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August 17, 2019

This case is closed.

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Time for a summer barbeque to wrap up this case. Nice muscles on HVB. Love the shirt Pops. I guess your daughter is free to marry a Case after she solved one.


August 9, 2019

…who also sleep on the floor…

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Gonna cut to the chase– I watch The Peoples Court a lot. Been watching it for years. I remember Judge Wapner presiding for many years, before Ed Koch succeeded him, before he was mayor of New York City. Or was that after? Whatever. Nowadays its Marylyn Million who wears the black robe and instructs as well as entertains the audience in the nuances of law.

Well I remember very recently a case where an apartment tenant moved out without paying the full rent, and the landlord had not even supplied decent living quarters for them, and the judge ruled that since the apartment didnt even have electricity or running water, the tenant wasnt obliged to the landlord for the remainder of the rental fees.

So in this case we have a similar scenario, with the Jansens not meeting the basic requirements for “living” where they were, and thus, they didnt legally live there, and so the head of the school board is feeling he doesnt belong at Milford due to that. Obviously Ed has done his homework (where I dont know) as he chimes in about the simplicity of the Jansens place. Hadley then produces a paper stating Tiki has a host family, which, she thinks, will help her case.

But what if that family also lives in a barn? Now what, HVB??

August 2, 2019

The 19th hole

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I guess theyve already had time to play 18 after Hadley was practicing her putting and making Every putt. Wonder how she did in ostensibly her first round of golf in either her life or – how long? (By the way, How Long is a chinaman.) At any rate, theyre enjoying some Arnold Palmers under an umbrella.

P1 shows the waitress holding a tray in her left hand and carrying 1 drink in her right. You only hold the 1  drink if you’re at the table and putting it down on said table. If you cant fit all the drinks on 1 tray, either you arent very good or you need a bigger tray. There appears to be plenty of room on her tray for that drink. And you hold the tray with your fingers at the far end of the tray curled around the edge, so it doesnt tip over if someone jostles you. She has her hand under the middle, so tipping it over would be easy if the weight suddenly shifted. I worked at a restaurant for 6 years, and cant recall a waitress spilling drinks like that even once. But I only worked parttime and I’m sure it did, but not often.

We dont know who the 4th in the group is, she was probably the same one who was watching Hadley putt yesterday. Or perhaps Mimi? Tomorrow may tell.

Gil is rehashing the story about Tiki Jansen and the video of which the details escape me, perhaps tomorrow it can be remembered in better detail. Hadley also wants to see the video, and Gil smartly says Kaz can email it to her. Wow– finally a snappy decision and course of action, instead of HVB traipsing across the Milford-verse going door to door for info on the TRANSFER OF TIKI.

So the next action in the story will be Hadley determining who has rights to Tiki’s services based on a video. That will take all next week. By then I’ll be prepared with last years backstory. Until then, I’m making myself an Arnold Palmer. Cheers!


July 26, 2019

Whats egregious is this storyline

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Yay– golf! As I figured, someone who hasnt played much golf is yet so good he can throw it out there 295 in the fairway. Usually a muscle man who isnt a golfer will blast one 300 3 fairways to the right. They use all arms and dont turn their hips or lower body so their hands are ahead of the hips, the club comes from the outside, and the resulting sidespin curves the ball to the right. But in Thorps world its right down central. Reality is taking the summer off folks. But what else is new?


Meanwhile Hadley is visiting with Mr. Ballard. I went to grade school with a Ballard. He got kicked out of altar boys for stealing hosts, and became a car salesman. How about that green outfit?  Lot of green in this strip. Grass, shirts, cash in Gils wallet…

It looks like the kind you see at the store that nobody buys.  I’m not buying this storyline either.

July 19, 2019

Dog Days of summer






Well now we know the reason that Hadley and JC were brought back into our strip existence.. so a guy that should also be in our rear view mirror can go to Milford instead of New Thayer  (hey by the way, whens the last time we saw NT on anyones schedule?)

