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February 22, 2019

Sorry I’m late gents but…

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And its a reasonable fascimile of Marjie Ducey, but not quite as hot, announcing that it was Marty Moon, happening to be walking behind said non-hottie, helping to not advance the plot. You know how far 50 steps behind you is? I work in a pretty big office, and if I took 50 steps from my desk I’d be either outside, or in the dark corner of the PO section.  So how the hell she even noticed the dude is beyond me.

And we have Mimi flaunting her fear of Moon possibly walking in on the girls wine party with some freak hand action. None of which advances the plot. So I’m done. Good night folks.


By the way, one of my childhood idols passed away yesterday. The Monkees are now down to 2– good thing I saw them perform in Merrilville a few years ago while they still had each other.  It never bothered me that they werent considered a real band. Here’s a tribute to Peter Tork.




February 15, 2019

Shakin Bacon

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Its a bird its a plane its…. Maxwell Bacon??? Huh? Oh yeah. December 2014…

..and January 2015, where he changes his name to Max, for 4 years anyway.

So Maxwell is now 21, and he’s got nothing better to do then to walk into the school unnoticed, where schools all over America have security that prevents any hoo ha from just walking in and possibly taking a gun to the whole student body, and say hi to Coach Thorp, who should be asking — “‘Seriously, what the fuck are you doing here?? Go back to your senior year at College Of No Hope and graduate so you can get on the wait list for Mopman of Milford, currently held by Steve Luhm, another former Mudlark who was resurrected to make sure everyone slips on the floors of Milford High.”

Well, Max (no, Maxwell) is wondering whats up with that rascal Bobby Howry, who has joined the name change parade and become Robby. Max hasnt gotten the memo that Bobby is now Robby. You mean he’s so busy he doesnt even have time to read this strip??

Whatever– yet another old character is roused from the Milford grave to assist in the storyline that isnt. Why not develop yet another character thats already been developed, and rotted away like an old uneaten banana? Hey, if his last name was Sausage we’d never hear from him again.

It looks like this is how the Howry part of the storyline is gonna be resolved. By having old Bacon back in town to reunite with RobBob and officially plaster him to his own billboard, right under FIRE GIL THORP NOW.  Face-first. He’ll think a swirly is nothing after that.



February 8, 2019

Hey at least theyre Playing!

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First panel Gil announces he followed (stalked) Mike home; well I guess Mike knew about it so it wasnt stalking but still… and Mike s depression is now out in the open, after we farted away half the hoops season trying to figure out what was wrong, AND WE STILL DONT KNOW WHATS CAUSING THE DEPRESSION!!

By the way, nice pepperoni pizza in P1. even though I dont like it (Im a cheese and sausage guy).

And hey, maybe a road game as a reward!? These guys play games less often then the Bears kicker missed field goals. ( 5 games, 7 missed kicks if your keeping score)

So Filion gets to play but the 4 guys who were in on the Fire Gil cover-up (no pun intended) get to sit. As if they havent done enough sitting already. The federal government is busier then the Mudlarks, and they were on shutdown til Trump told them to go back for 3 weeks.

Theyve played 5 games since December 21. FIVE. 2 in December, both losses. Then Bobby Howry put up the billboard.  Then they played 3 games in January. They lost all 3.

0-5 after 7 weeks of action. If Milford was a strip club theyd file for bankruptcy.

Filion was slipping in the classroom on January 4. 34 days ago. And it took this long to get counseling. I’d have sent him on January 6, and resumed playing 2 games a week like every other freakin school. By now he’d be back to normal and contributing on a team tuning up for the playdowns. Guess what — my state has its final regular season games this weekend. And these dopes have laced it up 5 times. Whoopee.

We still have the Howry issue to deal with, but its not looking like Filion is in on it like I predicted. And will Milford go winless and can Thorp as Howry wants?? Some of us are saying — Be my guest!

By the way, the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of bad Milford basketball. His shadow was blocked —- by the billboard.



February 1, 2019

Sad eyes – turn the other way..

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hey gang – I’m back from a weekend in Muskegon where I went luging for the first time- – my fastest run was 21.3 seconds, about 2 seconds slower then the bronze medalist (the gold and silver went to kids, who probably live nearby and can get more practice) and the weather was ideal; about 11 degrees while we were luging in the evening, and we got 6 inches of snow all weekend so the winter sports activities were in full swing. It was a ton of fun and I’ll be back next year to bring home a medal! Thanks again to Ed for filling in for me last Friday.

Well it seems the cop that found these guys preparing to graffiti Bobbys’ sign is pro-Bobby, otherwise why the hell would he permit a sign like that in the first place?? How dare he take down a sign that says Fire Gil Thorp.?  How does one get permission to put up something like that anyway? I think the guy thats luckier then smart is Bobby. All these kids are doing is righting a wrong, to them anyway, (I know that if Thorp got shot out of a cannon to the moon tomorrow there’d be much cheering in Mudville)  but how on earth would law enforcement allow such a sign about a guy who stands for Milford more then Bozo stands for the Circus? ( Hey thats a great analogy!)

So when Gil finds out about this maybe he’ll sneak out at night and try to cover it himself. I recall him sneaking around a golf course at night some years back and Chief Lind finding him trespassing. Of course it was covered up.


