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May 23, 2016

Selansky’s Doesn’t Have A Floor Show?

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We’re back to the one panel of sports and two panels of Del Bader format. In our ‘sports’ panel, one of Tilden’s girls swings wildly with her eyes closed, but at least she is attired in a softball uniform. On to Del’s Dinner meeting…

Del’s client won’t need his usual order this quarter! Oh no! Del freaks out a little bit. His face contorts into a Ted Cruz face, or even worse, a Ted Cruz face that suddenly wants four Moscow Mules. Oh, he’s doubling his order. The client needs twice the usual amount of industrial solvents this quarter! Things are booming at Amalgamated Industries. This calls for a celebration. What’ll you have, Del?

May 21, 2016

It Ain’t Named for Emperor Haile Selasky

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So Barry Bader’s potato-nosed, freckle-faced clone is Pete deWindt? What are they, like The Boys from Brazil or something?

As for Miss Talking Banana Fingers and the rest of her teammates, don’t they know that they’re violating the unwritten rules of softball by not only talking about a no-hitter in progress but by interacting with the pitcher who’s throwing it? And what’s up with the Lady Mudlarks wearing the basketball team’s uniforms? They didn’t have to do that last season. Did Mimi raid the till to fund her wine habit?

I wonder whose car Del Bader is driving to Selasky’s Supper Club (named for Rubin’s pal, the food writer for the Detroit Free Press). Wasn’t his impounded? From the sign, it looks like Selasky’s might double as a Subaru dealership but that logo on the horn pad looks like Nissan’s hamburger. Why the heck would Del bring up his pending DUI conviction to a client at all? He should just say “No drinks tonight, thanks, doctor’s orders” and leave it at that. I sense the elder Bader entering a Willy Lomanesque death spiral in the not-too-distant future.

May 18, 2016

This Season’s Arc Resolved Rather Quickly


Wow, let’s briefly summarize the surprisingly abrupt conclusion of this plotline. Kaz does the only actual coaching by telling Barry to shut up once and for all, while Gil teaches us a lesson we all should know: when life is stressful and you just need to drink four bottles of rotgut wine to forget about your trainwreck of a career, get blotto at home!

Too bad we never got to see the trial (or maybe we did!)


May 9, 2016

Best Friends Forever

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It’s Monday morning and we’re still grinding through this conversation between True and his buddy, Pete, defining True’s relationship with Boo. To sum this up, True and Boo have arrived at a mature decision to not be romantically entangled given their divergent time tables and higher education trajectories. Guys like Pete here have a hard time grasping the utility of this approach, but I think if we give True’s Socratic method another week or two’s worth of panel space, he can grasp it.

I find True’s statement “Boo wants someplace big” odd. She just wants to go to a “big” school? Strange criteria. Maybe we can see her explaining this to Leisl when True and Pete are done with their walk and talk.


May 4, 2016

Maybe Get A Second Opinion?


“Sure, I could try to bargain with the DA, but what would be the point? Plus, then I might miss my tee time.”

Panel three: At first, I thought that was a baseball cap in the foreground, but on second glance, now I’m thinking Milford branded chair.

April 28, 2016

BFFs, not FWBs

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I could speculate all morning on what led to Boo Radley’s declaration in P1 but in the interest of (my) time I’m sticking with “True’s moving to North Carolina this summer and I’m not.” Also not sure where the “preppie” tag comes from; that subculture has practically died out, and I don’t recall seeing True sporting Vineyard Vines’ little whale, among other telltales. I mean, even Brooks Brothers did away with its boxy traditional fit dress shirts and now offer cuts in trim, skinny, super skinny and “I wear girls’ jeans.” (Sure they still show “Traditional Fit” but try ordering one.) Maybe if I looked at the color version of the strip I’d see his pants were pink Breton red with little nautical flags on them.

Then it’s off to the bleachers where Gil gives Marty the full Mouseketeer Roll Call. True, Lalonde, and Granger are returning from last season. Don’t have time to Google the rest (have at it, TWIMers) but we know Ken Brown makes things happen and Bobby Mitchell integrated that NFL team than now often remains nameless.

Also not gonna speculate on what kind of smartphone Marty’s using to record Gil but – holy crap does Marty have a huge thumb! Props to him for stepping up from the old Dictaphone, even if it isn’t as stealthy as Marjie’s invisible recording device from last year.

April 21, 2016

“Car Trouble,” Seriously?

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Mother Bader could be Granny Bader for all we know; those perfectly round eyeglass frames and her suddenly narrowed features throw off a serious Al-Jo Ames Irene Ryan vibe.

Love how she whips out the “car trouble” card on the fly, the way folks used to throw out “female trouble” when a woman was in the hospital for, oh, say, a hysterectomy. Impoundment is a form of car trouble so credit for that.

Meanwhile tonsured little Master Bader obliviously shovels dinner into his face, unaware that dad Del will soon be either out of a job or peddling industrial solvents while pedaling and getting called “Dewey.” Could coaching Milford baseball as community service be in his future as well?

April 20, 2016

There’s No Good Answer To That Question

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There’s also not a whole lot of movement in the plot today: Del’s still pulled over, Barry’s still hungry… I presume that is Mrs. Bader proffering scalding hot muffins for dinner straight out of the oven.

Have at it in the comments.

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