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June 18, 2015

Hurry Up and Lose Already!

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Well here’s Marty in the basement again – this time over by the HVAC vent – and he’s had the sudden realization that the first day of summer is only three days away so he’d better start making Milford lose. He rolls 11s or 66s for Stebbins and Brown but too bad, Milford is a Fielding Three so there goes this game.

Little observations:

– Is the basepath between first and second only six feet away from the mound or is the Tilden baserunner twelve feet tall?

– Why does every Milford sports team (and every baseball team in the Valley) wear jerseys with those weird flat-at-the-bottom collars? Who makes those anyway? I’m sure I’ve asked that before but don’t remember the answer (or have time to search for it this morning). Similarly, why does every team have the same thick single stripe uniform trim? Whigham can draw the mesh in a crotch-high chain-link fence, but he can’t draw pinstripes?

– The sports action this spring has taken a back seat to Boo Loves True, so is it possible Gil Thorp is shifting away from well-defined sports season arcs? Summer 7-on-7 morphed into fall football last year, maybe the sports are now providing the backdrop for character development (such as it is)? Talk amongst yourselves; I’m running late for work. Maybe I’ll update this post later today.

EDIT: Still trying to figure out who makes the square collared jerseys. For basketball, it’s Under Armour. For football, adidas did for a while; here’s their TECHFIT jersey circa 2010-11 for Nebraska, Tennessee, UCLA, and Michigan. They also made them for Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Cincinnati and Louisville per this article.


Still not sure about baseball. Am I onto something?

May 29, 2015

Wade Who?

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Back to the field after having way too much coffee and its .. Wade Mason? Was he in the rotation at the beginning of spring? I dont remember him at all, we’ve been to busy with the True/Boo friendship to notice stuff like baseball or games or anything of that sort. Anyway he’s an ace in the mold of Marty DeJong (2001-2) and also throws portside, so leftys have a devil of a time with him, as we see in P2 even though its nothing but shadows. P3 has another wierd conversation, as a Milf player thought a pitch sounded outside. Well, if you can hear an outside pitch, more power to you, cuz I sure cant.

May 21, 2015

Self-Police State

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May 21, 2015


“Hold up, Kaz. We haven’t been coaching all season so why start now?”

“What do you call what you were doing on the mound a couple of days ago?”

“A momentary lapse of reason.”

Gil and Kaz hold their ground while Max “Lefty” Ortiz (probably plays the field without a glove; holy cow, what a paw!) gives True a dressing down. Still waiting for True’s rebuttal to the effect of “If it wasn’t for me your skinny ass would have stayed on jayvee all season.” Some pep talk, Max – Milford didn’t score any more runs in the game. Can you pin all that on True too?

Speaking of skinny, is that supposed to be Max asking true to The Bucket in P3? We’re supposed to believe he’s put on 100 pounds or so since the fall?

If all of this leads to True dropping baseball – and this story arc dropping baseball – I’m all for it. Former pushy busybody sports dad Art Standish has been conspicuously absent from this strip for a long time: you’d have thought he’d be raising hell at his son for jeopardizing his meal ticket.  We’re also overdue for Boo Radley getting the hubris smacked out of her in some fashion.

May 14, 2015

“Self-deprecation.” Look It Up, Gil.

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May 14, 2015


“… he’s a quick study. Good thing, too. I was afraid I was gonna have to coach for more than two panels.”

The devil is in the details today:

– Who knew Kaz had such delicate little feet?

– Three strikes do not make a walk. ;)

– Milford baseball jerseys have the same squared-off neckline that Milford football jerseys do. Anyone know what brand does that? I don’t think it’s Nike – they’ve got that underwire thing going.

– On the other hand Mudlark catching gear doesn’t look quite so modern. I can’t tell if that’s a hockey goalie-style mask propped up on Mike Granger’s head but looks like he’s wearing his soft cap under it, which for catchers I think went away with wool flannel uniforms.

– Beyond Central’s outfield fence lies a forest of car air fresheners.

Next up: Will True also be a quick study of Boo Radley? He probably has Cliffs Notes.

April 29, 2015

Coming Around On The Idea That You’re Only Nervous If You Have Expectations!

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April 29, 2015


Philosophically speaking, I like to think of myself as fairly flexible when it comes to parsing other’s worldviews. That said, I am very intrigued by this idea that you can somehow assuage nervous anxiety by simply purging oneself of ‘expectations’. Perhaps you can. I seriously doubt, however, that this philosophy would get you anywhere in any athletic endeavor beyond children’s soccer.

Then again, I’m not a smart kid nor a quick study. What’s more, it doesn’t look like I’ll be doing any inning at the Ballard anytime soon. So it goes.

April 9, 2015

This Troy wouldn’t mind the pain

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April 9, 2015


Looks like Troy Costello is off to the home of Cheerwine and Food Lion in the not-too-distant future. Wonder if that Troy and Silent John will end up in D-II ball as well. As Pascoe’s not deaf, just voluntarily mute, I don’t imagine it’s Gallaudet that made him an offer. Hard to believe Gil is surprised by these developments. Did he think the Mudlarks won the state championship on his coaching prowess alone?

Withe the sudden transformation of Milford High into a football factory, maybe baseball will turn into an afterthought.

April 7, 2015

I Don’t Have Time For This Today

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April 8, 2015


Sorry folks. There’s too much comedy gold in panel two for me to mine, much less refine, into the smooth adult contemporary comics snark that is all the rage these days to really do the job properly tonight.

Apropos of nothing whatsoever, I’ve had this song in my head the last few days so, in a moment of self indulgence, I will post it to the blog.

March 16, 2015

Maybe Bobby Is Evil…

March 16, 2015


I’ll give Bobby this: he is definitely putting his own spin on being a Milford Idiot. He sure ratcheted up pretty quickly from reluctant pill pusher to actively contemplating homicide (aviacide?) with what may perhaps be among the bluntest of all instruments.

Bonus Points: That is quite a dense burnrow that Kaz is sporting. It almost draws attention away from the fact that he clearly didn’t wear his ‘good’ pearl stud today.

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