So now the engaged couple are bouncing around everyones  living room (Coming Soon to a couch near you— High Priced Lawyer and her co-star, Bald Bull! Tickets Now Available!) and as far as I’m concerned, meddling in everyones business. How the hell does Tiki know who either of these characters are who just showed up at his front door? He was in a crib eating Gerber when these two were in high school. Isnt it enough to have dinner with 4 different people in 2 nights, no you have to set up a coffee discussion with some kid who doesnt even know what district he lives in. But he did last year. Some townships are known to re-draw their district lines (or in Chicago they are called precincts) so its oh, possible this could happen, but in real life Tiki would know long before now about this. Because if he changed districts, I’m sure Gils cornerback did too, or his backup fullback who he needs to kick a field goal in Week 4, or some other mope on his bench who will play Saturday Hero one day. But its Tiki Jansen we’re stuck with for this story.

And Hadley.

And… Bald Bull.

Wake me up when September ends…




July 12, 2019

You’re staying Wheeere??

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Boy I’ve heard of some strange living arrangements but this one …takes the cake, and I dont mean dessert. First Hadleys mom asks if they want to stay at their house, presumably til they go back to where they really live, which is … 2 different places. Then P2 has Hadley sporting a blue Indian feather in her hair and hugging her mom in a way that is not how one hugs their mom. I would be kissing my mom and facing her, not giving a cheek-to-cheek embrace just so the audience can see Hadley speak.

Hadley then announces a continuation of the dinner tour with a stop at the Thorps tomorrow, and theyre staying at .. Trey Davis’ house. Yep. That guy who makes a ton of money to get ex-jocks in shape, then watches someone else do it all while he sits on his fat ass and collects the dough. Some operator. He probably has the Don wipe his ass for him when he takes a dump.


Then in P3 we see they parked in the middle of the road for the duration of the dinner at the Baxendales, (good thing they live in the middle of nowhere, or else the car would be run into a dozen times.) then Case suggests her dad would like him better if he made more 3’s?? Didnt Pop just say – ‘why dont you go play for the Bulls?’ ? Why does he care if Juquan can shoot a lick from the outside? This is about their compatability as a couple, and so far they get along ok, but it remains to be seen whether the road wife life will suit Hadley for years to come.

Anyone here who is married wanna comment on the necessity of seeing your spouse on a regular basis in order to keep the marriage solid? Or is that just a fallicy in todays world of 2-job commuting lifestyles more prevalent then in the old days when the husband went to work and the wife stayed home and cleaned and cooked? Thanks for the feedback on this. In my humble opinion, a marriage just getting off the ground would be more vulnerable to breakup with Hadleys and Jaquans  choice of lifestyle then one that has been maintained for 10 plus years before all the separate traveling etc.


June 28, 2019

When your name is a Case why not marry one?

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Boy nothings changed in 14 years — who the hell calls people by their full (including middle initial) name?? Just say -Hadley!! Good to see you! Just weird. Does Jaquan have a middle initial? Why not use that too?

Hadley says Jaquan has already seen her hometown. What the hell does that have to do with anything? First, he saw it last summer didnt he? When his overpaid trainor wound up observing him working with Heather Burns on football moves after he was supposed to be training for the NBA? Maybe Hadley moved away since then which is fine, but why does he have to move to her location instead of vice versa? If he wants to play pro ball, they should move to the city he plays in right?

What if he hates her hometown? There’s a town near me called Rockdale. It literally stinks. I mean it smells bad everywhere for whatever reason. What if she lives there? He’ll need a lifetime supply of nose clips to go outside.

Just laying the groundwork for the next storyline but these 2 are an odd couple so far. Maybe they’ll help Gil teach golf to midgets. At least theyre not too cool for school.


June 21, 2019

Catch of the century.

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Are you kidding? A sure home run is snared out of the sky by a player who had to have Flubber in her shoes. Her back to the field, she jumps at least 2 feet in the air, timing her leap perfectly as she  backhands the ball into her mitt and  apparently slams into the fence hitting her midsection square. No way her momentum doesnt cause her to topple over the fence, which would mean its a home run, but somehow she stays in the field, and shows the ice-cream cone proudly. All I can say is – Wow. I never saw a high school play like that.  Nice looking arms too.

All you can do in this instance is tip your cap, and there’s no reason for the Milford girls to be so sour. They just practically had a parade for you for winning the conference despite all the distractions, and now your down because that CATCH beat you? Great job, both teams. Go enjoy your summer and all will be forgotton in 2 weeks.

Next time we see that Wellington girl will be in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.


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