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January 22, 2016

The way you put your thumb in front of your mouth.. thats awesome.

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Kenzie and Maxwell take turns trying to out-compliment each other – how many times does anyone remember someone elses stats from a game over the weekend? I went to maybe 2 boys basketball games in my 4 years of high school; the team was so dreadful they had a story in the school newspaper about the last player to dunk a ball during a game – 10 years earlier! Shoulda had a statue of the dude outside the gym. Anyway, by Monday nobody was talking a damn word about any game in any sport, so again Milford is in its own universe. At least they have a sense of humor – autographs from these guys? One hasnt scored a point yet, the other just lengthened his name and cheated last season. Real heroes they. I’d get the janitors autograph anyday for the wax job on that floor. Steve Luhm, your table is ready!

January 21, 2016

Not Creepy, Not Creepy At All


Okay who called this – Kenzie and Max(well) Bacon becoming a couple this winter? Or, if not a couple, stalker and stalkee? Me, I’m not ready to brand them an item just yet, but if Max likes Kenzie’s in-your-face style of play then her getting all up in his grill might be lighting his fire. As for Kenzie liking Max’s style of play, Mimi probably told her to watch him too when she’s not watching Ken Brown or Rugby’s Biggest Hits.

metapost: From where I sit I’m squarely in the path of this weekend’s predicted Snowpocalypse. If it’s not entirely hype then there’s a good chance I’ll be under well over a foot of snow and, possibly, without power if the wind gusts are as high as predicted and and our crappy power lines crap out as usual (they’ve done so is less severe storms). Long story short, I’d like to ask one of my fellow bloggers to cover for me on Saturday, even if the storm doesn’t turn out to be as severe as predicted. Thanks.

January 19, 2016

Oh Please.

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Boy I tell ya, for someone who not only doesnt know jack about basketball yet, AND is lucky to have made the team in the first place, Kenzie has a lot of nerve telling an opponent anything, much less how to act. Yes its wonderful she can collect rebounds like candy, how about a follow-up basket or 2? Nothing players hate more then some newbe showing them up. “..or I’ll be back”… Yeah, you’ll be back if the coach lets you play, you moron. I hope the queen of the elbows gives her the royal treatment pronto, just in case Mimi figures out whats going on out there and keeps Kenzie on the bench for the rest of the night, as she should.

January 18, 2016

Shots, Fired and Not Fired

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(alternate title: “erry reek roc!“)

Well that was a bit of a letdown. At least we won’t end up with Kenzie doing something she’d probably get suspended over – by the Thorps if not by the league. Is it me or has Leisl had a growth spurt since last season?

I suspect “Don’t Thank Me. Thank USA Rugby.” will become a tagline this season. Scrums on tip-offs? Don’t Thank Me. Thank USA Rugby. Pre-game hakas? Don’t Thank Me. Thank USA Rugby. Kenzie slips in the shower downing a bar of soap after a try? Don’t Thank Me…

January 16, 2016

Kenzie Lays the Smack! Down



It’s Clash of the Titans under the Milford rafters as Cherry Creek’s chippy #45 throws a hip check into Kenzie “The Big Unit” Hanley.* Scoreboard malfunction in P2? Score’s not gonna matter for much longer once the elbows start flying. Thursday’s observation by billytheskink is spot on, as an elbow to the midsection causes Exploding Eye Syndrome. What kind of weird streak is that along #45’s jawline? I’m hard pressed to figure out where that motion begins and ends.

Finally, Kenzie Hulks out, flexes her delts and jams the heel of her hand into #45’s funny bone. It’s about to get real in the paint: tune in on Monday when we see if this turns into an out-and-out brawl.



* Randy Johnson was who first came to mind when I saw Kenzie’s #51, although with her style of play maybe the 51 is meant to pay homage to Dick Butkus?

January 15, 2016

This means war

Just a list of issues today so lets get started – P1 has an obvious cheap shot by Jadine in retaliation for the previous shenanigans, but its described in P2. I dont know what the big deal is about having to lead all the time; many talented teams will coast through most of a game and then step on it when they need to later to get the win. So who cares what the current margin is; these games take a week to play anyway.  Why would retaliating necessarily spur a rally? You beat other teams by rebounding and playing defense. The offense will come as a result of these 2 actions. Stop the other team from scoring and you’ll have to score less. Control  the boards and you’ll minimize their opportunities and push the ball to your end for better shots.  So simple.

P2 has a technical foul shot at what looks like either midcourt or the 3-point line. The Milford player is ok where she is, but whats the other player doing with her arm? So the court drawing is a mess. Then P3 has Kenzies neighbor covering her eyes and the other one taking a siesta with her hands behind her head.  Nice coaching discipline Mimi. We’ll see how Kenzie does in her debut but if things get ugly I wont be shocked.

January 14, 2016

Do the 45


Cherry Creek’s chippy play continues unabated (at least for now) and exposes the woodenness of the Lady Mudlarks’ power forward. It’s only a matter of moments before Mimi releases the Kenzie. Will young Tricky Dick the zebra (and he’s more Tricky Dick than Alan Mayne ever was) let her play too?

Sparse crowd for the Milford girls’ home opener. Where’s Ken Brown & co.? Cameo today by Sign Man Person who expresses his appreciation for motor racing legend Vic Elford.

Musical inspiration for today’s post title:

January 13, 2016

Playing Below The Rim, Beneath The Basket, Or Below The Belt?

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What’s this? Actual Action? There’s a lot to unpack here and I’ve not got the time to do it. Say this about Whigrub, they aren’t exactly hiding their cards with this arc.

Bonus point: I really wish I could read that guy’s hat.

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