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July 6, 2015

Monday Morning Psychologist

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About a month ago, Boo helped True make some kind of breakthrough in understanding his own self-sabotaging behavior on the pitching mound. It appears now that True is trying to return the favor by leading Boo through some sort of introspective analysis of her own behavior. These little talk therapy sessions have to take place in a three panel daily comic strip about high school sports, so they tend to be shallow exercises in deconstructing the strip’s cardboard cutout characters. They also free up the Thorps to start mixing up lemonade and commence to front porch canoodling which should begin in 3, 2, 1….

I admire the way True parallel parked his Buick LeSabre in the cramped space of Panel 2.

July 4, 2015

Will Boo Resist Learning?

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Nothing like a romantic trip to Milford Auto Karts Parts to patch up a relationship set of tires.

Baseball’s over, so it’s time for this relationship to be over. Rubin’s spent three story arcs developing True’s character and only a small portion of one on Boo’s so he knows which side of the toast he’s buttered. A pity, as many of us TWIMers had been hoping to see a more fleshed-out female character in this strip.

The swift breakup will no doubt begin with True going off on Boo’s self-absorption and tendency towards violence. Wonder if he’ll start his lecture by telling her to hold her head high, keep those fists down, and try fighting with her head for a change.

July 2, 2015

The Guy Covering Second Is Melting!


(Alternate title: “Hurry Up and Lose Already! Part 3“)

Well since the summer of 2015 is already over a week old and his mom’s garbage won’t take itself out, Marty’s really behind the eight ball. His APBA simulation of Milford baseball would’ve gone a bit faster if he hadn’t trotted out those baseball player cake toppers he’s kept since his ninth birthday party. Oh, and here’s a picture of Jim Joyce he cut out to add more realism. Maybe he can screw up the game for the Mudlarks the way he did for Armando Galarraga.

His middle infielder was placed too close to one of his birthday candles and started melting below the waist. No probs, just gives Marty a backstory for how Milford will throw the game away and miss the playdowns. Hey, Gil’s still basking in the glow of that state football championship; we can’t have any more success going to his head!

June 27, 2015

Pranking Bad


Saturday’s cliffhanger:  Have the Central City Cretins trashed Boo’s Compass and/or are they merely waiting on/by it to accost her?

June 13, 2015

Half-smart? Half-cute? Half-cocked

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June 13, 2015


You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but… nothing says “I care” like picking your soon-to-be-boyfriend’s nose. Or maybe the Milford High Booster Club is having True Standish bobbleheads made and Boo’s testing out the prototype. Other random thoughts:

Is Boo wearing one of Herk the Mauler’s old championship belts? It draws the gaze to her crotchal region which, along with True’s, is drawn in Luann-like queasy-making erotic fashion. Plus True’s got a flat butt.

Milford’s got tree guards? I didn’t realize the streets were so mean there.

Finally, True’s “grumpy softball player” dig at Boo opens the gate for switching roles and doing a bit of psychoanalysis on Boo next week. We’ll see if Rubin takes a swing at giving her greater depth of character, or if she remains a bit player in The Truman Show.

June 11, 2015

Now this band’s gonna play from 9 to 1

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June 11, 2015


Gil’s approach to coaching True on the mound borders on the schizophrenic. It’s like both he and True know football is his meal ticket, but he can’t help but plant the seed in True’s head that he could make something of himself in baseball. Why didn’t he just stick him in right field and be done with it?

Turns out Gil’s offering the same advice as a flighty, manipulative high school girl. I’ve got a feeling Boo’s just found her co-conspirator to go to the Mystic Pranks show. Bet she can show True how to mess around.

June 9, 2015

You Know Boo’s Doing An Improv Bit Out There, Right?

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June 9, 2015


While True reeks out there and keeps missing the plate, I can’t stop fixating upon Boo’s posture in panel one. I know there’s probably some trick of perspective I’m not appreciating, but her foreshortened feet and kneeless legs only heighten the uncanniness of her pose.

May 21, 2015

Self-Police State

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May 21, 2015


“Hold up, Kaz. We haven’t been coaching all season so why start now?”

“What do you call what you were doing on the mound a couple of days ago?”

“A momentary lapse of reason.”

Gil and Kaz hold their ground while Max “Lefty” Ortiz (probably plays the field without a glove; holy cow, what a paw!) gives True a dressing down. Still waiting for True’s rebuttal to the effect of “If it wasn’t for me your skinny ass would have stayed on jayvee all season.” Some pep talk, Max – Milford didn’t score any more runs in the game. Can you pin all that on True too?

Speaking of skinny, is that supposed to be Max asking true to The Bucket in P3? We’re supposed to believe he’s put on 100 pounds or so since the fall?

If all of this leads to True dropping baseball – and this story arc dropping baseball – I’m all for it. Former pushy busybody sports dad Art Standish has been conspicuously absent from this strip for a long time: you’d have thought he’d be raising hell at his son for jeopardizing his meal ticket.  We’re also overdue for Boo Radley getting the hubris smacked out of her in some fashion.

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