This Week in Milford

June 29, 2017

Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dafne


It’s been over a month and a half since the Milford softball girls have seen any action, so at least one of them is hoping to see some off the field.  Turns out Carrie had better save that sliding for the softball diamond, if she ever gets back there. Pissy faced Gary is just not into her.

Meanwhile in the kitchen the unwanted advances are fixin’ to swap genders. Dafne raises a dainty pinky and flashes some midriff as she reaches for the pause that refreshes, whilst Shot Putter Jimmy Caruso tries to figure out when and where to put his shot. Unlike poor misguided Carrie, Dafne has the journalistic talent to turn the episode into something print-worthy.  Her grand return to the Trumpet will read along the lines of “I got hit on last week. You know who else got hit on, too? Ryan Van Auken’s ex-girlfriend!” Naw, it’ll be more like “I almost gave someone at Milford High unwanted attention, and now that I’ve gotten unwanted attention too, I can empathize and will now shut my trap.”

June 28, 2017

So, Are They Just Going To Stand There In The Kitchen With Their Drinks?

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Panel one: That sound bar thing is pretty groovy.

Panel two: Try not to spend too much time with what’s going with Carrie and Gary’s respective postures.

Panel three:  I already used my panel three ‘joke’ such as it is so I will simply compliment the Caruso’s on their lovely tile backsplash.

June 14, 2017

The Full Story


Panel two is nearly the full Milford… Prairie style windows? Check. Freak hands? Check. Chunky Bracelets? Check. The rare bare midriff? Check. If only Dafne was registering her dismay with a case of EES, we’d have perfection.

Bonus pat myself on the back: I have continued to avoid the temptation to make a Risky Business joke based on Ms. Rizk’s name…

February 25, 2017

Marginally Adequate, Unlike This Plot


Good grief, now Rubin’s really phoning it in. So tempted to do the same but you all have been pretty kind to me since my return so, gentle readers, I must make the effort. I do appreciate the rabbit hole of old candy bar ads yesterday. I don’t remember Chocolatey Pay Days very well, but Pay Days themselves were pretty popular where I grew up. Then again I grew up in a part of the country where people were wont to throw salted peanuts in a bottle of Coke or Pepsi so there’s that.

It would be nice if “marginally adequate” was defined, especially given that no other Mudlark’s stats have been mentioned. It would be “marginally adequate” to tell us who Milford’s opponents were and the game result, but I guess if your only goal is to show us that a couple of nosy parker players have turned their coach into a nosy parker then, hey, mission accomplished. Also, mighty nice of Gil and Mimi to leave the house to get their drink on once in a while. No probs hiding a flask in the jacket pocket to sneak into the Coffee Cantina.

My highlight of the day: back dimples on raver at P1, lower left. She’s gone all Mardi Gras in her party bra on us. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

July 25, 2016

“The Same Old Jerk,” or “What Rubin’s Doing to the Readers This Summer”


There goes Ken talking about how “our friend died” again. Did we ever see him interact with Boo at any point prior to her death?

Never thought I’d get to use the “Bare Midriffs” tag but there ya go. Neither did I think we’d need an “Exploding Ear Wax Syndrome” tag. Darth Bader appears to be pulling his shirt down over said bare midriff, but the clenched fist and angle of his right hand (not to mention “the same old jerk”) suggest his other, less appealing nickname. He coulrd, of course, be getting ready to call Ken a wanker.

As Master Bader frames the picture, magically changing into a clerical collar, we await his shifting the blame from his father to technology, or the lack thereof.

March 24, 2016

Ken Brown: The Man Maxwell Bacon Could Smell Like


Missing something here. Didn’t Bacon tell Kenzie he couldn’t “do this anymore” a couple of days ago, or was that a mutual decision? Either way, you’re no longer MaxKenzie, so stop moping about it. Hey, is that Ken Brown looking all Old Spice Man? Maybe he’s off to underachieve in the showers.

Kenzie’s on-court presence or lack thereof shouldn’t be having that big an impact on the Lady Mudlarks’ results either way – she’s not the star, right? On the other hand, as this year’s designated heckler target, she should be drawing fire away from her teammates and helping them improve in the process.

December 21, 2015

Ready For Kenzie Frenzy?

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You know the best way to introduce us to a new girls basketball player? How about having her stand in the foreground, torso only in frame, peeling off (putting on?) her gym clothes?  Sounds about right.

Kenzie Hanley is joining the basketball team. First, she and unnamed teammate have to be teleported from the locker room to the gym. Panel 2 is that last phase of the teleportation, after the shimmering part when their forms are all white. Kenzie just barely fits into the device. Close one! Milford is a place of magic!


December 18, 2015

Thanks for the memories..

Love Mimi’s position in P1; try that at home with 1 arm bearing your whole weight and see how long you can hold it there.  Most people cross their arms when theyre leaning like that, so her angle is rather extreme, no? And for December her top is pretty summery; I’m sure when they get the heating bill Gil will make her pay it. Most fridges I know open to the right, the Thorps opens to the left. Gils getting a cold one but continuing to look in the fridge, for what?

Holly’s leaving town tomorrow?? What about 2nd semester of Shakespeare class? Whos gonna teach it on such short notice? Thanks a lot, you come back to teach and bolt town after your other gig falls through. That sure is a role model for your students.

Finally, another miss for Marty on the female front; one of these days he’ll just start pounding his head against his wooden enclosure at the stadium and knock himself senseless.

Bob Hope will close out Hollys career in style as only he can in this Christmas season:

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