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March 8, 2017

Wait, Was Ken Supposed To Be Holmes?

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Panel one: Ken ‘Colombo’ Brown looks like he’s had just about enough of this.

Panel two: Mike ‘Hercule Poirot’ Granger is not at all happy about that awkward touch on his shoulder by what appears to be the hand of god.

Panel three: I say, with his sneer and peek a boo bang thing going on, AAAA is being revealed as the true villain here. As the saying goes, eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, is likely going to make more sense than the latest plot twist in Gil Thorp.

February 28, 2017

When Gil Is The Person Who Cares The Most About You…

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Man, so aside from Mike, Ken and Gil (who all have basketball performance related vested interests in the matter), it appears no one has bothered to look into this in the years since whatever may or may not have happened to Tina Aagard’s actuarial gig.

I’m sure we’ve seen the slouching Party Professor with the spread collar and incipient beer belly before but I can’t recall when. I do have to wonder how much Gil is going to learn from the fourth, fifth and sixth teachers who relate AaAa’s day to day variable energy levels.

I also have to wonder when next we’ll see an actual plot development.

Bonus points: The art is pretty interesting today. That easy chair in the teacher’s lounge is particularly intriguing as it seems wide enough to fit one and a half people.


February 24, 2017

We’re nuts about nuts about nuts!

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PayDay – that old candy I used to see on TV but never ate. Well I dont know about you but every job doesnt get a paycheck every other week. Some are every week, like the lower rate jobs like a clerical in a hardware store. My jobs at a restaurant and a retail store were every week pay too. Good thing Gil and Kaz both recognize the absurdity of the boys analysis. What difference does a paycheck make with an amatuer basketball performance? We finally get some answers but they make no sense, so we’re back to square 1, or so it seems.

Maybe its because his mom can afford to let him have an allowance for his weekend tiffs with Molly, thereby making him happier, and thus affecting his play in a positive way. Thats the best I can do here. Meanwhile I’m gonna have another PayDay, if I can find it at Walgreens.

By the way I love the girl in the short blue top with the longer orange shirt underneath..



February 17, 2017

Same shit different day.

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Still no answers, just more questions we heard already. Its more clear that the mom is more the problem then the kid, even though usually its the parent admonishing the kid about stuff like that. I dont know who to believe, only that the hardware store suddenly split in 2 and became 2 hardware stores, under 1 roof. OMG its gonna be at Least Monday before we have any answers; I’m sure tomorrow will just be another  cliffhanger.

I’m running out of songs for this theme, but thank God for the 4 Tops:


February 15, 2017

McShanes Hardware – For All Your Escheresque Building Needs


Folks, can we just mosey on past panels one and two? Thanks.

That brings us to McSHANES [sic], where we get a comparative bonanza of new information! Viz., Quad-A’s mother’s first name is Tina (not sure what street drugs that’s code for) and she’s in the back of a hardware store, which is presumably her place of employment.

February 8, 2017

Standard Odds

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I’m sorry about missing yesterday’s post, folks, and am grateful to Rob for filling in on short notice!

I picked up on panel two being a flashback, but it wasn’t until the second or third time I read the strip that I noticed the beveled corners. Annnnd, that’s about all I have to say about today’s snoozer. Tune in tomorrow when we may or may not see the plot advance.

February 7, 2017

Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was..

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More dumb questions we heard before, with no answers, Gil with his fresh cup of joe telling Aaron he’s on the bench again due to inconsistent play, the reason for said behavior will be revealed at the end of the plot, not now, when we could use it so we can MOVE ON TO SOMETHING ELSE ALREADY!!

Sing it David Byrne:


February 6, 2017

That Presentation Was More Exciting Than This

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This is excruciating.

The Dumpy Apartments on Poplar? You know them? Yeah? Well, you know Aaron lives there? Yeah? And his mom lives there, too? Yeah. Well, remember career day in 6th grade? No. Well try. Okay, sure. Remember Aaron’s mom’s presentation at career day in 6th grade? No. Well pretend you do. Okay. Remember how she had a job that nobody in the the class had the slightest idea what the job was but she still managed to convey that she makes solid coin in said job? No, I mean yeah, okay for the purposes of this conversation, yeah. So why do they live in a dumpy apartment?  I dunno, ’cause they’re poor now?


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