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January 23, 2017

Who Wears An Above The Knees Skirt In January?

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Nothing like one of Gil’s patented zingers to squelch a kid’s enthusiasm! Please be sure to read Gil’s lines in a high pitched, sarcastic tone…

So, now that the whole Molly is a drug and also the name of some girl from Tilden thing has been resolved, what next? It would seem that we are going to get more of our dynamic duo of Ken and Mike which…. I guess I’m OK with that for now.

January 19, 2017

Say Hello To The Nice Man, Molly

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Well, that’s over. Now what?

Unless, Molly’s answer is: Saturday? Um, what did we do? Oh yeah. We scored a crap ton of Disco Biscuits from some guy from Kill The Noise’s road crew, at least I think it was MDMA… it might have just been speed, it’s hard to tell anymore with all the stuff that’s out there. Anyway, we had so much left over that Saturday we crushed the rest of it up and snorted it out of each others’ butt cracks! Then we stayed up til dawn watching C-SPAN! It was a blast! Nice to meet you, Coach Dork!

January 13, 2017

You open up your heart and the truth comes out.

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So no ecstasy for our man Aa Aa, but Molly? Oh thats different, yeah sure. Gotta be picky about our drug use here, dont wanna accuse anyone of doing anything they arent doing do we? Big difference between the two now. Molly, oh yeah, Molly. Thats a horse of a different color. Boy the look on his face in P3 is just priceless. Finally got caught with the hand in the cookie jar huh? Now we’ll have the big confession, tomorrow. Or maybe they can sqweeze one more day out of this back-and-forth before the story is told. I have a feeling Aa will try to convince Gil that Molly is really harmless and its effects have nothing to do with his performance on the court. We’ll see if Gil buys the rationalle.

January 10, 2017

A Regular Ol’ Bad Day

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P1: The Ken and Mike show is a bit tedious but I can live with it a lot easier than a Bobby/Max/Knox type featuring prominently.

P2: Did we ever come up with a name for those little baby’s fist size onyx earrings so popular with the Milford women? Is there some corresponding signal Kaz is trying to send with his pearl white studs?

P3: Does AAAA’s hair serve as a quasi barometer for his energy level?

Bonus points:

Nice Net.

Those panes of glass are tremendous. I wish my desk at home looked out of a window like that!

Mad props to the MHS jersey designer for having the 4 nestled into the 2.

January 9, 2017

And Then On Monday…


Aaron Aagard went to Kill The Noise where he hooked up with Molly (whatever that means) and grooved away Saturday night, producing this eye popping panel of freaky kids all enraptured with Kill The Noise. What is to the extreme left of the panel in the foreground? A face? Some other body part attached to a strand of hair? Señor Wences?

And then on Monday…we’re right back where we were last week! Mike and Ken are still building their case, dithering away about what to do. Wait, was that Gil? Was he coaching? Do you think he might get a clue about Aaron’s deficits in attention and energy? It’s still January, so we should probably wash, rinse, repeat a few more time before we expect significant action from Gil.

January 4, 2017

Most Drug Dealers Appreciate Hearing Why Their Customers Need To Get High…

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Is customer the right word? Client? Buyer? User? Junkie? It’s a little too early to try and sort this one out.

If I had more time I would sort out Mike and Ken’s itinerary over the last few days, but I don’t so I leave it as an exercise to the redoubtable TWIM commentariat.

December 29, 2016

Don’t You Mean ‘Them Apples’?

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The Aaron Aagard Show will resume shortly, but first let’s check in with the rest of the school, well, two people. Ken Brown and one of those guys with the oddly shaped tonsures. C’mon Ken, be a leader. Tell that useless goober to get on the stick and contribute. No way, says Ken. I don’t bark like a trained seal. Plus my forehead is really protruding all of the sudden and I think I’m developing some sort of hunch…..

and heeeeeere’s Aaron!! <applause>

Hey ladies and germs! Are you ready for some tired shtick?!

December 17, 2016

Flake Aaron, They Always Caught Him Flakin’ In The Hall

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Here’s an interesting, new character. No, I’m not talking about Flake Aaron. I’m talking about Mr. Harrison, teacher of world history. He’s cultivating a Walter White look, which might be popular in education circles these days. A look that says “I am the danger” might be just what’s called for in a wacky public high school. Those kids don’t appear to be too much trouble, though. If anything, most of them look more checked out than Aaron, whose brain is still thumping with Diplo or whatever dismal noise was pumping in that Central City warehouse.

Mr. Harrison enjoys his kids a little flaky, though. Miss Bunhead is probably a colder type. She’s got no use for flaky kids. She certainly doesn’t enjoy them. She enjoys a strong cup of something in the teacher’s lounge.

Is that Gil in the foreground? Is he gathering intel about Flake Aaron, or just waiting for an opening to request a wee nip from Miss Bunhead’s flask?

It’s Saturday. Here’s an earworm for you:

(Today’s post title alludes to a song by Todd Rundgren called Piss Aaron, a piece of tossed off goofiness from Something/Anything.)

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