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October 22, 2021

This plot is sleep-inducing

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Oh Boyd you hypnotist you. I have no idea how Tevin will be a better running back after this. Most likely he will be temporarily blinded by all that light.

I actually had to look at a light like that when I had LASIK surgery 20 years ago. It was to help keep my focus straight ahead and not move my pupil while my cornea was being reshaped by the light. I’m sure this experiment will not produce that kind of result. But we wont find out til tomorrow or the next game, whichever comes first. Also Boyd may take all the credit if Tevin plays better or doesnt fumble. Talk about fixing what aint broke.

October 15, 2021

Close only counts in car washes

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More football action as Spiller worries about Claxtons emotional status after a pick. Claxton in typical confident QB response assures him it was almost a completion. Hey, if almost counted that often, the cheerleaders could play.

Of course we never see what the defense did, but who cares? Chance Macy is off to the races, with 2 defenders wondering where the hell the rest of the team is at. If I had that kind of room I’d look good too.

I think I’d tell Boyd to shut up about every little thing and worry about his game.

October 8, 2021

I also shrunk

I never heard of someone describe a 3rd place finish as ‘second-best of non-winners’ until now. In other words, I hate my life because Im not the best. Or 2nd best for that matter.

Tevin and Kianna are chatting in the hallway on Monday, and he’s all set to give her a high five for her great weekend activities, and she stops his freak hand cold. Again the plot doesnt really move, as she repeats what we already know– she’s competitive. Really, all the athletes are at a varsity high school level. The gymnastics team Im sure spends a lot of time practicing, and if they dont want to do it bad enough, they wont get that far to make the team. Volleyball, same deal. And it gets even more so in college and, heaven forbid, national team level, where the Olympians are made. Ol Kianna looks like one of those who will only be satisfied with being the best, and that can lead to a lot of heartbreak when, odds are, she wont be.

But she can at least say- Thanks for the compliment, and move on. Nope.

October 1, 2021

But of course

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First off thanks again to Teenchy for filling in while I was camping in bear country last weekend. Upper Michigan is a beautiful sight this time of year with the changing leaves, and the weather was even more calm then last year.

Back to the game– Gil is managing to blow this lead as we figured, as Tevin only has 1 hand on the rock as its punched away a la Peanut Tillman in his Bear heyday. Whatever that glove is on Claxtons hand, it isnt sticky enough to hold the ball. Safe and smart all right Gil. Its been a fairly close game, and no matter what formation you run, whether its the Delaware Hens or the Baltimore Chop, you still need TWO hands on the ball when running out the clock. And in an evenly matched contest, ‘a few first downs’ on 1 drive is almost impossible. Gildo acts like its routine. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool Gil 20 times, ….. he comes back for more.

September 17, 2021

Oakwood is chanting Kill Gil!

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I dont know about you, but a bonfire/pep rally isnt exactly the time to roll out the visualization techniques. Boyd still gets the throng wound up, and its on to the game, where the QB steps on the running backs foot, causing a fumble on Saturday for sure.

September 10, 2021

Am I steppin into the practice zone…

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Its 2 pm.The fear is gone

Im rushing from volleyball, my gyms still warm

Cannot connect now, I’m tired of taking classes.

Well I’m a storm on the loose. Earrings on my head.

Wrapped up in silence all convos are dead.

Can I be cold, my whole day spins into gymnastics….

Am I steppin into the practice zone

Conditioning lots, feel like drinkin

My Gatorade juice in the purple car

Where am I to go now that I’ve drank too fast?

You will come to know… when the Red Bull hits the bones.

When the Red Bull hits the bones.

When the Red Bull hits the bones.


September 3, 2021

Macy back, Ducey.. gone.

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Wow, Gils gonna do something 2 years in a row? When did he roll this offense out last year, December? Actually it was December 4. Remember then?

So Marjie couldnt ask these questions this year? At least Gil lives up to his promise of Chance Macy coming back. 9 months later, our wait until they get good at it is over. Well, they arent good at it yet, and Chance Macy cant do it all by himself. I’m sure some other offensive characters graduated, and you still need a defense Gil. So dont be all haughty like you are in P3 last year. And we have our tease for the day as Gil hints at a role for Heather. What the hell could that be? She sure aint eligible to play thats for sure. And how many years did Marjie ask Gil questions like this and Gil never gave her a role besides writing lineups on a notebook?! The Marjie angst continues…

So whatever Heather does, the Marjie crowd will ask ” Why coudnt Marjie do it?” All we can do is remember the old days.

August 27, 2021

Who cares what you call me if I’m retiring?

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You guys all know I spent all night praying Marjie would decide to stay at the Star; I have no idea why the only thing that would sway her is who replaces her– why wouldnt a strong woman be around in a few years when she really Would retire?

How many of you give a rats ass who replaces you when you retire?? I sure the hell dont. When I walk out the door in a few years at my post office, where Ive been since 1988, I wont even know who gets my route because they dont post the job for 30 days after someone leaves. All I will give a shit about is my pension check. Im sure most of you feel the same way.

And my newspaper (that I read) the Chicago Tribune recently offered buyouts to several columnists I enjoyed for years. Similar to the one Marjie is being offered. None of them got ‘replaced’; they merely dissappeared from the paper and other columnists less familiar are in their space in the paper, somewhat. None of them turned over the job to a younger model, but as they say, life goes on, and whoever is at the paper I will read.

Marjie was one of the few characters in the strip who improved her appearance through the years I thought, and she was drawn as well as any of the female characters. I certainly hope she comes back occasionally; maybe the last panel hints at a continuing part in the strip, because my god some of the dreck that has been resurrected around here has nothing on Marjie. So one can only hope.

Speaking of strong women, I am off to see a minor league game tonight featuring the organist Nancy Faust, who played for many years at Comiskey Park, and who is Im sure very familiar to readers of this strip. Here’s a video of her:

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