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May 21, 2016

It Ain’t Named for Emperor Haile Selasky

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So Barry Bader’s potato-nosed, freckle-faced clone is Pete deWindt? What are they, like The Boys from Brazil or something?

As for Miss Talking Banana Fingers and the rest of her teammates, don’t they know that they’re violating the unwritten rules of softball by not only talking about a no-hitter in progress but by interacting with the pitcher who’s throwing it? And what’s up with the Lady Mudlarks wearing the basketball team’s uniforms? They didn’t have to do that last season. Did Mimi raid the till to fund her wine habit?

I wonder whose car Del Bader is driving to Selasky’s Supper Club (named for Rubin’s pal, the food writer for the Detroit Free Press). Wasn’t his impounded? From the sign, it looks like Selasky’s might double as a Subaru dealership but that logo on the horn pad looks like Nissan’s hamburger. Why the heck would Del bring up his pending DUI conviction to a client at all? He should just say “No drinks tonight, thanks, doctor’s orders” and leave it at that. I sense the elder Bader entering a Willy Lomanesque death spiral in the not-too-distant future.

April 28, 2016

BFFs, not FWBs

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I could speculate all morning on what led to Boo Radley’s declaration in P1 but in the interest of (my) time I’m sticking with “True’s moving to North Carolina this summer and I’m not.” Also not sure where the “preppie” tag comes from; that subculture has practically died out, and I don’t recall seeing True sporting Vineyard Vines’ little whale, among other telltales. I mean, even Brooks Brothers did away with its boxy traditional fit dress shirts and now offer cuts in trim, skinny, super skinny and “I wear girls’ jeans.” (Sure they still show “Traditional Fit” but try ordering one.) Maybe if I looked at the color version of the strip I’d see his pants were pink Breton red with little nautical flags on them.

Then it’s off to the bleachers where Gil gives Marty the full Mouseketeer Roll Call. True, Lalonde, and Granger are returning from last season. Don’t have time to Google the rest (have at it, TWIMers) but we know Ken Brown makes things happen and Bobby Mitchell integrated that NFL team than now often remains nameless.

Also not gonna speculate on what kind of smartphone Marty’s using to record Gil but – holy crap does Marty have a huge thumb! Props to him for stepping up from the old Dictaphone, even if it isn’t as stealthy as Marjie’s invisible recording device from last year.

November 3, 2015

Banal Attraction


We’re still doing this thing, folks. It is, in its own fashion, moving full speed ahead.

Whose right hand is that in panel one? Holly’s? Marty’s? E.T.’s?

Google cannot seem to tell me who Trish Spanos is so I will assume she is a FOW (friend of Whigrub).  Let’s be real here, though.  Panel two’s entire purpose is to let us know that True and Trish have the same initials. Kismet?  Perhaps.

Closing things off in panel three, what is that object partially occluded by True’s speech bubble?  Is it the book he was holding in panel two? A chair in the middle of the hallway?

Obviously a lot of questions today from a strip in which not a whole lot actually happened. Hopefully our devoted little community here can shed some light.

August 20, 2015

Catchin’ Walleye? Naw, Horned Frogs

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I have to give Whigham a little bit of credit for drawing an actual building on the TCU campus – the University Recreation Center with its distinctive glass front. (Yesterday we were treated to UCLA’s Royce Hall but I gotta tell ya that fountain’s not so impressive in real life.) Then I have to take some of that credit away for drawing True staring at his dad and the reader simultaneously.

As timbuys pointed out yesterday, the True/Art dynamic doesn’t break any new ground in this strip. Maybe that’s one reason we’re getting introduced to all these non-Milfordians all of a sudden? Naw, I’m sure it’s just more name-dropping by Rubin. There was a Sedrick Roy in Chicago at the turn of the last century but the only Sedrick Joy I could find wasn’t a candy bar but the names of a married couple. So never mind.

So what some of the TCU student body, who have become accustomed to winning football these past few years, recognize a potential recruit for their football team? They weren’t invited to the campus by the football staff so what’s the problem? It may be all those kids with backpacks; you can’t be too careful around them these days.