January 18, 2019

“I cant hear a word you’re sayin”

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Nothing like knowing as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow that we have more Howry BS in our future. This dudes been hanging around Milford for 4 years after he allegedly graduated, and it took him this long to finally have a real opinion about the Milford hoops program. Where the hell was this in ’16?? in 17?? in 18??  Oh yeah, everything takes longer in Milford.

Hey Gil– its YOU who needs to snap your guys out of their 1-game “funk”. But 1 game isnt a funk is it? Nope. And I already detailed how defense comes first in basketball, and you rest on offense, meaning the point guard isnt necessarily the igniter for the team. Everyone has to play defense, and the offensive flow will naturally follow after that is done. But Gil cant tell Mike that. And the fact that a team really needs more then 1 point guard is beside the point here, (no pun intended) as in Milford bench players are rarely contributors at all, which explains a lot of the general underachieving clubs of recent years. The next time Moon (or Howry) talks about that on his show will be the first.

Mike with one hand over his ear reminds me of the Joe Paterno interview on the radio after the Penn State scandal hit the news. When queried about his involvement in Jerry Sanduski’s activities behind closed doors, Paterno suddenly couldnt understand the radio guys’ questions, and responded – “I cant hear a word you’re sayin.” That phrase is actually my ringtone.

And Gils fingers appearing to be in Mikes other ear top off the lunacy of Gils coaching methods.  Send Mike to the guidance counselor and worry about coaching basketball you moron.






January 11, 2019

I’m just a multi-dimentional asshole.

My given name is Robert.  I remember when I was a little kid everyone called me Robby. My dad said when I got older people would call me Bob. I preferred Rob. I thought it sounded friendlier and warmer then Bob. So that it was. I even got a vanity license plate with Rob on it when I got my first car. I remember ordering it and requesting ‘Rob” and the state sending me a letter saying ‘Rob’ was taken, but ‘Rob 1108’ wasnt so here you go. I said fine. And I’ve had the same plate for 28 years now, my vanity plate surviving a state-ordered redesign of the plates last year. It only costs $11 for a vanity plate with letters and numbers, and $70 for only letters. So I got off cheap as well, and my old plate sits proudly in my garage like an old trophy, next to my dads VFW plate.

I wonder how often a character in a comic strip changes their first name. First of all they arent even human so they dont really care. But the strip writer does, and maybe Howry wanted to change his image? What the hell other reason is there? I think he was wearing the same blue pants when we last saw him assisting the basketball team in March 2015–


but he found another shirt and ditched the red sleeveless vest he wore 2 days in a row.

Anyway– its nice that alumni give a crap about the basketball team, even though they only play once in a blue moon, but Howry is going a bit overboard; most people in college or shortly thereafter are busy discovering their careers, or otherwise trying to get a job, and not worrying about someone elses job. Calling for a high school coaches head is completely foreign to me and anyone else who follows high school sports on a part-time basis. The coaches are also teachers at the school who are salaried as teachers and coach the teams on their own time.  The basketball coach at my high school was also an English teacher and guidance counselor. The hoops team sucked all 4 years I was there, but the coach was never publicy criticized nor should he have been. John Wooden couldnt win with what we had.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see what Robby has to say about all this, including perhaps his reason for his name change; but of course like most Milford characters he comes off like a dope.

**I added a new category, Bobby Howry, since he used to be Bobby and we can tag old posts with his references, plus find his old stuff faster. I guessed on the year and came up roses.

January 4, 2019

Levee Song

I’ve been slipping in the claaaaasssroom

All the live-long daaaaay…

I’ve been slipping in the claaaasssroom

Just to pass the time awaaaaay….

Cant you hear the whistle blowing

Rise up so early in the morn

Cant you hear the Kazman shouting…

Howry blow your hoooorn!

Howry wont you blow

Howry wont you blow?

Howry wont you blow your hooooorn?

Howry wont you blow

Howry wont you blow

Howry wont you blow your horn!

Fee fi fiddly I oh

Fee fi fiddly I ohhhhhh

Fee fi FIDDLY I OH???\

Strumming on Gils old banjo.

Someones at the Bucket with Kettlehead

Someones at the Bucket I knooow

Someones in the kitchen with Marjie

Strummin on her old Tape -Oh.


And in P3 Bobby Howry is inviting the man on the other end to fart over the phone.


December 28, 2018

The ceiling is falling

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Nice D in P2– anyone teach Danbury how to put their hand up to contest a jumper? Nope– we’ll just stare at Mike Filion until he blinks. Gil has rare coaching advice in P3, and it wont matter whatsoever. Danbury could use that advice however in P2.

Time for a late Christmas song:

You better watch out

You better not cry

You better not pout I’m telling you why…

Derrick Rose is coming to towwwwn.


He’s making a J

And checking in twice

He’s gonna make MVP chants sound so nice.

Derrick Rose is coming to towwwwwwwwwn….


The fans in UC Chi-town

Will make a raucous plea

Theyre gonna tell John Paxson now

To re-bag this guy for free.


they better sell out

and trade some old guys

cause Rose can still play I’m telling you why

Too big too fast too strooooong………………






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