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April 20, 2017

Saved by the ‘Cane


Maybe Wellington batters could make contact with Ryan Van Auken’s stuff if they weren’t using cricket bats.  Maybe CB Bucknor has found an umpiring job closer to his level and called that a foul tip.  Maybe Wellington’s first base coach (if they have one) shouldn’t let his baserunners get such a huge lead trailing by three runs.  Maybe Wellington shouldn’t channel the early 1980s Phillies by wearing powder blues at home. Maybe I should go back to using the black & white version of this strip for my posts.

In any event, much less drama than we were expecting out of the new kid who, from this angle, is looking an awful lot like the old new kid.  Guess we’ll have to wait a bit for his first meltdown. Maybe on the bus ride back to Milford?

August 29, 2016

That’s Your Memorial?


Wow, six days from concept to completion! It’s a stunning achievement in folk art cabinetry. Is that what it is, some kind of display cabinet? The scale is kind of hard to accurately gauge, but the shelves might accommodate six inch high objects, like softballs or troll dolls. It might have the same inner dimensions as a hollowed out tree.

August 13, 2016

Not Somebody Else’s Best Work, Either


“Some of your teammates” = True Standish, the only one of your teammates I can be bothered to talk to.

I’m sure alert TWIMers have noticed during this arc that True has been periodically breaking the fourth wall with side eye, most recently yesterday.  It’s almost as if he’s begging to be taken away from Milford so he can get on with his life.  Now it’s Gil’s turn to break the fourth wall with a veiled cry for help: “Not my best work.”  Prisoner to this five-month-long baseball/softball/death and DUI arc, with not even so much as single pool- or patioside adult beverage break with Mimi?  Is Gil’s statement a reference to his usual lack of coaching coaching job, or the seeming inability of his creator to move things forward in this strip?  Talk amongst yourselves.

From the Pantheon of Mysterious Objects Dept.: Have we seen Kaz’s “BOB” mug before? Or is that a “BOO” Radley memorial mug? Is he playing blackjack with Gil, or guzzling moo shu pork straight from the takeout box without pancakes?

July 29, 2016

Driving Causing Blankety-Blank

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Interesting choice of perspective for panel one. I especially like the jail bars in the background. At least I assume that’s what they are: I am calling it that they are not prairie style windows.

Is Pa Bader being at all realistically depicted here? Only if he’s gotten deep into the pill popping scene in jail and is on some nearly lethal combination of anti-depressants and painkillers because we’ve gone from cartoonish lush to outright sociopathy here.

Panel three bonus questions:

Is True wearing a diaper under his pants?

What is that mysterious object – on staggered wheels apparently – in the background? Also, what is the background? Randomly stacked large boxes?

Bonus-bonus question: what is the first letter/number on Del’s shirt?

July 28, 2016

First they came for the Baders, and I did not speak out


— because I was not a Bader.

Reads like Ken just passed True some Carl Spackler’s Bent before leaning in for a soft, wet smooch. Golden Boy’s second life-affirming speech in as many weeks will come a bit late to salve Barry Bader’s feelings. No matter; Barry’s gone home to a fatherless house to drown his sorrows in… a meat loaf? A big loaf of pumpernickel? Feel free to speculate on what graces the Bader dinner table while contemplating what transpires during Del’s jailhouse consultation with the stupid lawyer.


May 10, 2016

Rack ‘Em!

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It looks like we’re still following the pattern established at the beginning of the spring plot with one panel devoted to the baseball team and two telling the saga of Del Bader, industrial solvent salesman under the influence.

We go quickly from a small slice of action at Sunbright (in Tennessee?) to the courtroom where Del and his attorney stand before the  judge and her mysterious obelisk. Oh wait, maybe that’s supposed to be a flag.

As predicted, Judge Lisa “Hang ‘Em” Hiatt does not have much tolerance for driving under the influence. Hang on, Del. You’re about to get racked.

May 4, 2016

Maybe Get A Second Opinion?


“Sure, I could try to bargain with the DA, but what would be the point? Plus, then I might miss my tee time.”

Panel three: At first, I thought that was a baseball cap in the foreground, but on second glance, now I’m thinking Milford branded chair.

March 15, 2016



Panel three – for the win.

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