August 1, 2015

Side Trip to “The City Beautiful”

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“Rodney Curtis, you just attended Pro Potential Passing Camp, drank some Power Blast, got name checked a whole bunch of times, and made friends with some tank town kid with a Mayflower Society name. What are you going to do next?”

“I’m going to… home?”

True has succeeded in sowing the seeds of FUD in Rodney’s mind. Now he has a better chance of finding Jimbo Fisher’s Golden Ticket while Rodney stays home and becomes a Citronaut Knight of Pegasus.

Makes me wonder if Rubin went on a theme park tour to “research” this past week’s strips.

July 30, 2015

He Said He Said

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We’re well into Week 2 of True questioning everything about the college football recruiting process to anyone who will listen. Is it some kind of Jedi Mind Trick® designed to put Rodney Curtis & co. off their game, thereby raising True’s stock in the process? Or is it part of an ongoing, fourth wall-breaking Take That to the college sports machine from Neal? (Maybe we should be calling him Mary True.) Rubin certainly knows how to use the Rule of Three in his dialogue.

Well at least we were spared a scene at the Milford CC until July 30. Glad to see proper decorum is being maintained, with Gil and Kaz required to wear long pants on the course. Spares us from having to see Gil’s ankles and feet again.

edit: A non-TWIM commenter saw my reference to “sports machine” earlier and wondered why I didn’t name check George Michael. A short forehead slap later, I offer this bit of nostalgia.

July 23, 2015

Rodney Gives True No Respect

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At Pro Potential Passing Camp, we’ll give you a lift but we won’t lift your bags. We figure if you tear your rotator cuff schlepping luggage, that’s one fewer guy we have to teach. (You did sign those release forms, didn’t you?) Funky van they’ve got there, too: a rear lift-gate with no visible means of support and a sliding door with the handle at the wrong end. All that’s missing is a “free candy” sign spray painted on it.

True hoists himself in to meet Rodney Curtis, who could be anybody but given the Michigan angle Rubin often gives this strip, is probably a shout-out to the author/photographer/leukemia patient. Then again, with the creepy van it could be a shout-out to the Zanesville, Ohio Rodney Curtis. In any event True’s heard of this Rodney Curtis but the recognition isn’t mutual. That’s what happens when you move from the Coast to flyover country: even with a state title under your belt the mainstream media doesn’t come to Milford.

Between Rodney’s lack of recognition and his gargantuan paw that dwarfs True’s already massive mitt, young Standish is quickly realizing  he’s becoming a smaller fish in a bigger pond. Good thing he’s already aiming low.

metapost: I’m traveling this coming Saturday and posting this open request to my fellow TWIM bloggers to cover for me if they can. I’ll gladly pick up one of your days next week. Okay? Okay!

April 25, 2015

Our Best Story; Maybe We’ll Tell It

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April 25, 2015


Mouseketeer Roll Call usually comes a bit earlier in a story arc, but we’ve been treated to a bunch of slightly less boring football recruiting strips instead. Pretty sure we’ve seen most of these names before:

– C Mike Granger subbed for hooper Max Bacon at season’s end

– 3B Luck(e)y Haskins was last season’s baseball arc protagonist

– SS Knox Foley Esq. was the season before last’s pro/antagonist

– 1B Ken Brown makes everything happen on the basketball court

– LF Max Ortiz was called up to football varsity at True’s behest

– CF Don Stebbins plays all varsity sports well enough to get called out occasionally but is never a central character

This leaves us:

– SP Jordy Castillo who sells mortgages when he’s not cleaning up at the plate. He’s the best story; maybe we’ll get to hear that story before long

– 2B Garry Bowers, replacing Jimmy Jo-Jo Jarbo Junior Shabadoo who has departed for parts unknown (maybe joining his dad at the Speedco)

– RF Collin Lalonde who, given his talents as a headhunter, perhaps should join the starting rotation

The only other items of note today are of note only by their absence:

– the circle in P1 could be a baseball or an empty Jack Elrod ball; it lacks details to confirm

– Marjie interviews Gil while holding an invisible recording device

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