump for his pitiful performance. Wah wah wah. What a bunch of freakin losers on this team. Of course Chief One Eye didnt notice and has to be warned on the bus postgame about it, so he can bitch about calls when its his turn to draw Blue Narrow behind the plate. Nothing like team camaraderie the wrong way. Didnt Atherton have the same ump? Hey we scored 5 runs.

That bus must be as narrow as Blues’ strike zone with only one ass to a seat.

This team is so mentally weak I have no idea how they survive the season anywhere near the playoffs unless Gil has a meeting to address the whole thing. But we havent seen Gil lately.

April 23, 2022

Blind mans bluff

A quick review of the weeks strips ( I was out in Tucson all week on a golf /swimming / sightseeing / spring break vacation) and its astonishing how Gregg Hamm is getting through life the way he is.

I had terrible eyesight as a kid too, and wound up getting Lasik in 2001 with corrrection to 20/30 thats now about 20/40. But I merely had astigmatism, and it seems Gregg here is basically half blind even WITH glasses. One of the many things I learned out in the valley of the sun was that bats arent blind– they actually see very well, and also listen to vibrations in the air to detect predators.

As I said before, I cant imagine how Gregg is a pitcher even with a catcher who knows him, as part of the duty of pitching is defending your own position, and hey, if a rocket comes back at him, how can he see it fast enough? Ok, maybe it doesnt matter how well you see sometimes; as we’ve all seen pitchers knocked down by batted balls. But he has many other things to do besides pitch every 4 days in spring. You need your eyes 365 days a year.

No idea what the hell that is on P1, (just figured it out, I thought it was something they had at the field to make noise, and the girl was the DJ)

Then there’s P3. A pink clad pitcher, throwing to a pink clad batter, with a red clad catcher, and there’s Gregg standing right behind the batter thinking about his fastball that may come right back at him in a millisecond. I need help here– and just getting back home I’m not ready to think that much. Have at it gang!

April 15, 2022

Brief insanity

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The cart is falling off the tracks and it didnt take long either. Seems we just kicked off a new storyline and already we have complete nonsense in how to handle a simple problem.

I figured Scooter was gonna read the signals and then relay them to his semi-blind pitcher. Yeah that’ll work. Theyre now so moronic that we bloggers have em figured out 9 ways to Sunday.

Storytime– back in 1969 the Cubs were playing in Philadelphia still hanging on to 1st place late in the season. As the story goes, the Cub reliever brought into the game had been talking to Ron Santo the 3B some time ago about if there was a man on 3rd, Santo would give a private signal and they would pick the man off. Only problem was, Santo didnt remember the conversation, and when he yelled the very word that was to trigger the throw, he wasnt on the base, and the pitcher threw the ball into the outfield, resulting in the game winning run scoring. I dont have all the details, but thats the gist of it.

So thats what could happen when you try this kind of crap, instead of doing the simple thing and getting better glasses for the pitcher. Jesus, these guys would put rocks to shame theyre so dumb.

April 1, 2022

Hamms the beer refreshing

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We meet the Hamm family. Son Greg is shadow dancing a quiz, and mom and dad are at home discussing some computer work Dad is doing; exactly what will be revealed in another few days. Hope Pops knows how slow these storylines tend to go; if I were him I’d plan on doing that project way longer then a few more days. He’ll be lucky to get up by June 1. By then his ass will be so sore he’ll have to sleep on his face for a month. Maybe its a book he’s writing. How many books say The End at the end? Most just end.

Interesting comment by Mom- when I go shopping next time I’ll look for egos on the shelf and find one on discount. Dads response refers to a ‘he’ we dont know yet. Why moms finger is in the air while her hubby is talking is a mystery. Maybe she’s letting him know who’s number 1.

I havent seen a commercial for Hamms beer in ages so I enjoyed looking at 3 of em. Here’s one from 1979. Enjoy—

March 25, 2022

Thats all folks!

What a crock of crap this Prannit is. Did we really need a followup to yesterdays explanation of his collected bet money? I half expected all the money to fall out of his pockets when they flipped him upside down. When I was a kid our dad had a friend who would stand on his head and a bunch of change would fall out of his pockets, and we kids could scoop it up.

So he had to be dishonest to get people to be honest. Sheesh. Why would they give a crap whether he could go to school or not?? YOU CAN PAY SOMEONE ANYWHERE! Why does it necessarily have to be on school property?

And I thought he was just suspended from the basketball team, not from school, period. Big difference.

AND — he’s a dope for not collecting the damn money in the first place. Why make everything so difficult?

And who said anything about “all these poker sites” before? I thought it was SportsDuke or nothing. Another piece of BS from Mister BS.

And if any of these morons who didnt pay him before had a brain, they wouldnt believe his story about listing names on a betting website, because THERE IS NO SUCH LISTING ON ANY OF THESE WEBSITES NOR HAS THERE EVER BEEN!

Take this guy to the woodshed stat.

March 19, 2022

Cathy vs. Cressa

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Time to fast forward through 2 games that should have been played last month–a loss to a good team and an easy win against a probable bad team. What does it prove? I dunno. I dont follow girls basketball enough to say that lineup changes midseason dramatically change a teams destiny, but this here is so staged it begs to look stupid. What evidence did we have that Cathy was hurting the team with ball-handling? Its only 1 side of the court anyway. Was she bad on defense? Guards have to stop the other guards too, not just look pretty setting up the front line. Again, it seems like they all play so whats the difference who plays where? And small sample sizes since we go weeks without seeing them because of Gambling Man Prannit.

Mimi’s crappy handling of the teams lineup is rearing its ugly head as we see friction between Cressa and Cathy, and I hope Cressa remembers she wasnt a starter all season either, so no sense getting into it with a recently deposed one. If Cathy is a real team player like they all should be, she’ll accept her role and see the coach about stuff like this if she has a problem with it.

Another thing here they havent even touched on is what the parents of these players think about the lineup changes. I was a youth coach, and believe me, parents notice stuff like this and they will definitely talk to the coach if they have a problem with their child getting less playing time then before for No Good Damn Reason. Whats sorely lacking in this strip is players going to the coach about stuff right away and instead gabbing about it to their friends/teammates and nothing gets done until things come to a head. It would sure save a lot of grief plus better explain why the hell the changes were made just like that. (Exception was Muscle Man telling Thorp about Prannit)

As far as reality, I was 23-9 in the first round of the NCAA tourney, and my team out of the East, Murray State, is looking better every day with the top 2 seeds now out. So many games in so little time, good luck to everyone who’s playing these games and wagering on brackets. I’m sure Prannit has at least 4 of them. (Brackets I mean)

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