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December 26, 2016

Hey Mike, What Happened In Mark Trail?

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The Star says they’re tough guys? So Mike (Granger, I presume) reads this in the Star and asks the team if this really makes them tough guys. Does Binghamton read The Star and get scared because Milford is, by their own coach’s words “solid” and not a team to get “shoved around“. Ken Brown, a student of team psychology, says, if he heard the other team was tough and intimidating, he’d try to out-intimidate them first to establish dominance.

What a load of crap. Binghamton doesn’t read your dumb paper, Mike. Only you do. Milford has no reputation anywhere, least of all in Binghamton.

Panel 3 is going to try and refute my assertion. It’s happening just like Ken said, Mr. Smartypants!

Calm down. Occam’s Razor says that the elbow guy is just a Binghamton jerk elbowing Aagard out of jerkiness. Some kind of concerted effort to be more physical in high school basketball is probably not going to be straight up mauling. This strip makes my brain hurt.

December 23, 2016

Marjie Ducey can be a handful in the sack..

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… aint that the truth?! Hey we need some gallows humor at this point already. And she wont get shoved around either! (on 2nd thought, why not? :)) She certainly plays bigger then her 5-4.. and with 3 guards competing for 2 spots, there’ll be plenty of solid action this season both under and above the covers.

Thats all I got today, but it may be my best work in a while. Short and sweet. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2016

Agreed. I’m Less Than Impressed

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There’s no doubt Aaron’s gonna hit the laptop. He can’t type with those freaky fingers.

Panel 2 is Aaron Aagard when he’s not ready to rumble. He totally got schooled by that other guy. Presumably.

Check out Marjie, pencil at the ready. Maybe Gil is thinking about going nom nom nom on that pencil.


December 20, 2016

The Stud Earrings Clinch the case

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December 19, 2016

Metapost: I saw there was no post last evening but I wasnt in the mood to throw it up, but today it was skipped so I inserted the 19th for continuity.  Aaron looks ready to rumble all right; love the no-defense dunk in practice. Gil sure is teaching that side of the ball well. First rule in basketball: Rest on offense, never rest on defense.


December 20, 2016


The moment it occurred to me that Aardvark might be Kaz’s illegitimate son was the moment I decided to move on from this.

Please make your case for greatest all time Milford Centers in the comments.

April 5, 2016

When You Stop Being Sad

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Didn’t get enough of the ref waving off the shot yesterday? Good News! Here’s two more panels of it. Also, apparently, we are not playing in the Metrodome.

I almost went with ‘The Worst Kind Of Fluke’ for today’s title. Woulda had all kinds of pictures of flukes in the post, some stories about the time I caught a flounder off the gulf coast – them’s good eatin’! – and so forth.  Instead, I’ve chosen to focus on Mimi, hands on her hips, proud, utterly unconcerned with the emotional devastation her players are experiencing. That’s how a Coach Thorp coaches!

Minus Point: Kenzie who?


April 4, 2016

What Whistle?

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What is there to say? Reverse image basket, celebrating freaks, whistle-less ref doing the hand jive.

Face it. It’s over. Kenzie will never be heard from again.



April 1, 2016

April Fools!!

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Had a full day so no time to post anything so here goes: P1  – no problem. Nice look at a jumper. P2 – I like the group hug but its more in line with a football team.  “You have the strongest arm in the building”? Is True not in the house? P3 – hmmmm. Why not have Kenzie make  the inbounds pass to around midcourt or so, then have a good shooter like Leisl free herself and take the shot from a more realistic distance?  How come nobodys guarding Kenzie from the back, so she cant catch the ball so easily? Did Mimi forget you can cut down the length of the last shot with a longer inbounds pass? Where are the other defenders? # 7 needs to at least put her hands up.

I hate this video since I hate Duke basketball, but here’s a way to make a last-second shot from the length of the court. Of course Kentucky made the basic mistake of giving Grant Hill freedom to make the long pass, and should have guarded him.


March 31, 2016

Is Anyone Still Paying Attention?


So the girl who didn’t know how to play basketball in December has quickly turned into the star who leads the team to playdown victory puts her team ahead late. Kenzie shrugs off Alfrieda E. Neuman’s flying elbow in front of Mimi and Rick Scott, who absentmindedly cops a feel (“yo Mr. Scott, that’s not where she hit me!”).

Off to the line where Kenzie then pays tribute to her ex Maxwell Bacon by making love to the ball before continuing to shoot free throws underhanded. Has she put the Lady Mudlarks ahead for keeps? Time will tell…


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