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April 28, 2016

BFFs, not FWBs

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I could speculate all morning on what led to Boo Radley’s declaration in P1 but in the interest of (my) time I’m sticking with “True’s moving to North Carolina this summer and I’m not.” Also not sure where the “preppie” tag comes from; that subculture has practically died out, and I don’t recall seeing True sporting Vineyard Vines’ little whale, among other telltales. I mean, even Brooks Brothers did away with its boxy traditional fit dress shirts and now offer cuts in trim, skinny, super skinny and “I wear girls’ jeans.” (Sure they still show “Traditional Fit” but try ordering one.) Maybe if I looked at the color version of the strip I’d see his pants were pink Breton red with little nautical flags on them.

Then it’s off to the bleachers where Gil gives Marty the full Mouseketeer Roll Call. True, Lalonde, and Granger are returning from last season. Don’t have time to Google the rest (have at it, TWIMers) but we know Ken Brown makes things happen and Bobby Mitchell integrated that NFL team than now often remains nameless.

Also not gonna speculate on what kind of smartphone Marty’s using to record Gil but – holy crap does Marty have a huge thumb! Props to him for stepping up from the old Dictaphone, even if it isn’t as stealthy as Marjie’s invisible recording device from last year.

April 21, 2016

“Car Trouble,” Seriously?

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Mother Bader could be Granny Bader for all we know; those perfectly round eyeglass frames and her suddenly narrowed features throw off a serious Al-Jo Ames Irene Ryan vibe.

Love how she whips out the “car trouble” card on the fly, the way folks used to throw out “female trouble” when a woman was in the hospital for, oh, say, a hysterectomy. Impoundment is a form of car trouble so credit for that.

Meanwhile tonsured little Master Bader obliviously shovels dinner into his face, unaware that dad Del will soon be either out of a job or peddling industrial solvents while pedaling and getting called “Dewey.” Could coaching Milford baseball as community service be in his future as well?

April 20, 2016

There’s No Good Answer To That Question

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There’s also not a whole lot of movement in the plot today: Del’s still pulled over, Barry’s still hungry… I presume that is Mrs. Bader proffering scalding hot muffins for dinner straight out of the oven.

Have at it in the comments.

April 16, 2016

Don’t Sell Industrial Solvents and Drive


From where I sit this morning the first two panels are throwaways. A catcher who can talk out of her crotch removes the need to cover her face while on trips to the mound (insert your own “reading lips” jokes here). Freak hands are always freak hands and Whigrub wastes a (small) panel on them.

No, the foreshadowing of P3 is what it’s all about today. Del the Industrial Solvents Salesman finally tells us his reason to be in Milford: He’s from there! He might be the parent of some as yet unnamed Mudlark. My greater fear is that Joe’s plied him with enough industrial-strength cocktails to cause vehicular mayhem. Will Del kill or maim a Mudlark player or, worse still, a recurring character? Will the Foley Law Firm be called in to defend or prosecute? Will Gil Thorp turn into Funky Winkerbean before we know it? I’m not sure I could handle that.

April 9, 2016

Nobody Puts Bacon in a Locker


Well color me surprised. This feels less like an end to an arc and more like a “to be continued…” As the trees in Milford begin to bud, will we see these two again anytime soon? Will Kenzie make the Lady Mudlarks softball team, or will USA Rugby come calling for her? Will Maxwell Bacon be put into storage again until next December? Your guess is as good as mine, but at least we know Maxwell will be no Jamar Gaddis.

Exit our winter Milford power couple, stage right, into the yawning void of a Milford High hallway. Ducka you head!

April 4, 2016

What Whistle?

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What is there to say? Reverse image basket, celebrating freaks, whistle-less ref doing the hand jive.

Face it. It’s over. Kenzie will never be heard from again.



March 29, 2016

Playdowns? Playdowns!


I am struggling to understand what is going on in panel one. Part of me wants to recast it as some kind of Mexican standoff… but, nowadays, I can’t decide who’d be the Good or the Bad. Marty is obviously the Ugly.

Turning that dubious conundrum aside, I’ll be curious as to which Parkland they’re playing. Regardless, it seems obvious what is coming next. Kenzie laying the smack down as only she can.


March 17, 2016

Hi, Giant Snowman!

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Let’s jump past panel one where, between the guy who was trying to rough somebody up is complaining about someone being roughed up and having to wonder where they found that proportionately large carrot for the snowman’s nose, there is too much to ponder.*

No, for me today’s strip gets back to what it’s all about: Gil and Mimi are terrible high school coaches. Gil is barely able to register what Max is talking about as he stuporously sorts through his novelty oversized OTB betting slips looking for a winner while Mimi yuks it up as Kenzie relates her tale of Assault and Counter Battery.

* Does that guy go to Jeff Cory’s med school?

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