This Week in Milford

March 30, 2015

He Hurt Max

March 31, 2015


The denouement continues apace here as Gil has probably hit peak-sermon.

Do you suppose Mr. and Ms. Howry just got up and started walking out of the office mid-rant and Gil followed after them not willing to spare them conclusion of his jeremiad against rogue student basketball managers? Their body language certainly doesn’t suggest that they are really wanting the conversation to go on any longer.

Thank goodness for panel three to lighten things up. That is just all kinds of Marty panel goodness. I must leave it to our commenters to do it justice.

March 26, 2015

Big Hands, I Know You’re the One

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March 26, 2015


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Coach… but maybe I can choke it out of you.” P1 has to be one of the visually greatest single panels I’ve seen since I became a TWIM contributor. Definitely worthy of “Random Amusing Panel O’ the Moment.” It was all I could do to not make a Wayne Brady reference in the post title.

Seriously, though, has Whigham been drawing Bobby’s hands bigger with each passing strip? Are they meant as a visual allegory for his expanding ego? His is not the only freak hand we see today as Max whips out the classic Milfordian pointer finger in P3.

Max makes the only accurate statement in today’s strip: Bobby is indeed an idiot. In so doing he proves himself to be an even bigger idiot. Thankfully we’ll have seen the last of these two characters in, oh say, a week or so. Still it might be fun to revisit them in a couple of years to see what kind of bitter outcasts they’ve become at Milford High, or if they’ve transferred to St. Fabian’s out of pure shame.

March 24, 2015

Something Odd Going On

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March 25, 2015


Wow, is this house of cards ever collapsing quickly…

I am not sure if panel two is supposed to be a flashback but, if it is, I do enjoy that Gil sees himself in the background of his own reminiscence. Give credit where it’s due (or not), as they didn’t just crop the corners of the previous panel depicting that scene.

Panel three is astounding as we are shown a bobbling head, yet no exploding eyeballs. What is this, Apartment 3-G? Oh well. So much for the criminal career of Bobby ‘The Brain’ Howry, whose tepid bragging to Leisl has now managed to upend his own apple cart.


March 24, 2015


Whaddawe got today? Max just looks so cute when he gets all frowny faced after learning that he won’t be able to get ‘high’ or ‘buzzed’ or whatever the kids call it today. Cheer up, Max! You can still get a natural high from humiliating your opponent…

Or maybe not… I assume that we are seeing the Valley conference equivalent of Teddy Valentine who of course is more interesting to depict than the actual players.

Meanwhile, Mimi – can we be sure that’s Mimi? Yes, we almost certainly can – has managed to crack the case of The Milford Connection by overhearing some idle chatter as the Lady Mudlark’s asynchronous stretching team gets some practice in.

March 18, 2015

Bacon Goes Cold (Turkey)


Panel One: Yep, Max is doubling down on the mono-focus deal… and it’s working about as well as could be expected.

Panel Two: Not sure just how shocking this is supposed to be. I’m going to guess ‘not very shocking’ and assume that Leisl’s eyeball is exploding because she can’t believe Bobby is still talking to her about it. Further to this point, I went back into the archives just to make sure and it was never established that Bobby is Leisl’s lab partner (good thing too as she’s the only one ever depicted doing labwork).

Panel Three: And, in a special edition of Max Bacon: The Junkie Jock’s Journey, the education of Max continues as he learns that it might not be the swiftest of ideas to casually insult your sole supply of illicit prescription drugs. Also, to borrow a joke from one of our commenters, we see Max sporting the ‘table saw accident’ look with his left ring finger. You don’t suppose he got mouthy with his bookie too?

March 16, 2015

Maybe Bobby Is Evil…

March 16, 2015


I’ll give Bobby this: he is definitely putting his own spin on being a Milford Idiot. He sure ratcheted up pretty quickly from reluctant pill pusher to actively contemplating homicide (aviacide?) with what may perhaps be among the bluntest of all instruments.

Bonus Points: That is quite a dense burnrow that Kaz is sporting. It almost draws attention away from the fact that he clearly didn’t wear his ‘good’ pearl stud today.

March 12, 2015

Easy “E”

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March 12, 2015


Today’s strip is chock full o’ awkward – from Bobby’s admission to Theo in P1 to his attempt to memorialize the late Leonard Nimoy in P2 to his run-on request in P3. It elicits a double head bobble from Lysol; will she find it cute and endearing or creepy and annoying? A thin line runs between ‘em, ya know. Either way it’s too late to ignore him, much as Laptop Guy has (who knows? He could be blogging this too for all we know).

QotD: What does the “E” on Bobby’s sweater in P1 stand for?

edit: Apparently this is my 100th TWIM post? Who knew? WordPress did. Have a cuppa on me.

March 11, 2015

Do The Jerk

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March 11, 2015


There is so much to unpack here and so little time for me to do so while I have to keep doing the real work. Therefore, apropos of nothing else, here you go:

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