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August 17, 2017

Muff Big or Go Home


There’s been a lot of turmoil along Tobacco Road this past week, pretty much none of it good. You’d think the syndicate color monkeys would’ve had the decency not to add to it yesterday by rendering True’s Wake t-shirt in UNC colors.


That said, I can appreciate Eight Elbows’ efforts to bring this wacky subplot to an end by having Milford’s Goldenest Child dash Jaquan’s far-fetched hopes to make the switch from pro basketball to pro football at age 30. I don’t even mind Trey’s little spaz dance there at the end.  However, I have no clue why Gil brought Mimi out to watch this spectacle, unless watching all those hot sweaty mens would put her in the mood for more than just sipping cocktails back at Casa Thorp.

August 9, 2017

Too Hot For A Hoodie

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So, fresh off a plate of burgers and fries, Trey and Jaquan manage to squeeze in a few leg presses before calling it a day and joining the thronging crowds and intense media coverage that attends summer 7-on-7 football in the upper Midwest. Even better is the notion that they took a road trip to do this. I’m sure that time sitting in the car after a (hard?) workout is just the thing to help rehab that knee.

Finally, what’s up with Weibe here? Dude is going through all of the trouble of summer practices, you wouldn’t think hustle would be an issue. Not only that, but talking back to (coach?) Heather should earn him a benching if not removal from the team.

August 4, 2017

Um, who’s trying to make the football team?

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Nothing like teaching someone a skill and then having some dude who isnt there for that purpose steal the show and waste your valuable practice time by showing off how he can perform what you’re teaching to someone else, who is the one who needs the practice.


I thought Heather was gonna bang her head on the goalpost she was so excited. After the group gathers and Trey expresses his natural concern that Mister “I can still play pro ball but cant decide which league” will get injured demonstrating an unnecessary skill (for him)  to a mope whose ego cant be satisfied til he gets the glory heaped on the skill-position players, unaware that the real heros in football are the linemen, the gruntwork guys who open the holes and block so the ego maniacs can strut their stuff on Friday nights.

P3 is a real bro-hug, but Trey looks a bit uncomfortable, no?

August 3, 2017

Kevin Pelwecki, Blank Canvas


As predicted, Heather has turned Pelwecki into Tom Sawyer’s picket fence: a blank canvas onto which everyone involved can project some aspect of their personality.

Heather can indulge her little coaching fantasy, except for that part where fullbacks have to block. That was never her strong suit and besides, Kevin is a guard so he should already know how to do that, amirite?

Pop Burns can indulge his Uncle Rico QB fantasy, and I expect he’ll be telling us how he coulda been a contender at some point.

Jaquan can make this into a first step toward reinventing himself as Antonio Gates.  After all, he’s not entirely confident he can rehab himself back into the NBA.

Eight Elbows, well, he can make some bucks off the whole scheme.


August 2, 2017

Pretty Sure They Could Have Worked Something Into Panel Two About Not Waiting For The Ball…

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P1: Don’t Wait For The Ball.

P2: For our members of the audience suffering from Memento disease.

P3: Don’t Wait For The Ball.

July 26, 2017

The Little Girl Is Just Standing There, Hands On Her Hips, Getting Increasingly Cheesed At Gil.

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I mean, she is shooting laser beams at Gil and, boy, you should have seen the look on her face when Gil recognized some rando with a fauxhawk but couldn’t place one of the most famous players to ever come out of the valley…

July 22, 2017

Turn and Grunt

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We got a lot of good exposition from the TWIM hive mind yesterday.  Trey Davis and Jaquan Case are back after a decade plus and looking very little like their teenaged selves* (change in artists notwithstanding).  Like many if not most young adults, they look to be shedding some of their teenage personas as well.  Yeah, a lot of folks wouldn’t want to be called “The Don” these days, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Speaking of weird handshakes, is it considered impolite to leave your gloves on to shake the hand of someone who is barehanded?  Opinions appear to differ.   Heather’s cankles are looking mighty thick today. Wonder if she taped them herself. I’m sure we’ll learn more about her future as Trey and Jaquan fill in their backstories in the coming days.

*I’d link more but Gocomics went down as I was composing this post.

July 20, 2017

Shredded Wheet!

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The Secret Pelwecki’s not-so-secret project to convert himself into a fullback has gotten someone’s attention, but not Gil’s. (I’m sure we’ll see him knocking back Long Island Iced Teas on the porch before long.)  These big galoots* who just happened to be working out at the football field have gotten sucked into the project as well.  Eventually Heather will have turned Pelwecki into Milford’s version of Tom Sawyer’s fence.

“Thanks, guys. Y’know, you look familiar.”

“So does your hair. I think I saw it on some girl sitting in a dugout last week.”

Hurray for continuity!


*Hey, if Heather’s calling them “gents,” I can use some outdated slang too.

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