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October 24, 2015

I used to be cruel to my woman


Although we’re just two weeks into Welcome Back, Carter I think we’re four games into the season. billytheskink, please check me on this and I’ll edit accordingly:

Oakwood W, 41-30

@ Bastrop W, 14-7

@ Tilden ??? (still not sure if this was why Holly wished Mimi good luck)

@ Jefferson W, “big”

We can rag on Rubin for how he thinks reality show production and current pop culture works, but we can’t say the same about Whigham. The woman in P2 has the universal WTFITS hand gesture down cold.

Pure speculation on my part but I’m guessing what Holly’s “We’re getting better” leaves unsaid is “…so we don’t need to show you, Marty.” Before the love-starved, liquored up and lacquered down Moon tries to get more face time with Holly on and off-camera, he’ll hopefully soon realize Holly’s just playing him for free pub. The combined assault of Team Thorp’s cold shoulders and Marty’s takedowns on WBIG will send Holly and Tricky back to West Hollywood with their tails between their legs.

October 15, 2015

‘Cause I’m a Liar


Holy crap look at those gigantic stairs outside the Milford High teachers lounge! You’d think Kaz, Mimi & co. would have the thighs of speed skaters climbing those bad boys.

Now it’s my understanding that Holly Dobbs left Milford during the second Johnson Administration and Mimi Clover didn’t show up until Jerry Ford was Whipping Inflation Now. How did Mimi develop hard feelings for Holly when their time in Milford didn’t overlap until this fall? Maybe it was all those times Gil called her “Holly” in that bed; good thing the headboard’s padded.

Like a rubbernecker passing a wreck on the highway, Mimi can’t look away from Welcome Back Carter no matter what she says. Here’s hoping Mimi’s rage, fueled by Holly’s crew painting Gil in a bad light, leads to a full-blown catfight at Homecoming. Think of the ratings!

September 17, 2015

Sobering Thoughts, Sort Of

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I guess it’s true what they say about Milford: Once you enter the city limits, you get handed a chunky bracelet or four. Holly Dobbs wastes no time in putting the smarm on Marty, who has probably only received come-hither looks from the St. Pauli Girl over the last four decades. Coffee with salad? Guess Marty wants to be sober for Holly’s come-on, real or perceived.

Back to the gridiron and a reminder why the on-field action will take a back seat to the off-field action this fall. Kaz’s talking chin sums up the season in a nutshell, telling us why the Mudlarks will be lucky to make the playdowns, much less make a run at another state title. All those summer camps taught True passing and eating techniques; did they teach him how to take a sack and protect the ball? If not, the increased picks and constant injuries will make Miami of Ohio look as distant as the NFL to him.

September 10, 2015

Who Knows Where Those Fingers Have Been?


In 1967, Holly Dobbs was played by Sally Field.

In 2015, Holly Dobbs is playing Tony Danza.

Mimi was conspicuously absent all summer. What says we’ll see a lot of her this fall?

September 8, 2015

Bob Roth’s Room (?)

September 8, 2015


It sure would be useful to find out who Bob Roth is. Actually, I just did and it wasn’t that useful. Regardless, after the deadly dull summer plot, I still have hopes that this fall’s plot, with Marty’s drinking and the return (?) of Holly Dobbs, delivers the goods. We’ve already got amateur sleuth Coach Kaz investigating with his sunglasses perched on his head (or do we? what happened between panels two and three?) so I just hope all of this buildup takes us someplace both great and surreal.

September 7, 2015

What About Bob Roth?

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Just time for a quick update on a relaxing Labor Day.

Practice continues as Gil and Kaz reminisce about pads. Could anybody be nostalgic about the pads themselves? They seem bulky, heavy, hot and uncomfortable and, given high school budgets, they are probably stored away in musty sheds all spring and summer with blocking sleds and smell like hell. But what do I know of the romance of jock culture?

Workers have been in Bob Roth’s room all week, but only Kaz has noticed as Gil has still been laying low and taking lots of “lemonade breaks”. Who is Bob Roth? What’s up with his room? Don’t we already have a hanging subplot to develop?

September 5, 2015

These Bros Already Have Awards Named After Them

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Today we’re on to our traditional Mouseketeer Roll Call, which will probably last early into next week. Rubin’s crowning of the Darwin brothers as “Workout Stars” hints that they will come up short in game situations. I’m already anticipating Marty’s calls of “paper champions” as he pumps up his on-air attacks of the Mudlarks’ title defense struggles in an effort to impress some lady. On the other hand we may get treated to a fan club of “Breck’s Girls” in the bleachers and that’d add a nice nostalgic touch.

In P3 a mulleted Kaz leads the boys in their wind-sprint-and-fist-pump drills.

metapost: it was pointed out yesterday by TWIMmer Son of Jack B (are you really?) that the lady mooning over Marty on the flight east from LAX is most likely Holly Dobbs. This 31-year-old SI article notes that Marty “tried to steal Holly Dobbs from Thorp even before Thorp fumbled her away.” (It also notes that at that time “Milford doesn’t even have a team nickname for [Marty] to toss around in his broadcasts.”) In the 1993 Hartford Courant interview with Jack Berrill we learn that Holly, “a Milford English teacher with acting aspirations,” left Milford for a part in a New York play and left in 1967, just as Gil was going to propose. Gil eventually married Mimi Clover in June 1985. Marty’s 2008 mock interview with Gil, published in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the strip, may have teased part of this fall’s arc with this testy exchange:

MM: How about your ex-flame Holly Dobbs? Do you know what she’s up to these days?
GT: I suspect you already know what she’s doing Marty but I haven’t spoken with Holly for years.

I think I’ll need to invest in a copy of Tales from the Bucket if I’m gonna keeping posting here.

July 30, 2015

He Said He Said

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We’re well into Week 2 of True questioning everything about the college football recruiting process to anyone who will listen. Is it some kind of Jedi Mind Trick® designed to put Rodney Curtis & co. off their game, thereby raising True’s stock in the process? Or is it part of an ongoing, fourth wall-breaking Take That to the college sports machine from Neal? (Maybe we should be calling him Mary True.) Rubin certainly knows how to use the Rule of Three in his dialogue.

Well at least we were spared a scene at the Milford CC until July 30. Glad to see proper decorum is being maintained, with Gil and Kaz required to wear long pants on the course. Spares us from having to see Gil’s ankles and feet again.

edit: A non-TWIM commenter saw my reference to “sports machine” earlier and wondered why I didn’t name check George Michael. A short forehead slap later, I offer this bit of nostalgia.

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