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December 19, 2015

You Went and Saved the Best for Last


g2design’s comment about Tom Lea’s 2000 Yard Stare yesterday only further served to remind me what a Bataan Death March of a strip this has been, particularly this past week. Today’s dénouement, in taking us back to where we started, at least takes us to a place we often enjoy seeing – a place where pathetic, lonesome Marty ties one on in a crate of his own making.

I’ll make only one observation about the details in today’s strip to note Marty’s rapid transformation into Captain Haddock, a sad reminder that a day’s worth of a Tintin strip contains more action than three months of Gil Thorp.

I want to wrap this arc up with something rare at TWIM, a reader poll. Here ’tis:

What was the biggest missed opportunity of the fall Gil Thorp arc?

You’ll see there’s an “other” option that requests comments, so please have at it. I can’t speak for my fellow bloggers but for me, this has been a disappointing slog of a strip to try to snark on this fall. I hope you few, you happy few, who’ve stuck with us throughout find in in yourselves to let it rip in our comments section. See you in the gym next week!


December 18, 2015

Thanks for the memories..

Love Mimi’s position in P1; try that at home with 1 arm bearing your whole weight and see how long you can hold it there.  Most people cross their arms when theyre leaning like that, so her angle is rather extreme, no? And for December her top is pretty summery; I’m sure when they get the heating bill Gil will make her pay it. Most fridges I know open to the right, the Thorps opens to the left. Gils getting a cold one but continuing to look in the fridge, for what?

Holly’s leaving town tomorrow?? What about 2nd semester of Shakespeare class? Whos gonna teach it on such short notice? Thanks a lot, you come back to teach and bolt town after your other gig falls through. That sure is a role model for your students.

Finally, another miss for Marty on the female front; one of these days he’ll just start pounding his head against his wooden enclosure at the stadium and knock himself senseless.

Bob Hope will close out Hollys career in style as only he can in this Christmas season:

December 17, 2015

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Gil


In this final, messed-up week of this impossibly messed-up fall arc, today’s strip may be the most messed-up yet. Five-eighths-scale Gil saunters into Casa Thorp packing an awful lot of ego for a dethroned State Champion. Notice how glibly he (or, rather, his talking crotch) assumes any call from Holly is a call for him. Good thing Pissy-faced Mimi is here to set him straight.

I’m hard pressed to imagine what exactly Mimi was honest to Holly about that wouldn’t already have been obvious during the filming of Welcome Back, Carter (possibly something along the lines of how “three-step drop” isn’t just a term for the football field). I’m even harder pressed to imagine why Gil should care about Holly’s motives behind calling Mimi or for pulling the plug on the show.  By Monday it will all be a moot point, memories of Holly, Alan and the crew as gone as the 30 years off Mimi’s face after slipping on that cheerleader outfit for a bout of angry makeup sex.


December 16, 2015

Me And My Shadow


I think we are finally, finally, wrapping things up here. I find it interesting – for certain highly attenuated uses of the word interesting – that Holly apparently can unilaterally cancel her show. I wonder if she collected a kill fee a la Les Moore of Funky Winkerbean.

Bonus point: What the heck is going on with that celebrating shadow figure in panel two? Perhaps he’s a stand in for us long suffering readers and commenters who can cheer the merciful end of this plot arc.

December 15, 2015


Back in high school my junior class and I were taking our SAT’s on a Saturday, and after an hour or so we took a break. After we had regathered in our seats, the teacher announced that we were now halfway through the test. My friend sitting 2 seats behind me (in alphabetical order, I knew her solely due to our lockers being next to each other giving me the advantage of chatting her up between classes) intoned ‘Whoopie.’ Got a nice laugh out of everyone and eased the tension in the room for the rest of the test. She’d be flattered I’m using her deadpan remark as the title of this post.

Back to the story – yeah they should’ve done more this year but were too busy filming Dory Dingbat and the Dominos. Congrats on playing 5 games this year Gil; your player is still so excited that football is over before Christmas he’s putting his fist through the comic strip. If Gil spelled out his obstacles we’d be here til Bonfire 2016. And he’s looking forward to one more camera shot, which hopefully someone else will describe tomorrow.

Until then – whoopie.

December 14, 2015

So, Basketball?

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So, this is it? The seniors are finished and Holly Dobbs, reality star, celebrates. If she’s a star, then I guess it worked out for everybody. Hooray.



December 10, 2015

This Story Is the Pits – Figuratively and Literally


“You know, Holly, just ’cause the TV audience can’t smell you doesn’t mean we can’t. You remember where the showers are, dontcha?”

Nice pot calling the kettle black in P2, Gil. It’s not as if he never manipulates people into doing his job for free. What about helping his players prepare for their future? Or did that stop with John Pascoe? True Standish will be lucky to get financial aid at a DIII school at this rate.

The only saving grace in today’s strip is Holly’s non-apology apology to Gil’s passive-aggressive attempt at shaming (which of course will lead Holly to improvise some feel-good crap that will lose Welcome Back, Carter its remaining 12 viewers). Ranks right up there with this one:

December 9, 2015

The Right Reasons


I am trying to read Holly’s facial expressions and I’m mostly getting that she fell asleep about ten minutes ago when Gil was just getting warmed up during his jeremiad.

Bonus points: Is Gil… is he… is he wearing French cuffs? Because I never would’ve figured him for that sartorial twist.

Gil’s tiny talking hand in panel three is really freaking me out.

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