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January 4, 2018

Hoops Analysis This Soon? Why Bother?


Every now and then an astute TWIM commenter brings up the notion that Neal Rubin’s Milford, in which high school kids go out for, make, and play regularly on teams in multiple sports, isn’t necessarily an accurate reflection of the current state of youth sports in the US. We occasionally get a glimpse into that world – the summer 2015 arc being a prime example – but by and large it’s a phenomenon that gets overlooked in the Thorpiverse. Given that the deepest drink of success juice Gil’s had in along time came by way of a kid whose sole focus up to that point had been a single sport, you’d think he’d be more amenable to the idea. It might even make for a more intriguing story line than we’re used to seeing. (Me, I was wondering if there’d be some ramifications from Jaquan Case walking around Milford in a hoodie in summertime, but Rubin spit that bit.)

But the Gil Thorp model of team-building probably plays well in places where they still read GRIT Gil Thorp in print. It keeps Gil in a coaching monopoly and Marty in a spiffy crate. So maybe we’ll get treated to a quintet of lunky hoopers dishing out elbows and concussions whilst setting picks for A.A.Ron Aagard (whose splintered home life will hopefully get picked up on as the arc progresses) and another wispy guy in the Max Bacon/Lini Verde mold.


January 3, 2018

All Is Forgiven

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You know, if the next week of strips is just Gil and Marty getting progressively more aggressively glib with their repartee, then I am all in.

I won’t even point out things like Gil’s ‘Thorf’ nameplate or his stick figure team portraits or the comically low back on the chair he’s making Marty sit in.

Yeah, I wouldn’t. But you go right ahead.

December 27, 2017

The Denouement Continues Apace

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Blech. Bring on basketball I guess.

Minus Questions:

What the hell kinda shoes are everyone wearing in Panel two?

How the heck are we supposed to read Connie’s expression in panel three? Couldn’t we at least have gotten a narration box? “After Gary storms out” or something?


That song is 51 years old? Huh.

Step 1: Identify The Cash, If Any, On Offer

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December 26, 2017


Sorry for being AWOL yesterday folks. Whoever thought putting Christmas and New Year’s Day on a Monday was a good idea seriously dropped the ball.

Anyway, shocking big reveal that Richard ‘Papa’ Soto has come to lay the smack down at, in Wednesday’s big reveal, Gil’s behest.

I’ll be back later in the day with today’s strip. Until then, have at it!

Bonus point: Anyone else notice that UG reacts much like a puff adder when threatened?

Minus point: I think my wife would ask what the hell I was doing if I hugged her with Richard’s fingers under the scapula technique.

December 23, 2017

Help Me Ricky-Wan, You’re My Only Hope


Times are tough for lawyers these days.  On top of their already less than positive reputation in the public eye, theirs is another job that’s on the verge of being taken over by the machines.  Artificial intelligence already can perform an increasing amount of the routine, lower-level tasks and functions previously performed by junior attorneys, paralegals and support staff.  It’s not hard to foresee a future in which AI not only drafts but negotiates contracts, applies sentencing guidelines to those adjudicated guilty of crimes, and so on.  This will not spell the end of lawyers, but it will change the way law is practiced and will likely reduce the number of practicing lawyers going forward.

Let’s not shed a tear for them all just yet – especially not Gary DuBose. As timbuys pointed out in yesterday’s comments, there’s a subtle difference between being suspended and disbarred. There are also different types of suspension: administrative suspension (which usually happens when a lawyer forgets to pay registration fees or doesn’t take the annually required hours of continuing education) and suspension for discipline.  The upshot is the same – the attorney can’t practice until reinstated.

Are you still awake? Good. Let’s get back to watching Gil lay the smack down on Gary. I’m not sure how Kelly’s internet ninja skills helped her suss out Gary’s couch-surfing status unless his dumb ass changed his address to that of his agent friend (Jackie?)’s house. Neither is the dumbfounded Connie, who apparently couldn’t figure out how to call her husband. Also not sure how he reached the conclusion that Rick is Leia’s Gary’s only hope. I’m sure Gil will fill those cracks in on Monday.

December 22, 2017

We’re So Sorry, Uncle Gary


We’re so sorry, Uncle Gary

We’re so sorry but you’ve become such a pain…

No, no, not again. I won’t go down the song parody path again today.  Nope, as they say on HGTV, this is the day of the big reveal. The suspended law license explains why he has so much time on his hands; the bankruptcy explains why he’s looking to little Ricky as the gravy train. Finally, since we didn’t go all internet ninja on “Gary DuBose” earlier this week, I’ve taken the liberty of doing so. Let’s start here:


Making the HGTV analogy may be appropriate after all, given that the real Gary DuBose looks to be some kind of a real estate flipper. Gil’s hairy talking flipper promises a  “But wait, there’s more!” moment that will keep us on the edge of our Staples-issue office chairs until tomorrow.

December 21, 2017

I Need to JO


Jo Dawg, I heard you like joe so I put “JO” on your joe mug so you can read “JO” while you drink joe



Well, the talk on the street
Says you coach Rick Soto
This brother of mine
Says he shouldn’t play no mo’

I need to know (I need to know)
I need to know (I need to know)
If you think he shouldn’t play
Then you better say so
I need to know (I need to know)
I need to know (I need to know)
Because I don’t know who’s wrong, him or my son
If I’m needin’ to wait, if I’m needin’ a spine
I need to know (I need to know)
I need to know (I need to know)

Who would’ve thought that
I’d listen to this guy?
I’ll be right back
I gotta call Dubai

I need to know (I need to know)
I need to know (I need to know)
If you think he oughta play
Then you better say so
I need to know (I need to know)
I need to know (I need to know)
Because I don’t know who’s wrong, him or my son
If I’m needin’ to wait, if I’m needin’ a spine
I need to know (I need to know)
I need to know (I need to know)

*apologies to the late great TP

Wish I knew how to get my thumb to migrate to the other side of my palm like Gil has. He must be double-jointed and Hungarian.

December 20, 2017

Gil Thorp – Ventriloquist?


OK, Rubin, you got me to google “Internet Ninja.”

It so happens that I am rather familiar with many regional and national dialects of English and also with the many different ways it sounds when spoken as a second language. With all respect due to the entrant, that doesn’t sound like it was written by someone remotely familiar with idiomatic English.

Panel Two takes the cake for inanity. Why talk about ‘all that’ Kelly found when you can talk about whether it took her a long time or a short time and when she managed to find the time… Meanwhile, is that an aged Han Solo in the background of this stylish pub with its exposed brick walls and industrial grade window muntins?

I’ve never seen a ventriloquist act in person. Can they really do that trick? I mean, just how persuasive is the illusion in the presence of the performer as opposed to watching on TV? I gotta hand it to him, I did not foresee witnessing this side of Gil. Day drinking? But of course. Vaudevillianism? Well, I guess he did have that act with Herc the Mauler.

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