This Week in Milford

August 12, 2019



I love these green suits on Ed Baxendale and Chet Ballard. Yes, we finally know Ballard’s first name. He’s Chet Ballard of Ballard Insurance and lime green suits are his thing.

Chet’s looking for an easy way out of this pickle. Since he’s apparently chummy with Ed (they share a haberdasher) he’s thinking maybe Ed can put a muzzle on his daughter. Geez, give it up Chet. You got caught doing your job poorly and now you’re just digging a deeper hole. Plus, we know from one of the other boring digressions of this summer plot that Ed has little sway over Hadley. (I’m still not sure what Ed is doing here.)

Chet’s suit color reminded me of the Plymouth Duster on the cover of The Cars Heartbeat City Album:


I just learned that this piece of art is called Art-O-Matic Loop Di Loop and it was created in 1972 by Peter Phillips.





August 5, 2019

Jorts Law


What the hell is going on here??

If they are going to decide Tiki’s case, they need to apply their policy. The decision and the policy are both subject to challenge, whether they do it in public or not. I guess these guys are just amateurs and they don’t grasp this, or they just aren’t used to Chicago lawyers getting up in their business. Tank townies just bend to their will and Ballard gets paid to be on the school board just by making calls from the offices of Ballard Insurance while Carol calls a meeting once in a while.

What a shit show.


July 29, 2019

Pissy Faced Ballard

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The heck with making Pissy Faced Ballard a tag, I’m just titling the post that (and then tagging it, because we may see that pissy face again before the bonfire).

So here we are, smack dab in the midst of nothing solid. Hadley V. Baxendale did make some noise to the school board, via school board member, Mr. Ballard. Could you describe the noise? No, it’s not important, but she’s such a crackerjack lawyer, it must have been some magnificent noise.

As far as panel three goes, I’ll take it that this is how the School Board conducts its business, by its members chatting on the phone. They should probably put this on the agenda for their next public meeting.

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