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April 9, 2016

Nobody Puts Bacon in a Locker


Well color me surprised. This feels less like an end to an arc and more like a “to be continued…” As the trees in Milford begin to bud, will we see these two again anytime soon? Will Kenzie make the Lady Mudlarks softball team, or will USA Rugby come calling for her? Will Maxwell Bacon be put into storage again until next December? Your guess is as good as mine, but at least we know Maxwell will be no Jamar Gaddis.

Exit our winter Milford power couple, stage right, into the yawning void of a Milford High hallway. Ducka you head!


April 8, 2016

Charming? No comprende.

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Well, how the hell does miss Kenzie know she’s more fluent in Spanish then Chief YellowHair? And stronger, faster, able to shoot free throws underhand in a single bound, but not as charming and beloved. Yeah. Max is about as charming as a roll of toilet paper. Oh yeah thats Charmin. But I digress. Now theyre holding 3 hands together. Maybe Kenzie will use her 2 hands to pull Kenzies shoulder out of its socket. Hey, its baseball season anyway, who needs a good shoulder for a while, unless its to cry on.

Nice lid on the guy in P1 – looks like a nasty scar on that sideburn though.

April 7, 2016

A Momentary Glimpse of Continuity

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Not much to say about the postseason pizza party and Coffee Cantina rendezvous, except that Leisl’s romantic advice hints at the possibility that Kenzie may be a more than one story arc character. I’m not betting on it, though; my expectation is that Friday’s strip will have Max repeating that he misses Kenzie, followed by Kenzie telling him he’ll miss her even more now that USA Rugby season is kicking off at any moment. Exit Kenzie, stage right.

Ah well, another missed opportunity to develop a compelling female character in the Thorpiverse… and an excuse for me to post this bit of fun that I hadn’t thought of in a while.

April 6, 2016

It Had To Be U/You


I’m on holiday so not much to say today.

April 2, 2016

Who’da Tunk It?

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(alternate title: “All This, and Heaving Too”)

I leave it to you good folk who are bigger basketball fans than I to question the wisdom of Mimi’s buzzer-beating coaching strategy. Bear in mind the Lady Mudlarks are only down by one and don’t need a three to win. Top of the backboard’s in play!

Nice shoe’s eye view of the Parkland rafters in P3 but no resolution today = another week left in the basketball arc. How many days will that ball hover over the rim?


April 1, 2016

April Fools!!

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Had a full day so no time to post anything so here goes: P1  – no problem. Nice look at a jumper. P2 – I like the group hug but its more in line with a football team.  “You have the strongest arm in the building”? Is True not in the house? P3 – hmmmm. Why not have Kenzie make  the inbounds pass to around midcourt or so, then have a good shooter like Leisl free herself and take the shot from a more realistic distance?  How come nobodys guarding Kenzie from the back, so she cant catch the ball so easily? Did Mimi forget you can cut down the length of the last shot with a longer inbounds pass? Where are the other defenders? # 7 needs to at least put her hands up.

I hate this video since I hate Duke basketball, but here’s a way to make a last-second shot from the length of the court. Of course Kentucky made the basic mistake of giving Grant Hill freedom to make the long pass, and should have guarded him.


March 31, 2016

Is Anyone Still Paying Attention?


So the girl who didn’t know how to play basketball in December has quickly turned into the star who leads the team to playdown victory puts her team ahead late. Kenzie shrugs off Alfrieda E. Neuman’s flying elbow in front of Mimi and Rick Scott, who absentmindedly cops a feel (“yo Mr. Scott, that’s not where she hit me!”).

Off to the line where Kenzie then pays tribute to her ex Maxwell Bacon by making love to the ball before continuing to shoot free throws underhanded. Has she put the Lady Mudlarks ahead for keeps? Time will tell…


March 30, 2016

Even At The Half!

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So, we’re in Winston-Salem? Sure, why not?

Ah, the playdowns!™ Remember those? Who knows what dreams may come true?


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