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November 27, 2015

And By the Way, It’s “Mr. Standish” to You


Show of (freak) hands: How many of you dear readers thought True would interact more with Coach Mimi Thorp than Coach Gil Thorp during football season? Yeah, me neither. Then again, with that monster finger on that polydactyl throwing hand, word gets around.

Speaking of word getting around, True’s becoming The Wesley doesn’t mean he’s not above spreading lies if it means removing obstacles to his organization’s success. Pussyfooting around on the recruiting trail and getting sabotaged by Gil’s draconian disciplinary methods may have hurt True’s playing future, but he’s showing true(!) executive potential right here.

Will #toogoodtobetrue be the catalyst for getting the plug pulled on Welcome Back, Carter? Let’s hope so; I’m ready for this season of squandered opportunities to be over. For now though I’m hoping Holly whips around and wings that eraser (at least I think that’s what it is; one for the Pantheon?) at Mimi’s head tomorrow.

November 24, 2015

Tuning Out


Sorry about the post.Is this a window into the darker side of True showing that he has learned the deadly art of corporate infighting and skullduggery from Art? Who cares? I don’t.

November 23, 2015

TV People Are The Worst

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So, our suspicions are confirmed. Gil Thorp’s moral outrage has been sub-contracted out to True. It’s all coming down to a Pissy Face-Off between Dory and True. True’s gonna show Dory how awful those TV people really are! (So that means minimal football, I guess.)

November 10, 2015

Who Cares?

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Bonus Points only edition today:

Gil, buddy, you don’t answer slander with assault. Especially not while the camera is still running and they’ve already shown that they know how to edit footage…

I love the floor to ceiling windows!

Maybe not as much as I love Holly’s jazz hands.  With moves like that, it’s no wonder she was able to briefly burst out of this tank town even if only to return while slumming on a forgettable reality show.

I hope Alan’s suit is back from the cleaners because otherwise that thing has gotta reek.

Lots of bobbling heads today, but Alan’s new underbite and not so new mullet really complete his look.

November 9, 2015

SONT The One And Onlt

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What’s this?! Chicanery in the reality television realm? As teenchy already pointed out in the previous post, the producers of Welcome Back Carter have been so obvious with their creative editing that even a bleary eyed Gil could spot the deception. Yes, Gil, it was a different sweatshirt (and also you had a collared shirt underneath that disappeared altogether, but you were just roused from sleep and put on the spot by pissy Mimi, so we’ll let it slide.)

So that mystery was quickly solved. Okay, now, who’s hand is that between Gil and Mimi and how is Mimi managing to control the DVR with the garage door opener?

November 7, 2015

Nice Bedhead, Gil


For a second there I thought a bored, jealous Mimi had bedded Jarrod Hale but the lack of freckles tipped me off that it’s ol’ Gildo she’s rousing out of the sack. Hasn’t Mimi already hipped to the fact that the Welcome Back, Carter crew was editing words out of context? Guess it didn’t matter so much when Gil appeared to be ripping his team as it does when he appears to be chatting up his ex. Nothing to see here, really…

… or is there? Let’s revisit yesterday’s strip:


Note Gil has a collared shirt on under his sweatshirt when he told Holly “No!” but on screen the undershirt has mysteriously disappeared. Now where did Gil leave it?

Coming Monday: Mimi pays a surprise visit to the WDIG studios wearing nothing a but an overcoat and brandishing a bottle of Popov Vodka.

November 5, 2015

Am I the Same Girl? No, Not Really

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I’m not tagging this “actual action” but hey look, some actual parts of athletes are on display today. Linemen these days all wear gloves but accessorizing with chunky bracelets is the Milford Way. Back in my day, we linemen accessorized with rubber forearm pads that were the color of Band-Aids (maybe ’cause they were made by the makers of Band-Aids). I also tried a foam rubber neck roll but Coach made me stop because I didn’t really have that much of a neck to roll. I’d better stop talking about old school football gear before I really date myself.

Know who else is dating themselves? Holly Dobbs. Between the Swing Out Sister ‘do, the ’70s-referencing reality show title, and the talk – however insincere – of old romances Holly gives off a strong vibe of living in the past. The only past Gil’s living in is last year. With all these distractions and no O-line to speak of his team’s gonna be lucky to make the playdowns much less advance in them.

Give ol’ Gil credit though, he’s still not buying into Holly’s game. Especially not when he can smell the stench of well brand hooch and Marty’s despair on Holly’s meathook.

November 3, 2015

Banal Attraction


We’re still doing this thing, folks. It is, in its own fashion, moving full speed ahead.

Whose right hand is that in panel one? Holly’s? Marty’s? E.T.’s?

Google cannot seem to tell me who Trish Spanos is so I will assume she is a FOW (friend of Whigrub).  Let’s be real here, though.  Panel two’s entire purpose is to let us know that True and Trish have the same initials. Kismet?  Perhaps.

Closing things off in panel three, what is that object partially occluded by True’s speech bubble?  Is it the book he was holding in panel two? A chair in the middle of the hallway?

Obviously a lot of questions today from a strip in which not a whole lot actually happened. Hopefully our devoted little community here can shed some light.

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