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September 15, 2017

Not much to see here folks, move along

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Well its Marty Moon interviewing Gil in P1 and Gil and Mimi listening to the (taped) interview plus Martys commentary later that night at home. Too bad the lemonade ran out so fast.

No names on the team yet, just a warm look from Gil and a generic statement about the team maybe being good this year. This strip knows how to waste panels even when it thinks it isnt.

Off to Tampa tomorrow for my ‘Hell Or High Water’ trip to see the Bears and Bucs; a few days ago the trip was up in the air with that hurricane thing; was figuring on sleeping on a (real) waterbed at the hotel; but looks like the coast is clear, as the mayor of Tampa proclaimed “We got Lucky”.  Hope all of my fellow bloggers especially Doug (Ned) are ok and hope to hear from you guys next week as this fall plot meanders toward the inevitable bonfire.


September 8, 2017

How I wasted my summer, by Jaquan Case.

Well its now all over but the shouting – a few more tosses of the flatbread loaf, and not only does Case talk about the book he isn’t gonna write, but he finally decides that this whole exercise was a waste of time because he announces to Trey (who Did shout) that his future is …. hold it… BASKETBALL. Just like it was when we started this whole pointless plot. Thanks a lot Heather. I have officially rejected both your football knowledge and all your phone calls lining me up to go to college and be a history teacher. Cripes.

Not only that, he wasted Treys time both losing practice time for hoops but making Trey go home and stew at his house.  Only one whose time wasn’t wasted was Gil. He’s over at Milford GC teaching golf as usual.

Boy, its one thing to do a stupid plot for 2 months, its quite another to do the whole thing and then end up in EXACTLY THE SAME PLACE YOU STARTED!!!!

What does Heather do now? Case made her late for fall semester and all he has to say is ‘ Time for basketball.’ !!

Hope they toss all these characters into the pre-season football bonfire.


September 1, 2017

The only thing persistent is the pounding of my headache

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So after all the talking and running catching and drinking and resting and more talking, its back to home base with Trey to discuss this long convo that accomplished … hardly anything.

Just blows me away that we’re still at loggerheads over at least 3 things –

Can Case still play basketball? (Thats what Trey was helping him with before he went home to drink a shandy)

Can Case play pro football? (Thats what Heather is trying to tell him he can do if he works hard enough. But we thought he was rehabbing for basketball)

What is Heathers level of competence in deciding Cases’ future? ( Both she and Trey dropped what they were doing originally when something better came along, she dropped Pelwecki and helped Case, Trey and Pelweki went home to stew about things, Gil went to the golf course, and True? Yep, he dissappeared too after his minor contribution of playing QB to Cases WR.)

Now even Heather doesnt know what she wants to do. And yes we’ve conveniontly forgotton about that. Unless in P3 she’s on her laptop hunting for a journalism job because Case rekindled her interest in it.

Hey, how about Trey saying he needs to be around sane people for a while, then he’s sitting by himself drinking at home. I guess he’s the only sane person in the strip.

And if it wasnt for Case, Heather would be doing what she didnt really want to invest her future in, coaching football and meddling in athletic training. And by the way, she’s missed about 3 weeks of class at this moment. Nice that she has time to look for a job.

Maybe the moral of this plotline is Heather and Jaquan both discover what they really want to do because they met each other, while the though-to-be principal characters in their respective lives wind up only being window dressing.

Bring on the bonfire!



August 25, 2017

Running off the tracks

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So now Case is concerned about people comparing him to.. Lebron James??? And thats why he wants to play football instead of basketball? That’ll shut everyone up right? They’ll really lay off him now that he’s wearing a helmet over his eyes.

So if he plays football, nobody will expect anything because he’s not expected to be any good at football. But to play in the NFL, you have to be way more then good at football. So hows he gonna make an NFL roster if he isnt any good at football??

Hey Case, why dont you just quit basketball and do a real job like bagging groceries at the HyVie?  Then everyone will see you and you can explain why you quit basketball and are out of the limelight that you cant stand.

I dont really think Case knows that NBA and NFL skills arent interchangeable. You dont just plug in a point guard from the Bulls when a safety on the Bears goes down injured, do you?

P3 they look like theyre running downhill. This strip is following suit. Fast.

August 18, 2017

The Case of the expanding lettering

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Drews WF logo gets a lot bigger between P1 and P2. Panel 3 lettering: WTF!

So now that Case can catch, he’s all ready to play for the Titans on Sundays. 2 drops is all he’s permitted. Last year the Bears dropped 11 balls in a game by my unofficial count. And those were real pros.

I’m gonna paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy in Panel 3.  “If you dont know what a redneck is, you probably are a redneck. ”

Therefore, if you think you’re gonna be an NFL receiver and you dont know what a skinny post is 15 years after you should know what a skinny post is, you probably arent gonna be an NFL receiver.

Case closed. Pun intended.



August 11, 2017

And I’m gonna beat Heather like a drum

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Man, the arrogance – first Heather  applauds Kevin for beating a ‘veteran’ DB – who is probably in his first summer camp anyway and who isnt even shaving every day. Real veterans are pros who’ve been toiling in NFL camps for years. Big freakin deal.

Then she has the nerve to pat him on the rump – so hard it registers on the strip as a white flash – has she really earned the right to do that yet? And where’s her whistle? Methinks Kevo is wondering how hard this gig is if a teenage girl is coaching him, rather then a grizzled old man with a pot belly. Girls like her are strictly trainers or equipment managers.

Finally our dynamic duo is back observing the whole thing and even Case has had enough of Miss Army Sergeant and he’s not even practicing! But if he got his wish, who knows what regimen she’d be prescribing for him. ” OK, lets do 50 laps around the court, and for every missed free throw after practice, you shoot 20 more.”

Good thing this summer plot cant last too long, because we have found yet another insufferable character to latch onto until the bonfire.

August 4, 2017

Um, who’s trying to make the football team?

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Nothing like teaching someone a skill and then having some dude who isnt there for that purpose steal the show and waste your valuable practice time by showing off how he can perform what you’re teaching to someone else, who is the one who needs the practice.


I thought Heather was gonna bang her head on the goalpost she was so excited. After the group gathers and Trey expresses his natural concern that Mister “I can still play pro ball but cant decide which league” will get injured demonstrating an unnecessary skill (for him)  to a mope whose ego cant be satisfied til he gets the glory heaped on the skill-position players, unaware that the real heros in football are the linemen, the gruntwork guys who open the holes and block so the ego maniacs can strut their stuff on Friday nights.

P3 is a real bro-hug, but Trey looks a bit uncomfortable, no?

July 21, 2017

An old Case for a new plot

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Well lookie here, it IS Jaquan ‘The Don’ Case and his merry man, Trey Davis. Good job whoever opined who these 2 new characters were. Oh for the old days, before I had t this weekly gig and all I did was read the shit. I dont remember when the Don was in his heyday, but I’m guessing 2008. Thats 9 years ago. If Pelweki is 17 or 18 now, that would make him 8 or 9 when the Don was in this strip. I wasnt watching high school sports or Any sports, until I was 12. So who knows whether Kevin is blowing smoke up the Dons ass or if he really was attending high school hoops games at an age when his attention span was roughly 27 seconds.

OK I looked around for an old The Don strip in  action but I cant find one. So the editor team will have that job – it was a fun plot, and the old days are all some of us have going at this point. These last few storys have been like piles of manure, each one smelling a little worse then the last. Welcome back Don!!



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