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February 9, 2016

Pulling The Post Title From The Dialogue Might Be a Little Too Easy Today

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Yeah, panel one might just almost sum up writing this blog. A few folks think it’s cool, but you’re never going to see them because it all takes place online. Also, the writing of the posts often occurs around the time, or immediately thereafter, of coffee making.  Wheels within wheels, my friends.

Not much else to say about panels two and three other than that Max really needs to work on his (romantic) game.


February 8, 2016

The Coffee Cantina Is Hiring

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Kenzie and Maxwell enjoy a hot cup o’ joe at the Coffee Cantina (“Hey you, with the shopping bag, we’re hiring! Wanna pour coffee for money?”) and Kenzie is laying her after school special narrative, non-dating life.

February 2, 2016

Still Undetermined


Wait, is that actually ersatz illicit pill pusher Bobby Howry?

What happened to Maxwell’s t-shirt in panel two?

When Maxwell taught Kenzie the forgotten art of underhand freethrow shooting, did she in turn unwittingly teach him to commit fouls?


January 30, 2016

Silly Is Never a Concern. Scrawny Might Be.


Great historical clip of Wilt Chamberlain’s free throw woes from Rob yesterday. Loved seeing those old Phila Warriors and early Sixers uniforms and the shots of Convention Hall.

Looks like Max Bacon wants to find out if Kenzie will emulate Wilt in other ways. You didn’t think he was showing her those YouTube clips for nothing, didja? When it comes to getting coached at Milford High, you get what you pay for – and you don’t pay the Coaches Thorp. Max’s silhouette in P3? Not too phallic, Whigham. [insert obligatory “tie a board to your butt” joke here]


January 27, 2016

Hack A Kenzie?

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Kenzie banks in her first few buckets? Given that and that she’s been shown to be a fierce rebounder, it’s clear that she’s been wasting her time with this rugby foolishness. She’s unstoppable.

Bonus points: The ref is an elf!

That is a heck of an arc for the ball to be traveling. It actually appears to be curving back to Kenzie. Too much English on the ball, I’m guessing!

January 21, 2016

Not Creepy, Not Creepy At All


Okay who called this – Kenzie and Max(well) Bacon becoming a couple this winter? Or, if not a couple, stalker and stalkee? Me, I’m not ready to brand them an item just yet, but if Max likes Kenzie’s in-your-face style of play then her getting all up in his grill might be lighting his fire. As for Kenzie liking Max’s style of play, Mimi probably told her to watch him too when she’s not watching Ken Brown or Rugby’s Biggest Hits.

metapost: From where I sit I’m squarely in the path of this weekend’s predicted Snowpocalypse. If it’s not entirely hype then there’s a good chance I’ll be under well over a foot of snow and, possibly, without power if the wind gusts are as high as predicted and and our crappy power lines crap out as usual (they’ve done so is less severe storms). Long story short, I’d like to ask one of my fellow bloggers to cover for me on Saturday, even if the storm doesn’t turn out to be as severe as predicted. Thanks.

January 20, 2016

I need a hero

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And with order restored by Kenzie the policewoman, Jadine goes to town on an afraid #45, who is now playing defense the traditional way, with hands up, no body contact. The way you play when you have 4 fouls and cant afford a 5th. That way the ref can only call offensive fouls or charging. At least we didnt have a brawl on opening night. The happy Larks hug it out and a stray finger points skyward announcing ‘we’re number 1!’ Hey girls, one game here, lets not get too excited. You’re only about 6 weeks behind the rest of America. Who knows what the girl in the lower corner is looking at.  Guys, if Hanley pushing an opponent and then talking her into behaving is the greatest thing you’ve ever seen, well, I feel sorry for ya. Wait’ll she scores a basket or something.  You’ll feel like having another bonfire.

January 16, 2016

Kenzie Lays the Smack! Down



It’s Clash of the Titans under the Milford rafters as Cherry Creek’s chippy #45 throws a hip check into Kenzie “The Big Unit” Hanley.* Scoreboard malfunction in P2? Score’s not gonna matter for much longer once the elbows start flying. Thursday’s observation by billytheskink is spot on, as an elbow to the midsection causes Exploding Eye Syndrome. What kind of weird streak is that along #45’s jawline? I’m hard pressed to figure out where that motion begins and ends.

Finally, Kenzie Hulks out, flexes her delts and jams the heel of her hand into #45’s funny bone. It’s about to get real in the paint: tune in on Monday when we see if this turns into an out-and-out brawl.



* Randy Johnson was who first came to mind when I saw Kenzie’s #51, although with her style of play maybe the 51 is meant to pay homage to Dick Butkus?

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