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February 24, 2016



I like the split second panel.

I am, however, a bit concerned that when the Jefferson player apparently attempted a bicycle kick on Kenzie, the call was charging. As pointed out by regular commenter Vaganova, Kenzie is the master of the subtle jab as she has administered an eyeball exploding chop to the back of her assailant’s head but wasn’t called for a foul.

Then again, attempted bicycle kick…. you just don’t see too many of those on the hardwood.

February 17, 2016

I Mean, Is Six Foot Rugby Player Really Even A Stereotype?

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So, Ken’s halo yesterday has now coalesced into a small ocular outburst. Or, as we call it around here, Exploding Eyeball Syndrome.  It’s catchy too as Maxwell seems to have a case of it in panel two.

I am somewhat disappointed that we get a ‘hold on’ rather than an ‘ease up’ out of (possibly, probably) Bobby Howry. I don’t think we’ve seen much of Bobby dissin’ Kenzie (that I believe was mostly coming from some guy named Tracy) and Ken had previously been shown to be sympathetic, so I suppose this is a sincere, if goofy, gesture by Bobby.

Negative Bonus Points: Did we really need two panels of Ken asking seriously?

February 6, 2016



Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you

Okay, everyone who thought Kenzie blew Maxwell off earlier because she wasn’t interested in going out with guys, raise your hands. Now put them down – you look silly. Turns out Kenzie’s formidable size and feats of muscularity have been intimidating not only her rugby and basketball opponents but also potential dates. I expect we’ll hear more about this next week, so let’s get cozy at the Coffee Cantina and order another round.

From the Tiny Details Dept.: chunky-braceleted person with that ’70’s hair toasts the awkward couple while tablet reader in plaid needs to get his eyes checked. Not sure what the poster above Kenzie’s right hand in P3 is about: the CC getting into the branded beverages biz perhaps?

Musical selection inspired by today’s strip:

(bet y’all thought I’d post the R.E.M. cover, dint’ja?)


February 1, 2016

Hope You Like Your Bacon Crispy!

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In case you needed to be reminded, Maxwell Bacon had proffered an invitation to Kenzie Hanley to go out on a date. The first time around, it was witnessed by a rack of basketballs. Now, the second time around, we know for sure that it happened because it caused Kenzie’s eyeball to explode, whereupon she dropped the basketball and made an awkward exit. Ouch! I like to pretend that Kenzie also did one of those awkward exits where she tried to pull on the door instead of push or pushed furiously on the top of the door and not down where you need to push to unlatch it, all the while muttering and nervously smiling at dumbfounded Bacon.

The simplest explanation is that Kenzie was caught off guard and not comfortable with dating and/or just not that into Bacon. We don’t actually have time for anything more complicated, do we?


January 16, 2016

Kenzie Lays the Smack! Down



It’s Clash of the Titans under the Milford rafters as Cherry Creek’s chippy #45 throws a hip check into Kenzie “The Big Unit” Hanley.* Scoreboard malfunction in P2? Score’s not gonna matter for much longer once the elbows start flying. Thursday’s observation by billytheskink is spot on, as an elbow to the midsection causes Exploding Eye Syndrome. What kind of weird streak is that along #45’s jawline? I’m hard pressed to figure out where that motion begins and ends.

Finally, Kenzie Hulks out, flexes her delts and jams the heel of her hand into #45’s funny bone. It’s about to get real in the paint: tune in on Monday when we see if this turns into an out-and-out brawl.



* Randy Johnson was who first came to mind when I saw Kenzie’s #51, although with her style of play maybe the 51 is meant to pay homage to Dick Butkus?

January 15, 2016

This means war

Just a list of issues today so lets get started – P1 has an obvious cheap shot by Jadine in retaliation for the previous shenanigans, but its described in P2. I dont know what the big deal is about having to lead all the time; many talented teams will coast through most of a game and then step on it when they need to later to get the win. So who cares what the current margin is; these games take a week to play anyway.  Why would retaliating necessarily spur a rally? You beat other teams by rebounding and playing defense. The offense will come as a result of these 2 actions. Stop the other team from scoring and you’ll have to score less. Control  the boards and you’ll minimize their opportunities and push the ball to your end for better shots.  So simple.

P2 has a technical foul shot at what looks like either midcourt or the 3-point line. The Milford player is ok where she is, but whats the other player doing with her arm? So the court drawing is a mess. Then P3 has Kenzies neighbor covering her eyes and the other one taking a siesta with her hands behind her head.  Nice coaching discipline Mimi. We’ll see how Kenzie does in her debut but if things get ugly I wont be shocked.

January 14, 2016

Do the 45


Cherry Creek’s chippy play continues unabated (at least for now) and exposes the woodenness of the Lady Mudlarks’ power forward. It’s only a matter of moments before Mimi releases the Kenzie. Will young Tricky Dick the zebra (and he’s more Tricky Dick than Alan Mayne ever was) let her play too?

Sparse crowd for the Milford girls’ home opener. Where’s Ken Brown & co.? Cameo today by Sign Man Person who expresses his appreciation for motor racing legend Vic Elford.

Musical inspiration for today’s post title:

December 22, 2015

Actual Basketball?


Nice artwork and narration today. I confess that I am intrigued.

Pointless but potentially related story: Some years ago, on a flight to (or possibly from) Dallas, I was seated next to a woman who skillfully defeated my attempts not to engage in a conversation with her during our brief acquaintance.  As a result of this reversal, I came to learn quite a bit about this person’s life and what she thought about it. Among other things, her daughter had once been a scholarship basketball player at Baylor. However, the daughter left the program and the school because she felt her coaches and teammates put too much pressure on her to practice basketball at the expense of her studies. The woman particularly noted how happy she was for her daughter who was now (or at least as of the time this was related to me) pursuing a graduate degree in economics at a prestigious far-from-Texas university.

Pointless but potentially the reason I’m really intrigued to see where this arc goes fact: My own daughter is projected to grow to be just north of six feet tall. I don’t know that I would ever push her towards basketball (although the lure of that sweet, sweet athletic scholarship money which surely doesn’t come with strings attached is tempting), but I will be one proud papa if she can go out there and just knock fools out like it ain’t even a thing and then yank them back up off the ground one handed. Kenzie is hardly even using her legs to lift!


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