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October 11, 2019

Oh Whats the difference?!

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We finally get through a football game and now we have to slog through days of madness levels. Chance comes up with a new definition, and us readers are subjected to nonsense conditions made up on the spot, and then Chet somehow overhears the convo and wonders what the nonsense condition Means??

I’m convinced everyone in this strip is an idiot. Coaches dont know how to coach, players dont have a clue where theyre going or what theyre saying, trainers diagnose and treat injuries improperly, parents are either boobs or control freaks, the reporter only cares about lineups, asks gossipy questions  and never does any in-depth reporting, the radio guy uses outdated equipment and has irrational fears, , and the police are never around until the damage is done.

Did I forget anyone? Oh yeah, the janitor. He does a great job. Thats it.


October 4, 2019

Cheap shot artists

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In P1 I find it odd that the Tilden sign in background doesnt fit the yellow background. Its as if they made the background first and realized 6 big letters cant fit inside it. I dont know why there are big trees where the opposing stands should be.. I see stands to the far right but how long is the field if the stands are that far away? And where are the sideline personnel ( players, coaches, trainers, yard marker holders) Way too few people in the shot for it to be realistic.

P2 is ok, but P3 has Chances parents just now discovering that their son is involved in a skirmish? They both need new glasses if they didnt see the long sideline run by Chance followed by the late hit and subsequent takedown.

I would think there should be offsetting penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct meated out by the refs. Anything else should draw the ire of Gil and initiate another life lesson afterward.


September 27, 2019

Good chance this guys a fraud

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Kaz and Gil dance around the issue of Chance Macy. Why the hell do they have all these questions?  Doesnt Milford have a database of all its students, with date of birth, residence, etc. on file in the main office?? He’s older then some of the juniors?? What the fuck kind of question is that? Arent the seniors older then the juniors? What a holy hell mess this school is.

So Gil hides known info from Kaz so Kaz can find the said info out himself, then Kaz STILL has to ask Gil why Chance is a year behind?  A year behind who? The juniors? So what is he, a sophomore who is as old as a senior??

The real dumbbells here are not the weights, people.

September 20, 2019

Fat chance Chance gets interviewed

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I’m off to Oregon for a camping trip so comment away! Any chance of Chance going to a party is out the door.

September 13, 2019

Scratching a 6-year itch

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and finally on Day 15 of this game, it ends, with a Milford win and the traditional handshake between Gil and the Oakwood coach, who is now white with hair.

Here they are in 2013………


…..and in 2007.

and finally in 2006…..

So every 6 years or so they are shown shaking hands. Hey, when the game lasts longer then some haircuts, the least you can do is congratulate your opponent for surviving a taffy pull.


September 6, 2019

From dark to light

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What the hell is the ref wearing pants with back pockets for? They look like his regular Dockers he wears to church on Sunday. Surprised his wallet isnt showing in back. In the stands his father laments Gils poor coaching; yes he’s right, however fumbling on one play doesnt have any connection with frequency of carrying the bread. Otherwise why would Gil need to change ballcarriers at all, according to Mr. Roh? There has to be a first carry for everyone Mister. His logic in P2 is a lot like the chicken and the egg theory. Which came first, the carry or the fumble?

And in P3 we have a sudden return to daylight, and Chance consoles Charlie for his fumble on the 2 yard line. Charlie also has turned yellow. He may have a circulation disorder that the trainer needs to diagnose. At least in daylight its more visible. Good thing this game is taking 15 hours. Hey when’s halftime? I need a hotdog.

August 30, 2019

I’m not gonna lie; I have a bulls-eye on my apron

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So this is Charlie, who lives with Chet. Who has a bulls-eye on his front (everyone else has one on their back). His mom apparently is Mrs. Roh. Maybe he is too. Thats why Chet is Chet, not Dad. So is Mrs. Roh Mom? Probably. So Charlie is a Roh.

Since practice is over, where is Charlie going now? How the hell did he get a bulls eye on his shirt in P2 that wasnt there in P1? He also is wearing dark bracelets on both wrists in P2, not P1.

Why does Charlie care about a player running 80 yards in practice? The defense isnt trying that hard. Or… the defense is BAD. Thats why Chance Macy is Good. Connect the dots people.

For being a junior Charlie isnt that big is he? But then he’s as tall as his refrigerator, which is around 6 feet for most fridges. He sure looks short outside playing catch.






August 23, 2019

Man up! No, man down.

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Those good ol sloppy Joes really made a difference in conditioning. I would suggest a truck of Gatorade next time. Ever see a trainer wearing blue jeans? They usually sport athletic pants or shorts. EMS would be Emergency Medical Services. Of course they arent here now like they should be and of course good ol .. Tiki, who HVB just allowed to play for these dopes after farting away our summer, is the one who is down and insisting he’s ok, just like in 2008 when the doctor Milford alum ran on the field to tend to Jeff Ponczak, who said he was ok. And he wasnt. This will be a similar conclusion methinks.

Walk-throughs with gloves on?  As they said in the show Hee Haw— “Veeervy intervesting.”

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