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September 23, 2022

MeeMaw who??

Boy we have a lot to get to here so lets get crackin–

  1. Most girls dont wear torn-sleeve muscle shirts. Guys do, like me. Keri is a girl as far as I know.
  2. How does Keri already know how to drive? Isnt she a freshman? (I already related how only seniors could drive at my school.)
  3. Its ok to like Iggy Pop but who the hell is that on her T-shirt?
  4. The way the window/door is in the background indicates the room is not Keri’s bedroom but likely the living room. If so, why the hell is Iggy Pop on the wall in the living room? Gil put that there? Egads!
  5. I thought Jami was older then Keri. And HE needs a ride?
  6. Whoever the hell Meemaw Debbie is, why does Jamie have to make a deal like that? Mimi should only accept a yes or no answer. And its wrong for Mimi to accept that deal. Apparently Meemaw Debbie only plays right after school. Otherwise why cant one of the parents drive Jami to Lukes house? Good Lord.
  7. And now Gil is concerned about Luke being a bad influence on Jami. Cripes, my parents wern’t saying stuff like that when I needed a ride somewhere. They trusted that my friends were ok.
  8. Mimi, whats better, a bad friend or no friend? Apparently she doesnt care. Hey, hang around with a drug dealer for all I care. You need to make friends dude!!

September 16, 2022

Dont shed a tear for me

Well folks I dont know if Im wantin to analyze this strip as its apparently about some issue that was covered 19 years ago; talk about recycled panels. well we’ve got recycled storylines as well. Hopefully next week we’ll be covering something like football, or maybe Gil will take up pickleball as I’ve heard all the old geysers are doing. In the meantime here’s an old classic from Paul Carrack that I used to listen to when I was working at the news agency on the midnight shift.

September 9, 2022

Bonfire? No, volleyball..

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As we wait anxiously for the annual bonfire to kick off the football season (if there is any) we hone in on a JV volleyball game coached by Cami Ochoa, who was just a student lo a few months ago. Yes all of us go through the thought of someone younger then us in a leader position as we get further away from high school (the school principal at mine is only 2 years older then me, and the football coach is 17 years younger). Its tricky to have respect for someone who used to be your colleague but good coaches and leaders draw the line between friendship and coaching your friends. I never wanted to get too close to any of my bosses or players I coached/managed. And I hope Cami follows that edict. But we’ll see.

Dont know why the team is proud of Cami yet. Unless its for being hired to coach them at such a young age.

Then in P3 we have a suggestion that ‘they’ dont care if its her first game. Who, the other team, or her players that just said they did? Im adding ‘confusing dialogue’ to our list of categories, as this was a staple of the old regime. Say one thing and mean up to 3 different things. Bada bing bada boom. And we’ll see if miss orange hair becomes one of the troublemakers/protaganists for the fall stroyline.

Myself, I’d prefer blocking and tackling. And a bonfire.

September 2, 2022

Gil, remember.. you work there .

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Boy I can see Gil driving all the way home after this and saying… Oh Crap I gotta go back there to my job!

My first day of high school I certainly wasnt getting Starbucks, I ate breakfast at home (yes I drank coffee, started at 13.) and Im sure my mom made my lunch. My dad still worked then so my mom also drove me to school. Sister was still in grade school. I never drove to school; only seniors could drive and I got my license the summer before that, and anyway we needed both cars in the daytime so my mom could have one, and my dad retired before my senior year so he picked me up and brought the dog. I sometimes walked on nice days. We also carpooled with a nearby neighbor a couple days a week. I also didnt own my own car til I was 24.

Gil, youve been around Milford for 60 years; bout time your kid goes to high school. Figure you were born in 1938; so your roughly 84 now. I believe you about the cave walls.

At least we have a normal scene that happens a lot this time of year. Parents really feel time passing when their kid starts another level of education. Summer is like a respite where time stands still with all the sun and fun, then the reality hits when its time to shop for back to school items and new clothes. I completely know the drill even though I’m not a parent. Cant wait for Keri to see the bonfire.

Oh by the way, had a great time in Toronto- its like the Florida of Canada, down southeast, nice and warm in summer with a long beach near Lake Ontario. lots of great looking people running biking and walking on Lake Shore Drive (yeah they have that too). Lovely stadium with retractable roof, saw the Hockey Hall of Fame, took a boat tour on the lake, and put up with the traffic, which is awful, but its a big city. And their money is cool. Visit if you can. Its worth it.

