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January 20, 2018

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As I write (2:00pm EST) GoComics has not updated its Gil Thorp strip for today. I didn’t realize GoComics performed a nonessential government function. Stay tuned…


January 9, 2018

Puerto Rico – Our National Disgrace

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Not that posting about it on some blog about Gil Thorp does any good.


December 27, 2017

The Denouement Continues Apace

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Blech. Bring on basketball I guess.

Minus Questions:

What the hell kinda shoes are everyone wearing in Panel two?

How the heck are we supposed to read Connie’s expression in panel three? Couldn’t we at least have gotten a narration box? “After Gary storms out” or something?


That song is 51 years old? Huh.

December 15, 2017

I Personally Would Recommend That He Refrain From Pointing At Gil Like That


Metapost: Hi Gang, Just a quick substitute post while Rob takes one for the team and helps Santa out around this time of year.

Connie is just flatout the worst. On the one hand, I can absolutely understand why Soto père is off in Dubai and incommunicado. That said, this is not actually a healthy manner in which to…. awww, who cares anymore.

Tune in tomorrow when, if Gil’s rictus in panel three is any indication, the smack will be well and truly laid down.

December 14, 2017

Takes One to Know One… or Two


Y’know, it’s been hard to make light of this fall’s subject matter, especially since Rubin’s done the legwork to pull in “Dr.” Joanne Gerstner and give cred where cred’s due. (I’d pat myself on the back for calling out the caveats in the BU study that Dr. Gerstner called out yesterday but that feels like piling on.) By now the TWIM faithful has no doubt seen what happened to the Texans’ Tom Savage and the aftermath last weekend (and no, I’m not gonna link to it) or read about ex-Chief Larry Johnson’s trials and tribulations with what he suspects might be CTE. No, none of this is a laughing matter, and again credit to Rubin for at least trying to approach the subject from a reasonable POV. High school kid has a potential talent outside of a sport that could be negatively impacted by certain injuries that could be sustained in that sport? Concerned parents seek to dissuade their child from participation in that sport for that reason? Sure, it all checks out.

We’re left with snarking on the usual shortcomings of this strip: the need to contrive a villainous adult with bad intentions as a plot device; the continual parade of weak, underdeveloped female characters who consistently fail the Bechdel Test; and the haphazard pacing that seldom reflects the actual pace of the season of the sport being played. All of those come to a head today as Rick finally calls bullshit on Uncle Gary’s little charade. Uncle Snidely Whiplash falls back on the “I’mma tell yo’ mama!” defense and it’s up to the reader to connect the dots between a Central City parking lot and Gil’s cushy office. Gil exposes Uncle Gary tomorrow, gets to spout some pithy platitudes on Saturday, and next week will be a mad rush of strips telling but not showing us how Milford misses the playdowns.

If you told me that Uncle Gary and Mama Soto were in some kind of incestuous, mind-controlling relationship and that Mama gets propped up in front of the monitor like one of Saddam Hussein’s human shields on Skype calls to Daddy Soto, I wouldn’t blink. It’d at least offer some explanation for the adult interpersonal relationships in the Soto household.

metapost: In the roar of so many other things going on this week I completely missed the obituary for “Mr. Falcon,” Tommy Nobis. The face of that franchise in its early years – and a force for good in and around Atlanta after his playing career – Nobis was another player haunted by injury to his body and mind.

December 5, 2017

With Or Without You (Rick Soto)


So, is Rick Soto good enough that there should (not to give Rubin even more to juggle) be an element of him being recruited? All of a sudden, it seems that everything hinges on him so you would think that he must have some D1 interest…

Meanwhile, Connie Soto (nee Gary) and her brother, Uncle, are becoming one of the most annoying brother and sister combos since Wynn and Wendy Wiley.*

Metapost: Inspiration for today’s post title was released over thirty years ago! Please excuse me while I go take my hypertension medication and look into transitional bifocals…

* For those that don’t recall, Wendy wasn’t too bad in that she behaved relatively inoffensively even though, as is typically the case with this strip, she mostly had things happen to her. Meanwhile, Wynn was a paternalistic nut-job with serious anger issues… (Also, too, he was the protagonist.)

November 22, 2017

Extra-Smart Lawyer Uncle


The wheels really turn slowly here. Two strips were spent so Gil can find out what has been happening for the last two months and then turn around and fill in Kaz. But that’s nothing new. This isn’t a novel complaint. What’s really interesting is that Gil has relocated his office to a Burger King. That’s what I thought looking at the Tuesday strip on its own, without the context of seeing the story continue into the Wednesday strip. So the building isn’t talking, it’s the car talking, and the car contains the players who are going through the drive through so they can drive down to the park and eat burgers on a picnic bench, where Rick can reaffirm that he wants to play football and not sing.

I’ve obviously been reading this strip and puzzling over its shortcomings for so long that maybe obvious things elude me, but I swear I just pieced this together just now as I was writing this. Seriously Rubin and Whigham, if you’re going to smash cut from one scene into another in mid-strip, it’s not a great idea to try and establish the new scene with a talking car.


Metacomment: I hope I’m not stepping on anybody’s toes by posting. I didn’t see any emails about spelling Tim this week, but he did mention a trip to the desert last week and delayed posting. I hope it’s nice and peaceful there, Tim.  I have a light schedule today, so what the heck.

Hey, gang, do you mind if I break form here for a second and tell you a personal story? No? Okay here goes: I got my first job at sixteen working at a Taco Bell in Winter Haven, Florida. This Taco Bell location was unique in that for some reason having to do with zoning, permitting, etc on the lot where the building stood, the drive through was seriously flawed. When you pulled your car up to the window, the building was on your right instead of your left. If you didn’t have a front seat passenger to assist you, you had to lean all the way over your passenger seat to pay and collect your order (unless you had a European car with the driver’s seat on the right, which I think would get you run out of Winter Haven, Florida.) When you worked the drive through, 99% of the customers felt compelled to tell you, “Hey, your drive through is on the wrong side!” I tried to joke with people about it, but it got pretty wearisome after a while. (There’s a zillion other bizarre and annoying things that come with working a drive through window.) A sports columnist from one of the Boston papers wrote a column about Winter Haven when he was covering the Red Sox spring training, detailing what a slow and backwards place the city was. The f’ed up drive through at Taco Bell was one of his chief complaints.

November 14, 2017

Play Misty For Me


Metapost: There’s no way I can follow that masterpiece by Ned yesterday. Simply magnificent. That said, much like dealing with a recalcitrant whitehead, let’s squeeze out a post today and be done with it.

Panel 1: I am simultaneously comforted that Little Ricky appears to have a crappier cellphone than I do and then I remember that these are just drawings and am discomfited by having taken comfort in imagining that. Hey, did someone say something about concussions? Awesome.

Panel 2: We give Rick a hard time around here but, to be completely fair to him*, his reactions to his Uncle are the most reasonable depicted behavior by practically any citizen of Milford and/or the broader Valley region.

Panel 3: If I have to look at another panel of Uncle Gary touching his face, I am out. This is not negotiable.

Inspiration for today’s post title**:

* As one ought while, again, bearing in mind that we’re talking about fictional characters.

** I’ve seen, I dunno, maybe half of Clint Eastwood’s films which he’s directed and appeared. This is not one of them. I originally was going for something like this, but decided that trailer was more fun/insane.


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