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February 18, 2017

Ain’t No Answer in Me


As expected, today’s installment reveals nothing except a potential physiological cause for Aaron’s inconsistent play: his horrible, horrible hip dysplasia.

What else to highlight? EES from some Milford rando, the usual shiny floors and Prairie Style windows, a couple other Milford randos shrinking back in fear from Raging Aaron? I’m going for Ken Brown’s nasty Gillette Fusion cut while maintaining his sideburns. Y’know, I’d kinda like to examine what Rubin’s done with Big Ken’s character over the past couple of seasons but I think that could get touchy. I think for now we can all agree that he’s been given feet of clay.

Post title came to me before anything else this morning. Rather than the more obvious invitation of comparisons between Gwen’s cover and the original, I thought of a more confrontational response.

November 21, 2016

D To The Uh

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Heather Burns is a genius. Too bad Gil and Kaz didn’t stick around to hear the reveal.

The solution to this problem is to remember who your second and third string TEs were and maybe use them.

Who operates the camera to capture the video? They need some work on general camera pointing skills.

September 29, 2016

Beef on (Pel)weck(i)


I don’t recall seeing the panel where The Secret Pelwecki told Gil he owed him a shot at QB just because he caused the fumble that gave the Mudlarks a shot to win the Oakwood game. I’m not gonna even try to come up with an analogy for that logic.

If Gil only knew that the new assistant trainer fancies herself The Quarterback Whisperer. He could let her work her magic on Kevin and help him realize his potential to come up big when it’s least expected. Gil needs to realize that his team’s winning the state championship two seasons ago rested entirely on the fluke of Art Standish finding a job in the Valley and Art’s son feeling most comfortable under Gil’s laissez-faire guidance. Maybe the fluke (or is that flake?) that is Pelwecki can lead his team back to the playdowns.

Speaking of flukes, as I write Wake Forest is 4-0!

metapost: I’m going to be traveling on Saturday morning and would be grateful if one of my fellow bloggers could step in for me. If not, it’ll be late in the day before I get a chance to post. Okay? Okay!

August 31, 2016

Ten ‘Libraries’ Filled With Remaindered Copies Of Go Set A Watchman…

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I love how Ken and Bobby have just completely tuned True out while he rambles on about what’s her name in favor of talking smack about Barry and re-stating information already known to us.

Meanwhile, it seems that Tulane is getting 17 points against Wake tomorrow night. I like those odds!

August 13, 2016

Not Somebody Else’s Best Work, Either


“Some of your teammates” = True Standish, the only one of your teammates I can be bothered to talk to.

I’m sure alert TWIMers have noticed during this arc that True has been periodically breaking the fourth wall with side eye, most recently yesterday.  It’s almost as if he’s begging to be taken away from Milford so he can get on with his life.  Now it’s Gil’s turn to break the fourth wall with a veiled cry for help: “Not my best work.”  Prisoner to this five-month-long baseball/softball/death and DUI arc, with not even so much as single pool- or patioside adult beverage break with Mimi?  Is Gil’s statement a reference to his usual lack of coaching coaching job, or the seeming inability of his creator to move things forward in this strip?  Talk amongst yourselves.

From the Pantheon of Mysterious Objects Dept.: Have we seen Kaz’s “BOB” mug before? Or is that a “BOO” Radley memorial mug? Is he playing blackjack with Gil, or guzzling moo shu pork straight from the takeout box without pancakes?

August 12, 2016

We Need To Talk About Kevin?

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Kevin Pelwecki? What are the odds we will ever hear about Kevin Pelwecki again after his one panel cameo? How do the Mudlarks feel about Kevin? Even if he filled in nicely, could he have done more? Is anybody talking to Kevin on the bus ride of shame. Maybe that is Kevin with the kabuki makeup. We really need closure on all things Kevin!

But for now, let’s get back to Barry. Barry wandered into Gil’s office eventually and decided to put some words in Gil’s mouth because Gil can’t be bothered to do ANYTHING. There’s no coaching or counseling or discipline or mentoring or tough love. Gil doesn’t even want to open his eyes or even try his signature shaming. Barry’s going to have to shame himself.


July 12, 2016

Fumbling For A CD?

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Ah, yes, not texting and driving, not drinking and driving, no the real menace on the roads these days are old fogies such as myself who still listen to music stored on physical media.

Speaking of random, just yesterday I was running an errand and found myself driving behind a young woman in a Jeep Compass – I couldn’t tell if she had a diastema – and I wanted to warn her, to say something…

Question: I hope I never have to find out but is wearing an onyx earring the size of a baby’s fist appropriate funeral wear?

May 24, 2016

Sure, We Could Be Seeing Actual Action

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But better that we watch this phony baloney sales meeting. About the nicest thing I can say for panels one and two is that the drawings of the light fixtures in panel two are kinda interesting if poorly rendered. Otherwise, today’s strip uses more than three-quarters of its space to essentially rehash yesterday’s plot development, leaving us with one desultory panel of Boo marching back to the dugout mid no-hitter.

Bonus point? Maybe if so much space hadn’t been allotted to panels one and two, we could get a better glimpse of the flipper Boo is wearing on her right foot.

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