August 27, 2022

Ploop! There it is!

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On my way to Toronto to watch the Cubs so too busy to do a long post– looks like Gil needs a mulligan. And a golf hat to keep the sun out of his eyes. Bon voyage folks- I’ll be speaking French when I come back for sure!

August 20, 2022

No one listens to any podcast.

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I dont wanna put the cart before the horse, but…. how does Mimi KNOW nobody listens to Martys podcast??

Thats a story for another day, but my main thrust today is the proliferration of podcasts that seem to spring up like worms after a rainstorm. Ive said before Im a mailman, and I drive around listening to talk radio for about 3-4 hours a day when I work, plus everything I listen to elsewhere in the house, in my car going places, etc, etc, etc. in the course of a week. And theres nothing wrong with a little peace and quiet for a while too. Im nice enough to listen to your damn talk show: Im sure not spending even More time listening to you prattle on about something else.

I dont have time or desire to listen to more verbiage/music then i already do, so podcasts are off my list of the many things I do. The last one I actually sat through was when I was waiting for chicken at Browns and they said it was 20 minutes. So I sat down and found one I had saved for whatever reason and listened. I get done, and my chicken still isnt ready. Figures.

The Thorps are still going over the awards night and why Mimi left Gil without telling him physically. I still dont really have an emotional investment in this yet. Wasnt this all years ago, again? What time frame are we in? Now, last year, or some other time? I think it woulda been better to just do the (dumb summer) golf story and then have the awards before football started. Gil hasnt deserved Coach of the Year in at least 6 years anyway. We’ve all gone out of our way to blast his lack of interest in his team until it was time to end the storyline, and then it looked shallow and fake, even if his intentions were sincere.

But this ‘mom flirting with Gil’ is new to me. What have we been missing all these years?

August 12, 2022

Krink! Wasnt he on Hogans Heroes?

…Of course not, that would be Klink, the bumbling Kommander of Stalag 13. I started watching the show more recently as I frankly didnt even understand it as a kid, and it was on before my time anyway. The humor is still a bit tough to follow, as the accents and the dated references combine for some head scratching even now, and I didnt care for war shows anyway. Good thing I have Tivo, as I can rewind something to hear it again if need be. Was never my kind of show, but I just Love the theme song, and Ive said for years it should be our national anthem, rather then the hard-to-sing version we have. (And I dont recall Richard Dawson having such an accent when he was saying “Survey Says!!!” on Family Feud, which is what I know him for.)

The podcast concludes with Martinez announcing he’s gonna take over the Valley and squash Thorps teams to the point that Gil retires. But arent we still living in the past here? What year is all this taking place? Because for darn sure there aint no Martinez coaching Valley High now. And its not like Gil is rolling over these teams; on the contrary he’s barely .500 over the last 10 years or so, if you throw out the 2016 state title.

So again we have issues with time and place in this new era of Milford athletics. And Marty is off to find Gil and get his take on the new ass-kicker in the Valley.

And for sure, that hasnt changed. Strike up the band!

August 5, 2022

Road trip

More is revealed today as we learn that Gil and Mimi are not only still married, the kids are Still kids. All these years later (unless we’re still in years-ago-land) Mimi took the car (presumably her car; do they have 2? I would think so.)

Life is about priorities. After Gil has gotten so many awards Mimi figures she’ll blow off this ceremony to go see her ailing mom, who is obviously far enough away it requires a weekend trip. Completely understood. But why just leave on the spot and not tell Gildo beforehand? Is it that hard to say you wanna go see your own mom? Especially in this day and age with texting etc, cant she utilize other forms of communication then a written note?

And you can be worthy of someones love and still go away for a weekend without them, Mimi. The statement reflects some marriage friction, as in Gil is spending too much time coaching and not enough time with his family.

Well, gee, thats not the Gil WE know. What happened to Mimi’s coaching at the same school and the runs together and the lemonade together and talks in the house and…etc.?

If anything, our complaint is he doesnt do anywhere NEAR enough coaching. Now its the other way around?

Good to see the kids are so involved in their phones they dont bother talking to Mimi. Just like Gil apparently doesnt either. Monkee see, monkee do.

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