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November 19, 2021

No, you’re rusty.

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It shows how slowly the season has progressed that I had no idea the Mudlarks were a perfect 6-0. Here’s a rundown:

Sep 17-22 – Oakwood

Sep 30-Oct 3 – Kettering

Oct 11-16 – Goshen

Oct 26 – Central

Oct 28 – New Thayer

Well Gil that adds up to 5. Are you counting the Jefferson game that Claxton referred to on Oct 23, then I said myself that they played Central next, not the Jeffs? Or have you played since November started and didnt tell us?? That hypnosis bullshit ate up 3 weeks pal. If your men havent seen live action in 21 days I wouldnt be lauding that record too much. Your opponent whoever it is knows youre ripe for an upset. Im now watching a high school playoff game as we’re in the state semifinals this weekend. Finals are always Thanksgiving weekend, then we pack it in for the winter. You’re still dicking around in the regular season with December looming. If you did play Jefferson, thats 4 games in 12 days. Then none in 21. What a pace.

I guess Gil lets Kaz talk to the players instead of doing it himself. He’s too busy playing darts. Who cares what Kianna is doing if youre the damn football coach?

6 or 8 guys believed that shit? Or is it – Kaz believes that Spiller helped them? Either way its lunacy. Thats what happens when you have 3 weeks between games. Idle hands are the devils workshop. Quit playing darts and go snap these guys out of their fantasy world, Gildo.

Kaz is standing a bit too close to the dartboard imo.

The name of the pub theyre at is obscured by the dialogue balloon. Somethings Pub. Any guesses? I see Barneys Pub in the tag categories, maybe thats it.

February 23, 2019

Now a sensible man, by and by a fool, and presently a beast.


Riddle me this, TWIMers: Is this our first visit to Barney’s Pub? It’s not one of Del Bader’s old watering holes, like Selasky’s Supper Club, is it? Did it take over the Coffee Cantina’s space, or did they just steal the CC’s plates? Something about the place seems a little off-kilter, like the nacho salad with ketchup and the idea of Marty Moon drinking in public rather than in the lonesome misery of his own four walls.

That’s what’s off – not just Marty’s public drinking but his choice of beverage. He’s been shown to be a Johnnie Walker man on more than one occasion. He’s also shown a historic callousness to the feelings of others, not caring who he pisses off as long as it’s good radio. That’s why I read his greeting to the ladies as a dig, especially at Mimi. Everybody’s been ignoring the Lady Mudlarks, so why shouldn’t Marty? Hell, he’s already mentally moved on even as Marjie Lite fires a lame retort. Look at the thousand yard stare on Evil Spock’s puss.

That said I expect Mimi, Peggy & co. will pull Marty back to reality over the next several strips, by pointing out that it’s not just them who’ve been ignoring him but WDIG listeners generally. They’ve come for the B/Robby Howry show and Marty is just old and in the way. That, and station manager LBJ’s diming B/Robby out for throwing broad hints at wanting Marty’s job, will be the straw that breaks the lush’s back. It’ll be Marty who runs B/Robby out of town on a rail, sparing the Coaches Thorp any dirty work and letting their players and ex-players remain squeaky clean.

Special Guest Cameo: Looks like Richard Moll is passing through Milford and has dropped in to knock back a frosty mug.

Apologies for the lateness of the post. I’ve been on a brief hiatus and my timing’s a bit off. That’s what spring training’s for, isn’t it? Inspiration for today’s post title, if not the name of this latest Milford watering hole:

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