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March 10, 2016

Two Weeks in One Day


“Hey, fellas? Game over here.” – Central’s illegal #7’s thought balloon, if he had one

Time’s really flying in the Thorpiverse now, as the last eight strips have covered almost three weeks. I’m gonna assume the “almost two weeks” refers to time elapsed since the Milford Star ran the Kenzie article, not to some unspoken pregnancy scare.

Well, let’s get these seasons over with. Ball and stick games wait for no one.

Musical inspiration for today: one of my favorite songs of all time, which I can’t be brought to parody (and besides I did the “Old Man Kensey” riff already this season). FF to 1:20 if you don’t speak Dutch.



March 9, 2016

She’s Just A Girl(friend)


Not much to say about today’s strip other than to note that the Athenian references are resonating for whatever reason.

That said, allow me to present today’s musical accompaniment and inspiration for the title of this post which, if Wikipedia is to be believed – and surely it must – was only ever played live ten times by The Who.  They say you learn something new every day. I figure if that’s what we get for today, we kinda got gypped.


March 8, 2016

Maybe There’s A Reason Marjie Is Stuck In Milford


Is Kenzie now practicing her free throws overhand? Perhaps not, as it seems she is at least a step or two past the free throw line. Regardless, her form in panel two is very questionable as most experts agree that you shouldn’t jam the thumb and fingers of your non-shooting hand directly into the ball.

I’m not sure what to make of her statement in panel three. Did the article really describe her free throws as cute? Did Marjie really go into detail on Kenzie’s relationship with Maxwell? I frankly have a hard time believing that there was no mention of the fact that Kenzie is a nationally recognized rugby player in the lede paragraph.

Bonus point: Speaking of form, why are the reflections of Kenzie’s legs more or less straight while her legs are at an angle?

March 4, 2016

And I get paid to write this blog..

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I normally put up a color strip but I’m honoring Marjie’s platinum-blond hair by posting the B/W version today, which does it justice better then the yellow hair in the color version. Nobody this side of Donald Trump looks good with yellow hair. But back to the strip:

Its just shocking that my hero Marjie Ducey is asking such personal questions for a newspaper story. Is the Milford Star that hard up for readers that we need to know all this non-sports stuff? There’s a rag paper in my area called the Star that writes bogus stories about celebs, and I only read it while waiting to check out of the supermarket. Is that who Marjie is employed with now? I thought her appearing in 7 straight panels (gotta  be a record) was cause for celebration, but she’s gonna get all the dirt before anyone else and break this romance out into the open. I’ve read high school sports stories since 1978, and not one story was about how a player shot free throws OR who he/she was dating! Kenzie should take the 5th and say Ok Marjie, we’ve had  enough chit-chat for one day, why dont you go back to your cubbyhole at that paper and stay there till Gil  needs you for the baseball lineup.

One other minor detail – P2 Marjie pulls down her glasses and peers at Kenzie – I thought people that wear glasses all  the time and not just for reading dont do that, since they cant see well enough without them whats the point? I would know, having worn them full-time until lasik surgery some years ago. Marjie’s eyewear adds to her attractiveness anyway, so no reason to take em off in this strip.  I suppose the artist couldve drew a couple lines on Kenzie’s cheek for an ‘almost blushed’ look but nah, too much work.

Our song today features what Marjie would see without her glasses if Kenzie really blushed.

March 3, 2016

The Secret of the Free Throws


Time flies in this strip when Rubin wants it to. Marcie was a good head shorter than Kenzie a week ago yesterday and now she’s almost the same height sitting down? Long torso, short legs I guess, or else she’s taking the same meds Maxwell Bacon takes to shape-shift when he’s around Kenzie.

Speaking of Bacon: is Kenzie having the little eyeball explosion because she’s gonna have to admit that her boyfriend suggested the underhand free throws? Maybe there’s a USA Rugby prohibition against dating or something. Or is it that she’s nervous about exposing the fact that Mimi Thorp hasn’t coached her a bit this season beyond showing her YouTube clips? If that’s the case, no big deal: Everyone in Milford already knows the Thorps get others to do their coaching for free.

March 2, 2016

While The Girls Keep Rolling


I’m not sure why we get two panels of Ken Brown sitting but that’s not nearly as disappointing as the very low res depiction of everyone’s favorite Milford Star reporter, Marjie Ducey, who is apparently not working on deadline this week.

Edited to add: What is that towel shrouded object in the foreground of panel one?

March 1, 2016

Because, Of Course, The S-Mart Carries The Full Line Of ACC Gear

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Knucklehead, that is an insult I haven’t heard in a long time… Congrats to the folks who sussed out that it would be Wake Forest. What the heck even is a Demon Deacon anyway?

Who cares about any of that, though? It’s back to basketball and Ken Brown is hurt and, and, is Kaz actually pulling off the puffy turtleneck and blazer look? No. No he is not.



February 25, 2016

The legend is born

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And Kenzie seals the deal with clutch freethrow shooting down the stretch in a big road win. We’re on our 3rd net of the game – hope they’re bio-degradable or someone will hear from the Green Earth authorities or whoever is in charge of that stuff..

A big hug from hottie Leisl and a Milford fan in the background in P2 putting up the Black Power salute used in an Olympics I cant remember. Heck, I can barely remember how many games we’ve seen this season, so much panel time wasted on romance, eating at diners, and general nonsense. (Hey, new category!) General Nonsense fought in the Korean War and decided the effort was worthless so he resigned and became a spokesman for Prilosac. His name these days is Larry the Cable Guy.

Mimi giving the stats on the bus – isnt everyone there a basketball player? How more to announce that Kenzie was a hoop imposter then to say that? I love how nobody sits with anyone – every woman to herself. The cool kids always sat in back, so Kenzie has a ways to go in that department.

And I get 2 days in a row; stay tuned for bonus coverage of “The Making of a Female Basketball Player”

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