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April 14, 2017

More girl talk

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Well I guess this is an improvement over the last storyline; cute girls having a discussion of roping in a stud on the track team and figuring out how to lure him in when the one who is truly interested isnt the one that needs to do the roping. Whatever.

Gary Meola looks like a surfer dude from his pic on this site, but his day job is as a real-estate agent for Coldwell Banker in Maui Hawaii. Cool. Now if we can persuade him to transfer his offices to Milford we have a real story eh? If I lived in Hawaii I’d rather stick my head in a microwave and turn it on high then move to a tank town like Milford, and hang out with girls with blue hair and that one in P2 with platinum blond hair like Marjie D. Pass the ketchup before you take another bite of burger please.

March 17, 2017

Downwardly mobile in what way?

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Well gang, its back to black and white for the moment as I cant copy the Seattle Times strip for some odd reason. Sorry – I know you all miss that blue hair!

So Aaron finds Ma’s pills in her hiding place and reveals her to be a pathological liar as well as a drug abuser. I suppose the pills maybe help her to stay awake for long hours or whatever, but still no excuse to sacrifice that for her sons well-being.

Of course, she could ask Gil the same question in a way – his idea of coaching is to let someone else do all the work for free until the shit finally hits the fan, then he hastily cleans up all the months-old stench left behind from his own neglect of his team(s).

Again we waste all winter with this one issue and the girls team has been left invisible with nary a Hadley V. Baxendale around to stir up some more interesting trouble.

Finally – why does Mom need her glasses on her head sitting at home?  Cant anyone in this strip who wears glasses wear them ON THEIR FACE?? Only exception is of course Marjie Ducey; but everyone else feels the need to show off their frames as a head ornament.






February 13, 2017

Largely Disappearing

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Aaron Aagard, non starter, still can’t sustain his effort coming off the bench. I wonder why that is? The dumpy apartment, the sort of actuary mom, Molly the girlfriend. These are the things we know. Why won’t they add up?? So confounding. It’s Monday, and we’re still confounded.

Is that Marjie at the press table, calling the game to herself as she prepares her story for The Star?

December 23, 2016

Marjie Ducey can be a handful in the sack..

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… aint that the truth?! Hey we need some gallows humor at this point already. And she wont get shoved around either! (on 2nd thought, why not? :)) She certainly plays bigger then her 5-4.. and with 3 guards competing for 2 spots, there’ll be plenty of solid action this season both under and above the covers.

Thats all I got today, but it may be my best work in a while. Short and sweet. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2016

Agreed. I’m Less Than Impressed

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There’s no doubt Aaron’s gonna hit the laptop. He can’t type with those freaky fingers.

Panel 2 is Aaron Aagard when he’s not ready to rumble. He totally got schooled by that other guy. Presumably.

Check out Marjie, pencil at the ready. Maybe Gil is thinking about going nom nom nom on that pencil.


November 5, 2016

Any day with Marjie Ducey is a good day.

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Marjies 2-day interview continues, again without an adult present. We’ve gone over this before, but in Milford, you can fly solo no matter your age when it comes to newspaper stories. Love Marjies deadpan expression in P2 – she’s thinking ‘ you really think I’m keeping this low-key? How? Writing it in Chinese on the last page upside down?

It wasnt even her idea at all – the fact that they were down to recruiting her out of the blue tells us all we need to know about their talent pipeline.

And of course Marty Moon is gonna talk about it on his show; after he couldnt figure it out at the game he was ANNOUNCING! Where he had a roster of names and numbers right in frickin front of him. Yeah I know “HE” isnt exactly feminine. I just cant believe she never once took her helmet off the whole game. There’s so many dopes in Milford they should glue them all together into a giant statue in front of City Hall.

Tribute to Panel 1 today featuring the Rays from 1957.


Any attention from Marty is unwanted attention

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“Of course you’re not the first girl ever to play football, H.E. – I mean Heather!  Look at me – I’m only in two-inch heels and I tower over you! I was a regular Harold Carmichael back in the day!”

Keep it low-key? Oh please, Heather, what else do these two mooks have to do in Milford? Marjie scoops Marty in the STAR, Marty scoops Marjie on WDIG, they drink themselves into a stupor and start the whole charade over the next week.

Check Marty in his crate, slipping an empty bottle of Warsteiner (snuck out from Schmidt’s Polynesian during the Oktoberfest Luau) over a coat hook and fixing to talk into it. Heather will soon find out, like Holly Dobbs before her, that any attention from Marty is unwanted attention.

November 4, 2016

HE is a she

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The word is out: Milford has a girl playing football! The opponent somehow didnt notice for a whole game, and Marjie Ducey is on the case; though I would think she’d have long pants on for a November outdoor assignment. But I’m not complaining. I was almost thinking the Cubs would win the World Series before we saw her again, and I was right.

3rd string tight end?? So there was someone else besides Pete de Windt can play, but they need a girl who never played to be on the roster, and play in her first game and catch a pass. Whos’ number 2??

Working hard for months? Gag me with anything involving a spoon. The first mention of football this year was September 20. They’ve since played what, 3 games?  Whew. If I worked as hard as they did I’d still be making 3 bucks an hour as a busboy.

UPDATE: Theyve played 4 games: Tie at Jefferson, unknown at Madison, loss at Central, then a home win against Goshen. Marjie had said they were playing 3 of the first 4 on the road, but who plays 3 straight road games in high school? I’ve never seen it, especially to open the season. We’ve seen 1 play the last 3 games after taking a week to play a tie in a monsoon.

Time for a little Donna Summer in the fall:

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