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April 26, 2016

Who Fist Bumps Through A Chain Link Fence?


The Bader’s are rocketing up the charts of terrible Gil Thorp father-son lead characters today.  I suppose the lesson to learn is that jerks have a proportionately higher chance of raising jerky kids? I dunno… Perhaps it’s too early to seek out a moral here.

April 21, 2016

“Car Trouble,” Seriously?

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Mother Bader could be Granny Bader for all we know; those perfectly round eyeglass frames and her suddenly narrowed features throw off a serious Al-Jo Ames Irene Ryan vibe.

Love how she whips out the “car trouble” card on the fly, the way folks used to throw out “female trouble” when a woman was in the hospital for, oh, say, a hysterectomy. Impoundment is a form of car trouble so credit for that.

Meanwhile tonsured little Master Bader obliviously shovels dinner into his face, unaware that dad Del will soon be either out of a job or peddling industrial solvents while pedaling and getting called “Dewey.” Could coaching Milford baseball as community service be in his future as well?

April 16, 2016

Don’t Sell Industrial Solvents and Drive


From where I sit this morning the first two panels are throwaways. A catcher who can talk out of her crotch removes the need to cover her face while on trips to the mound (insert your own “reading lips” jokes here). Freak hands are always freak hands and Whigrub wastes a (small) panel on them.

No, the foreshadowing of P3 is what it’s all about today. Del the Industrial Solvents Salesman finally tells us his reason to be in Milford: He’s from there! He might be the parent of some as yet unnamed Mudlark. My greater fear is that Joe’s plied him with enough industrial-strength cocktails to cause vehicular mayhem. Will Del kill or maim a Mudlark player or, worse still, a recurring character? Will the Foley Law Firm be called in to defend or prosecute? Will Gil Thorp turn into Funky Winkerbean before we know it? I’m not sure I could handle that.

April 14, 2016

Yay! Boo!

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Well there ya go Ned; Neal was thinking the same thing. Stocky Middle-Aged Industrial Solvents Sales Guy with Art Standish’s Face Del is gonna eventually expose some reason to be in Milford that will have a sporting angle. (“Today I sold some cleaning solvents to Central City Public Works to clean up the blood and cider spilled at the Winter Blast. They said some kid from Milford caused it. I s’pose she’s spilling blood in Milford, too.”)

Yay for the return of Boo Radley!

Boo for Boo becoming a close talker! Apparently a softball knuckleball is a thing. Whaddaya reckon has made Boo less ornery? The prospect of road trips to Winston-Salem?

April 9, 2016

Nobody Puts Bacon in a Locker


Well color me surprised. This feels less like an end to an arc and more like a “to be continued…” As the trees in Milford begin to bud, will we see these two again anytime soon? Will Kenzie make the Lady Mudlarks softball team, or will USA Rugby come calling for her? Will Maxwell Bacon be put into storage again until next December? Your guess is as good as mine, but at least we know Maxwell will be no Jamar Gaddis.

Exit our winter Milford power couple, stage right, into the yawning void of a Milford High hallway. Ducka you head!

April 7, 2016

A Momentary Glimpse of Continuity

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Not much to say about the postseason pizza party and Coffee Cantina rendezvous, except that Leisl’s romantic advice hints at the possibility that Kenzie may be a more than one story arc character. I’m not betting on it, though; my expectation is that Friday’s strip will have Max repeating that he misses Kenzie, followed by Kenzie telling him he’ll miss her even more now that USA Rugby season is kicking off at any moment. Exit Kenzie, stage right.

Ah well, another missed opportunity to develop a compelling female character in the Thorpiverse… and an excuse for me to post this bit of fun that I hadn’t thought of in a while.

March 19, 2016

Wrap It Up


If the hecklers at the Milford girls’ game are trying to emulate the imam-style headgear worn by the “victim” of the Central City Winter Blast Beatdown, they’re doing it wrong. But seriously, do crowds at the high school level engage in this kind of Cameron Crazies level of taunting? And why don’t we ever see Milford students taunting opponents? (As we saw yesterday, they apparently can taunt their own classmates in the halls.) Because Gil Thorp is ostensibly about how Milford kids react to what life throws at them and, ostensibly, with the support of the eponymous coach.

In this case the kids react I imagine as we’d expect them to, which is to say less than maturely. Enough big words out of me this morning just to say I think this is BS. Sure, high school kids get into fights and high school couples break up over being teased, that doesn’t change. But the lack of involvement by the coaches Thorp except to listen to their players’ sides of the story and be cool with it just strikes me as odd. Ditto the lack of filter between these kids and the press (if Marty, Marjie and the Central City Courier pass as “press” in the Valley). That’s how you learn, I reckon.

Slightly meta, I was in hospital most of the day on Thursday and only had my anesthesia wear off completely late yesterday. So I may not have the right frame of mind to laugh and snark at this week’s plot developments and the ham-handed way they’re being wrapped up.

March 18, 2016

You’d Think She’d Have More Media Savvy From All Those USA Rugby Interviews


Fat Chance? Oops, wrong guy… Maybe we’ll get more commentary in the comments section because, for now, I’m treating this blog like it’s the Central City Courier.

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