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May 25, 2018

Bader could play for Tilden…

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Well here it is Memorial Day weekend, and graduations are going on this weekend plus a co-worker has her sons on Tuesday night, and in Milford its… the Conference Opener?? Another example of slow play thats not on the golf course. Bader looks like the saddest kid on earth as he ponders when Dafne will grill him about his dad like so many burgers and brats. Maybe he’s thinking .. if I could sneak over to the other bench and don a helmet, nobody will notice I’m playing for the other team! Hey, the way that Tildenite swung and missed by a mile even with the ball being straight as a string ( why is every pitch straight as a string?) Why dont we see ONE human being behind the Tilden batter? No fan, player, on-deck hitter, dugout shot, umpire out of position, announcer ( hey Marty  Moon, your suspension has ended) or reporter ( hey Marjie Ducey, would be nice to see you more then 3 times a year)?

Pelwecki goes yard in P2, and he’s quietly fading into the background in this storyline, (thank goodness. If I hear any more launch angle crap I’m running on the field myself and tackling him before he gets home.)

So maybe Bader will see the field again before summer starts. Or maybe he’ll graduate like everyone else and leave the team and this dreadful scene behind as he moves on to a college career as a wine taster. Sorry, a whine taster. Cheers!




May 24, 2018

Pissy Faced Howdy Doody Is Pissed


Barry Bader certainly is not one to take responsibility for his own actions, is he?  Gotta wonder how far back Barry’s chain of causation goes.   Does he thank his old man for getting thrown into the stony lonesome, or that stupid lawyer for not working out a better deal for his old man, or that ugly cow of a judge for hearing his case, or that second driver hanging on to old technology, or Boo Radley for being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Credit where credit’s due, I suppose.  In her never-ending quest to promote her self-perceived journalism career by digging up dirt on her schoolmates, Dafne has the presence of mind to see that Barry needs help.  Exploiting that need for your own self-aggrandizement? That’s not how therapy works!

Went with the color version of the strip today to confirm that Dafne’s had an eye color change (and acquired a base tan) from last season. Colored contacts?

May 23, 2018

Launch Angles!


OK, Gil Thorp, I am not ashamed to admit that, when it comes to depictions of cartoon violence, you have my full attention. Showing the Derby baserunner (my hero!) dusting himself off in P1 just before getting tackled made my day. The only disappointment is that we miss the rest of the tussle and skip right ahead to the ump ejecting BB.

Bonus points:

BB’s form looks pretty good in panel two.

I always thought umps tossed people with their thumbs, not their pointer fingers but maybe I’m wrong about that.

Bonus questions:

How much of a run up do you think BB got and did the Derby baserunner (my hero!) see him coming or was he hit from the side?

Did I mention that the Derby baserunner is my hero?

May 21, 2018

Barry Being Barry


Is Barry being pissy because his father is in prison and he’s being hounded by Dafne, or is Barry just predisposed to pissiness? This is the question of the season, along with a general, all around WTF.

There’s something about the overall proportions of panel one that makes Barry look tiny. Maybe it’s just me. Each figure in the panel looks to be in a different plane and they seem disproportionately sized. I don’t really know. It just looks off.

So Barry grounds out and gets pissy with the ump. Seemingly out of nowhere, Coach Kaz appears to lift Barry and carry him away from confrontation. Is this a condensed version where we missed an escalating confrontation or did Coach Kaz just materialize at first to manhandle Barry preemptively? (If Kaz was coaching first base, he should have a helmet on, right?)

I’m going to have to say, as pissy as Barry can be, being lifted up and carried away by a coach (as humorous as the image is) is pretty transgressive. Even if Barry was being a turd, this is just a bad move. Do we have enough room in this plot to examine the repercussions of Kaz handling a player like this? It’s doubtful. I think it’s just supposed to be a funny gag, but it leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t even think I’m going all #metoo on this. I just think it looks bad. I think an ump should take control very quickly and just toss Barry for arguing. I would think that would be warranted in high school ball. If Barry melted down as a result of being tossed, that would require intervention, but we just don’t see that much detail of the whole incident.

Have at it readers!

Also: Rapped or chopped? Which one would you think would be easier to beat out?

May 17, 2018

I wonder about you sometimes, Dafne. You may fold under questioning.


Barry Bader is not making enough of a scene here. These rando Milford kids are young enough to not harbor outright hatred for Barry; if anything they’re more likely to think “Oh yeah, that’s the kid whose dad pulled a DUI and killed that senior in a car wreck a couple of years ago. Are you gonna eat that?” Even the least sympathetic among them would realize that Barry doesn’t need Del’s story constantly thrown in his face, especially by some journalist wannabe who quite publicly nearly ruined another kid’s life last spring. He oughta let those kids see what an ass Dafne is being, then tell her to go home and get her shinebox.

As it is, she’s still gonna pursue this story, pointing to the 5/17 on the wall behind her as not being a firm date. (I’d make some crack about how Barry was so pissed off that he had to change shirts, but I’m working under the assumption that P3 takes place the next day.) Just one of several things wrong with today’s strip, the other being, well, the entire look and feel of it.

Honestly, I wish Whigham would go to a high school, or a mall (scratch that, no one goes to malls anymore), or wherever kids hang out these days – oh wait, kids don’t hang out these days. So go crawl behind a bathroom wall somewhere and see what teenagers actually wear for once. It ain’t big earrings – if anything it’s multiple small ones and not all in their ears. (Jim’s Borgman’s Pierce may be a caricature but his Sara isn’t too far off.) As for bracelets, it’s the rubber kind, not the ones your grandma used for napkin holders when she was feeling fancy.

metapost: I’ve been enjoying all y’all’s stories about the Ted Turner-era Atlanta Braves over the past couple of days. I’ve dropped enough hints over the past couple of years to let you know where I came from, but I’ll just come out now and say that I spent the bulk of the 1980s in the state of Georgia. I’ve probably seen more Braves games in person than I have of any other MLB team to date and developed a few connections to that franchise during that time. Among other anecdotes, I vividly recall hearing fans in a Fulton County Stadium crowd (those crowds were so sparse you could hear a lot of conversations going on) saying that Glenn Hubbard should be traded for a new infield tarp and an irrigation system. Anyway, don’t let me spoil the good times. I’ll pick my spots.

May 16, 2018

Moms Can Drive Drunk Too


P1: The girls just achieved a significant victory so, of course, they’re talking about talking to a boy.

P2: Double D ain’t too good at establishing rapport.

P3: Nor recovering well when she gets called out on it. Good on Barry for firmly shutting this nonsense down.

Bonus Questions:

P1: That is quite an array of Milfordian Chunky Bracelets and Carrie (?) is also rocking the Huge Earrings. Do you suppose this surfeit of jewelry could be affecting their gaits?

P2: What could possibly be so fascinating about Foreground Character #2’s fork that he is intently studying it while his curiously collared cafeteria companion catches DD and BB’s contretemps?

P3: Will DD doggedly drive on due to her devotion to documenting BB’s dad’s drunken driving?

And, finally, has the Spring plot already started to fly off the rails? Well, I think we all know the answer to that one.

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