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February 1, 2017

They Like Him In His Own Weird Way


It’s good to see that Mike and Ken are back on the case! I couldn’t recall AaAa’s apple gag so I looked it up. The relevant strips were essentially a pre-hash of the story in today’s strip. I’m not entirely clear how serial apple larceny is an endearing quirk, but a lot of things about Milford similarly elude me. That said, going over the point a second time does little to move the plot along.

Indeed, it makes me wonder if perhaps we are in for a refresher on how Molly is ostensibly the name of some girl from Tilden and almost certainly not the street name of one of the many esoteric chemicals Quadruple A takes during his all night raves.

January 31, 2017

He Blows Like He Doesn’t Care

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That is stone cold, narration box. Our man quadruple A is just one member of the team who had an off night. Pretty sure the rest of the team has to take responsibility for their contributions to the outcome.

What oh what can possibly be written on AaAa’s t-shirt? I’m sure our commenters can come up with a few ideas.

Hey, what the heck happened in panel three? I thought Ken and Mike were our dynamic drug busting duo. I would really like to see the reference photo for the guy on the right’s hand. That meathook makes Chuck Bednarik look like a hand model.

January 26, 2017

Too Much Aaron and Not Enough Mom


After four excruciating days of exposition that Aaron Aagard’s girlfriend (and not his drug of choice) is named Molly, and after Gil has thrown Ken “Encyclopedia” Brown and Mike “I Don’t Have a Catchy Sleuthy Nickname” Granger off Aaron’s scent, and after Gil has had an extended expositional chat in the risers with Aaron, we’re now being led down the path of assuming that Aaron’s inconsistent on-court performance has something to do with his mom.

So now it’s our turn to engage in rampant speculation. Is Mother Aagard under house arrest for some criminal activity of her own? Doubtful; that son-of-a-judge Ken Brown would’ve already known about it. Agoraphobic? Possibly, but  Aaron’s “…why you don’t come to more games” implies that she comes to some games. (Not as many as Milford’s infamous Sign Man; if we could read that Woodstock scribble of his, maybe that would give us a clue.) Bad hair day? Also possible; check out those roots on Mom. Break out the Preference by L’Oréal, girlfriend!

We do know that Mother Aagard has to work late sometimes, so that’s a plausible excuse. As some TWIMers have speculated, it could be that she suffers from some sort of drug-related problem; with all the talk of drugs in this arc leading us nowhere thus far, they have to be somebody’s Chekov’s gun. I’m sure Aaron will explain all as soon as Gil banishes him to the bench tomorrow. Talk amongst yourselves.

Musical inspiration for today’s post title:

Did I do this right? I’m kinda rusty at this blog posting.

January 18, 2017

Right Hand Dominant

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Gosh, but Mike and Ken make quite the couple in panel one.

Meanwhile, as predicted by nearly everyone paying attention,* Molly, at least in this one particular instance, refers to Holly Dobbs‘ illegitimate daughter, Molly O’Herlihy.

Hey, how long of a pause do you think AaAa’s ellipse is supposed to indicate? I think seeing Gil put the same move on AaAa’s girlfriend that he just used to emasculate the Tilden coach would make me pause for a bit too.

* No slight to whoever called it first, I’m just too lazy to look it up.


January 11, 2017

Forensic Stat Sheet Analysis?

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Not much to say about today’s strip other than that, as someone who has been known to have a messy desk, I am truly in awe of the multiple stacks of paper taller than Gil’s coffe mug on his desk. No wonder he doesn’t have time to coach with that much paperwork.

January 4, 2017

Most Drug Dealers Appreciate Hearing Why Their Customers Need To Get High…

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Is customer the right word? Client? Buyer? User? Junkie? It’s a little too early to try and sort this one out.

If I had more time I would sort out Mike and Ken’s itinerary over the last few days, but I don’t so I leave it as an exercise to the redoubtable TWIM commentariat.

January 3, 2017

But Of Course!


Taken out of context, today’s strip would present the unacquainted reader with a nonsensical succession of words. Even with context, today’s strip is a little jumpy. Are we on the verge of an antic, manic madcap jaunt through the world of underage raving as only Gil Thorp can capture it?


November 3, 2016

Milford 26, Goshen 10, Suspension of Disbelief 36


Two games in four days and we saw what, one play?

Something tells me unamused eavesdropping blonde with the blunt cut is going to blow H.E. Burns’ cover to Marty or Marjie. Something else tells me she’s probably a soccer-playing mean girl with a personal axe to grind and a desire to see the nail sticking up hammered down.

Very short post today as a very long work day ahead and no, I did not stay up for the end of the World Series. Congrats to all you long-suffering Cub fans out there and, as to you long-suffering Tribe fans out there, I feel your pain. Here’s hoping for a Mariners-Nationals World Series next year.

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