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July 21, 2017

An old Case for a new plot

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Well lookie here, it IS Jaquan ‘The Don’ Case and his merry man, Trey Davis. Good job whoever opined who these 2 new characters were. Oh for the old days, before I had t this weekly gig and all I did was read the shit. I dont remember when the Don was in his heyday, but I’m guessing 2008. Thats 9 years ago. If Pelweki is 17 or 18 now, that would make him 8 or 9 when the Don was in this strip. I wasnt watching high school sports or Any sports, until I was 12. So who knows whether Kevin is blowing smoke up the Dons ass or if he really was attending high school hoops games at an age when his attention span was roughly 27 seconds.

OK I looked around for an old The Don strip in  action but I cant find one. So the editor team will have that job – it was a fun plot, and the old days are all some of us have going at this point. These last few storys have been like piles of manure, each one smelling a little worse then the last. Welcome back Don!!



July 15, 2017

The door into Milford summer

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Sorry gang I was too busy yesterday to get to this but here’s a double dip today. Looks like the plot is drawing to a close with the 2 main characters talking about life lessons learned, albeit from a teacher who should be on strike for forced July labor. (And there’s still one game left!!)

Of course its perfectly ok for Dafne to just walk in the dugout after the game while the team is presumable cleaning up and exiting the premises etc. And whens the last time these two spoke alone anyway? What happens with the other boy-girl combo – do they sit in the girls dugout to even it out? Will Dafne graduate before another issue of the Trumpet comes out? Will Marty melt in his wooden coffin of a booth?

At any rate, Milford summer is now close at hand, at last. How about an excellent cover of a Monkees song to close out the week?

July 7, 2017

Worlds Heaviest Pole- Vaulter

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So the black eye opens up a whole new can of worms, just what we need right? Now everything else is forgotten until the whodunnit on the B.E. is solved. I dont even think Jimmy knows what happened. And he’s apologizing for her maybe shoving him or whatever. I think he ran into a food tray to be honest. Looking at his expanding girth, he’s obviously been living in the school cafeteria all summer. Right now he couldnt vault over a Bozo Bucket.


I know I’m supposed to have original thoughts on this c**p, but saw this commentary on the GoComics site and decided to break with TWIM tradition and have a guest contribute to my contribution.  So introducing my guest speaker for today – Wilbur Floppenheimer!!

  1. Fat fury 2
    Wilbur Floppenheimer about 8 hours ago

    P1: “Are you saying that you shoved Jimmy?”

    “All 250 pounds of him? No, but I may have pushed him. At 250 pounds, he gets stuck on the hurdles and sometimes needs a helping hand to make it over. That Bucket gut flops around like Jello if he’s not wearing his hurdler girdle. It’s a common problem. Donovan wrote a song about it, “The Hurdler Girdle Man.”

    P2: Double D ditches her books and interrogates Jimmy, adopting the standard Wonder Woman “hands on hips” pose. Jimmy instinctively uses his books to cover his manhood in case Double D launches one of those Size 13s his way. Jimmy displays the first signs of “Stockholm Syndrome” and begins to attempt to ingratiate himself with Double D.

    P3: “I’m sorry. Please punish me.”

    “Good. Come to my house at 4:15, and not a minute later. I have a very busy afternoon, and my schedule is very tight.”

    P4: 4:15 arrives.

July 4, 2017

You Go Girl!

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Well–  here I was considering going on strike again cuz of this no-good boring -who-the hell knows whos who and when the hell is school gonna end — plot, —- and I wind up working on a holiday. Should get combat pay for this post I tell- ya. Guess everyone else is blowing their fingers off so they wont have to write about this hoo- ha anymore. I say Bully!

So we finally have an ass-kicking from somebody. God, if Gil ever showed that fire and brimstone, he’d be morphed into Knute Rockne overnight. Nice to see one of the dufus guys get his desserts. Shove his sorry ass into a locker and leave him there til school starts again in the fall! Oh yeah, we havent started summer yet. So old Gary would only have to stay in the clink for about 3 days. Maybe he’ll lose that paunch while he’s at it. But any punishment for his luny tunes behavior is worth it, as long as he gets off my computer screen.

Cant believe this whole plot is gonna be about these clowns arguing back and forth all summer til even Dafne has had enough. Who resolves this, Dafne, Gil, or Ms. (Low) Risk? When is school finally out? When can Dafne graduate? When am I going on strike?? Tune in tomorrow- same Gil-Time, same Gil-Channel!





June 30, 2017

Go Go Golf!

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Just got back from a vacation to Washington to see the Cubs and another Donald Trump protest, and all I can say here is, theyre still in school, that soda title looks a lot like a summer plot, and these 4 nincompoops are still playing grab-ass with whomever has a crush on the other.

July 1 is tomorrow gang, and looks like theyre still in school too!


June 23, 2017

Second chances

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Gil finally confronts Ryan about the whole incident, and defends his actions completely by saying -“Next time… ” Why the hell not This time?? Next time may be too late. His fist could cause a hemorrage in her brain, and slow death could result. Rudy Tomjonavich got punched so hard by Kermit Washington that he leaked spinal fluid into his mouth. He had to have his jaw rebuilt and never was the same player again.

I guess we’ll have to endure more baseball until the Bears report to training camp. God let these kids out of school already!





June 16, 2017

Quitters never graduate they just mop floors.

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Oh great – theyre actually moving the plot along! Dafne quits the paper a month after she graduates high school to end her paper career anyway…

and we’re having a Jagermeister instead of lemonade on the porch while watching .. running? Ah.. track and field.

Hey I heard Michael Phelps is racing a shark on Shark Week later this summer. I’m sure that’ll be more fun then whatever passes for a summer storyline in this strip.

Wonder who Mrs. Risqk will hire to replace her editor. My school , nobody quit the paper. It was the whole journalism class working on it, and you couldnt just drop out of the class unless you were either quitting high school or moving away.


June 9, 2017

Overrated fight

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So it turns out that Gil already is on the case of extinquishing the fire that is Ryan Van Auiken vs his old girlfriend featured on the sign at the baseball game by the girls from his old school. Good for him-  but its still almost mid-June and the kids not only have to finish baseball/softball but graduate already.

His parents describe the incident as non-violent, and are adament about it.  So its great that they completely believe Ryans version of the story. Because no way were they there when it happened, right? And Gil asks them before he asks Ryan about it, even though he has a first-person account of things. Why not ask him first? Oh yeah, he vamoosed. For all that coffee Gil drinks, he’s asleep at the wheel 98 percent of the time. If there was no police report, then Gil should just go back to Milford and tell Dafne to move on and find another story to cover. After she graduates. After she figures out she no longer writes for the Trumpet because she doesnt attend Milford anymore. And so on and so on..

By next week we should be on to lemonade and beach scenes. And golf. Yikes!!


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