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July 27, 2016

Meanwhile, Gil Is Lining Up His Putt

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The most interesting thing about today’s strip just might be Whigham’s delicate rendering of that kid’s peachfuzz in panel one.

Meanwhile, True is sensitive, because he has feelings, which is what Boo would’ve wanted, but nothing matters as it’s all random, or something…

July 16, 2016

I Will Be Your Bader Figure, I Have Had Enough of Crime


What kind of gravitational time dilation is happening in Milford, where school is still in regular session on July 16? Have they gone to year-round classes without us knowing? This seems like the kind of crap Hobart might’ve pulled during a closed-door school board session to spite Gil and his ex-wife. In any event, no reason for Gil to tell Barry to slow down – time has slowed enough already.

If Barry (who continues to suffer from alopecia areata and Braying Jackass Exploding Mouth Syndrome) thought the stupid lawyer cost so much, imagine how much a smart one – one who might have kept Del out of jail – would’ve cost! At least over the next few days we’ll finally get to see what a lot of us thought we should’ve seen at least two weeks ago: Gil offer some kind of counseling to poor, delusional, self-absorbed, father figureless Barry, albeit not necessarily of his own volition.

July 14, 2016

One Trial Over, the Next About to Start


It would seem that we have indeed made our pivot and we’re into our summer plot lines:

(1) Mimi lines up True as her summer fling before (if/when?) he packs up for Winston-Salem, to the chagrin of a pissy-faced Gil (“I didn’t groom this kid to be Mimi’s boy toy!”)

(b) Captain Marvel Clueless Barry Bader is still clueless and uncounseled. Way to make this kid a two-dimensional scapegoat, Rubin. Will the beatings continue until morale is restored?

(iii) We get the Valley’s version of Anatomy of a Murder. Nice “oy vey” face on Mother Bader there. If only we could get a nice Saul Bass-y title sequence.

 edit: I can’t believe I didn’t call out the three parallelisms in today’s strip. Here’s a fourth: I can’t believe Rubin’s dragging this saga out into the summer!

July 7, 2016

Your Daily Dose of Nihilism

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“Some men just want to watch the stitches burn.”

The Milford Magic Short Bus has gotten inexplicably longer since yesterday, as has the spring plot. Does “not to do it again” imply that we’ll see even more baseball before it’s done?

True (no pun intended) story: The girlfriend of the older brother of a high school classmate of mine was killed in an auto accident during her senior year of college. Several years later the older brother married his next girlfriend, and they have been married ever since. Life goes on for the living, and I’m guessing that’s what Gil will try to impart to True over the next two days. Pity he’s had no time to console Barry Bader – Gil’s compassion’s for closers only.

Edit: For the record, I had this post up before the Curmudgeon made its nihilism reference to today’s strip. So there.

July 6, 2016

Maybe True Is Thinking What We’re All Thinking


I can’t help but believe that True is looking at each of us in tacit acknowledgment that everything has gone off the rails.

Oh well, let’s all get strapped in for a rehash of last summer’s hit plot, Recruitin’ True 2: Pathetic Boogaloo.  Perhaps they’ll manage to work Snapchat in there somehow.

June 30, 2016

Way to Squelch, Gil

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The Family Circustmgil160630

Poor Barry Bader; not only has he been completely ostracized by his schoolmates, now he’s suffering from trichotillomania. Is Barry no less worthy of the grief counseling Dr. Pearl has afforded Milford High’s other students? Has Gil (or Kaz, for that matter) made any effort to assuage Barry’s guilt and shame over Del’s role in Boo’s death? On which side of the fence does Gil come down on “the sins of the fathers”?

We see that Barry’s erstwhile teammates are ready to go all Old Testament on Valley Tech –  an eye for an eye, an ear for a mouth, or something like that.

Today’s comic cameo: Not Me (or is it Ida Know?) from The Family Circus, floating in front of Barry’s door to ask him if he’s staying home from school again.

June 29, 2016

And The Winner For ‘Least Empathetic Mom’ Is…

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Panel one: Mimi’s words say she cares, her posture says it’s time to blow this sad scene and attack a pitcher of spiked lemonade.

Panel two: Hey, we always complain about them telling not showing, but here the other teammates are quite literally shown supporting Carrie.

Panel three: Nice wainscotting in the Bader household there. Not sure it goes so well with the stickers on the door motif Barry has going but…

June 23, 2016

Biggest Bechdel Fail Yet


Ach mein Gott!  Not only do we still not see the girls, we’re told they’re incapable of making a decision without the input of a (young) man, who supposedly knows what a dead girl would say.

No need for True to go to Wake Forest now; he’s already doing the jobs of not one but two coaches, so why not put him on the MHS payroll and put the Thorps out to pasture?

So much frustration with where Rubin has taken this arc. Long day ahead of me and problems staying connected to the WP server. I’ll probably come back and edit this post this evening. Okay? Okay!

metapost (updated): WordPress glitches didn’t seem to harm the original post. I foresee a future metapost from me this weekend to try to make some sense of the past couple of weeks of this strip.

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